The Fire Games

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  1. Characters

    :: NAME ::
    Caoimhe Amarossi de la Sove
    Pronunciation: Kee - va Am - ah - ross - y day - lah - Sov - ay
    :: AGE ::
    :: DOB ::
    2 September
    :: SKILLS ::
    - High resistance to heat
    - Flexible and agile
    - Strong for a female
    - Good with knives and swords
    To prove herself to her sexist family
    :: HISTORY ::
    Caoimhe was born into a family of all boys, in a very sexist area of Citra. In her village, it was the norm that men were the riders and hunters, and women were the keepers of the house. Caoimhe, however, never followed this tradition. She often snuck out on hunting trips with her six brothers and father, and as she was so stubborn and headstrong, they were unable to send her home. She received her own dragon at age sixteen, to satisfy her and stop her constant complaining. When Caoimhe revealed she would be entering the Fire Games to her family, they were all shocked and disgusted with her habit of breaking social norms.
    Headstrong | Stubborn | Brave | Sarcastic | Independent | Badass
    :: LIKES ::
    Fire, meat, hunting
    :: DISLIKES ::
    Feminine activities, when people underestimate her
    Face claim; Emilia Clarke

    :: NAME ::
    :: AGE::
    17 Human years
    :: DOB ::
    4 January
    :: SKILLS ::
    - Can breathe fire
    - Poison fangs
    - Flying
    - Strong bite
    Fiesty | Protective | Vicious
    :: LIKES ::
    Hunting, fire, heat
    :: DISLIKES ::
    Water, snow, cold
    Breed; Hungarian Horntail (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)


    -Alec d'Orbec

    Age: 24

    DOB: March 15


    -Hand-to-Hand Combat

    Reason for Joining the Fire Games:

    -Trying to help his family with money problems


    -Alec lives with his three sisters, an older brother, and his mother. His father died when he was thirteen and since then, his family has been struggling to stay afloat. They were poor and he figured that if he won the Fire Games, then he would get his family all they need, since the winner gets gold and other prizes. His brother completely opposed the idea and viewed it foolish, but Alec was driven to go for it.




    -Rainy Days
    -Sweet Bread


    -Cheery People (To a certain extent)
    -Rich Assholes


    Name: Farren Morbec

    Age: 17 Appearance Wise/Actually 153

    DOB: July 13


    -Stronger than most dragons
    -Ability to create illusions in others minds
    -Accelerated healing


    -Problem Solver


    -Flying at high speeds


    -Whiny Brats
    -Arrogant People and Dragons


  2. Alec d'Orbec

    The sunlight streamed in through the old, broken down window, signaling that it was finally morning. Alec, who had been awake for quite awhile, sat up and ran a hand through his brown locks of hair. Today was the first day of the one week of training that the Game Makers were giving them, before the official commencement of the Fire Games. Alec was extremely nervous, because if he failed then he failed his family. It would also make Ezra, his older brother, right about this all just being a foolish plan.

    Picking up his pillow, he flung it over to Riordan then stood up. "Wake up. We have to go to the arena." Alec stated as he removed his shirt and pants and changed into the training clothes he had barely managed to purchase. He had spent extra time doing odd jobs just to earn enough money to buy these clothes. Hopefully it wouldn't be in vain. Once he was finished dressing, he made his way over to the kitchen. "Mom?" Alec's brows furrowed in confusion as he spotted his mother already cooking breakfast. Normally, she didn't get up this early. "Good morning, honey. I thought I would make you and Riordan some breakfast before you two go." She gave her son a warm, tired smile and returned to cooking the eggs. "You didn't have to do that. I would have cooked it." Alec murmured as he stepped in, attempting to take the spook from his mother, but only received a smack on his arm.

    Farren Morbec

    The brunette awoke with a gasp while her breathing was shallow and her eyes were wide. Her dream had felt so real...Sitting up, she pushed the covers off of her body before rising to her feet. Her movements were slow, given that her mind was still stuck on that nightmare. What had it even meant? Shaking her head, Farren focused her attention on the bed and she straightened out the covers and placed her pillow in the center of the bed.

    Today was the day. Training week was finally here and she was actually looking forward to it, especially since she wanted to help Caoimhe prove her sexist family wrong. It irked her nerves that they viewed woman as nothing but housekeepers and bearers of children, when they were much more capable than that. She, herself, had been given dirty looks for the fact that she was a woman and didn't agree with their customs.

    (I promise that my usual posts are longer than this.)
  3. C A O I M H E

    Caoimhe was already awake. She had been awake for a few hours, outside, breathing in the crisp air of her mountain village. Today was the day. It was time for her and Farren to travel to the arena to train, to practice for the Fire Games. Instead of nerves, anticipation burned in her stomach. She was excited, excited to prove her brothers and her father and her village wrong. She could do it, and she did not have to conform to their silly societal rules.

    Her family was not speaking to her, but she did not care in that moment. She knew they would be following her progress in the Fire Games because, despite how mad they were at her at the time, they did love her. Maybe, just maybe, if she won, she could return to her village a hero. She would share her winnings with the unfortunate and ensure that the women without privilege in Citra would live newfound, comfortable lives.

    Sensing Farren was awake, Caoimhe entered her small house. The boys all slept in one large room; Farren and Caoimhe, the only girls, shared a room slightly bigger than a closet. It was small, but she appreciated the space and the privacy it came with. "I want to go before they all wake up," Caoimhe whispered to Farren. She looked into the small mirror that hung on their wall and worked her silvery hair into an intricate braid. "Let's go."

    The two young women left the small house and walked for a while, until they reached the de le Sove family field. This was where Caoimhe had learned how to be a dragon rider, how to fly Farren. She stood quietly and waited for Farren to change into her beautiful dragon form so they could fly to the arena

    R I O R D A N

    A tired but excited Riordan followed his rider into the kitchen, running a hand through his wildly messy curls. "Thanks, Mrs d'Orbec," he said gratefully to Alec's mother as he ate his breakfast, practically wolfing down the large spread. He was excited and nervous at the same time, but mainly, he wanted to give back to the family that had given him so much over the years when they had had almost nothing. He was undyingly loyal to Alec, and he could never have asked for a better rider.

    Riordan stretched, crossed to the unlit fireplace and lit it for the family. Even in his human form he had a gift with fire; he couldn't shoot it out of his hands or spit it at people or anything, but he was good at igniting flames with sticks and stones. Riordan said goodbye to Alec's mother and walked outside to give them some privacy.

    Once outside, Riordan dropped to his knees and shifted into his massive, horned dragon form. He walked into the field and stretched his gigantic wings. Riordan was strong and loved to fly. He could not wait to make it to the arena and show everyone there what he was capable of.​
  4. Farren Morbec

    Farren finished tying the shoelace to her boot when Caoimhe stepped into the tiny room, announcing that they were taking their leave. The dragon girl didn't even need to question why she wanted to leave without giving her family a heads notice, since she knew how they were.

    They walked in comfortable silence towards the field, where they had spent the majority of their time training and flying. Caoimhe was a good rider and very determined, something Farren liked. They might actually make it far into the games and she would make sure to do everything she could to keep her rider safe, as well as to help her advance to the end.

    Once they reached the field, the brunette stepped away and soon began to transform into her dragon form. It was only a matter of seconds where she went from a human to a dragon. Stretching out her limbs and wings, she then lowered her body so Caoimhe could climb onto her back. *How are you feeling, Caoimhe?* The dragon questioned through their mind link.

    Alec d'Orbec

    "You're welcome, Riordan." Alec's mother shot the dragon boy a warm smile before lifting her coffee mug up to her lips and taking a sip. The male had become a part of their family over the years, he was practically another son to the woman. She was just happy that Alec had received a dragon like him.

    "Mother...You should go back and get some sleep. It's far too early and you need your rest." Alec stated as he picked up his plate and set it on the counter. "Nonsense." The woman dismissed his concern with a wave of her hand and instead brought her son into a tight hug. "My how you've grown...I'm so proud of who you have become Alec and whatever happens, you will still bring me pride in calling you my son. Now go. Good luck." Pulling away from the hug, his mother nudged him over to the back dope where Riordan had escaped through. "I love you, mother." Alec stated before he stepped outside and immediately spotted his dragon.

    *You ready to get going?* The male questioned as he strode over to the creature. ​
  5. C A O I M H E

    Caoimhe expertly climbed onto her dragon's scaly back, sitting firmly on the very base of the neck, the safest position for a dragon like Farren. The short, stubby spikes on Farren's neck prevented Caoimhe from falling, and the rider was able to tighten her grip with her legs without hurting Farren if she needed to. "Excited, and a little nervous," Caoimhe telepathically admitted. She affectionately patted the side of Farren's scaly neck. "But I have confidence in us. I know we can win, okay? We can show everyone who has ever tried to oppress us that we are more than just women."

    Caoimhe gripped the spikes on Farren's neck as her dragon ascended into the sky. She looked down at her family's farm to see her mother, father and six brothers standing in the garden, looking up, shouting at Caoimhe and Farren to return. She ignored their words. This was her decision, her life choice, and no matter of convincing could force her to turn back now. Caoimhe dreamed of living in an area where female riders were welcome, where women and girls were taught that they could be powerful, too. Why did the men get to have all of the responsibility?

    "No going back now, Farren," said Caoimhe happily.

    R I O R D A N

    "Ready if you are," Riordan replied as he sunk to the ground, allowing his rider to climb into place. Riordan was bigger than most dragons, with red scales and huge horns on his head and tail. He could also breathe fire, which, surprisingly, was not a common trait among dragons in their area of Citra. Once Alec was safely seated, Riordan unfurled his huge wings and took flight.

    He loved to fly, like most dragons, and loved sailing over the mountain range as they headed in the direction of the arena. "What kind of challenges do you think we will have?" Riordan excitedly asked his rider as he traveled. "Have you heard of any of the other competitors? What do you think they will be like?" Riordan's main priority was to keep his rider safe and to give back to the d'Orbecs, but he was also interested in the challenge itself. What was life without a little competition?​
  6. Farren Morbec

    Farren glanced down to see Caoimhe's family shouting at them to return, but the dragon only did the opposite. She gave two powerful flaps of her wings and sent them higher into the sky. The time has come to finally prove to them that woman can do things that men could, that woman can fight just like me , and that there lives are worth more than slaving in the kitchen and watching the children. *I have faith that we'll do well.*

    As they neared the arena, Farren took note of several other dragons coming from different directions, heading to the arena. They were all different in colors, shapes, and sizes. However, what caught her attention, was the fact that there were so many of them. It was a bit overwhelming, but Carren knew better than to allow that to get to her. *Look! There's the arena.* From the distance they were, the arena looked a bit small, but as they neared the thing only grew in size.

    After a few minutes, Farren began to descend and soon found herself landing in the clearing in front of the arena. Several other riders, the majority being men, glanced over at Caoimhe, with a hint of surprise before some began to smirk. "What's a pretty woman like you, doin' here?" A stocky male questioned with an arrogant smirk. "Ain't you suppose to be back at home, cleaning and preparin' dinner for your husband?" He continued on and Farren bared her sharp teeth at the man and slowly inched closer to him.

    Alec d'Orbec

    Once he was well situated on Riordan's back, they took off into the sky. "I'm not quite sure, but I believe that they will test our ability to work well with one another." Alec had no issues with working with Riordan, they got along well and maybe their connection could be used to aid them during competitions. "I haven't really heard about any of the other competitors, but I did hear that some woman are competing. I never though that they would, since you know, it's dangerous and all. " Alec wasn't exactly supportive on the idea of having woman compete in the Fire Games, not because he was some sexist bastard but because he felt that they could get severely hurt. Those brutes fighting in the games surely wouldn't hold back on a woman, unless if they sympathized them, but everyone was willing to do anything just to win. If that meant hurting a girl, then he was sure they would do it. "Do you think it's a good idea?"​
  7. C A O I M H E

    Caoimhe climbed off her dragon, putting her hand on Farren's neck to stop her from attacking the burly man who was spitting sexist comments at her. "I am here," the silver-haired woman said darkly, "to win."

    Caoimhe was hyperaware of the stares she was receiving. Back in the village, she had been stared at, but in a different manner to the looks she was receiving here. The oglers in the village had been assessing her to determine whether she could be a suitable bride for their sons. Here, she was being assessed on her stance, her build, her manner, to determine whether she would be a threat to them in the Games.

    Caoimhe slung her thin backpack over her shoulder and turned back to the man. "You would be foolish to underestimate the female competitors here, sir," she said, flinging the last word at him like it was a filthy insult. "If you had the capability to see past your own instilled thoughts about the opposite sex you would know your wife, heaven forbid you have one, could easily take you down with the back of a skillet if you don't watch your mouth."

    R I O R D A N

    "I don't know, man," said Riordan as he thought over Alec's words. "Remember Owen's sister back at the village? She threw hot coals at their father when their mother was being beaten." Riordan was not sexist in the slightest, and he was not opposed to the idea of strong women. Women were quite fierce when provoked, and he suspected the female competitors would be lethal in their own way.

    Sure enough, when Riordan landed near the arena, the first thing he noticed was the silver-haired woman, spitting fiery words at an ogling man who probably did not deem her worth being here. "Look at her, Alec, she looks like tough competition," Riordan said to his rider, knowing he would see exactly what he meant.

    Riordan also noticed that he was probably one of the biggest dragons here, a fact he liked. But that did not mean he was going to underestimate the smaller dragons; he knew other breeds had lethal powers he had never encountered.​
  8. Farren Morbec
    Farren stopped her advances when Caoimhe placed her hand on her neck, however she did move into a much more intimidating stance behind her rider. The older man's expression darkened the second Caoimhe began to talk back to him, clearly unhappy by the fact that she hadn't kept her mouth shut. "My wife do no such thing, for she knows her place and how to keep her mouth shut. Maybe that'd be something you should learn, girly." The man turned back to his dragon and began to lead it towards the entrance of the arena. "Watch yerself." The male warned as he glanced at her before making his way.

    "Tck. How annoying," Farren grumbled through the mind link she and Caoimhe shared, then shifted back into her human form. It was then that she noticed a male looking at them as he sat atop of his dragon before dismounting.

    Alec d'Orbec
    "Indeed, I do. I thought that was very brave of her, given that there would be consequences and all," Alec murmured as he closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. After that incident, well Owen's sister had almost gotten beaten, but Owen had stopped it before it could escalate into something worse.

    Once they arrived at a clearing, where many dragons and their riders were, Riordan pointed out a silver-haired girl telling off a man. It's only the first day of training and things were already complicated. "You think they would make a good alliance," he questioned as he hopped off of Riordan's back and watched the girl.

  9. C A O I M H E

    Caoimhe noticed Farren looking in a certain direction and saw a rather handsome man and his dragon, which changed into a golden-haired man as she watched, both staring in their direction. She thought nothing of it initially, as everyone was staring at her. She doubted any of these people had ever seen a woman talk back to a man. Good. She was determined to make a change, and already she was succeeding.

    "Right. First things first, dorms," Caoimhe said quietly to Farren. She looked around until she saw the only other female rider here, a dark-skinned tall woman with a deep green, beautiful dragon. Caoimhe confidently walked straight to this woman. "Hello, my name is Caoimhe, and this is Farren," she said politely, not because this person was a female, but because she had not offended the silver-haired woman yet. Caoimhe was only rude to people who were rude to her.

    "It's nice to see another woman here," said the dark-skinned one with a sigh of relief. "My name is Jaeda, and this -- " Caoimhe watched as Jaeda's dragon shifted into the form of a honey-skinned girl, " -- is Lianne. I assume you're looking for the dorms."

    "Yes," replied Caoimhe.

    "Well, we have to wait for officials to show us where they are," sighed Jaeda.

    R I O R D A N

    "If you're brave enough to go ask her to ally," Riordan muttered into Alec's ear, "be my guest. You may want to move quickly; she seems to be making friends." Riordan watched as the silver-haired lady and her dragon-girl approached the only other woman in the area. They were both being ogled at by men. Riordan wondered how many unfaithful husbands would try to make moves on them.

    Quite frankly, Riordan did not feel he and Alec needed an ally, but if Alec felt more comfortable with backup Riordan would not oppose them. He surveyed the area, noticing that a lot of the other dragons who were shifting into their human forms looked the same as he did as humans; thin, with defined facial bones and longish hair. There were only two female dragons, but Riordan hoped they would not be paired against them in battles. He doubted he could hurt a woman, really.​
  10. Farren Morbec
    Farren watched the handsome male, before her gaze shifted to his dragon, who transformed back into his human form. They were an interesting pair and she didn't look away until Caoimhe spoke out to her. She only managed a small nod before following her rider over towards another woman. Well, at least they weren't the only there. As Caoimhe introduced her, the dragon-girl gave the woman a polite smile.

    "Do you, by any chance, have an idea of what the dorms will be like," Farren questioned as she looked over at the dark-skinned woman. Would she and Caoimhe have their own room, or would they be paired with other participants? She only hoped that they would get their own dorm.

    Alec d'Orbec
    Alec watched the young woman briefly look in their direction before turning on her heel and heading over towards the only other woman there. Breathing out a sigh, the male tilted his head to look over at his dragon. "I'll wait." He murmured before reaching for his backpack that was on the ground and placing the straps over his shoulders. Alec would make sure to keep an eye on her, not only because he found her attractive, but because he wanted to see her skills and endurance. He intended to win and if that meant allying with other individuals then he was willing to do so, which was surprising. Alec usually liked to work alone. "Come on, let's go get registered." Alec began to head in the direction of the arena where the officials would surely be near.
  11. C A O I M H E

    Jaeda shook her head. "I have no idea, sorry. But people seem to be heading over there," she said, nodding in the direction of the arena. Caoimhe turned to see that the other woman was correct, and the mass of men was heading towards the mouth of the arena. Caoimhe immediately began to follow, beckoning for Farren to follow.

    Caoimhe's hair, the brightest thing in the area, glinted in the sunlight as she walked to the officials. She found men actually moving out of her way, whether because of chivalry or that they were surprised that she was even here. Caoimhe and Farren got into line to be registered. When they reached the front, the man sitting there raised his eyebrows. "Names?"

    "Caoimhe Amarossi de la Sove," replied Caoimhe. She had to correct the spelling, of course. "And my dragon, Farren Morbec."

    "You do realise that you are responsible for your own injuries in this competition?" the official said lazily. "Meaning you can't whine if you get hurt."

    Caoimhe narrowed her eyes. "I am exceedingly aware," she said irritably. The man shrugged and clipped on her bracelet.

    R I O R D A N

    "Riordan," Riordan said to the official when he asked for his name. They were at the front of the line, receiving their metal bracelets. Riordan stepped aside once he had his.

    As Riordan's dragon form was larger than most, he was also taller than a lot of the other dragons in their human forms. He enjoyed their intimidated smiles as they assessed his size. Riordan was a powerful breed but he did not underestimate others. That would be suicide in a competition like this.​
  12. Farren Morbec
    Farren followed after Caoimhe, heading towards the registration tables. All the males around them parted to let her rider through and it was quite strange, but the dragon-girl only brushed it off and quietly stood besides the silver-haired woman as she gave their names to the official. Taking the bracelet, when it was handed to her, Farren clasped it around her wrist and took note of the numbers engraved in the metal. 21.

    Thirty competitors will go head to head and only one will emerge victorious. So far, from what she had seen, there were only two human woman here and the rest were males. How many of them actually viewed them as worthy to compete in these games? Did they think they were incapable? That didn't matter, Farren realized as they walked away from the registration table. What did matter, was the fact that they were here and they would need to give it their all.


    After everyone had received their metal, identification bracelets, the officials gave them a schedule of how their week would proceed. Day one: they would be trained individually by a professional. Day two: they would be paired with other competitors to train. It would follow that same pattern until Saturday. Sunday would be their rest day paired with a feast and socializing party.

    "Here they come." Farren stated as she spotted the professional trainers heading to their respective dragon and rider. The dragon-girl was fairly taller than the average height of a human woman, so it made it easy for her to see things through the crowds. Soon enough, their trainer stopped right in front of them and it was an older male with greying hair, yet his body didn't appear to be wearing down. If anything, he was well built, muscles and all. He seemed surprised to see Caoihme and Farren, but fortunately enough, he didn't look at them like the other men had. Instead, he gave them a smile. "Good morning, miss. My name is Lucas." The man held out his hand for the silver-haired girl to shake.

    Alec d'Orbec
    24...That was the number engraved into his and Riordan's bracelet. He fiddled with the cool metal s they stood waiting for their trainer to arrive. He was honestly excited to finally start his first day. Alec had been waiting for this opportunity since last years Fire Games, when the idea occurred to him that this could be the answer to his family's poverty. Maybe he could bring them back up. Maybe they would finally be able to fix up their house. No more creaking Windows. Nor more freezing nights. And he would no longer have to pretend like everything was okay.

    Taking in a deep breath, he glanced at his dragon, then looked forward. "Hello. My name is Quinn." A man, who was maybe four or five years older than Alec, suddenly appeared in front of him with his hand extended outwards. Alec immediately shook it and the trainer turned to Riordan and held his hand out for him to shake as well.

  13. C A O I M H E

    "Good morning," Caoimhe replied to Lucas. "My name is Caoimhe, and this is Farren." He seems nice, Caoimhe said to Farren through their mental link. It was a nice change from the rude comments and suggestive looks they had been receiving since their arrival to the arena.

    "So, what will we be doing today?" Caoimhe curiously asked her trainer. Today she wore tight leather pants under a knee-length white tunic, the sleeves of which tightened at her wrists. Her hair reached her waist in curled silver tendrils that she kept out of her face using metallic silver pins. Feminine but fierce, she liked to call her own style.

    R I O R D A N

    Riordan shook Quinn's hand out of politeness; he did not understand this human custom. "It's nice to meet you," he said. Do you think he knows what he's doing? Riordan asked Alec; Quinn seemed pretty young. Riordan would have been more comfortable with a slightly older instructor, but as he was grateful to have any instruction at all he would not complain. That would be rude, of course.

    Riordan watched as other competitors began to train, assessing the competition and sizing himself up against their dragons. No one had turned into their dragon form yet, but Riordan saw a tall and muscular man standing next to someone who, due to his vivid green eyes, could be nothing but a dragon. Dragon-people carried a certain trait from their dragon form into their human one; for Riordan, it was his sharp facial features no human would ever attain.

    This particular pair looked very fierce; the man, who looked like he had no soul, was swinging a large sword into a post, hacking away at it until it broke in half.
  14. Farren Morbec
    "Caoimhe," Lucas repeated,"That's a unique name." Then the male turned his head slightly to look at Farren and gave her a respective nod. Yes, he does. I would still suggest to keep your guard up. "First, I will be assessing how well your skills, so I can see from where to start. Let's see how well you can fend off your enemy in hand-to-hand combat. Get into your fighting stance and I want you to come at me with everything you got, understood?" Lucas questioned as he began to take a couple of steps backwards, creating a decent amount of space between him and Caoimhe. Farren stepped off to the side to allow them the space they would need.

    "Alright, are you ready?" Lucas questioned as he his legs at his knees slightly and raised his fist so they were leveled with his shoulders.

    Alec d'Orbec
    I'm sure that he does. The Game Makers wouldn't have chosen him to train us. Quinn grinned at the two males before getting straight into business. "So, how well do you two work together?" He questioned as he looked between both of them. "We work well." Alec answered simply and Quinn raised a brow, not exactly happy with his words. "Just well? Listen, you two need to have an unbreakable bond. You two need to understand each other, just like brothers." Quinn stated. They would be working together as they competed with everyone else in this. They would be relying on each other practically every minute they were in this arena.
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  15. C A O I M H E

    Hand-to-hand combat. Caoimhe had little experience in this topic; she had spent her childhood wrestling with her brothers, but no sane person would compare a child's game to fighting in real life. Regardless of this setback, she slipped into the same stance as Lucas, her fists raised to her shoulders.

    Uncertain of what to do but by no means nervous, Caoimhe tried to remember what her older brother Casper had talked about when he had practiced for his boxing matches. Caoimhe approached Lucas slowly, then ... WHACK. She threw a punch, which he of course caught, but if it had have landed it could have caused a lot of damage.

    She released her hand and came at him again, this time with a sharp kick to the side. Caoimhe was strong for a female; she could lift almost as much wood as any of her brothers at home. Unlike her parents, Caoimhe's brothers -- well, the younger ones -- treated her like she was an equal. Jeoss and Mark, the older ones, had the same mindset as their parents, but Casper, Luka, Quentin and Oliver treated her like one of the boys. She missed them slightly.


    R I O R D A N

    "Alec is my brother," said Riordan. "His family has treated me like such ever since I came into their lives. We work together fantastically, and I do believe we can win the Fire Games."

    Riordan felt exceedingly loyal to Alec and his family. Not only was Alec his rider, but his family had provided him with a home, and food, and a family when they had had so very little themselves. What more could a person ask for?​
  16. Farren Morbec
    Farren watched the two begin to fight and she rises a brow when Caoimhe suddenly sent a kick to the trainers side. Well, she surely was giving her all, which caused for a smile to blossom on her lips, however it was quick to falter. The trainer had allowed for her to kick him in the side and only struggled for a few seconds before he gripped her leg and roughly pushed it away, in hopes to send her falling to the ground.

    You're doing well. Keep going," the dragon-girl encouraged.

    Alec d'Orbec
    "Now that's what I want to hear," Quinn grinned and gave the dragon a nod. "Now, how good are you two at fighting?" Alec thought for a moment, before giving an honest answer. "Well, Riordan has been teaching me what he knows."

    Ever since he realized that he wanted to go into the Fire Games, well, he asked his dragon on how to fight and they've been having little training sessions when they could.

  17. C A O I M H E

    Thanks, Farren, Caoimhe mentally grunted to her dragon.

    Caoimhe, happy and energised due to the fact that the trainer was not going easy on her, leaped off the ground and went back in, aiming a few well-timed kicks and punches and Lucas nearly fell over, but he managed to catch himself last minute. He was older, but not so old that Caoimhe stopped herself from punching him in the throat, which finally sent the trainer down. He was up in less than a second, though.

    "Am I doing okay?" she asked the trainer. "I'm sorry if I hurt your neck."

    R I O R D A N

    "Just basic stuff," said Riordan, shrugging. "Dragon siblings are quite brutal so we all need to know how to fight a little. We play dirty; aim for the eyes, neck, and the knees if you can bash them in quick enough." Riordan spoke about violence like normal people discussed the weather, or tea. It was not a sore topic for him. He had grown up beating the crap out of his brothers, and now, with Alec, he had been trying his best to take care of his rider.​
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  18. Farren Morbec
    Lucas momentarily paused to wave off her concern and to give a response to her question. "Do not stress yourself over it. We are fighting, I do not expect to come out hurt-free. As for your fighting, you have interesting moves and your hits are very powerful." He stated in pure honesty. He wasn't one to conceal the truth, honesty was his main concern. "I do suggest though, that you observe your opponent. Sometimes sudden attacks are good and other times your enemy can have tricks up their sleeves."

    As the two talked and fought, Farren began to glance around at the men around them. None of the dragons seemed to have transformed into their dragon forms.

    Alec d'Orbec
    "Alright. Well, I'll give you both a choice. You can either practice your fighting or working together." Quinn laid out their options and he waited for them to come up with a decision. The trainer was a new addition to the staff and he had odd tactics but he got the job done, which was what the Game Makers wanted.

    Well, what do you think we should start with?
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