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  1. The Fighters Guild was founded to be a safe haven for those with special abilities. It is a place to hone your abilities and to train so you can survive. The H.A.P or Humans Against Powers are looking to wipe those with abilities from existence. Some of you will just be discovering your powers others will have had your powers for a while. Your goal is to first and foremost get to The F.G. Some of you may be a part of H.A.P, or a part of The F.G. there are limited spaces for instructers And Villians. H.A.P can have special skills. NOT powers but skills such as Archery Swordsmanship ect. Some may be slightly enhanced soldiers such as slight increase in speed, agility, strength ect. No one can have more than one special skill or ability. H.A.P agents may grow in there skills and train to become adept with things like archery swords survival and so on. There are three places for Teachers at the F.G Each teacher may have Two (2) abilities. all others have one (1). I will Be selecting The Leader or Both the F.G and H.A.P. Pm If you would like to be considered. I hope to start this ASAP. I will post my Character Sheet soon.

    Character format



    Ability/special skill:




    1) No God-Modding.
    2) Any disputes will be settled by me.
    3)You CANNOT Control other Peoples Characters.
    4)Follow Iwaku Rules
    5)I will allow cursing but keep it limited meaning don't say Fuck every other sentence.
    6)Each person can have 2 Characters but no one can control 2 Teachers/Agents.
    7)HAVE FUN.
  2. Character format

    Name: Joseph Callaway jj.jpg



    Ability/special skill:Dimensional Portal( Is also adept in archery)

    History:Joseph grew into his power at a young age. The first time he used his powers was when he transported himself from daycare back to his house which was 1 block away. His power grew steadily till the age of 16 at which he could travel a total of 5 miles at a time. For the mot part he led a normal life his mother who was a famous Olympic archer taught him how to use a bow. His father worked often and was hardly around. Neither of his parents knew if his ability. At 16 his parents were killed by H.A.P agents while they were looking for Joseph. He fled and hasnt returned since. He now is on his way to Nevada where he has heard lives a man who can supposedy fly.

  3. Character Format
    Name: Samantha Hodges
    Age: 16
    Ability/special skill: Super enhanced speed(prefers the use of dual knives)
    History: Sam is the daughter of an arms dealer. That of course is her father. Her mother was mysteriously deceased when Sam was at the tender age of 7. Her power was first discovered during a getaway from the local law enforcement when she was only 10. It was one of those nights her father came home drunk and had fallen asleep in the couch. Her and a group of other deliquents that she called friends got into some trouble. After robbing both a convience store and liquor branch the group of kids were on the run. Of course they weren't careful to avoid cameras or anything. They were much too young. In the end the group was caught and booked except of course for little Samantha, who in a matter of seconds had mad it almost a mile and a half home. Throught the next six years Samantha honed in on this technique. She used it to escape all kinds of trouble. Abit of a badass Sam travels with 2 knives strapped to her thighs, hidden under her skirt of course.
    Alignment: None yet.
  4. Ooc: Are our characters supposed to meet up in the woods? Because I'm slightly lost on how to start off.
  5. ooc:Just figured ide have us meet quickly if not i can easily make it an npc.
  6. Name: Paul Klark


    Ability/special skill: Armor gives him atomic strength, stamina, agility, and recovery.

    History: When he was 11, his father was killed in a war, between the supernatural and the artificials. As his father died he passed down the armor to his son. His son is Paul Clark. It looks like a small tattoo on his neck, then when he wants it to, it spreads across his body. He has trained to be an excellent gunman. He had a natural talent with a sword. He had been in a few wars like the one his dad died in, simply to avenge him. The supernatural world has been rather quiet so he's been on a low profile. Paul is ready for something to happen soon though.

  7. Name: Luke Loomine

    Age: 20

    Ability/special skill: Morphing, like into animals or other people, but mostly animals.

    History: It wasn't until he was 5 did Luke figure out he could morph into animals. The first one he turned into was a his pet cat and it was such a surprise to his parents. They were confused as to why there were two of the same cats and when Luke unmorphed it concerned his parents. They both had no powers but in their ancient ancestors there were quite a few people who had powers. Morphing was fun and he slowly learned to turn into bigger animals from dogs to lions to bears and so on. His parents never talked to him about his powers and he didn't use them while at home unless he was curious as what being a certain animal was like.

    Ten years later in highschool he learned that he could turn into people as well but it was much harder. He loved messing around as someone else and ruining their lives or making them better as he saw fit. But being a teenager as he was led him to be overconfident and stupid at times. One of those times was fatal, he had turned from his form to a lion to scare some teens at school. Someone called the police and this leaked out to the public, bringing attention from H.A.P. and having people riot at the school and Luke's house. To save his friends and family he turned into a black jaguar in front of the roits and ran from the city, they followed and he escaped into the forests and mountian.

    Five years later he heard of the Fighters Guild and is now on his way to join in and challenge himself to his limits.


    (Hey spell weaver, I hope you don't mind me joining this RP, I've just been really itching to test my creativity. If there is anything wrong you can PM me.)
  8. Name: Matthew Grant
    Age: 18
    Ability/Special skill: Teleportation, and Super jump
    History: Matthew didin't discover his powers until he was 7 when riding his bike and almost crashing into a garbage truck. He didn't realize what was going on except first he was on his blok riding his bike and the next minute he was in his room with his bike. But that wasn't the just the only powers he had. Strange to say that on his 8th birthday he got a super pogo stick, as soon as he started jumping he was going 10-15 feet in the air. He trained and learned how to use his powers. But one day his parents came home early and he had teleported into the living room, they just stared shocked. Immedtially thay picked p the phone and called someone and before he knew the H.A.P. were at his door and his parents were one of them. He ran and grabbed what he could teloporting and never returned to his house.


    ( hope i can join)
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