The Fight for Etricius

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  1. Main plot: There were once six proud kingdoms that ruled Etricius, a planet that has a wide range of climates and three moons. In the last century, the Palace of the Ancients in the Kingdom of Anitir has been destroyed and given the name of the Palace of the Forgotten. No soul dares to set foot in the now forsaken palace that once housed the mightiest of rulers in Etricius. Now there are only five of the kingdoms left: the Palace of the Forests in the Kingdom of Perysene, the Palace of the Darkness in the Kingdom of Damenton, the Palace of the Sky in the Kingdom of Rhydiatea, the Palace of the Seas in the Kingdom of Utieton, and the Palace of the Stone in the Kingdom of Olaea. The five remaining kingdoms struggle for the right to control the planet and are on the verge of an all out war. The fate of Etricius is in the hands of those who have power and are willing to fight for it.


    Kingdom of Perysene: Palace of the Forests

    One of the few kingdoms that has lush forests and plains that houses many species of plants and animals. The structure of society in the Kingdom of Perysene is the most stable of them all. It also houses the prosperous Palace of the Forests that is built onto one of the many small mountains that protect the kingdom. The Palace of the Forests is home to the House of Augh'age, known for there mastery at strategic planning in battle. Most of the citizens are happy with their rulers and live carefree, but there are some that do not. Perysene is the most prosperous land and grows much of the food, giving it a higher chance for power in Etricius. There are many types of people who live here, most of which are of more noble blood than those of other kingdoms.

    Palace of the Forests.jpg

    Kingdom of Damenton: Palace of the Darkness

    The Kingdom of Damenton is the kingdom of the damned and the lost, those who are of the dark live here. Most of the natural wildlife has turned to dust or rotted away in the harsh landscape that is shrouded in darkness. It is hard to grow crops and the water is somewhat tainted, but the people who live here are adapted to this way of life. This kingdom also holds the Palace of the Darkness, which looks like a simple tower, but has a large underground structure so that it is safe from attacks. This dark palace is home to the House of Ranverine, which is a family of dark and murderous creatures that have little room for compassion. Damenton is the one kingdom that welcomes the thought of war and suffering that will fall upon Etricius, but not all of the citizens fell this way.

    Palace of the Darkness.jpg

    Kingdom of Rhydiatea: Palace of the Sky

    In the Kingdom of Rhydiatea, there are few plants that grow, but the ones that do grow are beautiful and stay in bloom all year round. This is a kingdom built into the tall peaks of the highest mountains on the planet. Normally the weather is cold, but is still warmed in the spring and summer by the sun. The Palace of the Sky is built into a part of one of these mountains at the peak and is mostly protected from attacks due to the high altitude. The palace is also built into the mountain itself to make a larger area for the palace with the limited room, as are most of the cities. The House of Akuyuhi resides in the Palace of the Sky and has the respect of all the people for the natural skill they posses for knowledge and precision. The majority of the people of Rhydiatea wish to try and remain outside of the conflicts of the rest of Etricius.
    Palace of the Sky.jpg

    Kingdom of Utieton: Palace of the Seas

    A world of water and reefs creates the beautiful landscape of the Kingdom of Utieton, a land surround by the lands that hold the other kingdoms. This kingdom seems of another world with the millions, possibly billions, of aquatic plants and animals that reside here. This is the second most prosperous of the kingdoms due to its rich supply of food and water. It is also where the Palace of the Seas is built in a large cavern that protects it from most types of threats. The palace is also home to the House of Scrya, a family of strict politicians that wishes to control all of Etricius and restore the Kingdom of Anitir to its former glory. Most of the people are carefree, but want to have a strong hold on the lands above them, so they rely heavily upon the noble House.
    Palace of the Seas.jpg

    Kingdom of Olaea: Palace of the Stone

    The Kingdom of Olaea is built into a giant mountain that protects it from dangers. It has a cave landscape with several lush forests and a large river surrounding it on the inside the starts from the top of the mountain. The Palace of the Stone is built into one of the few entrances that the large mountain land has, and is built completely of stone and allows nature to grow around it. This palace is also home to the House of Chu'tularen, a noble family known for their honorable and brave warriors, masters of the forge and fight. Almost all of the citizens hope that the kingdom will take control of Etricius through a noble battle of strength and honor. Though there are few who oppose this idea, they still exist in the land.

    Palace of the Stone.jpg

    Kingdom of Anitir: Palace of the Forgotten (Palace of the Ancients)

    A fallen land that was once the most proud and prosperous, the fallen Kingdom of Anitir. There are very few that were alive at the time of its fall, let alone its days of prosperity and power. It was a symbol of strength and unity, with very few oppositions from any of the people from any of the kingdoms. It was a land of the ancients, a land of dragons and gryphons, the most noble of creatures, all of which are presumed dead. The only races allowed in the land were those akin to the dragons and the gryphons, but there are none that are known to be alive, they are all presumed dead. No one is sure of what happened, all records are lost since the kingdom fell and how it prospered. The once called Palace of the Ancients has been given the name of Palace of the Forgotten, a palace overrun by plants and animals. The once noble House of Seacerith ruled over these lands, but has fallen into the darkness of history. The entire Kingdom is now avoided, for fear of the unknown, it is considered a grave mistake and sin to step foot in these sacred and forgotten lands.

    Palace of the Forgotten.jpg


    *No god moding, it's really annoying
    *No taking control of other people's characters without their permission
    *No pointless killing of people, and if you have to kill someone, make sure that all parties involved agree to it, unless it's part of the story
    *No more than three characters per person
    *PM Ichigo, myself, or post it here and reserve a spot if you want to be a noble or of the Kingdom of Anitir
    *Create whatever race you want, and the noble families can have different races
    *Other than that, have fun


    Character Sheet

    Description: (can add a picture, would like at least a few sentences)
    Powers: (3 at most)
  2. List of Charcters


    House of Augh'age
    King: *Alex Kammerer Augh'age - Ryusen*
    Queen: *Hazan Rapha Augh'age - Trackerofthenorth*
    Princes (5 max):
    Princesses (5 max): *Kyrie Augh'age - Fate*
    General: *
    Aviante Deskorum - Quill*
    Royal Gaurd (5 max):

    House of Ranverine
    Queen: *Silver De'mure Ranverine - Trackerofthenorth*
    Princes (5 max):
    Princesses (5 max):
    General: *Damion Aarons - Ryusen*

    Royal Gaurd (5 max):

    House of Akuyuhi
    Princes (5 max):
    Princesses (5 max): *Mio Akuyuhi - Ichigo*, *Nariko Akuyuhi - Lacuna*
    Lieutenant: *Eliot Braley - Kronas17*
    Royal Gaurd (5 max): *
    Alexander Abandonato - Azrael*

    House of Scrya
    Queen: *Miyami Scrya - Hiyashi*
    Princes (5 max): *Hiyashi Scrya - Hiyashi*
    Princesses (5 max):

    Royal Gaurd (5 max):

    House of Chu'tularen
    Queen: *Kalais Chu'tularen - Quill*
    Princes (5 max):
    Princesses (5 max):
    General: *Fate Mondial - Fate*
    Royal Gaurd (5 max):

    House of Seacerith (not really important at the beginning)
    King: *Kat Lightning - Vinylscrath*
    Princes (5 max):
    Princesses (5 max):

    Royal Gaurd (5 max):

    Kingdom of Perysene:
    Kingdom of Ranverine: *Ryo Inozuka - SilentAssassin*
    Kingdom of Rhydiatea:
    Kingdom of Utieton: *Yankotsu Akatsumi - Yankotsu*
    Kingdom of Olaea: *Chase - Ichigo*
    Kingdom of Anitir: *Dairato Izuka - Babydoll*

    (We most likely won't start until we have a king and/or queen, possibly just missing a couple if we get royals for most of the kingdoms, for each area and possibly a general as well)


    Name: Mio Akuyuhi

    Age: 16

    Race: Cat girl

    Description: Mio usually wears a simple pink and red priestess kimono, small red ribbons tied in bows with three gold bells at each end of them, and no shoes. Her kimono is a little over sized and is sometimes falling down her shoulders. Her black cat ears and tail have a slight purple hue. Mio's hair goes down to her waist and is usually not put up, her eys are a red-violet and dark orange color. When she goes out in public she normally has to wear a formal kimono. The formal kimono is a light pink-lavender with a gold peacock pattern printed on it, also it has two long red strings tied off in a droopy bow in the middle. She also wears a gold crown that has decorations hanging from it. Only when she wears her formal kimono does she put her hair up in a ponytail with a large pink-lavender ribbon tied in a bow. Underneath everything she wears bandages around her chest and from her waist to her upper thighs. She is only about 4' 11".

    She's very quiet and cautious around strangers and acquaintances, but fairly outgoing and carefree around her friends. She can also snap out of the blue and go on rampages. Mio has a habit of getting into trouble because she loves to explore anywhere that seems fun. If she's around her family, other high standing nobles, or out in public she will act like a mature young noblewoman.

    Kingdom: Rhydiatea

    Occupation: Princess

    Powers: Cat transformation (2 forms), domestic and feral

    She uses throwing weapons, such as: shuriken, kunai, senbon needles, small daggers, etc. But she also has three katana with pure white blades and the hilts are black and red.

    Relatives: King, Queen, princes, and princesses of the House of Akuyuhi

    Spouse/Lover: Open

    History: Being born and raised in the royal family, she has only ever known the politics and conflicts of the kingdoms. Mio has also spent some time researching all the information about the Kingdom Anitir that she can find, but hasn't been very successful. She enjoys being at the palace, but wishes she could see more of Etricius, though it's impossible with the current state of things. (will add more when king and/or queen have been established)


    Name: Chase

    Age: 19

    Race: Human

    Description: He has long black hair that goes down almost to his knees, but rarely wears it up in a pony tail. Chase also wears simple blue, white, and black battle clothes. The shirt is white and fairly tight, the pants are black and also fairly tight. He wears black gloves, his right is armored, and black armored boots. Also, he has on a collar and a cross necklace around his neck. He is also about 5'10'' and has a lean, but muscular build. (everything not mentioned is in the picture)

    Personality: He's very calm and collected, and hardly ever snaps. He focuses most of his anger through his blade in battle. It's extremely hard to make him mad, but it does happen. There has never been a moment when he went on a rampage or that he even felt like going on one. Chase gets along with most people, so long as they aren't annoying, or in the rare chance that they make him mad.

    Kingdom: Olaea

    Occupation: Mercenary

    Powers: Can use basic earth manipulation through a medium.

    Weapons: His sword that is in the picture, it acts as a medium for his earth manipulation ability.

    Relatives: None

    Spouse/Lover: Open

    History: He was born in a smaller city outside of the Palace of stones and currently resides there. All of his family has passed away, leaving him to live alone to care for himself by any means. Chase started to work as a mercenary when he needed more money than he was getting while working at the tavern. Now he works at the tavern and looks for mercenary jobs that pay well.

    Name: Fate Mondial

    Age: 26

    Race: Human

    Description: Appearance can be seen in photos. She is 5' 11".

    Battle Form: Hair and eye color changes in her battle form.
    battle form.jpg

    Personality: Carefree and kind most of the time, however, if the situation calls for it she will become extremely serious. When this happens it can be very difficult to tell what she is feeling. Every once and a while, when she is bored and has nothing to do, she will become rather hyperactive in order to relieve her boredom.

    Kingdom: The Kingdom of Olaea

    Occupation: General

    Berserker Mode - In this mode her strength, speed, and endurance are greatly boosted, however, she has difficultly distinguishing between friend and foe and will attack anyone who gets in her way. When in this mode red tattoos appear on her body, which can be seen in the picture of her battle form. She will only ever use this as a last resort.
    Will eventually add a second one.
    The ability to summon her weapons and armor at any given time.

    Weapons: Sword and Shield (Can be seen in the picture of her battle form.)

    Relatives: The King and Queen of the Olaea Kingdom are her uncle and aunt.

    Spouse/Lover: None at moment

    History: Growing up in the comfort of a small town in the Olaea Kingdom, she did not know of many of the hardships of the outside world beyond the kingdom. This, however, changed when her town was attacked by bandits, who killed everyone except her and a few others, when she was ten years old. Upon her escape she headed to the Palace of the Stone since the king and queen were her aunt and uncle and she had nowhere else to go. During the years she spent there she joined the military and quickly rose through the ranks with her skills, not because her relation to the king and queen. She now serves as the general of the king’s army.


    Name: Kyrie Augh'age

    Age: 18

    Race: Human


    Personality: Quiet, shy, kind, hates fighting but will protect herself if she has no other choice, enjoys helping others and reading.

    Kingdom: Kingdom of Perysene

    Occupation: Princess

    Powers: Elemental magic, healing

    Weapons: Requires a spell book in order to cast high level/complex spells. (In picture)

    Relatives: Alex is her elder brother. Any other princes and/or princesses of Perysene.

    Spouse/Lover: Open

    History: Growing up as one of the princesses of the Perysene Kingdom she was tutored in a vast majority of subjects. At the age of seven she discovered that she had the ability to cast elemental and healing magics. Since then she has used her abilities to help others in any way she can. After her parents assassination she became very depressed and locked herself in her room because she felt that she had failed to do anything to save them. After a few months though she grew out of her depression with help from the rest of her family and her friends, however, she occasionally regresses back into her depression.

    Name: Kat Lightning

    Age: 27

    Race: Male cross-species (Cat/human) ((Sorry, the name for this escapes me))

    Description: He stands around 6’1. Though he looks like a human from first glance, it can be seen he’s got ears and a tail, that seem wolf, or cat-like in appearance. The fur on his ears and tail is white in color, and he can almost always be seen adorned with a collar that has a bell on it.

    Personality: Though calm and collected, Kat is a fierce being by nature. He stays calm outside of battle, usually minding his own business, being the friendly, kind-hearted person he usually is, though, in battle, he becomes a completely different person. The pupils in his eyes change to a cat-like state and he becomes an almost demonic predator. Get in his way, and prepare to feel hatred and a burning desire to kill coming from him, though, he’s not as deadly as he seems that way.

    Kingdom: The Kingdom of Anitir

    Occupation: A warrior of sorts, he leads those who follow to a new land.

    Powers: Manipulation of Fire, and Air but limited to a timeframe of 3 minutes. He will discover this later on in the roleplay though.

    Weapons: A katana with an off-set blade with a jewel encrusted near the hilt, on the blade of the sword. A deadly weapon indeed.

    Relatives: None that are known of. He’s short to speak of relatives and other family, as though he’s hiding his past.

    Spouse/Lover: Open, as his spouse was murdered when he was 24 years old in an ambush as they were traveling in search of a permanent residence.

    Growing up, Kat resided in a small town unbeknownst to any kingdom. Though they were outside any kingdom’s jurisdiction, they were attacked a fair amount by beasts, and mercenaries alike. Kat grew up with violence, and sadness all around him, yet he was a calm, and collected child. He knew how to calm the people of the small town and get them rebuilding if damage was done, and he knew how to keep everyone calm when the danger came.

    As he grew and came of age, he was handed a weapon. A crude, but strong sword, much of the style of the Katana, with an inverted blade. He had to learn to use this blade effectively in the field of battle. Over the course of his teen years, much of what he did was train with this weapon, whether it be in battle, protecting the small town, or alone in the woods cutting at trees or sparring with random strangers whom appeared on the road, journeying to other towns, cities, or kingdoms. In battle, though he fought with much honor, and killed many enemies, he was never short of wounds, many of which had taken him out of battles to heal and rest for sometimes months on end.

    One day, not long after his 16th birthday, Kat’s little town was attacked again. This time, the attackers seemed like a legion to that small town. They attacked with more force and destruction than the townsfolk had experienced before. The attackers destroyed the village and killed many people. Those who had managed to get away had went into hiding, Kat included. It was a war that could not be won. That day, he had turned to wandering, bringing only a few companions along with him. Many months were spent looking for a suitable place to settle down again, hoping to try to rebuild, and live in peace. One of Kat’s companions on this journey, a woman by the name of Taya, and himself, had gotten rather close. It didn’t take long after the day they had to leave their destroyed town to fall in love, but the worst brings many surprises.

    The two lovers had gotten married about a year after the events back in their little town occurred. They were happy together, and they’d found many other companions after they’d left the village. Kat was training the men on how to use swords and fight in battle, and Taya was taking care of everyone else, making sure they didn’t starve, and protecting the small colony while Kat and the men were off gathering food or necessary supplies.

    It was some months later after they’d settled in a clearing in the forest they’d found, when they were attacked again. This attack killed nearly all the survivors aside from Kat, and 2 other men. This attack had gotten the better of Kat, and he left. The men could follow if they wanted to but Kat was in no mind to protect them. He was out for revenge. With weeks of tracking and rare spots of sleep, Kat had caught up with the bandits that had killed the others and his wife. In a fit of rage, he had slaughtered all who had gotten in his way without second thought. The two men whom had followed him watched as he killed every last person who had attacked their tiny settlement. It was after the massacre that Kat had vowed to never allow his rage to get the better of him, and he set off in search of a better place to call home, whether it be ruins or a kingdom that would allow him to stay there in peace and solitude.

    This brings us to present time, where Kat is on the outskirts of the Kingdom of Anitir. He’d seen the ruins of the Palace of the Forgotten from a distance, and had gotten curious. Him and the two men following him were on their way to discover what lies beneath the plant life and animals that lived there. His new blade on his back, his skills with the sword, and his companions by his side, the story can only continue.

    Name: Ryo Inozuka
    Age: 19 (+200)
    Height: 169cm
    Weight: 55kg
    Gender: Male
    Kingdom of Ranverine
    Powers: Breathe Fire, Walk between Dimensions, Walk on walls
    Appearance: Attachment 3544 (has wings and horns)
    Orientation: Bisexual
    Interests: Japanese school girls
    Likes: Skipping School, smoking, drinking, being surrounded by danger, keeping his heart away from the rest of the world, Sakura Mogami
    Dislikes: Angels, bitter things, old people, studying, school, Ryoma
    Race: Demon

    Ryo Inozuka loves danger. He likes his women, but only dates one at time. He likes to take his time and has a bad habit of smoking. Unfortunately, he doesn’t care how bad smoking is. He is going to do it until his lungs no longer function. He would never admit, but his ultimate goal in life is to settle down with a girl (or boy) who can handle his extreme life style. He met a boy in a hotel. The boy cleaned Ryo’s room.

    Eventually Ryo asked Why do you work here? Can’t you get a better job elsewhere?

    The boy just shook his head. He didn’t appear to be older than 17. However, Ryo could sense that there was more to him that meets the eye. The boy was gorgeous and had a nice structural build. His face was kind though, but it matched with his body in an awkward (but good) way. Ryo wouldn’t just leave it at that and decided that he was going to get the boy to talk somehow.

    Want to join me outside? I need to smoke a cigarette.

    The boy looked hesitant, but agreed to Ryo’s offer. Ryo just nodded and pulled out his lighter. The boy and Ryo stood outside for a few moments before Ryo could no longer hold back his questioning.

    You are handsome young boy. Why do you really work here?

    I am looking for someone. The boy replied.

    Who are you looking for?

    The boy shook his head and tears started to fall down his face. Ryo was bewildered and didn’t know what to do because he had not been in these situations often. He hugged the boy and surprised himself. He rarely touched people let alone hug them… However, the hug managed to dry the boy’s tears. The boy looked into the sky and closed his eyes.

    What is it?

    I’m just thanking my twin brother Kyo that someone like you came along. The boy whispered. He and Ryo walked back into the hotel room. Ryo was dumbstruck and couldn’t make sense of any of the events. Ryo and this boy talked about Ryo’s life.
    The danger…
    The people hunting him…
    But Ryo didn’t mention.
    The deaths he witnessed daily…
    The war he was in…
    The blood he had spilled and shed…

    Technically, I’m not lying. Ryou thought. The boy leaned in and Ryo closed his eyes and when he opened them…
    He was standing on the hotel patio by himself.
    It was only a memory…

    Ryo tried very hard to remember something else. His past had faded behind him, but with some luck... Ryo could remember a few other things about his past. He remembered the boy again. Some years had passed now. The boy was talking to him now.

    Ryo, am I bad person?

    Ryo smiled at the boy. His piercing red eyes stared intently into the boy vibrant blue ones.

    You are not a bad person Itsu. You just end up in bad places. Ryo said softly.

    The boy smiled Ryo. Itsu wasn't really a boy... He was seventeen and Ryo was nineteen at the time. Ryo had grown attached to Itsu and Itsu had grown attached to Ryo. This was dangerous... Ryo knew that, but that is what he lived for, danger. Ryo could not die... so why not have a little fun. Even if this fun only lasted a little while... Itsu leaned up to Ryo...

    Ryo could easily see the longing in Itsu's blue eyes. It almost made Ryo himself want show that much longing for someone, but Itsu would die if Ryo did that. It almost always happened that way. Ryo wondered why Itsu kept choosing to remain so attached to him. Ryo was the farthest thing from pure. He was almost as tainted as the devil himself. Ryo could never be apart of the light. His soul was tainted by souls of the dark. He had such a longing to join his loved ones, but he could never see them again.

    Ryo had become very introverted because of this. He had separated himself from society for so long that he had forgotten how to interact with people. He forgot emotions and because of that Ryo was deemed insane or on the other side of the spectrum lucky. Ryo considered himself to be neither. He was just sitting on the paths of both lucky and insane. Insanity had threatened to overtake him, but he learned with time that things such as that happen often.

    Ryo isn't easy to figure out and it may take some time to discover his way of thinking. Ryo is a good person, but he is a demon for a reason. He just lost that part of his memory while he was trying to hide from he was. A criminal, a dangerous being, a killer, and possibly the most tainted demon in all the underworld.

    Name: Alex Kammerer Augh'age

    Age: 20

    Race: Elf

    Description: His eyes sometimes turn an emerald green when he's busy with a lot things. Alex is about 6' and he weighs about 160 lbs. Most of his clothing are black leather pants and jackets with grey or green shirts underneath, he will only sometimes wear other clothing.


    Personality: Alex is quiet, cautious and calculative, so he tries to avoid all out blood baths as much as possible. He distances himself from others, only communicating when it's absolutely necessary or giving orders. There are times when he's more open and carefree, but these rare moments are when he's with good friends. Having been trained mostly in strategic planning, Alex tries to calculate everything in his life, even his emotions.

    Kingdom: Perysene

    Occupation: King

    Powers: Can control the plants within his kingdom (only his kingdom) and can communicate with most animals.

    Weapons: Mostly just uses his bow and arrows, but will sometimes use his twin blades.

    Relatives: Princes and Princesses of Perysene

    Spouse/Lover: Open

    History: After the previous king and queen were assassinated, he was chosen to take over, as according to his father's wishes. His childhood was filled mostly with training to become a warrior for his kingdom. At first, he was being trained and taught to become a general later in his life, but his parents' deaths didn't allow it.

    Hey Ichi, sorry I'm kind of stealing your character from the other rp you're in. Also, I hope you don't mind I made him king, kind of figuring that he can have the princes and princesses as siblings.


    Name: Damion Aarons

    Age: 27

    Race: Incubus

    Description: When he transforms into his demon form, his hair turns black and he loses his irises and pupils, his eyes are just plain white, his skin also gets more of a pale blueish-grey color.

    -Normal form

    -Demon form

    Personality: Damion always seems far too kind and carefree to be a general in Damenton, but that's only how he appears to most people. In reality he's a cold hearted monster who could care less if his entire family, if he had any, died right in front of him, he'd probably do it himself if he could. It seems odd that he would be this way, but has to do with the way he was raised, like father like son they say.

    Kingdom: Damenton

    Occupation: General

    Powers: He has normal incubus/succubus abilities, then he has his ability to create and manipulate black and blue flames.

    Weapons: He doesn't use weapons, just his fire ability and his sharp claw-like nails on each hand.

    Relatives: All deceased

    Spouse/Lover: Open

    History: Damion was born in the Kingdom of Perysene originally, living with his mother and four older sisters for about three years. Once his father, the previous general of Damenton, found out that he had been born and his mother had taken him to another kingdom, he went after her to take him away to Damenton. When his father found them, he killed all five of the women, his wife and four daughters, then took his son with him back to Damenton. Ever since his father took him away, he had been trained for nothing but fighting. He also taught himself to play guitar and sing, but his father disagreed. It didn't take long for the two to get into a huge fight, around Damion's nineteenth birthday, Damion found out about his ability to control fire and used it against his father, killing him and then took over his position as general of Damenton.

    Name: Miyami Scrya

    Age: 33

    Race: Mermaid

    Description: She has the tail of a rare type of beta that is larger than most whales.


    Personality: She is very kind and loving, but also protective. When it comes to her family and kingdom she is very passionate and protective of them, so she tries to gaurd them with her life.

    Kingdom: Utieton

    Occupation: Queen

    Powers: She can communicate and command animals of the water and she can control large amounts of water, only about a lake size amount at a time though.

    Weapons: She uses a silver trident with rubies and sapphires embedded below the spikes and at the bottom.

    Relatives: Princes and princesses of the House of Scrya

    Spouse/Lover: Open

    History: She was born and raised in the Palace of the Seas and has rarely left, she avoids it. Miyami was taught everything there is to know about the government, how it works and how to play the game of politics. Due to her father's fear of her running away or getting kidnapped, she wasn't exactly able to do anything. All her life she was told that she was a key part of how future Etricius will be formed, and she still believes it. Her son has always been the joy of her life, though she fears for him, and in turn, Utieton.


    Name: Hiyashi Scrya

    Age: 17

    Race: Merman

    Description: He takes after a rare type of shark when it comes to his tails and he has blue eyes when he is in his mer form. He also has three small scars on his right cheek. When he turns into a human, his hair will turn red and his eyes a golden color. In his human form he is about 5' 3" and weighs 130 lbs. roughly.

    -Mer form

    -Human form

    Personality: Hiyashi is a very sweet boy and kind like his mother. He rarely gets mad at peole, but has had his moments when it came to people who have hurt his family. It's extremely hard to not get along with him, especially because he's really friendly, sometimes with strangers even.

    Kingdom: Utieton

    Occupation: Prince

    Powers: He can change into a human, talk to animals that live in water and control small amounts of water.

    Weapons: He uses only a sword made in the Palace of the Seas.

    Relatives: Queen Miyami, princes and princesses of the House of Scrya

    Spouse/Lover: Open

    History: He grew up in Utieton, and never really got to see the rest of Etricius, mostly because his mother wouldn't allow him. Hiyashi mostly studied politics and other boring areas that involved the government. His mother didn't even allow him out of his room until he was sixteen. When he turned seventeen, he was finally able to leave the palace, which was when he went on land and found out he could turn into a normal human and control small amounts of water. Now he will leave the palace every so often and go to various kingdoms and see all the various people, but avoiding Damenton.

    Name: Nariko Akuyuhi
    Age: 25
    Race: Origionally a Catgirl, before she went on her pilgrimage. Yet on her return she seems to have developed some unusual traits…
    Nariko has soft features, sandy hair and fluffy sandy ears to match. Before her pilgrimage her hair and eyes and fur were a lot lighter in colour, but whatever happened during her journey has clearly physiologically changed her body. Her eyes have a misty, distant look to them, and from her back protrude midnight black wings that fade into wispy shadows. She has a tail but it is no longer fully reminiscent of a cat, it is sandy in colour but dips into the same midnight black of her wings and the tip is a small, fluffy tuft. Clothing wise she has taken to wearing very dark, gothic clothes, unlike the way she dressed previously, in the beautiful clothes of their family.
    Personality: When she was younger, Nariko was a very bubbly, energetic sort of girl, bright eyed and bushy tailed. After returning home from her journey, she has a serene air about her, quiet and wise. She seems very open and forgiving, not quick to lose her temper, but neither is she afraid to firmly stand up for what she believes in. However, Nariko despairs at the war, and while she will fight to protect the kingdom she loves, it is obvious the war is slowly taking its toll. She is fiercely protective and loving towards her family and will do anything for them.
    Kingdom: Rhydiatea
    Occupation: Princess of the Kingdom, however, she has been away recently and her duties had been delegated in the meantime.
    Powers: She has lost her cat shape shifting ability.

    SpiritWalk: She can lie down and have an out of body experience, her spirit leaving her to explore beyond, walk through walls, see around corners, spy on people, travel away from her body. During this time she is physically very vulnerable, it as if she is sleeping but she cannot wake up until her spirit has returned.
    Shapeshift: Nariko has a latent shape shifting ability, a transformation that she currently does not have access too. She is undergoing this over time.
    Weapons: Rapiers, sometimes unconventionally dual wielding them, and blow darts that she dips in various different poisons depending on her needs. Some paralyse, some slow down reaction times, others poison, but she is resentful to use this weapon and prefers to fight with her rapiers.
    Relatives: Younger sister Mio and the other members of the royal family
    Spouse/Lover: Open
    History: As a child Nariko was a bright, energetic little thing. She fulfilled the duties as expected of her but not without her own personality coming through, she used to run and play in the halls of the palace and occasionally caused mischief, but never at anyone’s expense. Nariko could not understand the tensions building between the nations, and looking for answers, began to study all she could about the Kingdom of Anitir. Lucky for her the knowledge of Rhydiatea was expansive and well renowned, but in time she learnt all she could from their libraries. Nariko became quiet and withdrawn, till one night she departed on a pilgrimage to the forbidden Lands of the Ancients, something some of her family and home kingdom considered a grave sin. Still she needed answers, and has spent seven years on her journey, only now returning home, unsure of the reception she will receive or the political stabilities of the nations she has returned to.

    Name: Echo
    Age: 14
    Race: Fox Demon
    Description: With short orange-red hair that constantly falls over her dull green eyes, Echo has the appearance of a small, weak boy. She also has fox ears and a tail, both she normally hides. Gives off a dark aura that makes her looked down upon and avoided.
    Personality: Quiet most of the time, a bit paranoid, stubborn, gets scared easily, falls into trust quickly if treated with kindness, bubbly around people she trusts.
    Kingdom: Lives in Perysene, Born in Damenton.
    Occupation: Princess (of Damenton)/Street thief.
    Powers: Amazing agility, undeveloped ability to completely shift into fox form, and the undiscovered ability to steal one’s soul.
    Weapons: None.
    Relatives: None that she knows of.
    Spouse/Lover: None.
    History: As a very young child, she was taken from her home in Damenton and left with a group of street ‘artists.’ She doesn’t remember anything of her life before, not even that she is of royal blood. Soon, she became a part of the gang, and robbery and trickery became her life.

    Alexander Abandonato

    Age: 22

    Race: Human

    Description: His hazel eyes, brown hair, and dark skin give him a rather uniform appearance. He wears his hair as long as he can without it interfering with his work, which is right above the eyes, always combed smooth in the presence of royalty. His stern face can be broken with charming smile and brilliant white teeth in contrast with the concave cheeks, sunken eyes and dark circles that are beneath them. His is nose is slightly crooked from being broken once and the rest of his body follows suits with scars and callouses. He stands at six feet, a lithe figure who has been toned by years of training. He wears a hauberk and greaves under a white robe when on duty and a brown shirt and pants when off.

    Personality: Compassionate and weird. Though he looks stern when not smiling and his line of work generally trains him to perceive everyone as a threat, he still tries to act kind towards those he can; yet he is a firm believer in the Machiavelli principal of “the end justifies the means” and coupled with his high sense of honor and duty he will go to any means to protect the Akuyuhi royal family. All of these characteristics, however, are in jeopardy of his failing mind. A major case psychosis much like the one brought onto his mother is causing him to change sharply and he is fearful of anyone finding out about it.

    Kingdom: The Kingdom of Rhydiatea

    Occupation: Royal Guard of the House of Akuyuhi.

    Powers: None

    Weapons: A halberd and a scimitar

    Relatives: A sister and father.

    Spouse/Lover: None

    History: His past is mostly a blur, his father was a Carpenter by trade but competition sent his family traveling from village to village, kingdom to kingdom. There are certain memories that if he tries hard to recall he can remember; sitting on a tree in a lush forest, cupping water in his hands (somewhere in a desert) and his mother laughing under the moon. They are soon filled with memories of him and his sister doing things, kid things like pretending they were things they weren't, watching the stars as their parent figured out how to get to his next meal.

    The most prominent memories he can recall are the day his mother cut her own throat, the day his father kicked him out, the day he enlisted in the military, and the day he was promoted to royal guard. They all seem very distant and he tries hard to block them with the newest acquired memories, the ones of him performing his duties as a royal guard.

    Name: Eliot Braley

    Age: 20

    Race: Human

    Description: Tall he's about 6'0 with pale blue eyes his brown hair is short and well kept he mostly is in his unifom but ocassionally in dress down attire depending on the situation or what best suits him, his georgous looks and smile fool many people for being in the army but he keeps a calm and collective face at all times, he has a nice build and shows rarely his tattoo's on his arm , chest and shoulder.

    Personality: Mostly quiet and calm he barley speaks unless he has to, when with close friends he tents to act goofy but not alot and is mostly nice when he has to be otherwise he acts cold tword people, he dosent try that much to make amends with people he has crossed feeling how it is a waste of time for him.

    Kingdom: Rhydiatea

    Occupation: Lieutenant

    Weapons: A blade and his famous knife strapped to his side

    Relatvives: none that he knows of

    Spouse/Lover: None

    History: his past he mostly dosen't remeber all he knows is that he puts his best foot foward and dosen't worry to much about the past for him the only things he can remember his the horrid nightmare he keeps reliving in his dreams, but somehow through all that he is where he is today and somehow wants to remember what happned to him long ago and his past.
  3. Oh, I am so totally joining! :D Got 2 chars for ya…

    ~ the Ruby Blooded ~


    Name: Kalais Chu'tularen

    Sallow of skin, fierce and short-lived, the Tiuris are a common Olaean race with a life expectancy of ~60 years. Known for their petrifying stare, affinity to the arcane and savage bloodthirst, they are a force to be reckoned with, though their recklessness is an infamous weakness. They hold the ruby gemstone sacred and it is customary to paint themselves in the blood of prey or enemies to gain their strength after a victory. Highly attracted to baubles and shiny things, the Tiuris are often seen gem-laden and sparkling with jewelry, while skimping on clothing, which interferes with their rapid, cat-like movements.

    Kalais is a common example of her race, and while not exactly beautiful retains a certain magnetism and fearlessness apparent in her proud demeanor. Her large eyes are such a pale shade of grey they are practically white, but the irises are ringed with black, making them stand out from afar. Willowy but tough, she is in top physical condition. Her long, wavy hair is dark sable in hue and reaches down to her waist, and she likes to keep it open. She wears many rubies and diamonds to signify her status and has red tattoos all across one side of her face, the right arm and shoulder, and from there diagonal across her back down to the left side of the waist. Customarily these markings are made in blood, but in modern times ink is preferred to avoid the smell and the inconvenience of acquiring the blood in the first place. She carries a rapier and regular sword across her back and three daggers tucked away in various articles of clothing across her body at all times, not an unusual habit for her warlike people.

    Possessing an unshakable confidence and extraordinary loyalty to a cause she sets her mind to, Kalais is as accursedly rash and impulsive as is typical of her fickle race, but at the same time her fearlessness tends to inspire others and she is socially highly intelligent, sometimes to the point of manipulative as she deftly bends national politics in the direction she prefers.

    Chu'tularen Queen of Olaea

    Kalais has two racial powers.
    [ Petrify ] – She can temporarily freeze someone with the intensity of her gaze, but this requires so much concentration that she herself must stay very still and cannot break eye contact for the duration of the skill. She can only target one person at a time and cannot keep it up for longer than 5 minutes. Each time she uses this power she must wait three times as long as it was used until she can use it again.
    [ Stealth ] – On command, she can become deathly silent and move very inconspicuously, though sparkling jewelry does detract from this advantage.

    Kalais uses three main weapons.
    [ Daggers ] – Most comfortable with daggers, she is quite familiar with all the most vulnerable parts of the humanoid body and knows exactly how to exploit them to devastating effect. She is not very strong but she uses her agility to dodge the worst blows and sneak in a few choice stabs of her own.
    [ Swords ] – Using a regular sword and a long rapier for both short- and long-distance efficacy, Kalais is a skilled swordswoman specializing in aggressive combat, with few defensive skills.
    [ Poisons ] – Kalais's daggers – and sometimes even a few of her jewels – are coated in poisons of varying intensity, some strong enough to cause fatality within minutes of entering the bloodstream, though these are very rare and expensive, not to mention dangerous to use and wear.

    Olaean King
    Aviante Deskorum

    [ 1: The Climb ] The third wife of her much older husband the Olaean King, Kalais grew up as a skilled warrior but only minor nobility, then worked her way up the ranks of politics until she caught the eye of the king. They grew very close, to the disapproval of his second wife, but she was helpless in face of the law, which favored the king when he chose to divorce her and marry Kalais instead. Strictly, Kalais had no choice in the matter, but it did not exactly run counter to her intentions, either. To her three closest friends, among them her lover Aviante, she is honest about her feelings and admits to never having loved the king, although she maintains that she is very fond of him and did not only marry him to gain political control. However, even her closest friends have their occasional doubts about the matter.
    [ 2: The Affair ] She had ruled as queen for four months when she met the General Aviante of Perysene at an international convention, and their attraction was almost immediate and very powerful. She was drawn to his courage, his strategic brilliance and his strong sense of justice; he was dazzled by her youth and pride and reckless determination, so counter to his patient, mild temperament. While it is not unusual in the Olaean court for the king to have his mistresses and the queen her "companions", Kalais does her best to keep her relationship with the General secret, since she fears the jealous wrath of her husband and causing a political scandal, since it is frowned upon for a Chu'tularen noble to seek romance outside their kingdom, especially one beneath them in social status. Very few know about the affair, but many suspect it, though the king, for now, remains oblivious.
    [ 3: Tensions ] The necessity for the secrecy of their relationship suddenly increased hundredfold when disaster struck and the Kingdom of Anitir fell. Hostilities between the kingdoms mounted rapidly as they competed for dominance and a political upper hand. Queen Kalais did all she could to keep Olaea and Perysene on amicable terms, but the Perysene nobility looked down on the Olaeans as reckless barbarians and tension between the nations is growing stronger as their fragile alliance threatens to snap at any moment, with Kalais and Aviante fearing to death the day when they might stand opposite each other in war.
    [ 4: Duty ] However, first and foremost, Kalais's duty as queen is to her country, and she recognizes that. If war with Perysene is what it will take to stay in power, Kalais would never dream of allowing her feelings for one man to ruin her nation.

    ~ the Iron Justice ~


    Name: Aviante Deskorum
    Kataral Human

    Kataral Humans are much like regular humans, only much taller and stronger, with thick skin and hawk's eyes. They are very long-lived, often reaching ages of 150+ years, with a hardy constitution and enormous stamina. Stalwart and unbending, they are a stubborn, inflexible race, disliking major change. They prefer solitude to excessive company and their relationships are rarely long-term commitments, as they prefer distance and resoluteness in their associations with others.

    Appearance: Aviante is considered quite handsome for his race, with stoic features and a sharp gaze of clarion cobalt blue. His brown hair, streaked with gold, is straight and very long, and his accompanying facial hair (a mustache and a thin beard) make him look a lot older than he really is. His hands and neck are disproportionately large compared to the rest of his body, a racial feature, and he is very muscular, with sun-toned, light brown skin and perfect, majestic posture, straight as a rod, a result of years of perfectionist military training. In fact, he looks a lot more intimidating than he is at heart.

    Easygoing and mild of manner, Aviante is a pillar of calm resoluteness when not on the battlefield. Ever composed and cautious, he never acts irrationally and puts others before himself. A very experienced strategist and combatant, he does not waste his words and is always honest, seeking to promote righteousness in the world. Known in fact as the Iron Justice, he will only meet in battle willing opponents, guilty through their opposition of his nation's laws. He sees war as a necessary ill to purge the land of injustice and sin, and considers no one above the law. The most common mistake his enemies make when they have not yet met him in battle is to underestimate the mild man they know – an error quickly mended when they see him roar and raise his battle-axe above his head screaming bloodlust.

    Augh'age General of Perysene

    Aviante has two racial powers.
    [ Vision ] – His eyesight is extraordinarily sharp and he can see monochromatically in the dark.
    [ Calloused ] – His skin is very thick, requiring a heavy blow with something decently sharp to pierce the skin.

    Aviante uses three main weapons.
    [ Battle-axe ] – The massive, heavy battle-axe is Aviante's weapon of choice. He can cleave a weaker humanoid in two with such a weapon, but his movements are restricted by the weight of both weapon and armor and most of his hits are inaccurate when fighting with this fearsome instrument.
    [ Greatsword ] – Because of the hindrances in movement entailed by use of the battle-axe, Aviante most often uses the greatsword instead, which, while still exceptionally heavy, is light as a feather compared to the axe. Still, the long, burly greatsword is much more difficult to handle effectively in short-hand combat and confined spaces, so sometimes Aviante just has to resort to his…
    [ Fists ] – Aviante's body is not just his last resort; it is a short-range weapon that he keeps as honed as all the rest. Over the years he has repeatedly cracked and mended the bones in his hands and combined with his naturally thick skin his fists are like iron, the bone practically impossible to break and the knuckles of his gloves tipped with jagged spikes, a last little nasty surprise.

    Queen Kalais Chu'tularen

    [ 1: Early Life ] Aviante grew up in very simple conditions. While he was technically the son of a powerful Augh'age nobleman, his parents had divorced just two years after his birth and his mother, of far lesser social status, was left penniless, barely surviving on a small inheritance and the steady selling of furniture, tapestries, jewelry and other valuables from the run-down estate she inherited. She reared him strictly, teaching him to put the interests of his family first and always provide for those in need. He was involved in lots of community service and performed many odd jobs to keep the money coming in until becoming a full-time soldier. He quickly distinguished himself in the field and began a slow but steady rise in the ranks, until a decisive battle against a roaming band of savages caught him the attention of the former General, who quickly groomed him to follow in his footsteps.
    [ 2: The Affair ] Aviante never expected to fall in love, not ever. Marriage was never a thing he considered; he saw attachment as a silly thing for other races to bother themselves with as a source of entertainment. But he was in for a surprise when he attended an international conference, where he laid eyes upon the Queen of Olaea for the first time. Kalais was everything he was not – reckless, savage, intuitive – and yet her youth, her pride, her boldness, infected him and could not be rid. At first he avoided her at all costs, horribly guilty for wanting a married woman far above him in social status, never thinking the bright, young, fiery queen would spare a glance for him, but to his enormous surprise she sought him out, and while at first he tried to resist her with reason and delusions of shame, he finally agreed to become her lover, and their affection has made him a happier man every day. He cannot bring himself to regret his decision – even now when facing the disaster it may entail – but he still feels far guiltier than she does about the affair, fearing that his duplicity is eroding his word, which was once iron, and his morals, which were once sure as stone. But sometimes love just happens, whether you like it or not, and for Kalais and Aviante, this was one of those times.
    [ 3: Tensions ] When the Anitiran Kingdom fell, Aviante was plunged into misery. He could foresee the political friction long before Kalais even suspected how difficult maintaining their relationship under this pressure could be. He believes that, sooner or later, he will have to make a choice between the queen of another nation and the good of his people, and he knows that it is not really a choice. But he cannot bring himself to end the relationship outright; he hopes instead that Kalais will make the first move, and save them both the heartbreak should their countries' fragile alliance fall apart. He underestimates Kalais's determination to make their love survive this anarchy.

    So yeah … these are the chars! I hope they're good, lemme know if they need any changing up of course ^^

  4. Your characters are great so far, however, you may have to change their history a little bit since I forgot to add the other character sheets in first, so sorry about that. Other then that though, you are accepted.
  5. Yay! Thank you! Um, is there anything major in their histories that needs editing NOW or is it OK if I take some time to read through the other chars first to figure out what needs changing … which might take awhile … it would be nice to post before that ^^
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  7. Its kind of like a revival, since it had died but Ichigo and I wished to continue on with it and see if would could get some more active people this time around.
  8. Oh! So are all the listed chars still going to be played by their users, or are we waiting for other users to play them, or are they just … there? ;)
  9. Hopefully they'll be played by their creators.
  10. ill shall put a picture of my character
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  12. Can be what ever you want really as long as it illustrates your character in some way.
  13. I would like to be part of the Ancients if that is alright, not a noble or royalty though, just a child of the Fallen
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  18. Yeah, sure. All the open positions that are listed at the top without a name next to them are all open.
  19. Name: Hazan Rapha Augh'age

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Race: Nosferatu

    Hazan has long, white hair with red eyes. She's pale--even for her race--and has sharp fangs and nails.

    Personality: Hazan is quiet and has a tendency to be secretive. She can be rather aggressive, loud and violent when provoked--an easy task--and is an excellent tactician. However, under the icy exterior she's very kind and almost motherly. She has scars, including one that runs from behind her ear, to her left shoulder.

    Kingdom: Perysenne

    Occupation: Queen

    Powers: She can fly and defy gravity as well as shapeshift into a snake.

    Weapons: Hazan uses a bow as well as a heavy double edged sword.

    Relatives: All of Hazan's biological family are dead.

    History: Hazan was born poor and orphaned. One day, as a child, she saw an old general marching through the streets with a massive army. That day, she decided she would be strong and powerful like him. She trained harshly and soon her wish was fulfilled. After the surprise assassination of the King and Queen, she was chosen by the former Queen to become the new Queen of Perysenne much to her chagrin. This made relations with the entire royal family very awkward and tense.


    Name: Silver De'mure Ranverine

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Race: Succubus

    Silver has her mother's purple hair and body. However, she had her father's eyes as well as a green pentagram Birthmark on her hip

    Personality: She's very sensual and seductive and tends to be very sneaky around others. Blood and pain excite her as do the screams of others.

    Kingdom: Damenton

    Occupation: Queen

    Powers: She has all the powers of a succubus as well as controlling shadow bats.

    Relatives: Silver has no living relatives known as of yet.

    History: Tired of her parents' inactivity in the outside world, Silver slaughtered them in their sleep. Being the eldest, she was chosen to be Queen. She plans to rule and conquer with and iron fist. Silver has no intentions of holding back.