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  1. Michael crouched low in the shadows of the apartment complex, looking out into the street below. Part of this building had been blown away when the military came through, and much of the town had been damaged. It looked now like a post apocalyptic wasteland of concrete, twisted rebar, and broken homes.

    Two months ago the quarintine began. The government said it was for national security, but it really was to root out these so called shape shifters. He didn't believe it, until he saw a woman grow wings and fly to escape a group of National Guardsmen. He was trapped in the zone, comprising most of the area around his hometown.

    Leaving his perch, Michael gathered his backpack, rifle, and the crowbar and left the building, heading back to the high school. That was the only place, short of his parents destroyed home, that he felt safe staying. And so as he walked the half mile and jogged up the steps, then went upstairs to the weight room, and set his things down, moving some pieces of equipment to block the stairs and door out. He had a radio up here, and a generator. He was set for a limited time.
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    Olesia, #E77471 The darkness set upon the city. The street lights, who once lit up beautifully the city, were long gone. Most of them got destroyed by the military.

    Believe it or not, looking around at the ruins of the city, it would remind you of an Post Apocalyptic sight. It has been almost two weeks, but nothing was the same. Everything had changed. Especially when you are haunted down.

    Olesia had been hiding, running for the past week, trying to find a shelter that could last more than six hours straight. Luckily for her, now she ran far enough from the centre of the town.

    Most of the streets had been destroyed, along with the building and shops across the city. Everything had fallen into pieces.
    An never ending war.

    Olesia had finally reached the main streets which once would take you towards the Main high school in the city. The clothes were visibly dusty, but had a good long cloak to cover herself.

    Her steps made noise, with her boots stepping heavily on the cement, moving at a quick peace. Her breath had gone from calm to a pounding rate, with both of her hands inside the cloak's pockets.

    I can't believe this crap.! From all the towns across the country, it had to be the quarantine here.. And so shortly after my return. It is like an curse set upon me .. Except the one I have already! Shit.. I need a place for tonight..

    Thinking to herself, Olesia increased her peace of the steps, now making a quicker turn to the left. From there, she could see the remains of the high school and what has left from the once playground.

    Her iris dilates even more, shifting to a darker shade of purple with straight lines circling the pupil. Olesia, with a slow movement turned to look behind her for any suspicion of an follower, before starting to run closer to the school grounds.

    Hopefully, she will make it out alive. At least for tonight.

    Only time could tell.

    Therefore, she had reached the Main wall of the high school, with a quicker breath now turning to heavy pants. Her hands touched the wall, before making a jump through the broken window and moved along inside. Her senses always alert for any sound.

    The Game begins..

  3. Michael sat on the bench, opening a can of tuna he had grabbed from the rubble. As he ate and looked around the dark room, he thought back to when he went to high school here. The years, the time he'd spent in the classrooms below, here in the weight room, on the football field.

    He knew he was pretty secure up here, with one stairwell he barricaded, a door he blocked, and a second floor maitance door that led to the records room. Unless you counted the ventilation shafts.

    In reality, his safe area wasn't as secure. The walls were light plywood, leading to an unfinished area that covered the whole floor. Anyone agile enough could jump over it, and right into his place.
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  4. image.jpg

    Closer by Each Step, #EE9A4D For a few moments silence filled the air. Just her own footsteps could be heard, faintly echoing in the hallways. The school itself got not much destroyed, yet most of it still had holes in the walls. Not an everyday sight, you must say.

    However, Olesia moved towards the stairs, leaving now the cloak's hood to come down onto her back. Using her hand, she pulled her long hair from under the cloak, letting it to swing along with her movements. Along the years , Olesia had let her hair to grow as much as possible. As for today, only her dark hair had reached nearly three and a half feet in length.

    Moving up the stairs, being cautious not to trip or step wrong along the way. Her eyes continuously darting around, slowly changing into a light shade of green colour. Shortly, Olesia had stepped on the hallway of the first floor. Looking around, with a calmer breathing, a soft sigh escaped her lips. Then, continued her journey further.

    Not knowing she was getting closer to Him. Not even at the back of her mind, she would never think that from all the people, they could re-see each other in these circumstances.

    Olesia moved further, now making a jump over the few steps, taking her to the second floor of the building. The boots cracked some wood under the strong material, taking a quick breath before in a swift movement, Olesia basically jumped all the steps. He body had landed in a smooth grace, slow in movement and with a smile at her face. Again, her hands went inside her pockets until she had reached of what it seemed some wooden type of blockage.

    That stirred her interest, the curious nature of hers never leaving. Her animal instinct telling her to go investigate.

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  5. Michael heard a slight crack, and grabbed his rifle. It was a Colt M4 he'd lifted off a dead soldier, with a number of magazines of ammunition. He grabbed spares whenever he could. His hand met the foregrip of the weapon as he stood, clicking on a flashlight he'd duct taped to the side. He cautiously moved over to the stairs, and looked down, seeing nothing. No movement anywhere else, either. He wrote off the sound as nerves, and returned to his seat on the bench, and his tuna, the rifle propped up as he ate.
  6. The Encounter, #EE9A4D Olesia took a few moments to think things through. Her slow steps had gotten closer to the Woden barricade. Hey body had turned slightly stiff, closing her eyes at first and let the silence to fill her mind.

    After a mere minute , Olesia took a deep breath by opening her eyes; which had a deep glow as they turned into a lighter shade of purple. Her left leg made a circle movement to one side, bending her knees now before she made the jump over the wood. Her body knocked it down though, the wood making a cracking sound behind her. Her legs had made her to land swiftly, a tiny breeze of cool air surrounding her, by the landing. The cloak waved for a moment from that movement, her fingertips touching the dusty ground.

    Until her eyes lifted up, glowing even more, the pulse of hers rising higher especially at the sight before her eyes.

    Olesia stood up in the next minute, holding a hand at her chest, with a gasping sound escaping from between her lips.

    " Oh, my bad. I.. Thought it was nobody here."

    All that she said to the man, sitting at a distance holding a riffle to. Olesia could not see his face, since he was turned around at an angle hard to catch a sight of his face.
    Her body remained still, frozen. Olesia got prepared for the next up coming moment.

    Damn it.
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  7. Michael heard the cracking, grabbed his rifle, and spun towards it, bringing his weapon to bear. He thumbed the light on, which would slightly blind her, but he could apologize later.

    "Who are you?" he asked, clicking the safety off and putting his finger on the trigger. Then he looked at her, the long hair... She looked like someone he knew before... But who?
  8. Déjà vu, #EE9A4D Olesia looked at the guy, backing up for a minute, squeezing the cloak 's material in between her fingers. Still, fear was no option in this case.

    Her animal instinct had taught her this, in the past years. Nothing could basically scare her, not even an riffle. Olesia was way more faster than his shooting rage; though his face seemed rather familiar to her. Even his voice.

    And so, Olesia took a small breath and stared the man into his eyes, allowing her hand to bring the hood up in covering her head. Her eyes shifted to a light- pale shade of blue.

    " I am a survivor. Just like you.. I thought this place is safer than being outside.

    Judging by your wooden door, it's not the case, Stranger."

    Olesia smiled at him for a moment, letting her back to lean against the wall with a sigh. Something felt out of place with him. As if they've met somewhere else.

    " My name is Olesia.. And I would like to spend the night here, if Possible."

  9. "It was the top of a wall," he replied to the first comment. "This place is safer than outside. Nobody has come here, until you." Michael kept a tight grip on his rifle, and as she said her name, knew that he'd met someone like her before.

    At her request to stay, he nodded slowly. "There's plenty of classrooms and other areas to hold out in. You can have any room, just not this one." he told her. "I'm Michael Cadwell." he finished. Knowing that if she knew him, it would bring up the memory.
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  10. It was Him, #EE9A4D Olesia took a moment, letting him explain about the safe place. Until, she heard his name. Something so strange about it, like she knew him. Could not make her mind to remember him at that second.

    Olesia had closed her eyes again, letting out a soft sigh by rubbing her temple with her left hand. Suddenly, her eyes opened as they turned into a dark shade of blue. Her body took a step forward, gasping in the next second. Even her heart's rate had increase gradually, looking at him now with a smile and yet, a shock expression present at her face.

    " Oh, my God!! I know it I knew you from somewhere.. I can't believe it's you.!

    You have grown so much.. Mickey' ! Remember me, Olivia? We used to be close neighbours to.."

    Olivia let out a light chuckle to pass by her lips, gazing upon him and this time, allowed the hood to come down again. Her long hair being on display, while her fingers brushed some of it behind her eat, revealing an ear piercing.

    " It's been such a long time since we've seen each other.. Especially in this circumstances, Mickey.

    I remember that time when we hide in your garage, because I stole mom's baking cake for your birthday and we decided we didn't need to share with the other kids.."

    Olivia slowly, turned her gaze toward the window for the next moment, as flashback had turned at the back of her mind.

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  11. Michael slowly lowered his rifle, the memories coming back. "I thought I told you to not call me 'Mikey'" he said, a small smile crossing his face. "I should shoot you in the foot for that."

    He put the weapon down on a bench, keeping the light on her. "It's really you, Olivia... I remember that... And throwing up afterwards because we ate the whole thing..."
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  12. Memories, #EE9A4D Olesia looked at Mickey with a giggle, now her right foot coming in front by stepping forward, going toward him. Her body did stopped midway, with the light on, directly at her face. Her futures did changed a lot since four years ago. Especially her full grown hair, lucky for her perhaps he won't see the change in her eyes.

    Olesia had to keep it a secret.; her darkest fear was for him to find out that she actually was One of them.

    " Hey! I would say you shouldn't play with guns.. You're not that tall yet, Mickey.
    Besides.. Only me can call you by that name. It suits your personality after all."

    Olesia said with a grin at her face, letting now the cloak to be swished over, in a rotating movement and settled on her forearm. Her eyes turned to a very light shade of blue just by gazing at him.

    " For the sake of old times.. Let me keep you company here tonight. I don't like the dark to much. Since that time when you scared the crap out of me at granny's house."

    The sweet memories coming back at her, with Mickey in front of her. She still could not believe her eyes that she would meet him here. Especially, him carrying a riffle. He must've trained along the years, by judging of his body, he was looking damn fit.

    Olesia, gulped hard the nod at her throat in the attempt to calm herself down and actually act normal. Wishing deep down, that nothing will happen tonight, or she would have to run away from him.

    Damn you World.

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  13. "Olivia, please," he shook his head. "Now that I know you aren't some stranger, I'll let you stay with me." he smiled slightly. She was beautiful, and by any measure of her jumping the wall, incredibly fit. More to the point, he had missed her.

    "Are you hungry?" he asked. Though he didn't have a ton of food, he had enough to share with her.
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  14. Keeping the Secret, #EE9A4D Olesia smiled at Mickey for a moment, now stepping closer to his location and let the cloak settled on the Woden bench. Then, her eyes gazed upon him for the new moments, not saying anything. Indeed it has been such a long time since they've seen each other, this situation of their encounter not so favourable. Considering the fact that Olesia, was part guilty of why the city got into quarantine. Being a shape shifter was not as easy as it may sound, and she knew that very well.

    However, Olesia slowly, but certain had taken a seat on the bench alongside him. Another smile formed at those pink lips of hers, turning into an tiny chuckle soon afterwards. Her left hand moved upwards, allowing her fingers to brush a few strands of her hair from her face, before Olesia turned to face him once again.

    Even at that state, her heart had started to pound louder in her chest and giving the feeling of warmth spreading inside her body.

    Odd indeed.

    Damn it.

    " Oh, that is very kind of you, Mickey. I wouldn't want anything to happen to you anyways.. I mean, if you decided to send me away instead of keeping you company.

    I also must say.. You've grown a lot since I've seen you last time. It kind of.. Uhm makes me proud. Ha ha "

    Olesia smiled at him once again, and nodded her head in disapproval of the food. The smell of food, did not appeal to her at all. Under no circumstances, she would eat any type of fish especially.

    However, she crossed her arms for the next moment, leaning her back at the wall behind her body and let her gaze to fall upon the half broken window.

    " I must say I am glad that we met again.. After I left that time, I thought I'll never see you again, Mickey.. Uh.

    Ahh! Enough of the drama! Why don't you tell me, do you have a girlfriend now,hm? "

    Olesia grinned to herself, while letting out a soft sigh; the nervousness not leaving her not even for a minute, still managed somehow to control it the best way possible.

    There was no way, for him to ever find out of the fact that Olesia was a shape shifter. No matter what.

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  15. He sat down next to her, and moved the rifle so that the light illuminated both of them. He smiled, "I'm more worried about something happening to you instead of me." And when she commented on his growth, he shrugged, "yeah? You have too."

    "Circumstances could be better, but it works." he said, looking at her as she stared out the window. He scoffed when she talked about him having a girlfriend. "I don't have time for one, between classes, football, Krav Maga and my thousand and two other hobbies," he grinned. "What about you? How many guys do you have wrapped around your fingers?"
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  16. Smiling Again, #EE9A4D Olesia let out a louder chuckle about his remarks, especially the one for the guys she might had along the years. Slowly, she leaned forward so her elbows got supported onto her knees. Her long, thick hair coming along to on side with a scent of vanilla to it.

    " No need to worry about me. I did kick boxing for the past years..

    Not enough guys apparently. Besides.. It happens that the guy I want, he doesn't feel the same way about me.. It's kind of sad."

    Olesia give him a sad smile, leaning back again and reach out with her right hand towards him. Her fingers came in contact with his cheek by caressing it softly. In that instant her eyes changed to a lighter shade of purplish- blueish tone, black lines around the iris.

    Soon, she pull back her hand with another smile, a tiny sigh coming out from her lips. Her heart begun to pound quicker, with her cheeks turning a brought pink.

    The hell is going on with me? This is so awkward.. Calm down Olesia! It's not like he likes you.. He is my best friend after all, still my feelings for him never had faded away even along these years.. I feel weak around him..

    For several moments, Olesia kept quiet unsure what she could say to Mickey. Definitely, so many times she had imagined for their encounter and how she would hug him tight. But in this case, she could not afford that luxury.

    " And how I have grown, I think I am the same.."

    Olesia suddenly stood up, with her hair swinging along her back as her hands stretched into the air.

    " I am thinking what the military plan I do about the .. You know, the Shadows or Shape shifters as they call them.
    Have you seen one, Mickey ?"

    Her voice on a low whisper, turning her head over the shoulder to look at him, in the attempt to control her emotions and hopefully he won't notice the changing colours in the eyes.


  17. He smiled slightly, he smiled "I know how that goes." he said sadly. He caught the faint smell of vanilla and smiled. His face colored as she caressed his cheek, and he softly touched her hand.

    Then he saw her eyes, how they had shifted color. It was differant. He looked at her as she stood, "I don't know. I think so... A girl with wings."
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  18. Only in time, #EE9A4D Olesia grinned for a few seconds, just imagining how beautiful that girl must've been with the wings. Her concern, though only grew stronger. Of what he might think about this type of stuff ?

    Most certainly, she had to keep hers under control. As much possible, for as long as she could. This was a difficult matter to deal with it indeed.

    However, Olesia turned her body to face him, brushing some of the hair and let it slide behind her left ear. Her eyes tried to avoid his gaze, afraid that he might notice actually.

    " So.. You are not scared of them? I always wondered if it is something in this world that could actually scare you, Mickey.. Now there is?"

    Her tone was confident, secure and calm all together, placing her palms at her back; her steps took her forward to his location, but now starred at his eyes with intensity. Olesia had come to a stop at one foot away, with a tiny smile at her face.

    Therefore, suddenly outside a lighting broke the skyline and was fallowed by a thunder to. A heavy storm approaching.

    Still, Olesia didn't moved an inch from her position, of course the curiosity stirred her interest by every second passing by. The color in her eyes, being calmer now into a shade of a light- pale blue.

    Her feelings for him had never changed. Not now, not ever.
  19. He shrugged, "the angel chick didn't scare me. They look like us, I haven't seen any others, but I'm not scared of them." he said quietly. "Are you?"

    When the thunderstorm set in, he looked out the window... Great, another storm. "Gotten over your fear of thunder, I see."

  20. With Him, #EE9A4D

    Olesia looked at him with a smile, trying to really understand if he meant it or not. Perhaps, after all he wasn't scared. Bonus for her.

    Her body stepped forward once again, taking a seat next to him by crossing her arms. He tiredness slowly gotten to her.

    " I've seen a few to be honest. I think they are cool.. And mysterious." Olesia spoke on a calm tone of voice, opening her eyes this time and gazed upon Mickey. Her right arm, reaching for his shoulder and patted him gently.

    " I've grew up since then, Mickey.
    I ain't anymore a scaredy cat. I still hate spiders, but the storms now.. Actually I kind of like them."

    Her blue eyes gazing ever so deeply at him, as if wanting to drown him somehow. Only if she could make him see her feelings someday. With a low sigh, Olesia turned her blushing face away from him, while the raindrops continued to fall upon the window nervously.

    " So, a quick question.. Where can I sleep? Here on the bench or you'll sacrifice your body as an pillow,hmm?" On a playfully tone , before she nudge his shoulder with a chuckle. Her hand took her cloak and in a quick twist, it came around her body wrapping around it. It gave her a sense of safety.

    More the fact that Mickey was there..
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