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  1. let the battle begin
  2. Mephisto was sitting on his thrown festering in boredom. The cell phone in his back pocket began to vibrate and the intro. of Vampire Diaries started playing. Somewhat embarrassed he shouted, "Who thought that would be funny!? I'll have your spine!"
    Muddled chuckles came from the darkness as the culprit indeed thought it was hilarious. A tall masculine figure shrouded in black silk and leather appeared from the shadows.
    Grim answered, "Oh? You don't like it?"
    Mephisto grinned shamelessly at his old friend. "You sneaky devil!" He squealed with joy.
    "Oh wait, I gotta take this," Mephisto held up a finger and grabbed his phone that was just about to hang up on whoever it was attempting to call him.
    "Pride of the Devil speaking," Mephisto called into the cellular device.
    "Is the Reaper there?" A voice answered slightly agitated.
    "Lucifer! Hi how ya doin'?" Mephisto gritted his teeth and greeted his employer.
    "Answer the question, Miphesto."
    "It's MEH-FIST-OH, sir. And yes, the old bag of bones is here."
    Lucifer always gets Mephisto's name wrong, it was probably on purpose. That bastard.
    "Why isn't he answering his phone?" Lucifer was losing patience.
    Mephisto thought for a moment, "Well sir, you see he no longer has one."
    Lucifer couldn't understand, "Well why doesn't he?"
    That warranted a simple enough answer, "He's dead, sir."
    When Mephisto heard an unintelligible grumble on the other end Lucifer spoke again, "I need you and your "bag of bones" to do something for me..."
  3. Silver breathed heavily as she ran through the back alleys chasing after a elders soul who had become lost due to his blindness of greed she was breathing heavy and was getting irritated really fast. The old man rounded a corner and was about to go through a wall into a night club when Silver grabbed her necklace and threw it at the ghost the emerald hit the back of the ghost and absorbed it into the gem. Silver reached the wall and she rested her hand on the wall breathing heavily "you have got to be kidding me this is nuts this is the 16th one in the past 3 hours' she grumbled under her breath and she picked up her necklace and put it back on. "You will be safe soon my friend." She turned around and started to walk down the empty ally way heading back towards her home she had work in the morning so she needed to get as much done before then as she could because for the next day she would not be able to come out and chase after lost souls.
  4. Mephisto and Grim sat silently in their dark chambers contemplating a plan. Perhaps it would be a bad idea for both of them to leave and chase after some girl. It just wasn't worth the hassle, or at least they didn't think it was.
    Mephisto still sitting on his throne a bit slumped over now worried about the possibilities. Why would Lucifer need them to go after a simple, human girl? It didn't make sense. Couldn't Lucifer just wave his hand and the girl would immediately be overthrown by a hoard of flesh eating demons? The pieces didn't add up and Mephisto wanted to get to the bottom of it. He turned his head, the old death god was waiting patiently for Mephisto's decision.
    "Grim, I need you to go after her. Don't kill her..." Mephisto began but Grim cut him off.
    "I thought killing her were our instructions per demon lord all mighty," he chuckled mocking the King of Hell.
    The Reaper didn't get enough credit, he was just as powerful as any demon lord in Hell and any perfectly righteous Angel. It was by chance and by his own desire to help the world that he agreed to take orders from anyone. "Death" itself, in the bone, was a seriously impressive being that very few have reckoned with. That being said, if Lucifer did hear Grim's insubordinate words what could he actually do to the Reaper? Kill him?
    Mephisto shot Grim an unpleasant stare and continued, "I know what Lucifer said but since when did you care more about his orders than anything else?"
    "When I'm being paid for it."
    "You're a walking pile of bones what does cash have anything to do with your eternal desires? Know what, it doesn't matter. Just find her, follow her, and find out why Lucifer requires two of Hell's most powerful to extinguish a little girl."
    Mephisto offered, "I'll stay here and fake some data or something to keep Lucifer off our backs.
    If you need anything, you know how to reach me."

    Grim left Hell with an uppity attitude. For however long it takes to gather information on this Silver girl Grim was pardoned from his typical duties. Finding and observing her Grim had every intention on dragging out for as long as he could. Lucifer didn't scare or even threaten the Reaper for the one thing that can't be killed or stopped is Death itself.
    Grim appeared in a dark ally way hovering over the passage gazing down and scouting out his target. His orbital cavities focused on a young woman with long silver hair who was chasing an older looking phantom. This is what Lucifer told Grim and Mephisto was the problem, she had taken the job of the Reaper into her own hands. She became a vigilante of sorts and Lucifer didn't like that. Which made so sense, of course. Lucifer of all people loves chaos and a little bit of rule breaking. So again, what was the big deal?
    Grim lowered himself gently down onto a pile of metal bins and watched silently as she captured the ghost with a small, green amulet. Immediately this set off Grim's intuition, he knew the real reason for the bounty on this girl's head had to do with that enchanted stone.
  5. Silver froze as she walked she felt a over whelming spiritual presence one she had never encountered before it scared her and intimidated her but also interested her to an extent that she felt like she should figure out where it was coming from. But she new that she should keep walking and not draw attention to herself but she couldn't help her self in the end she did turn around. Silvers hand started to glow and a orb of light started to form in her hand if there was anything spiritual near buy it would be able to tell her where it was. As she waited for a moment something started to appear and it was right in front of her the orb died and she took a step back "Who's out there I know your hear" her voice cracked a little as she spoke but she still tried to look and sound intimidating.
  6. (sorry this has taken me so long, work has been crazy)

    Grim stayed right where he was entertained by the girl's little light show. He shifted his weight and landed one of his hovering feet on one of the metal bins. Slowly he stepped the other foot down and silently hopped down onto the cement before the young lady. Grim's long, black cloak flowed behind him and quietly moved with the breeze of this cold, airy night.
    Hidden mostly by darkness Grim knew he appeared to be nothing more than a shadow under the moonlight and with that he cracked his jaw and spoke to her softly, "My dear child, whether or not you know I'm here changes nothing. That booming voice of yours is riddled with anxiety but I bid you not to fear for anything but your own pride. I'm no one, however tasked with a very important job you appear to be tending to it yourself. Tell me, who are you and who do you think you are? Because you're certainly not me."
    Grim was enjoying this, very rarely does he speak to the living directly but when he does it usually proves amusing. This case was no exception. A human girl gifted with such uncanny supernatural abilities, no wonder Lucifer had his panties in a bunch. This girl was by no means on any list regarding the names of angels or demons so what the hell was she? Grim assumed it was his job to figure that out and take her back to Mephisto.

    Grim waited patiently, he could tell the poor thing was having a hard time gathering her nerve.

    Why is death so scary to these creatures? Only the Devil himself could answer that.
  7. Silver remained silent for a couple if moments she wanted to sound strong and she took a deep breath. And said in a strong voice "my name resembles my hair you can figure that one out ur self and who do I think I am we'll I think I'm just a girl who was given an opurtonity to help people and took action." Her voice sounded stronger than the last time she talked her confidence had been boosted by a simple few words the reaper said to her. "So what is the devils mutt doing talking to a girl who has done nothing wrong?" She took a few steps back to make sure if grim did anything then she would be able to have distance on her side.
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