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  1. Long ago, in a land called Fury, there was a war. It was between the humans, and the demons. The demons made a gate that brought them to the human world. And they were somehow under the rule of one king. This caught the humans off guard, this went against everything the humans thought they knew about the demons. They never thought such a thing was ever possible. For the first decade of the war, the humans fought the demons like they would with any army, but the demons were more powerful than they originally thought. Soon they needed the assistance of the dwarfs and Elves. They agreed to help the humans and they brought their armies to join the humans in the fight. But they efforts seemed pointless, the demons were still as strong as they were in the beginning, and it seemed like their numbers were endless. The armies were starting to lose hope at this point. They were running out of supplies and men to join the military. They started looking for a new way to fight the demons.One day, the governments of the three armies found their solution. A single black smith went to them. He had the simple name, Brock Kennet, for years he's been experimenting with his craft and an old pastime of his of, masonry. He brought something to the government's council room that they never seen before.

    The creation was a golem, it was fifteen feet tall, easily weighed a ton, and it was made out of stone. He told the governments that this is the solution. He told them that a construct don't need to eat, sleep, breathe, they can go to the worst areas in the world and they won't be fazed at all, they also have the strength of a hundred men, they can fight for hours without rest, and most importantly, they listened to anyone that held a control. This was the ultimate solution to their problem.

    The governments pass the vote to started making constructs like the one golem, so smiths from all corners of the world joined together and they started making constructs, like golems. They were more than successful at their job. When the constructs were sent to the field, they were a absolutely success. They were enough to push the demons back to their realm.

    And with that, the war was finished, everybody celebrated. The war that lasted for four decades was finally over. But after a while, everybody stopped making constructs. The ones that were left started to fall apart. The original creator, now in his sixties disappeared off the face of the planet. And seems like the only weakness for these constructs was time. And the numbers of the constructs are very few now. And most people had simply forgot about them.Five centuries later, the demons started coming back. And they are even more powerful than ever. And with their new king, who's been said to be way more powerful than the previous king. The the alliance need to go back to making constructs to add to their army. But only few people know how the make one now, and their results are simply not as good as they used to be. But there have been stories of Brocks last creation.

    They said that he started a new project before he went missing.He call it the Colossus, it construct that's said to be the ultimate creation, they said the creation was tall enough to see the entire country from wherever it stood, heavy enough to make the earthquake with its every step, and that it can take on the continent by itself. But that story had been lost over the centuries. They don't know where it is, they don't know if it's even finished, they don't know if it would go against the humans if they activate it, or if it even exist to begin with.

    Only one person is willing to go on this quest. The great ancestor of the craftsmen recently found a map to the supposed location of where the colossus is laying dormant. He just needs a team to go out and find the construct, but they don't have much time.
    Long ago, in a land called Fury, there was a war. It was between the humans, and the demons. The demons made a gate that brought them to the human world. And they were somehow under the rule of one king. This caught the humans off guard, this went against everything the humans thought they knew about the demons. They never thought such a thing was ever possible. For the first decade of the war, the humans fought the demons like they would with any army, but the demons were more powerful than they originally thought. Soon they needed the assistance of the dwarfs and Elves. They agreed to help the humans and they brought their armies to join the humans in the fight.

    Now that's what this Roleplay will be about, now this will be the character sheets

    Race (You can be Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Qunari, or even a halfling and I mean you can be half human and half elf, that's what I mean by halfling. Those are the six major races in this world)
    Class (Are you a Ranger, Mage, Rogue, Warrior?)
    Equipment (What you are carrying on your person, nothing over-powered)
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  2. made google translate read this for me
    that took like
    10 minutes

    Name: Asterion Laxan (idk)

    Age: Twenty - five

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Class: Warrior (sorta)

    Equipment: He wears a light coat with fur to keep himself warm in the night. It's got a couple of pockets, so it doesn't hold too much. It also has accessories on the back for some sort of "skeleton" for protection, that skeleton also involves a sheath to put his Scimitar inside of. It hooks onto the shirt underneath of it. It's got a black v-neck shirt with metal outlined on the seams and decorated on the front. Asterion wears baggy pants for easy maneuvering. Underneath those pants are yet again a network of metal gears to protect himself. At the edges of his baggy black pants are shoes made from metal and fur to comfort his feet and easy moving.
    His weapons include a Scimitar and his prosthetic hand which acts like a claw in combat.

    Personality : He's tsundere, but not as talkative, and usually doesn't want his emotions to be let out. If they do, he's probably with someone he trusts or likes. Asterion loves cute things, but tries to stare at them when nobody is looking. He tries to keep himself healthy, but cannot resist the clutches of sweets.
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  3. That's a good start for characters ^^

    But can you also expand on the equipment please?
  4. yeppers.
    did it o/
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  5. Awesome, I'll read through it again ^^
  6. [​IMG]

    Acacia Edelweiss

    "Nineteen, although age doesn't really matter to me."



    "I suppose I would belong to the 'warrior' class."

    Valuing speed, Acacia does not wear any armor over or under her casual clothes. It leaves her vulnerable but allows her to retain her usual speed and for her, being able to react quickly is enough of a defense. For the cold, she wears a midnight blue cloak; although it does not provide her much warmth, she doesn't mind. After all, she prefers the cold compared to the heat. She carries around with her a sword which she rarely ever parts from, not only because it is her weapon but also because of its sentimental value. Since most people are wary of unsheathed swords out in the open, she keeps the blade covered with a sheath who's color is the same as her sword's purple hilt. Other than her sword, she also has two daggers. One is hidden within her right boot while the other is on her black belt, hidden underneath her black coat. She brings along with her a black sling bag where she keeps a bandages, a book, and a container for water. For her valuables such as her pouch of money, she keeps it inside her skirt's right pocket while inside the left pocket are dice - two, to be exact - with a golden rim and a hair tie.

    Acacia is proud and confident young lady. Her skills and adaptability have proved to her challengers more than once that her swordsmanship is superior to theirs. Although it doesn't mean she's invincible. She wins more than loses but there are times that she does lose, and when she does, instead of complaining, she trains to improve her skills to defeat the one who won against her. Once she has something set in her mind, she is determined to see it through. Especially if it's something challenging, interesting or she's simply bored with plenty of free time. She has a tendency to appear uncaring and cold, she hides her kindness by mixing it with the two since she finds it embarrassing to say nice words bluntly. She's a cautious and independent person, mostly trusting only herself. She dislikes being helped, flirted with and complimented. The first is because she does not want to feel inferior and helpless, while the latter two is merely because she finds it annoying. She sometimes has a short temper.

    Acacia has straight hair that reaches until her waist. The color of her hair is similar to the metal of her sword while eyes are of a dazzling gold color. She has a slender body and stands at the mere height of 5'3. With her physique, many tend to underestimate her skills and immediately assume she is weaker. While it is true that her strength does not match others' but her speed and quick thinking are often enough to compensate.
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  7. Awesome, another person! Now we just about three more people at most.
  8. I'm looking forward to the roleplay's beginning :D Also, is it alright to have more than one character?
  9. Yeah, I'll let everyone have two at most, because I'm gonna have two of them ^^
  10. [​IMG]
    Name: Feredir

    Age: 224

    Gender: Male

    Race: Elf

    Class: Ranger/Rogue

    long Bow and arrows,
    2 32in hunting swords,
    one knife (similar to the size of a kunai)
    A small pouch fill with basic medical supplies & antidotes for the most commonly used poisons

    Feredir doesn't wear armor due to his work, as he need to be as light as possible and agile.

    Personality: Feredir is quite a stern young man. He can come off as cold-hearted and shallow at times. He's also quite ruthless and merciless when times arise. Due to the solitude nature of his postion, he is rather asocial. He lack team work skills and struggle in team settings. Once you get to know Feredir, he can be rather kind-hearted and caring but you must obtain his trust. He can be humorous, in both lighthearted and sarcastic way. Feredir is quite the stubborn person, oftern set in his ways and very rarely change his mind. Feredir very rarely shows his true emotions, yet alone talk about them, feeling that they would only get in the way.

    Appearance: Feredir Stands at 6' 5" at 145 lbs. Feredir isn't very bulky, but instead he is very tone. He has short choppy snow white hair that at the back only flows down enough to cover his neck. Feredir's skin is rather on the dark side, a rather medium shade of brown. He has a strong jawline accompanied with high cheekbones, almond eyes crimson red eyes, low eyebrows
    Feredir typically wares a white sleeveless v-neck accompanied by lose fitting black pants, that's held up with a red sash belt. Black leather boots that rise half way up his shin. white gloves with red leather vambraces. He wares a white cloak trimmed with red most of the time. on the back of the cloak is an insignia of a red eagle.
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  11. @Lorne your character looks good to me so far. Just add that personality and add a little more on the equipment then it'll be good to go.
  12. i want to make another.
    i found a kewl picture.
    (( it wont cut down the number of people, would it? ))
  13. You can have up to two character at maximum ^^ I'm gonna have two character at the start. And if you ever want to add along the way to join that's fine, but remember only two
  14. Does anybody know anyone on this site that might be interested?

  15. Name: Castien Hamatilia

    Age: (he's rly young) Twenty - one (wp0w)

    Gender: Male

    Race: Elf

    Class: Mage

    Equipment: Castien ( or Hammy for short cus his last name. ) isn't like the normal mages of the time. His attire is not just robes and cloaks, but we dresses much like a samurai would, minus the helmet and extra poofy armor. He wears some sort of cuirass that's made a little bit more lightweight than a normal one. It doesn't have any sleeves, but his outfit does stretch out to his arms. He wears a covering over his arms and forearms that matches his cuirass, and he wears an armguard over that. He wears a blue, slightly transparent scarf that's rather long, but he needs it for some magical practices (it floats around sometimes when he uses magic, wewew.) Then, Castien has some pants that look like dress pants ( dress pants [​IMG] is it bad that i have these ) which scrunches as the bottom (scrunches in dese terms means just like... bundles up cus they're too long... but they're skinny. ). He has some old baby blue boots that reach to half of his calf. It meets his pants so he doesn't feel awkward walking... ya.

    Oh, and his magic staff?
    it's this:
    no wait
    i said wait
    wait no, it's this:
    its not a STAFF

    dont worry, he sucks at magic and chanting, so he can only do simple stuff like

    Personality: Usually quiet to the people he firsts meets, he doesn't talk too much in the open. He doesn't like socializing with strangers and would grab some sort of spell book if he could and study it. If he does get to know you, he's more open, much like every shy person out there. Although, he does make some rude remarks out in the open, he's a really good kid!

    also no i dont know anyone else cus im kinda new

  16. Mathias Kennet
    Warrior, part time smith
    He usually doesn't carry much on him. He has his personally made Claymore made of a rare type of metal, called star metal, which is twice as strong as steel, but half the weight. He also has a bag full of maps, water skin, smithing tools, and a control rod for his own golem.
    He's mainly a series person. He takes great pride into smithing, crafting of constructs and all of that. He tends to be thick headed when it comes to situations that require the use of the mind. He loves to make weapons, armor, or even the occasional construct. He's always determined to succeed in this question that his great great great great great grandfather has given him. And he knows that the world is depending on him and his band of adventurers.
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