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  1. Joseph stepped out of the air with a couple bags in his hands and a Bow strung across his back. He was in a dense wood. In front of him was a cliff face with vines running all along its surface. At about eye level was cave; it was his chosen camp sight for the next couple of days. "whew. That was close!" he muttered as he strode into the cave shoving vines aside to reveal the full entrance. He set the bangs on the dirt floor of the cave and walked over to a pile of sticks and leaves. He picked up two rocks and struck them together. Sparks fly out and ignite the leaves just as Joseph hears a rustle outside the cave. Sounds like footsteps. He thought. And straightened taking his bow off his shoulders. He nocks an arrow and inches towards the entrance.
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    Samantha hated this. She was walking through the bush in a short skirt and a tank top. It was hot! Her dirty blonde hair started to stick to her cheek. The trees and vines would just make her backpack feel that much heavier. Samantha thought about just sprinting through the forest. She would be out in no time if it weren't for the bush. If was much to thick and hard enough to walk through. Let alone run.
    It seemed like Sam had been walking for hours on end when she happend to spot the cave. "Finally I can get these dam clothes off" She strode into the cave. There seemed to be a fire already started. Even less work to be done for the night. She walked through the entrance and her senses immediately jolted as if she had just woken up from a long sleep. There was a figure a couple yards in front of her and a bow and around was aimed at her chest. Sam quickly drew her knives and croutched into her usual stance. Sam usually attacked first and asked questions later but she was abit tired and wanted to see this through first.
  3. Aiden started as a girl not much younger than he was stumbled into the cave. She Pulled two knives out of her skirt and crouch. Who the fuck is this. he thought to himself. He Pulled back on his bow string and gathered some of his power so he could be out of there at a moments notice. "Who are you?" he said aloud. His aim steady he stood still. she can't be much younger than I am he thought
  4. "Depends, Who's asking!?" Samantha tightened her grip on her knives and started to drag her right foot back. Digging it into the gravel she was ready to sprint. As her eyes aslowly adjusted t the lighting of the cave Sam could more or less make out the figure in front of her. It was a guy not too much older than her it seemed. He had to be about 19 or 20 tops. And seeing as he had an arrow pointed directly at her at the moment he was probably an enemy. Was he an enmy? Was this a test? Maybe Sam was supposed to kill this guy. She just glared, allowing him to make the first move.
  5. Aiden stood as still as a statue not tense but still. "My name isn't something I want to tell a stranger but unless you wanna fight me I mean you no harm" he said in a calm voice. He lowered his bow but didn't release his power. He didn't want to hurt her but he needed an escape plan.
  6. Samantha stood up straight. She still had a tight grip on her weapons and didn't sheath them again either. She wasn't sure about this guy yet." I mean you no harm? Yeah I've heard that one before. Her grip tightened even more. She was ready to pounce at a moments noticed. Shhe pondered the thought as she bit her lip nervously. This guy came off abit shady to her. What were the odds of some guy with a bow and arrow in the same cave, same anything? It just didn't sit well with her. She was always abit paranoid but this was too much.
  7. Aiden smirked as he watched her stand but still grip her weapons. "Just wanna let you know. Those knives you got there won't do any good against me." he said.
  8. Samantha growled at the mans comment. "Wanna bet!" She yelled, her echo sounded throughout the cave. She was trying to sound menacing but her voice was much to petite for that. " That stupid bow can't keep up with me!" She yelled again as she crouched once more her skirt rose just abit over her upper thighs. The girl looked angry
  9. Aiden shook is head as he said "Foolish girl.". He released his power and vanished for couple seconds before appearing behind the girl with an arrow at her throat "You can't begin to fathom what I am." He wouldn't hurt the girl but he needed to prove his point.
  10. Sam let out a girlish squeal that echoed throughout the cave. That was a sound that usually never came from her. Somehow the man had gotten behind her. Why did she react so slow? The cave must've been to dark to see him move. That was the only explanation. Samantha took a deep breath and decided to play it off, acting as if the man didn't phase her in the slightest. "Nice move" she mutter. Samantha grabbed the mans arm raising it just enough for her to move. And then she was gone... Samantha was already at in the middle of the cave by the time the mans arm would return to his side. A soft "Umph" was heard echoeing across the cave as a knie was sent the mans way aimed at his shoulder. Of course it was a distraction. While he was focused on the incoming knife samantha had already sprinted back and was once again behind him holding a knife to his throat. She reached him before her tossed weapon did. The knife didn't hit him directly it just grazed his shoulder as Samantha caught its end.
  11. Aiden watched as she vanished "Ow." he said " that hurt" as the blood dripped down his arm. "Your pretty fast." He said with a smirk. "But-" He vanished this time and appeared in the middle of the cave. He fired an arrow and vanished again to stand behind her. He grabbed her from behind and held her still. Just before thee arrow hit her he warped her to the top of the cliff. He held her over the edge saying "Now who are you?"
  12. "Ack!" Samantha almost sumbled when the man dissapeared again. Then somehow he was behind her once more. Her body flinched and tensed up as an arrow approached her. Then suddenly she was being dangled over a cliff and asked her name."T-That's not of your business Houdini!" She referenced the magician with the famous dissapearing act. Sam was a stubbourn girl and she wouldn't give up so easily. Being the resourceful girl she was, eventualy she would think of something. Samantha grinned before grabbing onto the mans wrist and swinging her body towards him. She would coil her legs around the mand arm in an extremly tight hold. Something she her dad taught her. The hold kept tightening "Now, Who are you and what do you want! Answer before I break it" The hold tightened more and would soon press bone. Samantha noticed the position of the hold and how she was dressed. "A-And don't look up my skirt perv!" Her entire face turned cherry red
  13. Aiden yelped as she grabbed his arm. "Damn you. Let go of me!" he said with a snarl. Then he thought If this girl wants to tango then I'll give her a dance shell never forget! Then he leaned forward and fell off the cliff.
  14. Samantha was positive that the man was going to give in, his arm was almost done for. Suddenly he dropped himself off of the cliff with Sam still clinging to his arm. She screamed loudly as they fell. Of course I'm the one who picks a fight with the suicidal guy, she thought. He surely had to be crazy, how else would a stupid idea like this pop into his head. Because of fear for her own life, Sam let go of the man. The air pressure from the fall was too strong, it wasn't allowing her to move. If she could get close to the wall she could make it, bu how would she even get there? She looked to the man falling next to her, cursing him in her head.
  15. Aiden looked at the girl and winked. He reached out and grabbed her arm vanishingwith her just before they hit the ground. The appeared back in the cave and Aiden grabbed her other knife and flung it away and it flew across the room and stuck in the wall. He then pushed her to the ground gently but with force. "Next time I'll leave you to die." He said loudly. "Now tell me who you are!"
  16. The next thing Sam knew she was back in the cave, her knives gone and her chest pounding. She was gasping for air never having experienced that before. To top it off the man was somehow again the cause of this as he pressed her against the floor. Samantha squirmed but of course wasn't able to get him off. Shortly after she regained her breath. "S-Samantha Hodges" She blurted in a soft tone. She had a scared look in her eyes, a look that normally wasn't there.
  17. "What are you doing here?" He said. At least he was getting somewhere. "Samantha." he added as an after thought.
  18. "None of your business!" She shouted as her face tinted a little red noticing he was on top of her. She was thankful she was regainning some composure and attitude.
  19. Aiden was startled by her spunk. He then noticed her blushing. He tilted his head then realized why. "OH GOD! I'm sorry!" he said s he scrambled off her. He stood up and sat down on one of the rocks in the cave. He decided to change tact. "Would you like to eat something Samantha?" he said with a smile. "Then perhaps we can talk"
  20. Samantha scurried to wipe the bluh from her face. The man noticed too as he scrambled off of her. He wasn't a total pervert from what Sam could tell. Her stomch grumbled. She didn't want to admit that she was hungry but her stomach seemed more important at the moment. "Y-Yeah I guess I'm a little hungry Mr." The man seemed inviting but Sam was still quite weary of him. He was a total mystery and she didn't know if he could be at all trustworthy
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