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I've had this idea for as long as I can remember. I'm even turning it into a book (if I can get a decent title for it). So I thought, why not do a role play for it? It could be fun, and maybe I could even get some more ideas for it. Well now... let's see if I can explain the world of Lerago and Lula to you guys.
There are many other worlds out there. Some are really similar to one another, while others are completely different.
When a creature dies, it is reborn in either their own world or a different one. This story begins in a world with no magic, only humans, animals and plant life. A tall man with buzzed cut, black hair was sitting on a hill in a grassy, open field. It over looks the little town of Maplebank. A young girl walked up to him with a warm smile and pretty hazel eyes. She wore a beautiful white dress and no shoes. Her medium length, light brown hair
brushed against her face as a small breeze tossed it to the side. The man sensed the girl's presence and turned his body to look at her with his deep brown eyes.

"You again?" The man asked. "Don't you have something better to do than bother me everyday?" He questioned. The girl merely shook her head and took a seat next to the man. She held out some white flowers for him to take.
>What's with this girl? She has come to see me everyday now for the past week.< He thought, glancing from the flowers to the young girl before him. The man snatched up the flowers from her and set them down beside him. They sat in silence for a few moments, gazing at the setting sun. "What is your name?" He finally asked the girl.

She opened her mouth, about to say something, when a loud voice interrupted her. "LERAGO!" A man's voice boomed. "How dare you leave us to die like dogs!" The voice boomed again. The man sitting next to the young girl stood up and turned around. He was facing five men in plain gray armor, all of them on horses. "George? I'm surprised to see that you are still living." The man said calmly. "Lerago..." George said the name in disgust. "Our greatest warrior...sitting around with a wench while we are out fighting a war." George continued. A scowl appeared on Lerago's face as George said "wench", but it quickly vanished.

"I don't have time for this..." Lerago muttered. All five men drew their swords and moved towards Lerago. "We're the only ones left alive, Lerago. And we'll make you pay for abandoning us." George hissed. Lerago glanced at the girl, who was now standing up a few paces behind him. "Run." Lerago muttered loud enough for her to hear. The girl took a few steps back, then turned around and broke into a fast run. "Oh no you don't! You. After the wench. NOW!" George ordered to the man nearest the back of their group. He nodded and began riding off after the girl. Lerago tried making a run for it, to help the girl out, but George and the rest of his men blocked his path. "This is your punishment, Lerago. Don't try to escape it."

The other man quickly caught up to the girl. With one, smooth motion, he swung his sword at the girl. His attack made a deep cut in her back, and she fell to ground with scream of pain. "NO!" Lerago yelled, hearing the girl.
He gave George and his men a menacing glare. "She had nothing to do with this." He growled, pulling out a sword of his own.

The other man stabbed the girl a few times to make sure she was dead. Satisfied, he turned his horse around and rode to join his allies. When he got back, the man saw the sight of his friends laying in pools of their own blood. Before he could even speak, Lerago's sword pierced the man's head, causing him to fall off his horse. The horse ran off, startled. Lerago walked towards the girl, taking his sword out of the man's head along the way. "If only you hadn't gotten involved..." Lerago said, with a hint of pain in his voice.

Lerago stood before an unmarked tomb stone. It was placed in the same spot that the girl and him were always sitting. "I hope you'll find peace in your next life." He said after setting down some white flowers on the grave. He then bowed and walked away towards some woods a mile off to the right of the hill.

Lerago arrived at a small cottage after a half hour of walking. >This is the place. A door to another world will appear soon.< He thought. In exactly a minute, the door to the cottage started to glow a bright blue. Without hesitation, Lerago opened the door and stepped inside.

In the Next World:
Years have passed since Lerago has passed through that door and into another world. In this world, more than just humans exist. There are demons, who seem to rule more than the humans and other creatures. Magic existed here. There was even an Academy for young minds to learn magic. Lerago made a new name for himself, Allen, and signed up to be a soldier for the King. After serving the King for most of his stay in this world, Lerago started a riot in the kingdom. In the middle of all this chaos, he took the life of the King and his family. Lerago threw away his human name once he was the new King and told everyone to address him as King Lerago. Many of the civilians hated their new king and formed a resistance.

~. . .~

-Will you join the dictator Lerago, the resistance, or perhaps form your own group?-

Character Sheet:

Race: (Elf, Demon, Human, Angel -rare. Max is 3 angel characters-, etc)
Side: (Lerago, Resistance, Neutral, or your own group. PM me for group approval)
EDIT: Personality: (Can't believe I forgot this part...)
Misc: (Anything else you would like to add about your character)
Name: Lerago
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Race: God
Side: Lerago (Obvious)
Lerago's Sword.jpg
Power(s): Superior strength. Talent in the magical arts.
History: Lerago is a god that is able to travel between worlds at will. He uses doors that he knows will appear ahead of time. His goal was to see if the worlds could handle conflict on their own, but after Lula died, he decided to just become the ruler of each world and destroy it when he is done with it.
Misc: He fell in love with Lula without realizing it.
Name: Lula
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Race: Half Demon
Side: Resistance
Weapon(s): None
Power(s): Ability to control fire
History: She was a human peasant in her past life. When she met Lerago, Lula couldn't help but come see him everyday. After she died, Lula was reborn in Asis as a half demon. Of course, she couldn't remember anything of her past life. She started attending the Magic Academy when she was around 7 years old. On her 16th birthday, three wizards appeared before her when she was alone on the academy's grounds. They told her she was destined to stop the dictator Lerago and disappeared.
Misc: Lula will transformed into her demonic form if she is close to being killed in a fight. She can't control if she transforms or not. When she transforms, it looks like her shadow is wrapping around her. The shadow acts as a strong armor. Her eyes will look like glowing gold circles. She's having a hard time believing she is the one that can stop Lerago.
I would like to have the following in this.

-Resistance Leaders: Need at least 3, the most 5. Only one can be a demon. I would prefer to have the leaders all be a different race, but it's not required. PM me for the Resistance leader requests.

-Students/Teachers: A base of the resistance is the Magic Academy, so we'll need some students and teachers. They can be members of the resistance, supporters of Lerago, or just neutral.

~If you have any questions just let me know, preferably by PMs.~
Name: Kythos Paine.
Gender: Male.
Age: Millenia - However, most of his memories are hidden to him. He believes himself to be in his early thirties.
Race: Angel, suppressed as a human.
Side: Neutral.

In his pure angelic form. Otherwise, lose the costume and the three balls of energy floating about.

Weapon(s): None.

Quas. The essence of the storm - Allows him to have command over air.

Wex. The heart of a blizzard - Allows him to have command over ice.

Exort. The soul of a phoenix - Allows him to have command over fire.

This three essences are the main things that Kythos has his power from. However, when he is still in his suppressed, human form he is unable to invoke all three at once, merely one at a time. He has to let go of control with the other in order to invoke a second one.

As a human, Kythos is also skilled in the use of magicl arts, namely alchemy and small amounts of sorcery.

Kythos is also sufficiently adept in combat with weapons and his hands in order to survive.


Kythos was once an angel, the name of the God he served was forgotten. He served legions, and strode into battle with nothing but the three essences at his command - Quas, Wex, Exort. He was given the highest honour, the most glorious of all the other angels that served beside him. They grew jealous. One to one, they could not beat Kythos. No one could. Ten to one - Difficult. But all of them came together, dozens of them, and they conjured a spell. A spell that would seal off his command of Quas, Wex and Exort to the minimum and turn him into nothing more than a human - A spell that would wipe away his memories of the battles he fought and his legacy, turning him into nothing more than a human.

He lived the life of a vagrant, moving around, constantly doing things here and there. The dictatorship came, and it intrigued Kythos. What was he to do? After all. He was nothing important, nothing big and powerful.

Misc: Suppressed in human form. Will revert to angelic form when the situation demands it.
Nice character. I accept it ^^
Although, you didn't add which side he's on. I'm assuming he's neutral for now.
I'm reserving a spot.
(Character will replace this when I get that far)
Name: Uthavel
Gender: Male
Age: 1900
Race: Elf
Side: Resistance (would like to be leader)
Weapon(s): Dual swords and handguns
Appearance:View attachment 5500

Power(s): Talented in all areas of magic, more so with the four elements Water, fire, earth and wind. Able to create bullets out of the four basic elements
History: Was the only child of a blacksmith and his wife in a small fishing village. Since Uthavel was able to hold a hammer, he was taught how to create weapons of all kinds. When he turned 800, he accidently weaved his first spell, while walking into a room and wished that someone had lit the candles. When his parents discovered this fact they sent him off to the magic academy, where Ultavler excelled. After graduating from the academy 200 years later, Uthavel when back to his small village and took over the blacksmith business. Under his management, the shop started to recieve orders from all over the world including the kingdom itself. During days that weren't busy, Ultavel would learn both swordmanship and gunplay from the soliders stationed in his small village. This routine would continue for the next 850 years. Within this time period, the blacksmith shop grew in size and prospered. It was when the new king took the throne that everything went wrong.

Ultavel had come back from a delivery to a village just a week's ride away when he saw his village destroyed. Soliders that Ultavel knew since they were kids started to attack and raid both his village and any within a day's ride. Running to his house he found his parents dead, cuts all over their bodies, the house ransacked and destroyed. Heading into his room, Ultavel opened a sceret department in his dresser and took out two containers, on square and think the second one, long and narrow containing two swords and handguns with all the needed amunition, a backpack that held his blackcmith tools and a small box which contained his family jewel that had been passed down through the generations. Opening the box, he slipped a robe through the hole and tied it around his neck. Hositing the backpack on, Ultavel grabbed the boxes and his duffel bag that he used when delivering goods and left his village for the last time by foot.

Ultavel travelled for twenty years working as a travelling blacksmith. When alone he would practice his swordmanship and gunplay so that he wouldn't get rusty and even found himself fighting when people wanted to inspect his containers. It was at the twentyith anniverary of his village's massacre that he came across the resistance. He was camping for the night a half a day's walk from a small farming village when a group of people rode up to him asking if he was the wandering blacksmith. After agreeing to this question, Ultavel found himself repairing a moutain of broken and worn-down tools. It took three days for Ultavel to complete the repairs. When he finished he was asked by the guy who led the party to him if he was interested in being a blacksmith for the resistance that had been fighting against King Lerago. Ultavel accpeted the invititation on the spot, knowing what had happened to his village but every other village and town he had come across.

Over the next thirty years, Ultavel not only repaired most of the weapons in the resistance but also fought beside them in every battle that accord and rose through the ranks within the resistance, and eventually was nominated by the top elites to be one of the three people who lead the resistance.

Misc: Ultavel is known more for being the best blacksmith in the resistance than one of the three leaders.
*Working on Bio*
Reserve an angel character please!
Excellent history. Accepted~ You can be a Resistance leader too.

EDIT: Don't worry, I'm saving you an Angel character spot. Only one more left, counting you and iAmXC.
Name: Amirah

Gender: F

Age: Unknown. Appears to be in her early 20s.

Race: Angel

Side: Resistance, Leader


The Gunblade: A hybrid between a sword and an automatic weapon, the gunblade is a work of art. Able to hold 30 rounds, and is stored at the right hip without a sheath.
The Bladed Shield: A twist on the classic armor, this shield can be used as defense or offense. Collapsible, and attaches to her left forearm.

Telekinesis- the ability to move objects with her mind.
Holy- the ability to cast a ball of white, highly explosive energy.
Moon Cry- the ability to use the light of the moon as teleporting portals.
Wing Shield- the ability to use her wings as a shield for allies.

History: Amirah was a Battle Mage in a past life, enduring many wars and fighting many foes. Her skills and strategic mind have been transferred into the life she lives now, as an angel.

~Amirah can only use one power every two to five hours (depending on her health and stamina). For example, after using the power "Holy," she can only use that single power for the remaining time frame. Once a certain amount of time has passed, she may choose a different power to use, and may only use that powers for the remaining time frame. The only power exempt from this weakness is "Wing Shield."
~Also, her telekinesis is limited. She can only move inanimate objects which are close by and visible.
~Her "Holy" power usually only does little damage, but, if charged in hand long enough, can produce an explosive orb with enough force to disperse up to three enemies.
~"Moon Cry" can only teleport up to three allies, and can only be used when moonlight is present (cannot be used during the day). It is much easier for Amirah to teleport herself than others.
Awesome ^^.

Everyone is on the Resistance's side. lol. No problem on my part. Lerago will kill everyone in that world when he is done with it anyways. Plus he has a hard time trusting anyone. He'll kill them on the spot if he thinks they are plotting something against him.
Name: Blackmoon
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown, but human form looks about 13
Personality: She's very quiet and reserved. She also has anger issues and has slight murderous tendencies. Blackmoon tries to avoid contact with people because she finds most people irritating.
Race: Demon cat
Side: Neutral
Appearance: Large demon cat (main form; ), Small black cat or siamese cat (small forms; , ), Young cat girl (humanoid form; )
Weapon(s): None
Power(s): Elemental manipulation
History: Blackmoon was a human in her past life, but was reborn a demon in Asis. She remembers nothing from her past life, except for the fact that she was always surrounded by animals, especially cats. She never really got along with anyone and didn't like having to choose a side, so she chose to remain neutral and stay by herself.
Misc: Prefers one her small forms.
Nice. It's accepted. Basically everything will be accepted from now on, unless I say otherwise :D
<DIR>Name: Former Countess Vera Rotwell
Gender: Female
Age: She lost track at some point, but appears to be in her mid-thirties
Race: High-born sorceress- a magic user of pure blood, high-borns are blessed with immunity to most illness and aging itself but are limited to a specific form of magic, where as low-born or magic users born from non magical bloodlines can learn many schools of magic
Side: Vera acts in the interest of her students thus making her neutral, for the moment
Appearance: character/Sorceress.jpg
Personality: Vera is calm and serene, rarely becoming angry or upset even in the world they now live in. She's prone to become impatient with immaturity every now and then, but her noble upbringing shows through in her sheer self control. When pressed, Vera will not hesitate to react with force and would do anything to defend her home or her beloved students. Regal, she tries to think with a level-head and react gracefully whenever possible.
Weapon(s): Vera wields a delicate wand carved of a black crystal-like material that is as tough if not tougher than most metals used for weapon-craft. The wand channels her spells and abilities but in cases where she'll need to physically defend herself or her charges, it can manipulated into any shape she wishes, though she typically settles for a staff or in rare cases a great bow. She also carried a small, poisoned dagger on her person at any one time along with her spell supplies.
Power(s): Vera's blood supports most varieties of the dark arts, including the summoning of spirits and familiars, control over shadows, a talent for poison making, and in times of true desperation: necromancy.
History: Vera grew up in one of the noble households of the land, raised to be both powerful and kind and always a servant of the King. For centuries she did just that, mastering her arts and working as both a politician and an Royal Mage in the King's army. At one point she was married to a Count of great power and the two had several children, all of which grew to be outstanding citizens like both of their parents. Her husband was killed in the recent rebellion, defending the King to an inch of his life. Vera, then working at the academy, was quietly devastated by the news. She sent word to her children to go into hiding, as the children of such a loyalist would be in danger. She herself was stripped of her nobility by Lerago and now works to ensure the safety of her students…especially a very important young woman by the name of Lula.
Misc: N/A for the moment
Name: Valeria Quickstep
Gender: Femme Fatal
Age: Seven hundred, give or take a few decades
Race: Dark Elf
Side: Lerago
Appearance: character/Lineage2darkelf.jpg
Personality: Sadistic and manic, Valeria is a handful to say the least. She's prone to acts of cruelty and seems have no regard for life other than her own, and of course her beloved Lerago. She's selfish and petty, willing to do anything to get what she wants, anything. Prone to be seductive and willful, Valeria often falls back on her femininity to get her out of sticky situations.
Weapon(s): Valeria carries two slim, curved blades forged in her elven home that can be connected at the hilts to form a double-blade. She also carries a short bow and several poisoned arrows at any given time. Her gauntlets and boots are adorned with spikes, which makes her swift hand to hand combat deadly.
Power(s): Increased speed/agility, invisible in moonlight, persuasive to nocturnal animals, increased hearing/night vision
History: Born in the murky swamps of the Dark Elf homeland, Valeria spent her first few centuries mastering the way of her people. She quickly grew discontent with her life, however, and left home with century to spare before Lerago's arrival. She learned the ways of society and found work as an assassin. When the dictator started the riot, Valeria flocked to his side and has been there ever since.
Misc: N/A for the moment