The Fight for Etricius

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  1. The world of Etricius has lost its greatest kingdom, Anitir, with no explanation at all. Without Anitir and the House of Seacerith, the other five kingdoms have begun to struggle for power. As the world heads towards chaos and ruin, the kingdoms face problems from both outside and inside their territories. Will the world find hope and peace, or will it plunge into utter darkness and terror?

    A groan filled the large room as the sun shone through one of the rooms many window and onto a figure that lay in the bed near the center of the room. The beds covers were thrown back to reveal the woman who held the title of General of the Kingdom of Olaea’s army. “Uh, what time is it?” Fate groaned quietly to herself before looking out one of the windows. She blinked a few times as she registered the suns current position beyond the stone ceiling. “Damn it!” She yelled as she quickly jumped out of bed and ran to her closet. Once there, she struggled to get her uniform on as fast as she could and then rushed out of her room. Today was the day that she had to inspect the army’s combat efficiency and if she didn’t hurry she would be late for the meeting with her Lieutenants. “Gods I hate this jobs so much sometimes!” She yelled as she ran down multiple sets of hallways and stairs, causing many of the servants she passed to look at her strangely for a moment before getting back to work.

    Kyrie sat quietly in her favorite part of the library as she read one of the books the library had acquired recently. The book spoke of the healing properties and uses of a variety of plants found throughout the different kingdoms. So engrossed in her book she barely registered the sounds of the bells, that signaled noon, ringing. Marking her place with a bookmark, she stood up from her spot. She then exited the library and made her way towards the dining room where lunch would be served. While walking she hoped that her elder brother would be there. She had not seen him very much recently because of his duties and she missed talking with him.
  2. Restful sleep was something Hazan hadn't been acquainted with in over a week. In fact, she hadn't slept well since the deaths of the previous King and Queen. The fact that she, as the former general, didn't have enough men watching over them made her feel solely responsible. Hazan remembered speaking with the Queen at night when she was on duty. She personally told her that she'd keep the Queen's family safe; she failed miserably. To top it all off, the Queen requested that Hazan--a general with no experience in running a country--take her place along with her son as Queen of Perysene. Now, Hazan couldn't barely even look at the new King or the rest of his family. That made the lunch she was now walking to that much more uncomfortable for Hazan.


    Silver sat in her bedchamber staring at the ceiling quietly. It felt good to be the Queen of a country now that her boring parents were dead. All those idiots wanted to do was sit and wait for the destruction of the world. Silver wanted to speed up the hands of time. With a yawn, she sat up and found something provocative to wear. She smiled once she was dressed and roamed the halls of her underground palace. The walls were red, the color of blood, and the carpets were as black as the witching hour skies. Paintings of death and war littered the walls instead of paintings of her family lineage.
  3. With a yawn Yankotsu awoke in the middle of the living room floor. The living room itself was very nice, alot of green coral furniture with thickly threaded and silked seeweed curtains. Yankotsu could never afford a place like this, that is why when he heard the movements of the water from the family awaking upstairs, he jumped up and sprang for the door. It was not his house, he simply wanted to borrow it for the night so that he could sleep inside durring the cold nights. He was not like the others of this kingdom, they were all born to live under the water, even had body addaptions from years of mutation to survive, while he was still 100% human with a spell giving the ability to breath underwater. As a homeless man this tended to be a hassle sense some buildings were very high up for easy swim access, while he had to grow up building the muscles to swim that high. As a theift it was a blessing, they never bothered to check for footprints sense he was the only one in the kingdom who has them. Many of the families will be having morning time together as always so work will have to wait tell later, so why not a bit of play time? he swam over about a mile and up three stories of coral to where the local hangout spot was for the fresh out of school people, before they chose their jobs. Walking through the entrance he was greeted by the girls right away, for he was well known in these parts. Some of the girls waved and smiled at him, others gave him dirty looks and vulger finger gestures, while the guys just turned away. He walked up to the counter and the chubby man working smiled as he swam over and leaned over to talk about last night's goods, he was Yankotsu's buyer for most stolen goods sense he had alot of friends out of the kingdom. After doing a bit of boring business talk and ordering his food, on the house of course, he went over to the group of still friendly ladies with a very confident smile.
  4. Elliot woke up to the sound of his alarm clock beeping constantly and getting louder by the second. He groaned and sat up slowly rubbling his eyes before hitting the off button and then blinking a few times to adjust to the room. When he glanced down at the clock he immeditally jumped out of bed and then threw on his unifrorm and placing his dogtag around his neck. Today Fate was suppose to check the combat efficiency and he was going to be late.

    He dashed out the room and then jumped down a flight of stairs almost knocking some of the people over. He quickly turned the corner and then walked the rest of the way. He made it with 15 minutes to spare and he sighed in relif. Looking around everyone was getting ready, but he already was and stood waiting.
  5. Izuka had been awake for an hour, a storm was rolling in over the ruins of what the other kingdoms called Anitir. Yu'usiko as his creators called it, was not the paradise he had remembered before his long sleep. The visage before him was somber, grim, and almost traumatizing. From where he hung by his arm and tail, he could see nearly the entire kingdom, or what had been the colony he was brought to life in. What were once great buildings of an alien metal, now lie in rusted heaps, the great stone roads, cracked and overturned in random places. Vehicles from a time long passed lay ruined and in various stages of neglect and disrepair.

    Nature had taken back much of Yu'usiko, vines, trees, and river now held much of the ancient kingdom for themselves.It was only midday, yet the cloud had darkened the sky almost to make it seem as if it were night, and then the thunder sounded. Heavy rain fell, steam stared rising from the sun cooked ruins of the streets below. Cracks of lightning shattered the black skies, and Izuka knew this place held nothing more for him. The 15 year old Ancient, collected a few things before he decided to walk away from his ancient home. A shortened ninjato like sword, a bag full of fruits and a couple vials of a glowing watery blue liquid, and a rifle of sorts, that took his energy and blasted through a spinning crystalline formation that allowed precise rapid fire blasts of plasma, an efficient weapon for being 200 years old.

    He now stood at what used to be the main entrance to the ancient kingdom, and through soaked bangs of blueish green hair, he took one last look at his archaic home, and turned his back on it, for what he thought would be forever. He began walking down a lonely ancient paved street, nearly as ancient as Yu'usiko itself, his bare feet splashing the ground as his striped monkey tail dragged along behind him.
    " Good bye, Everyone....."
  6. Mio sat at her window, staring out at the clouded morning sky and tall mountain peaks. It was a wonderful morning and the birds were flying by the palace, their feather's shining in the sun. She yawned as she stood up and headed to the door, opening it, she rubbed her eyes and stepped out into the hall. As usual, the palace looked and felt empty, such a boring place to be. Walking around the hall provided little entertainment, but it was funny to see how only a couple of her family throughout history had black hair like hers. Ryhs, her cat, had gotten up from where he was napping and followed her out. Continuing down the hall, she noticed that all the paintings looked really creepy in the empty palace.

    It was a normal, noisy day at the tavern, full of drunkards and lazy slobs, sadly no important people looking to hire a mercenary. It was hard for him to find work now, especially since most of the mercenaries had already been employed by many nobles and the general of the Palace of Stone. After his work had finished, he went out to relax in a chair outside the tavern, the sun was barely shining, or at least that's how it seemed in the cave at high noon. It appeared that there wasn't much more of a reason to stay in this place, so he decided he would take a trip to Perysene, maybe try to find work there instead. He packed up his things and headed off to Perysene.

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    Miyami sat on her throne, looking at the empty hall in front of her. What a depressing day, and her son was out of the palace once more. She worried about him as she normally did, but thought it better to just let him be instead of looking for him. It was hard for her to enjoy the throne any longer, there wasn't even that much paperwork for her to do anymore. The only thing there was to do was to sit around and wait for news about what was happening on the surface and how close the army was to reaching a decent battle plan. Battle plans, something that she dreaded, mostly because it was next to impossible for any of the surface kingdoms to attack Utieton.

    It was nice and warm near the surface of the water, there were very few boats out today. Hiyashi headed towards the nearby shore to get out of the water and go off to one of the kingdoms. He had done this many times, disappearing for a couple weeks, then coming home to his mother almost sobbing with worry. Though he loved his mother and didn't want to hurt her, he still had to go out and see what the world was like on his own. The one place he hadn't actually visited was Damenton, the home for darkness and creatures that lurk in it. It was a terrible idea, but he had to go, he had to know what everything in the world was like with his own two eyes. He got up on shore after making sure no one was looking, then transformed into his human form and got all his gear ready, then left for his trip to Damenton.


    Damion lay on his back, looking up at the black ceiling of his room, smiling to himself, thinking of the many different things he could plan to overthrow the other kingdoms. It was a hard choice to make, either tear them down from the inner workings of the foundations or just completely demolish them. He finally got bored of trying to decide and went off to get something to eat. The cooks were rushing around trying to prepare lunch, so he just helped himself to a snack. After grabbing a sandwich, he sat at a table and ate while thinking of what he would need to do to destroy a kingdom. "The most troublesome would be Perysene, so it would be best to deal with them it first," he sat mumbling to himself as he ate, "Though we would need an ally to do so." An ally, the most difficult thing to find in this time, "This might take a while."

    Alex was tired of doing paperwork, it was so tiresome and increasingly annoying to do. Finally, though, it was noon and time to literally ran out of the room to the dining hall for lunch. It was strange for him, the king, to be running through the halls like a child, but he could care less what he looked like to others, he was the undoubted king. As he headed for the dining hall, he spotted his little sister Kyrie heading there herself. He ran up to her and grinned, "So, since you're the princess, maybe you'd help me with some of my paperwork that needs to be done?"
  7. Fate skidded to a halt as she arrived at the door to the conference room, nearly running into the door as she did so. She then quickly adjusted her uniform and entered the room. Once inside she made her way over the chair at the head of the conference table and sat down. Her Lieutenants, who had been standing at various places around the room, made their way to their seats and sat down as well. ‘Let’s get this over with.’ She thought to herself as she watched the others. “All right then, let us begin.” Fate said as she leaned back in her chair. “How does the army’s offensive and defensive divisions look as of this moment?” She asked to no one in particular. While she may have been the General, she had been so busy dealing with paperwork and foreign diplomats that she hadn’t had time check on the status of the army, which was the whole reason for this meeting in the first place.

    Kyrie jumped as her elder brother suddenly appeared behind her. After a few seconds though she was able to regain her composer and smiled at him. “Of course I will help you.” She said, happy that she would be able to help her brother is some way. “When would you like me to start helping?” The young princess asked.
  8. Hazan walked silently through the halls, insomnia evident in her eyes. When she heard the voices of the royal family, she went rigid and her breathing hitch in her throat. Clenching her jaw, Hazan continued walking down the hall. She hoped that they would move on, or she would go unnoticed and would be able to pass. The King and his sister looked so much like their parents. Hazan's brow furrowed as she recalled her talk with the Queen. All of this was giving her a migraine.

    Silver walked down the hall and to the dining room. It was dark with only a few candles lighting the tables. At the head of the table was Silver's seat with a small stack of papers waiting for her reading and approval. Most of it was information on her spies in each of the Kingdoms. They would need to have information if they were to bring the Kingdoms to their knees. The thought made Silver giggle lightly. "This is going to be a treat. I'm actually excited."
  9. Izuka had been walking for nearly an hour, the storm seemingly right on his tail the entire time. He had entered a gigantic forest. so large that as he looked up towards the sky the trees blocked out the sight of clouds and the rain now seemed to be falling from the trees themselves. Though he hadn't known it, he'd crossed into Perysene, however he was only on the outskirts. It was a massive Rainforest, something he'd never seen before. Each tree was like a humongous skyrise building, so close together that it seemed like a city of trees. He heard the crashing of the heavy rain and the thunder along with animals making their cries and scattering at the loud noises.

    Then his ears caught something that wasn't an animal, it was a consciously made step, and from the step he saw a young girl who quickly disappeared, Izuka gave chase but getting there he saw nothing, not a trace. He looked around his lit up eyes scanning as if he were trying to find some sort of thermal trace. He couldn't not even with being able to see a broader spectrum. His right ear twitched as it picked up another noise, then his left ear twitched just as he turned to look at what the right ear picked up, and then he knew what was going on.

    He was surrounded, all directions covered by armored men and women with weapons. One of them spoke, one Izuka assumed to be the leader. He stepped up towards the boy as he spoke, his weapon still at the ready.
    "Who are you?! Why have you invaded our borders?!" The man said, though to Izuka, it was incoherent and sounded like mushy unintelligble grunts. He gave no reply to the man, and simply stared at the man's eyes which were barely exposed.

    "Answer me!!" The soldier barked, preparing his weapon, while a confused look appeared on the faces of two others. "Sir, doesn't his appearance strike you as odd?" One said, with the leader looking over replying, "You know people make themselves look strange all the time! Keep your wits!"

    "But sir, he looks really strange, and he doesn't appear to understand you when you speak."

    "Rai'kira junoginshi!"
    Izuka quickly interjected. The leader looked over at him, his eyes wide as if something scared the life out of him. "Did he?" One of the soldiers, recognizing the language, interrupted, "That Commander is a person from Anitir....though I had heard they were all dead." The soldiers quickly started to crowd Izuka the leader closer than the rest offering his hand. "We need you to come with us, kid, you'll need to speak with the throne." He said, but the gestures to Izuka resembled threats. Izuka immediately kicked the Soldier's hand away before letting his hand clench into a fist and throwing it into the soldier's helmeted face, though the metal the helmet was composed of cracked, almost as if it were made of glass.

    "Incapacitate him!" The leader exclaimed just before being sent flying by Izuka's foot. The Other soldier's enclosed around Izuka who had now lost his weapon to the Leader who had grabbed it from him. Izuka focused, and arcs of a greenish blue flashed from his shoulders as veins began to glow in his arms, the same color. His hands collected the light in them, and in seconds he discharged two beams of blue into two of the soldiers, knocking them out and giving them some pretty severe burns.This however proved to be Izuka's mistake, as after his stasis, he was not yet fully recovered enough to manipulate the plasma energy inside him, and he fell unconscious.

    "Pick him up and take him to the Palace, and put him in a holding cell, he's a tough one."
    The leader said, his nose broken and blood running down his chin from wear teeth had been knocked out, from a punch delivered by a child while his head was protected by a helmet. A soldier picked up the boy and the others retrieved their incapacitated comrades as they made their way to the palace.
  10. As she waited for her brother to respond, Kyrie felt a presence approaching down the hallway. Looking around for its source she saw that it was Hazan walking in their direction. She began to get nervous as the Queen approached, moving behind her brother slightly. The two rarely encountered each other despite the fact that both belonged to the royal house. That may have been the result her hardly leaving her room or the library since her parents death though. A sharp pain went through her as memories of the incident flashed through her mind. She shook her head to try and rid herself of them. The young princess then peaked out from behind her brother. “Um….hello.” She said in a small voice once the Queen was close enough to the two siblings.
  11. Izuka woke up blindfolded, his mouth bound and his limbs tied by metal shackles. He tried struggling, and the metal shackles did strain under his strength but his weakened state of being fresh out of stasis prevented full use of his muscular prowess. After once again trying to break the chains that bound his hands, another failed attempt, he resigned himself to capture, however he did not stop listening to the voices he heard.

    "Look, The king and Queen Must speak with the boy we've captured." A voice barked, a voice he recognized as the leader of the men who captured him.

    "Why should he get immediate audience?!" A woman's voice asked snarkily, though to Izuka's open ears this was just jibberish,

    "Because, We heard him speak and saw him fight, He is of Anitir! There is no alternative." He replied, though unseen to Izuka the woman's eyebrow raised and sent word to the Queen's advisory about the news, the news that after so long an ancient had been found, outside the kingdom and alive. "You'll have to wait here till I get confirmation. It should only be a little while till the Queen's Assistant gets my message."