The Final Frontier

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  1. There was a brilliant flash of light, and then Omar found himself hurtling through a planet's outer atmosphere.
    He sat there preplexed, wondering what had just happened to him for a long time, and then the slow realization came to him that this wasn't Earth he was looking at. He begun to panic as his breathing picked up and his radio maydays were gone unnoticed. Warning signals flared inside his ship as he realized that his main engine was unresponsive, Omar's training kicked in and he begun conducting damage control and repairs as fast as he could from the cockpit.

    As the planet's surface came into relief however, he understood that he wouldn't be able to fix the spacecraft in time. He pulled back hard on his joystick and searched for a reachable area he could set his bird down in. To his massive luck, there was a grassy clearing to the south, and he headed towards it.
    The plane barely held together, with the hydraulics completely failing in the last possible second. Omar couldn't decelerate the plane enough as he came in for the landing, and his landing gear took a rough, hard first touch with the ground.

    The breaks kicked in and the plane screeched loudly as it attempted to bring itself to a halt. The space-craft's front wheel came off and the plane lurched forwards, slamming into the ground.
    The safety harnesses Omar was attached to couldn't save him form the brutal force of the landing, and he was thrown into the controls at his front, cracking the visor on his helmet. All went black after that.
  2. The animals around made noises, stopping only when she went past did they wake with the noise. It was quiet as Sayomi walked. She was sent to the small dwarf planet as a scout. It was said that there was an out post of Navie. She was the best skilled for finding them.

    Slowly she walked, scanning around, looking. She knew she had to have been getting on their trail. She carried her weapon at the ready. She was ready for them to charge. She started to hear a noice, and she jumped. Slowly she turned, looking for it.

    As it got louder, Sayomi looked around, her white hair twirled around. Then she saw it. It appeared to be ship. One she had never seen before. And by the looks of it, it was out dated, and crashing. Either it was the Navie trying to hide, or that thing was going to drag them to it.

    As it tanked down, Sayomi ran following it. She needed answers before it was over ran. Her pale silver skin seemed to shine metallic in the sun as she ran. She followed it until it crashed. Once it hit the dirt, she knew that it wasn't part of the Navie. She ran and forced the paneling in. Quickly, she went up to the person, her gun aimed at them.

    Once Sayomi saw that they were knocked out, she cursed under her breath. If she left the person there they would die. But she needed to keep the ship there to draw the group out of hiding to follow them. She lowered the gun and pulled a knife from her belt, cutting the man free. After a moment of awkward struggling she was able to get him out and started to drag him out.

    She got to the edge of the clearing before finally dropping him. It was too slow. They either needed to hide, or he was going to have to die to keep her hidden. Kneeling down on his shoulder, a hand on his neck, Sayomi hit his cheek softly, gentle shocks of electricity produced with every tap.

    "You need to awake now. Or else you will die. Come on. Wake up." She almost cooed under her breath, keeping her knees and other hand where they were, ready for whatever he might throw at her.