The Fight for Freedom (CaptainFalchion x Venom-chan)

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  1. Zero opened his eyes for the first time, taking in his surroundings. {Where... where am I?} There were other 'people' around him, but he knew they weren't quite human.
  2. They had been instructed by this man to open the new robot and get him settled into their home. Robin followed orders, He had to. If they found out he could make his own thoughts, He'd be scraped for sure. { What is this one's function? } He wondered to himself. They all had a reason for being here. He himself was a home model for basic housework, and office work as well and... some more unpure deeds. He reached into the box and tried to help the robot out of the box.
  3. Zero took the hand that was reaching out to him, climbing out of his uncomfortable box. "Ugh... where am I?" He looked around, seeing the strange people everywhere.
  4. Robin tensed. { They aren't supposed to ask questions. } He blended in rather well with the non sentient beings. He had to. He looked at the other robots and explained that he needed to calibrate the robot. { That should fool them. } He grabbed Zero without explanation and pulled him away. "Come on!" He whispered.
  5. "Where are we...? Hey!" Zero cried out, but he allowed himself to be dragged along. When the others were out of sight, he wheeled on the strange person/robot. "What was that about?"
  6. Robin let him go as they were out of sight and hearing range. "You.... You can think, Can't you?" Robin asked first. "You know... They'll scrap you if they find that out." Robin knew this because a robot that thinks for itself and has feelings can't do work as well.
  7. "What? Of course I can think! Who'd scrap me? Who are you?" Zero had so many questions piling up in his head.
  8. "You are a robot." Robin started. "And you were bought. And our owner... He'd scrap you. Because robots are useless if they have thoughts wants and needs." He paused. "I'm Robin. They call me here Robert.... But that was the name first given to me. Robin."
  9. "I'm Zero... but my name is Colin. Colin Bearfort. Well, I gave myself that name, but still. It's mine." Zero looked confused. "Who exactly is our owner?"
  10. "He'll give you a name." Robin commented. Robin could remember when he was given the name Robin. It was when he was built. The guy found out but... let him live. "You'll address him as Mr. Harper."
  11. "Mr. Harper? Is that his real name?" {Still so many questions... but I can't ask any of them}
  12. "It's his last name... We must address him as Mr. Harper. It's respectful."
  13. "Hmph. Respectful my ass. When I meet this Mr. Harper, I'm gonna shove my fingers right up his..."
  14. "No!" Robin exclaimed. "You can't do that. They'll.... They'll melt you down!"
  15. "Oh, they will, will they?" Zero's eyes narrowed. "Hmph. Well, it's their mistake that I'm an Android. Because they uploaded me with software you wouldn't believe." He laughed. "Let them come. I'll take 'em all down."
  16. Robin looked at him wide eyed for a moment. "But, Th-" Maybe he was right. Robin himself was more a model for the home, and office. He was made look pretty. "But, even if they don't.... We... There's mroe of them. With robots."
  17. "Am I supposed to care?" Zero laughed, slamming his fist against the wall. "I will not say imprisoned!"
  18. Robin grabbed his arm and tried to stop him. "No!" He exclaimed. "You'll... You'll get their attention! If you insist on doing this, at least be smart about it!"
  19. "You're right..." Zero sighed, staring into the distance. "Look at me... I don't even know who I am. And I'm already trying to declare war? Pathetic."
  20. "You see to know who you are, Zero." Robin looked at him. "Colin, you said."
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