The Final Colossus

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    Up in the throne room of the castle. The king sat on his throne. He was a older man, had little to no hair at all on his head, he had a mix of black and white stubble on his face though, he had a couple of scars scattered all over his face, and he still had most of the muscle he got during his younger years. He was a military general before he became king, and he was a man that seen a lot combat, and lived to tell each tale.

    He was leaning forward on his old cane as he looked over the three dozen or so people that were in his throne room. They all look like they came from all walks of live, rangers, warriors, monks, clerics, bards, and a few others to say the least.The old king knew exactly why they were all here, he thought they were going to a old tale lost in history and while find nothing, but it was not the time to judge on any possible success.

    A few minutes went by, when a younger looking man walked into the court room from one of the side doors. He was a younger man, had short light brown hair, had no major scars on his face, no facial hair, but he was definitely muscular. The man was the leader of the expedition that'll be leaving today. His name was Mathias Kennet. He looked over the three dozen or so people that were gathered, these were a fair amount on numbers considering the circumstances. But he was only looking for ten or eleven, if he was lucky enough.

    "Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I am Mathias Kennet, also known as the man that called for you today. Now I know that this mission is very important, so I need people that don't mind having to be working no matter the circumstances. That's really the only thing I'm looking for. Now with that said, I don't care who you are, what your background is, what you do, or what you plan on doing with the possibly reward. I just care if you people would like to join me." He told all of the people straight up. This wasn't a time to be picky on who's coming or not.
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  2. A young girl with long silver hair leaned against the wall, her slender physique hidden underneath a midnight blue cloak. Unlike others present, she wasn't chatting or even looked remotely excited. In fact, boredom was plain to see in her eyes' golden hues. Underneath her cloak, her left hand held her sheathed sword while she played with two gold rimmed dice using her right hand. It usually calmed her down when she was feeling agitated, nervous or impatient. In this case, it would be due to the last one. 'What a bore, I expected something more interesting than a gathering.'

    For a while, nothing happened and just when she thought of leaving, a brown haired young man arrived and spoke his intentions without beating around the bush. Without any second thoughts, she decided to join. After all, It'd be such a waste to wait all that time only to leave, and she didn't like to waste time. She slipped the dice back inside her gold skirt's right pocket and swiftly went towards the male. "My name is Acacia Edelweiss," She introduced herself, "And I'd be interested to join this mission of yours." Her voice wasn't loud, perhaps only loud enough for the male, Matthias as he introduced himself, to hear but it held no ounce of hesitation. She honestly didn't care for the reward that the mission would bring but rather, she cared more for the experience and challenge that it would give.

    "I'd like to think that my skills with a sword would prove to be useful."
    She may not seem like it but she's an excellent fighter, especially with her beloved sword. She was confident with her skills and she had a right to be. It wasn't because of arrogance but rather because of experience. Even though she was only nineteen, she's won most of those who had challenged her to a duel. Many underestimate her due to her small physique and young age, but she proved them wrong and she would gladly continue to do so to anyone else who might question her skills.
  3. Feredir stood near the back of the group, stiff and motionless. He was shrouded in his white with red trimmed cloak, his head nestled in the hood. The hood hung low covering more then half of his face in shadow, only visible thing was his tightly pursed lips. His gaze swept over the group before him. Feredir took note of what kind of armor they wore, if they was wearing any, what type of weapon they beared, and any other equipment.

    Feredir's gaze soon turned to the king who resided in the throne before him. Uber his cloak was a slight movement as he moved his arms to cross them. He shifted his weight to his right leg, and began to tap his left foot. Slowly he was beginning agitated, tired of all the waiting. He gazed upon the king, waiting for him to speak but nothing came out of him but a empty gaze.
    Was this some kind of sick joke at my expense, am I some fool. What have I done to deserve to be treated so foolishly like this? He thought angrily.

    Fed up, he spun on one heel and took one step towers the exit. He stop dead in his track when he heard some footsteps entered the room.

    He turned back around to find himself staring at a young human man. He was built relatively muscular, which showed that he does a lot of training. Feredir saw no scars which shows he has yet to enter battle, our at least this is what Feredir can see. The man introduced himself as Mathias Kennet, the one who called us here. Feredir shifted his weight from one leg to another as he listened to the man speak. As he finished, a feminine voice broke through the air. Feredir tired toward the source of the voice, which came from under a midnight blue cloak moving toward Mathias. He was in no poison to see the women's face, but from what he could tell she was a relatively small women, at least by elf standards. She introduced herself as Acacia Edelweiss.

    As she was done speaking, Feredir cleared his throat fairly loudly. "My name is Feredir, and I'm a envoy sent from the Elven Kingdom." He started as he walked to the front of the group, removing his hood showing of his dark skin, pointy ear, choppy hair, and crimson eyes."I was entrusted by the king to help ensure that this quest was successful, or should I die trying to do so." His right hand emerged from the cloak in a fist and placed on his heart, as he bowed in respect.
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  4. The larger than life obstacle faced the largest crowd thry'd ever seen ((they in this case = Castien & Asterion. SORRY FOR OOC ))- waiting to get inside. It seemed as if they wouldn't budge, even with the force of a million men. As the diverse crowd became antsy to barge in, the doors creaked open and allowed them to rush inside. They knew what they were going to do here today, and nothing would set their minds off course.

    CastienThe demons had been invading towns and harvesting every single soul that lived inside. The recent obliterated town was Ofren, where Alyuin Hamitilia resided. He was such an energetic athlete, incomparable to the average elf in the town. Luckily for me, he was my brother, and he'd always taken care to stand up for me in times of dread. One time, I remember a girl named Omylia Nuala who picked on me because of my hair that shared the color of a Robin Egg! It was so humiliating, she even called me "Mother Robin", suggesting I'd lay blue eggs at any point! Alyuin protected me from her one day, told her to knock it off. At first she didn't want to, she didn't know who Alyuin was at first. When she first saw him doing his best and beating everyone in the sports he did, then she finally quit. However, I wasn't strong. I wasn't strong enough to fend for myself and help my brother out too. Now, I don't think I can repay my debts. Will living on satisfy him?
    As I was lost in my thoughts, the large crowd had shifted a few feet, and now I was standing closer to the back of the crowd. The palace might look mighty and strong, but would it really be able to fit a few dozen people? We'd all be crushed by everyone! Clutching my spell book to my chest, I dashed through the seemingly millions of people, ignore those that I slammed into on the way. This journey and hatred was worth it.

    The mixed colors of scarlet, bright golden yellows and oranges gave the aging walls new life. If not for the vibrant colors, the room would look shades of grey and black mixed with the rusty scent of aging iron and populated with dirt. I smelled chicken, carrots, potatoes, steak, and more juicy foods from rooms adjacent from this one. However, all of the little details disappeared as he looked upon the high throne. An aged man sat there, almost as if he was dumbfounded - unknowing what was going to happen today. Even with this blank look, the man's muscles emphasized his authority, his scars told the gruesome wars he survived. This man was more than anyone else could be in the room. I watched his face void of excitement, until his eyes suddenly shot towards the middle of the room. Suddenly, a speech, then a request.

    The man Mathias Kennet was supposedly looking for any type of soldiers to accompany him on the mission we were all here for. If exterminating these demons could bring my brother back as well as the souls of the dead, it's worth it. I'm not looking for any rewards. Even if this mission wouldn't bring anyone back, I culd always learn necromanc--
    -- There's no way I'm going to be able to learn any of these spells anyways! What's the point?!

    I twisted my face to look sad and depressed, because I was. I stumbled to the second row and stopped. I need to at least look presentable. I rapidly wiped that disgusting look off of my face and replaced it with a new, more cheerful look. A look like I wanted to be here.
    Stepping through an opening, he smiled, bowed, and rose. It felt as if the light... was on me. I don't like this!

    "Hello," I squeaked out nervously. Surprisingly, I sounded normal. "My name is Castien Hamitilia, from the town east of here - Cluonia. I would be interested to take part in this mission that you display. I am handy with magic, and I will contribute my stamina, my possessions, my life to use it to positively impact the situation of the mission."

    I bowed once more, and stepped back to allow yet another person to speak up for themselves.

    (break, gosh)

    Asterion I'd just barely made it to mingle with the moving crowd. It sounded like a thousand elephants raging from a small mouse, stampeding towards safer ground. The palace was voluminous, almost as if it were a skyscraper. Since it seemed as if everyone were to be stuffed inside one room, there was no need to take a mental note of where thing were. The reason why I was here was not just to have a good time, but to also solve the mystery as to why the demons where here.
    You see, a few months back, Ellen and I were on a date. I wanted to propose to her as soon as we got towards the end of the date. Twenty five is a little too old for me to be dating, but I had isolated myself from school, so I knew nobody. I took four extra years of education of combat, so that also contributed to my age...
    Anyways, Ellen and I were at the best restaurant in town since they served the greatest chicken and vegetables anyone would want to eat. The good thing was that you wouldn't get messy from the grease and other gross liquids on the food. She and I... talked about our lives and how horrible they were until we'd met each other. (on ebay. jk. I BOUGHT ELL--) As soon as I were about to propose, an awkward fella stood next to me. He had sharp teeth stained with blood so red it blended in with his skin color. He... no, it was a tint of ashen red with horns that stuck a foot off of his head. With a grin, he launched towards Ellen with monstrous claws. Luckily, I blocked the way with my arm which... I didn't know I would never be able to use again. Yet, the monster lunged once more and struck Ellen to kill her. Screaming out her name, I was pulled back to safety, then treated for my arm where I got a prosthetic arm.

    (copy and past from castien's description of the room...) The mixed colors of red, yellow and orange made the room explode with color. If not for the vibrant colors, the room would look as if the room was billions of years old - still standing. I smelled chicken, carrots, potatoes, steak, and more juicy foods from rooms northwest and southeast of us. Then, I turned my attention towards a muscular man, probably with the sheer force of a lion that was truly the king of the jungle. His face was void of color, he was probably bored. Yet, it felt as if all attention focus on one man - Mathias Kennet who was now going to initiate this mission.

    Three people stepped up, and after the third, I quickly rushed up to the spot light. With a twinkling smile (ellen told him dat), I used my normal hand to cross over my heart. Apparently different people from different places pay respect in different ways. Well, I always knew that, just never seen it.

    "Hello!" I cheerfully greeted him. "The name is Asterion Laxan. I excel in fencing, disregarding the weapon I use. I will give my life on any accord, for I am loyal to my team. Hopefully, we can accomplish our goal together!"
  5. image.jpg

    'Humans are so.. disagreeable.' Tarí thought for the umpteenth time that morning. Having arrived at the city a mere hour ago, she was exhilarated to finally come face to face with the human race. But that quickly dwindled, however. Out of all the occupants she attempted to engage in conversation, only one had complied; humoring the young elf with one worded replies. Irritated, Tarí ceased the effort completely, settling herself in a corner of the throne room. Tarí leaned her shoulder against a marble column, and crossed one foot over the other while facing the throne. She dipped her hand into the pocket of the waist-high, jade colored jacket she was garbed in. 'I'm sure I had one left..' Her slender digits caught a round shaped, small object and fished it out. Greedily, Tarí popped the candy in her mouth, sucking it slowly and savoring its sweet strawberry taste. 'That was the last one,' she noted, deciding to buy more later.

    The throne room was unexpectedly quiet, aside from the low whisperings here and there. Tarí sighed impatiently, picking at an invisible bit of lint on the sleeve of her jacket. The fact that no one was eagerly inclined to chitchat with her, made the wait more intolerable. Loud murmurs suddenly erupted throughout the room, startling Tarí to an upright position. She turned to where everyone had their eyes focused. A male human, she believed, strolled in with an air of persistence about him from the way he carried himself. Tarí and everyone else listened attentively all the way till the end of his speech.

    Tarí didn't hesitate. She strode forward, hair long hair that cascaded down her back swayed with her movements, and up to the gathering group. "Salutations," she greeted with a friendly tone, bending her knee in a quick curtsy, the fabric of the soft-brown trousers stretching. Satisfied that she has now caught their attention, she began. "I am Tarí Falassion," She introduced herself, though she debated adding her last name, but thought better of it, "I offer my services to your honorable cause." She finished, her forest-green eyes catching the rays of the morning sun as she gazed at him with confidence. If only her parents could see her now, they'd never recognize her. For the first time, Tarí was full of grace and elegance. Glancing at the other individuals around her, she began to panic. If their ears were anything to judge by, two of them were elves. "From the kingdom! Ah.. I was sent as an e-emissary, from the Elves kingdom." She added, stuttering over a word. 'And there goes all that grace and elegance down the drain,' Nervously, a small huff of a chuckle came out of her. She averted her eyes, pretending an interest in the glimmering mosaic patterns on the nearby window.
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  6. Mathias looked over the five people that stood out and directly said that they'll join in the group. That in itself made him smile on the inside, it was good to know that some people are willing to risk their lives for something that may not exist at all. "Now thank you people for joining my group. This means a lot to me, and the whole free world appreciates your sacrifice." He said softly. He looked back and he noticed that most of the people were leaving. It seemed to him that they had no more interest in the quest anymore.

    Which was fine with Mathias now sense he's a got a group already for adventure. He looked around the small group for a moment. "Now that makes seven." He said softly. There was another member of the team. He was waiting outside. "Now we'll stop at the market to stock up before we had off north." He told all of them. "I don't want to go out and find out that we have no food for any of us." He said with a shrug.
  7. Acacia silently watched with a blank expression as four more approached, introducing themselves one after another. She took note of their names and skills, if they mentioned theirs, but didn't have much interest in anything else they had to say. She could care less as to the reason why they joined which is why she was merely playing with her dice once more. It wasn't exactly rude considering the action was hidden underneath her cloak, she may not care about what they had to say but it didn't mean she would be disrespectful. Respect was a value she held highly, if she didn't want anyone to show a lack of respect towards her then she wouldn't show a lack of it to others.

    When all of the talk was finished and it seemed no one else would joined, Acacia looked to see how many they were. She had only heard four names which meant only five, out of the dozens that had come today, had joined. She wondered what was the purpose of the others who came if they lacked the courage to join the mission presented to them. 'Well, nevermind that.' She was fine with a small amount of people. In fact, she preferred it since it meant less would talk to her. She doesn't purposely avoid conversation, it just so happens that she's no good at it especially when it came to small talk. For some reason that she could not fully comprehend, the one she converses with always ends up angry.

    'The market, hm?' She thought it was a good idea to do so. It's never good to go unprepared. Although one thing he said caught her attention, 'Seven?' By her count, they were only six. She had been under the impression that he had only searched for members in this very hall. As it would seem, she was mistaken. Although one more didn't really make a difference so she didn't speak nor ask about it. She continued to fiddle with her dice as she waited to see if anyone had anything else to say. Honestly, she would prefer to leave as soon as possible considering she had never been fond of staying idle for long.
  8. Mathias nodded to his group before he headed to the front door. He knocked on the doors twice. A few seconds later the doors were pushed opened. It normally took at least two people or so to open each side. But in the other sides of the door there was nobody, nobody human at least. Standing there in front of the doors was a fifteen foot tall golem. It looked over every member of the group with a straight face. Mathias looked back at the group. "Say hello to member number seven. Rock, the golem." He said with a slight grin on his face.
  9. "Late. Typical." She'd strayed for to long poking around the countryside in search of something which didn't exist. Always hopeful she'd catch a glimpse of some lost star in the dirt, some remnant of what used to be. It didn't matter. She'd a summons through the grapevine, something for to fill her niche. The city brimming with life, vessels gliding overhead and the streets lined with vendors, families and the cities protectors. The castle was within reach now. She crossed the final bridge and approached, hoping she'd not run herself to late and miss her chance to join this expedition. As she made her way into the castle she stopped at one of the gates to question a local.

    "I'm here on summons of the king, I hear of an expedition of sorts and I must find the throne room." She stoutly stated. The guard eyed her curious form, a large bundle of red robes hung over her back, disguising her wings. "You 'iden sumthin back there missy?" The guard spoke as he reached his hand over. She shot him a look of daggers and he snatched his hand back. "Up e'head, straight forward. The king, he's addressin' them other folk right 'na." She turned on a heel and hurried toward the throne room to be met with an unusual sight. A large stone creature, easily three times her height was pushing open a large pair of doors to what looked to be the throne. A man stood out in front of the group, young and stern, a certain eminence bound off him. Who do we have here? Is this the man I'm looking for?

    She approached the group and quietly waited to the stone creatures side and listened in.

    "Say hello to member number seven. Rock, the golem."

    A golem? Hmmph, never seen one. I suppose I'll have to wait here. She kept her eyes glued to the golem and the young man before, curious to find what she'd missed in her absence.
  10. (( copies codes, pastes codes ))

    Castien I couldn't help but smile to the fact that I'd be aiding the world with its troubles. As for being a sacrifice, I really didn't care. The demons roaming the surface of the Earth must be punished, even if it was a small group being extinguished.
    The group consisted of five of us for now, two women and three men excluding the leader of the quest. They had all introduced themselves before, but it was time to evaluate them.

    First was Acacia Edelweiss. I don't think anyone would have heard her when she introduced herself. She would watch us all as we applied for this mission, even I could feel a set of eyes directly focused on me. The unwavering eye contact broke towards the end of my introduction,as would any when they would want someone to get to their point. Looking at her, she doesn't seem too amused. With her small stature, shimmering silver hair and beautiful golden eyes -- all while choosing to wield a sword shows her determination through life. She look quite confident to be here with that kind of weapon, so I don't think I should try and argue with her.


    The second who joined was a male who called himself Feredir. He's taller than me, as I can see, since I stand at 5'9" - pretty much the average height for a male. He looks a little slender, but looks fierce enough to scare me. His skin is dark which contrasts those in this group along with his facial features that make him look much more of a violent opponent. Both Acacia and Feredir are elves like me, so I could relate to them just by that, but not too much. This male seems like he wouldn't beat around the bush, much like Mathias when he introduced himself and this quest. I mustn't get angry with the words they have to say.

    Third was me, teehee. I'm still searching for myself.
    ((Butt of Fencing - Asterion ))

    Fourth was a tan looking male named Asterion - what an unusual name - much like the others. He seemed a little cheerful to be on this mission, despite knowing his life is on the line. Maybe he doesn't... see that? No, he certainly does. There's not much to say except he took fencing for a while, given the type of the sword - scimitar. I don't even want to know what happened to his hand. For all I know, it might be his whole arm. We don't know that since his long coat is covering the rest of his arm.


    Lastly, yet another formal elf by the name of Tarí Falassion. Yet another unusual name. In the middle of one of her sentences, she stuttered. I don't think it mattered to me, but it certainly meant something to her. She added an awkward giggle to the end of her introduction and shifted her eyes elsewhere to avoid more embarrassment. She has yet to tell us if she's someone who wields a mighty sword, a majestic bow and arrow, the swiftness of a wielder of two daggers, or a fierce mage with the many spells to recite. Honestly, I don't know what to think of her.

    Now, including Mr. Kennet, there were six, yet he suggested a seventh one waiting outside. It didn't surprise me, since I knew we might be getting people to join us on our way. Everything else drained out of my mind when Mathias said... food. I was hungry after traveling here, my stomach had been running on full untl last night before I went to bed. I've been trying to conceal its grumbling all day!
    The group began to move towards the front doors, where the doors suddenly began moving yet again. It fascinated me. Almost as much as how they'd thought a golem as tall as a skyscraper could fit in here!

    Asterion(( this is basically what castien said, only dumbed down a bit since
    1. - Asterion hates writing
    2. - He hates describing things cus they always mad him do dat.))
  11. Mathias looked back past Rock and he saw someone walking up to the door. He could tell what the young woman in the red robes. He smiled softly at her as he walked into her full view. "Well hello there my lady. Are you looking into joining my little group here for a adventure?" He asked with a little hint of excitement in his voice. He's normally never this excited, but the fact that people are interested in helping him finding his right time great uncles workshop made him all excited.

  12. Arthur hastily walked into the castle, he had been caught up on his way to the castle in a crowd, and was late. As he increased his pace he hoped that whoever was running the mission he was planning on joining wouldnt thing of him as unreliable for missing such a crucial time. Soon enough Arthur rounded a corner seeing a group of adventurers, all around a massive golem. He froze for a moment to examine the golem, he had never seen anything like it before, after a moment of staring Arthur realized that he should tell the party that he wished to join them "OY" He exclaimed, hoping to get the leaders attention "I heard you lot were looking for some fighters for a special mission, and i would gladly join your cause". After saying this he briefly examined the group, he noticed another one looked as if she had just made it, and that he was the only orc in the whole group, this hardly bothered him though. he knew it was uncommon for orcs to join a mission like this.
  13. Mathias looked over once more when he hears someone else speak up. The sight of the Orc caught him by surprise. He knew that the human Orc relationships are typically non-friendly. "Greetings Orc, you've must've come far in order to come here." He knew that orcs lived from the human nation, or at least most of them.

    Do you guys want to know the map of the country? I have one that I drew up, so you guys would have a basic idea what it looks like.)
  14. Meanwhile.....

    On top of the highest roof of the castle laid a child not more than 15 sleeping. Alure, recently came here for a quick break before going on an adventure again. She was currently trying to find legendary Colossus, But obviously, for a youngster like her, she very unaware that someone was finding the same thing as her's and created a group to go on an expedition. If she heard that she would have also joined but unfortunately she missed it and instead she climbed the castle and slept.
    Opening her eyes, Alure looked up to the sky and yawned before sitting up slowly and took the moment to view at the beautiful kingdom below her. "Well isn't this nice..." She muttered and rubbed her eyes.
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  15. It confused Acacia as to why he would knock instead of having someone or himself open the doors. 'Perhaps others will open the door from outside?' Well, she wasn't exactly wrong except instead of the beings she expected, it was a large being made of rock. A golem, in other words. She held a blank expression but it was clear from her eyes that she was surprised and awed by such a magnificent creature. She knew of them, having read details from books but she has never seen one in person. 'Rock? What a creative name.' She thought sarcastically although she couldn't deny that it was a fitting name. She heard the initiator of the party speak to someone else and following his gaze, she saw a brown haired woman in red robes who seemed to be interested in joining. After all, that would've been the purpose of anyone going to the castle.

    Before the young woman could speak, another spoke and when Acacia looked, she was slightly surprised that it was an orc, one who seemed to be a warrior as well considering the amount of blades he seemed to have. She didn't have any prejudice against them, it just never crossed her mind that one would join since orc relationships with human do not particularly end nicely. At least, that's what she's heard. She has seen orcs before but never actually befriended or spoke to one to confirm any of the rumors. But she has heard they were skilled fighters and wanted to test her skills someday. 'It seems that events surrounding this group becomes more interesting as time passes.' She briefly wondered if there would be any more late comers and if there were, what type of fighters would they be? Glancing at the other members and remembering from their introductions as well as looking at the weapon they held, they were a somewhat well balanced group. There were mages, warriors and an archer. She never thought of relying on others for support since she's fought all her battles alone but she wouldn't deny that it would be helpful to have long range attackers to surprise enemies. She was independent but not unpractical, going against demons would take more than just swords.

    They were silent, including herself, hearing only the initiator of the party speaking. Then again, it's not as if there's anything to talk about considering they were all strangers with no obligation to make friends with one another. 'Would it be this silent the whole journey?' She wondered as she played with her dice once more. It's absolutely terrible to remain idle but it wasn't as if there was anything else to do other than wait.
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  16. Feredir was rather a little shocked when he saw a massive figure emerge from behind the doors. So that's a golem? He questioned in a thought to himself. He had only read about then in books or heard about then through rumors. This was his first time ever seeing one, and it lives up to his expectations from what he learned. Mathias stayed that the golem name was rock. "Well That's a very creative name." He said in a sarcastic tone. "It's a fitting name at least." he was a little more serious in the second comment. Feredir heard Mathias utter something to someone, someone not in the current group. He shifted his position to have a vantage point of the person of interest. From what he could make out, it was woman enveloped in red robes, with brown hair. She seemed to be stunned at the sight of the golem, as her eyes was glued to it.

    Before the red robe woman can break the silence and introduce herself, another voice introduced. His eyes shot to the source of the sound, only to be met by the sight of orc.
    A orc? He thought as a confused look erupted on his face. It was a rat sight to see a orc in a human territory. The group soon feel quite with the arrivals of two new people. Feredir cleared his throat. "I'm going to head th
    To the market now and gather what supplies I can now." He announced. He headed out, towards the market leaving the awkward silence behind him.
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  17. "Hungry...." The girl mumbled as she slide from the roof of the castle and jumped of the edge. Using a bit of magic, she jumped in midair and landed on another roof and began running while her scarf flew behind her like flags. Running like this gives her a rush of excitement and increases her speed as she dodges various obstacles and jumped from roof to roof. Making another leap, she flew past the throne room's window of the castle where she saw a rock golem on the front door, and she admitted to herself that the golem itself was amazing. Landing on another roof, her foot slipped and fell from the castle until she casted a spell and used the wind to fly.

    Upon landing on the market place, she jumped down and started to walk. The market itself was quite lively today as they offered great deals with amazing quality. Even the food here looks delicious. Alure took out her pouch and checked. Seeing that she has enough money to buy bread, she hid the pouch and looked around, it seems like she couldn't find the bakery. She tilted her head in confusion at this point.
  18. Gerrold
    Over a grassy hill the sound of the lyre could be heard. Generally it warned people of his approach, and put them at ease to know whoever they were passing was most likely a simple bard or minstrel. That was what Gerrold liked to believe anyway, whether it held any truth he couldn't be certain, but it certainly helped pass the time walking from town to town to sing rather than travel in silence, and as he came over the hill the melodic sound of his voice would carry along the street and his destination would come into view.

    "...The Demon King was pushed to fold,
    his evil conquest overthrown.
    The gates of hell could hope to hold,
    Against the might of all that stone.

    The smith was then a hero praised,
    no more blood shed; the world less grim.
    He went about his work as if unfazed,
    Yet the colossus was his final hymn.

    No more constructs, no more tinkers,
    no more salvation from our decline.
    But what a boon for all us singers,
    That our Smith vanished without a sign."

    With a bit more flourish than he had intended the song ended, and he held the lyre out in front of him. What lovely music I make. he thought pridefully, a smile beaming on his face. The next thought to run through his mind was how poorly even lovely music paid. He'd recently had an unlucky spell in taverns and performing on the streets that had left his pockets and his stomach emptied, and at the time it seemed like such a good idea to come here.

    Here being the castle boundaries, and soon the throne room. Never before had he considered he'd find himself even in the courtroom of this building, and yet here he was. On his way to the throne itself. What a day this was. As he continued through the gates he began mulling over his reason for being here, there was money to be had in adventure, reputation to be earned, and songs to be written. First and foremost he was a bard. Quick with a blade, but better with a song.

    He sighed, and kept on his way. While some guards nearly stopped him, a quick explanation of his intentions here would serve well enough to get him by. As he reached the throne room he found himself behind the rest of the group, eyeing a large golem, and quite the varied assortment of rugged looking folks. "So I take it this is where the folk to the slaughter is gathering?" he said with a joking attitude.
  19. She put on a fake smile and took a light bow, "My name is Tiana, I present my services to you sir." All the while observing the others who'd shown beforehand and others still arriving. Well, I'm not the only one running a foot behind. With that she propped her shoulder against the doorway, keeping both eyes glued to the golem. She'd seen something like it before, though this time it wasn't trying to kill her. It was a nice change of pace, but she suspected it wouldn't last. A particular distrust of soulless creatures, always being at the whim of another's control. As for the group of would be adventurers, it seemed a mix and match lot. Reminded her of a youth long gone when she'd set out on her own journey far to long ago.

    Then there was the Orc, she hadn't seen one in ages. Where she was from, they were all but myth; having only seen remnants and bones of villages and graves. Then the elves. She didn't notice the sincere smile she let out, fond memories of a good friend long dead who came from a long line of wood elves. One of the best friends she'd ever had. Nearly seventy years of travelling with each others, fighting side by side and sharing the most trivial if not harsh moments of their damaged lives. It'd been a long time since she'd seen an elf, a peculiar sense of comfort swayed her to remain at ease in their presence.

    Well, I've all I need for this journey. She envisioned the leather satchel strapped to her lower back beneath her cramped hidden wings. Drink, hunting equipment and an assortment of healing salves. Could use some bread...
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