The Fight for Asis (Reboot)



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In the Magic Academy, the students have just gotten out of their last class of the day. Most of them wandered the halls alone or in groups. Students who live in the dorms were required to be in their rooms by midnight tonight. Staff of the Magic Academy would be patrolling the halls for any students out of their rooms as usual. They didn't use to do this. Not before Lerago came into power. Magic Academy was once a lenient school, but fear of the students either being killed or forced to join Lerago's ranks caused them to become a bit more strict.

Life in Lerago's castle was the same as always. The guards patrolled the grounds in groups of five or more. Guards in groups of three kept watch in each watch tower around the castle. Groups of ten were stationed at each of the four cages of the dragons around the castle. The Dragon of the North, South, East, and West were their names according to the place they were around the castle. Every guard wore the same plain gray armor, except for the squad leaders which wore plain black armor.

Lerago sat on his throne, listening to the daily report with a bored expression. He rested his head on his hand, which was in turn resting on the throne's arm rest, and his legs were spread far apart.
"The Resistance has been forced out of the town of Oldhill, and retreated to Vertdell my lord. We are currently sending troops to pursue them as we speak." A squad leader reported.
"No, cancel that attack. I know them by now. Vertdell is one of their strongholds. Whatever squad you're sending won't do us any good. We'll wait, and lure them out into the open before we commence our attack." Lerago instructed.

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Meira was sleeping in her bed not aware of the time when the sun light from the window in her room shone in her eyes. Meira slightly opened her eyes not wanting to get up from the bed, she was lying in the bed watching at the ceiling thinking what to do. The day was the same as any other day in the castle sometimes it was getting very boring here cuz nothing interesting was happening, Meira thought that the day will be the same as usual, turning her head at the other side of the bed watching at the pillow next to her she saw that Lerago isn't there as usual, he was filled with work this days and wasn't giving Meira enough attention.

Meira got out from the bed and took off her black, short, lace robe, that she was sleeping with putting it on the bed. Meira then walked to the wardrobe getting her green, black clothe that she usually wore, putting them on, she walked to the mirror in the room sitting on the chair in front of the mirror, grabbing a comb from the little table in front of the mirror. When Meira combed her long, brown hair she finally got out from the room walking to the throne room. With the short top and the short pants she was wearing her colored tattoos were exposed, the tattoos were all around her body they were very big and she looked very beautiful.

Moving her hair that was in front of her eyes at her back she reached the throne room, looking at the guards that were guarding the door to the throne room, they didn't let her enter the throne room, Meira gave them an agrey look and the guards moved away from the door, Meira thought why didn't they let her enter the throne room when she came, what was Lerago doing that he didn't want her around. Meira opened the door seeing Lerago sitting on his throne and a squad leader in front of him, Meira walked to Lerago turning her head around looking at the squad leader then she turned her head back at Lerago sitting in hs lap. Meira putted her right hand on his chest and with the other hand she grabbed his head turning it around looking at his eyes, Meira then moved her head closer to Leragos neck and started licking his neck going all the way up to his ear, biting his ear she moved back and said to him "What do you want to do now, honey".
Balthazar stalked the halls of the castle the hood of his cloak thrown up concealing his face; But everyone knew who he was. The way he walked with an air of authority, not even bothering to look upon those who were in the halls as they hurried to move out of his way. The midnight black cloak had the tell-tale protrusions of armor being worn underneath, but not a sound was made as he moved through the halls. The lack of squeaks and creaks from his armor underneath was not the only thing odd about his passing; by the way the torches flickered even though there was no wind, the temperature seeming to drop a few degrees, and the halls seemed to grow deathly silent as he strode through them. Servants and guards alike shivered as he walked past them, not even sparing them a glance for they were not worth his time. When he turned the corner the torches ceased flickering and the light resumed it's normal warm glow, the temperature seemed to raise again and that eerie silence faded. Was it real or a figment of their imagination? No one knows for sure but they all talked about it in hushed whispers.

He walked through the halls and noticed everything, even though his eyes never strayed from his route he watched the servants shudder and the guards try to mask their sudden fear. Humans were so succeptable to his aura of fear, and he liked it that way. Despite his elevated position as General, he felt no desire to bolster moral or camaraderie, their job was to obey his orders or die trying. He knew they feared him, and he was aware that some suspected he was a demon but none had actually seen him take his demon form, but good to leave them wondering, the advantage was his, and he liked having the advantage in any situation.

He is just about finished making his daily rounds. The time and route always varies, but once a day he stalks the corridors of the castle, reminding everyone of his presence and making sure the guards were not slacking in their duties. Several times he has caught men away from their post or trying to chat up the serving girls for a good time later, his punishments had been swift and severe, partly because it instilled fear in the others and therefor increased their discipline, but mainly because he enjoyed it. As he rounded the final corner he caught the last portion of his messenger to the king, and the kings orders to cancel the attack, he also could hear Meira speaking in there. As he approached the guards knowingly opened both doors for him, but he stopped in front of the guards, a very unusual thing for him to do, and he slowly and deliberately looked at each one of them, his eyes giving off a faint red glow in the depths of his cowl. The guards shuddered visibly and gave each other a knowing look, that they had been marked. He entered the chamber, giving a dismissive gesture to the squad leader as he look at Lerago who was making no attempt to hide his boredom and at Meira, who was sitting in his lap and licking on him. His face an unreadable mask he approached the throne, drawing back the hood of his cloak as he spoke, blatantly ignoring Meira's presence.

"I was coming to inquire about your thoughts from my messenger; I disagree with your course of action to cancel the attack. The force is small, and will do no real damage to their stronghold, but will serve their purpose in measuring how strong they are, as well as send a message to them that we know where they are. They will assume that we think they are weak and don't number as much as they do, it will build their confidence and make them bold, confidence and boldness have led to the downfall of countless people and causes. When they are feeling confident they may come out of their stronghold, we could use that chance when they expose themselves to strike!"

As he finished speaking his last sentence his eyes lit up a bit with the prospect of blood and slaughter, it's been far too long since he's been in a proper battle, and with the resistance growing in numbers it would appear that the time is approaching!
Xavier was very sure that he deserved a slight break from teaching, it had been a long day and for teachers it still wasn't over. He wasn't saying that he disliked his job, but a break from it for a while did sound nice. He was wearing the robe that he had been teaching in that day, underneath it he was wearing normal worn pants and a very thin shirt that was hanging out instead of being tucked in like it really should. Yawning slightly, Xavier continued down the hallway checking to make sure that no student was out of their room. 'Just another day at the Academy.' He thought to himself, amused slightly that he could remember when he had been one of these students wishing that the day would be over so that he could just either sleep or amuse himself with his abilities. Now he was an adult and a teacher, one of the ones who now made students study, it was kind of funny when you thought about it. It really hadn't been to long since he had been a student yet now of days it felt like decades, he was also worried about these students that he was supposed to be teaching. He knew what it was like to be given the choice to choose between the light and dark and he just hoped that his students knew better than he had. Shaking the thoughts away he continued down the hall whistling lightly to himself and thinking of how tomorrow would dawn. He couldn't blame his students if they didn't want to study or if they tried to get around studying, he had been there himself once. "Oh how wild and crazy childhood fades into a more sedate adult way. If only everyone could stay innocent their entire lives, that would be a pleasant world to live in." He muttered to himself, hoping slightly that no one would be walking in his direction. It wasn't exactly looked upon a sane past time to talk to ones self.

Renata was not happy, not that she was happy often but this was an entirely different matter. She had just walked away from her knife for a couple of seconds to check on something one of her comrades asked her about and now it was gone. Seething just under her skin, she resisted the urge to scream at any and everyone that happened to accidentally step in her path. She knew that people would see her temper tantrum as a little overboard for just a knife, but it was the principle of the thing. No stole from her, or at least not anyone who didn't want to die, not since she had been eight years old and still a little naive to the world around her. She tried to calm herself to a certain degree than in the quietest voice she could muster she asked, "Who was dumb enough to steal from me and if I have to wait longer than a few seconds for someone to tell me heads will start rolling." She saw one of the other recruits point a finger towards the left side of the room. Looking in that direction she saw her knife lying on top of the table gleaming in the low light of the room. She went over and picked it up, making a crooning noise at the knife she slipped it back into the sheath that was strapped to her thigh. She was wearing a pair of tight fitting black pants and a vest to match the color. Her hair was down in its normal crazy style, she also had her swords in their sheaths that were strapped to her back. Her boots were black as well and there was knife handle sticking up out of the right boot. She was wearing half gloves to complete everything but also because she had been working out he didn't want to scrape her knuckles raw. Dismissing the fact that she had just been about to kill someone she turned to the other recruits and cocked an eyebrow at them, they really were spineless in some ways. Shrugging to herself since there was nothing she could do about it, she walked out of the room and down the hallway heading to where she was supposed to have been at hours ago.

It was a bright day at the kingdom the sun was shining and there were no clouds in the sky. But Bart was at the graveyard outside the kingdom in the near woods, he was standing in front of a grave caring flowers in his right hand, he was starring into the grave, on the grave were written his family names, his parents and his two little brothers. Bart was just standing there looking at the grave, he had a sad look on his face, putting the flowers in front of the grave, putting his right hand on the grave he looked around brushing the tear from his right eye. Bart was thinking about his family but they were gone and it wasn't the time to think about them. Bart stood up letting go of the grave and started walking to Leragos palace.

Bart reached the gates of the palace seeing the dragons in their cages and the guards around him letted him enter. He continued walking entering the castle inside, Bart thought that everything in the palace was fine, as usual, everything was normal and nothing interesting ever happen. Bart hasn't been in a fight for along time and he needed some fighting, he was usually training the fighters in the kingdom that were very skilled, as Meira was, but she didn't want to look at him cuz of that night that they were together, but he shouldn't think of this. Bart was heading to the throne room when he heard the guards around him were gossiping about something, he heard from the guards that general Balthazar and king Lerago were arguing for something. "What is going on there" Bart mumbled to himself entering the throne room. Bart saw Lerago sitting on the throne with Meira in his lap and Balthazar in front of them. Bart stood next to Balthazar, bowing at the king he then said "What is going on here the guards around the palace are all talking about your argue" Bart then looked at Meira with a concern look, thinking of what's going on.
Lerago listened to Balthazar intently, completely ignoring Meira. She should know better than to bother him during something like this. His bored expression turned into one of annoyance. He was getting stressed out, and was starting to show it. Lerago's muscles were tense and he was beginning to look tired. Even gods get stressed, though these people thought he was a mere mortal like those other pathetic humans.

Though as much as he didn't want to admit it, Balthazar's words made sense. The stress that has been put on him lately has clouded his mind and made obvious things harder to realize.

"Very well... We'll go with your plan Balthazar. I put you in charge of taking out the Resistance forces that are foolish enough to come out of their base." He said, his expression returning to one of boredom. The punishment for failure was known very well throughout Lerago's forces. Fail and die...or just don't return to the castle.

Back at the Resistance's main base Karin was pacing around, looking extremely worried. "They should have been back by now." She muttered to herself. Karin had not been able to join the others in the attack because she had fallen ill with a high fever the day before they were to move out to claim Oldhill. The messenger hadn't come back yet either, the one that was keeping Karin and her brother Zack informed about the battle.

" must calm down. You are still recovering and must lie down." Zack said with a worried expression as he watched his older sister pace around the large cavern that had many rooms carved out for people to stay. The smaller rooms were for sleeping, and had bedrolls in them for the people who already occupied the space. The more larger areas were for eating and relaxing. Some of the rooms were used for the sick to rest and recover. Zack used his abilities to help the sick or injured Resistance members. He was sort of like their nurse or doctor down here. Karin helped out as well since Zack taught her everything he knew that their mother taught him.

"How can I calm down when I know I could be out there right now, helping fight off the scum that's infesting the land of Asis? The others should have been back by now! The battle was going well last we heard of them!" Karin yelled at Zack, then suddenly felt lightheaded and fell to her knees.

Zack sighed and shook his head at his sister. "I told you you needed to calm down..."

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