The Fight for Asis (Reboot)

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  1. I couldn't keep this going the first time I did this. It was my first time GMing a roleplay. This time I hope to keep it going and make it a long lasting roleplay, one that everyone can enjoy.​

    There are many other worlds out there. Some are really similar to one another, while others are completely different.
    When a creature dies, it is reborn in either their own world or a different one. This story begins in a world with no magic, only humans, animals and plant life. A tall man with buzzed cut, black hair was sitting on a hill in a grassy, open field. It over looks the little town of Maplebank. A young girl walked up to him with a warm smile and pretty hazel eyes. She wore a beautiful white dress and no shoes. Her medium length, light brown hair brushed against her face as a small breeze tossed it to the side. The man sensed the girl's presence and turned his body to look at her with his deep brown eyes.

    "You again?" The man asked. "Don't you have something better to do than bother me everyday?" He questioned. The girl merely shook her head and took a seat next to the man. She held out some white flowers for him to take.
    >What's with this girl? She has come to see me everyday now for the past week.< He thought, glancing from the flowers to the young girl before him. The man snatched up the flowers from her and set them down beside him. They sat in silence for a few moments, gazing at the setting sun. "What is your name?" He finally asked the girl.

    She opened her mouth, about to say something, when a loud voice interrupted her. "LERAGO!" A man's voice boomed. "How dare you leave us to die like dogs!" The voice boomed again. The man sitting next to the young girl stood up and turned around. He was facing five men in plain gray armor, all of them on horses. "George? I'm surprised to see that you are still living." The man said calmly. "Lerago..." George said the name in disgust. "Our greatest warrior...sitting around with a wench while we are out fighting a war." George continued. A scowl appeared on Lerago's face as George said "wench", but it quickly vanished.

    "I don't have time for this..." Lerago muttered. All five men drew their swords and moved towards Lerago. "We're the only ones left alive, Lerago. And we'll make you pay for abandoning us." George hissed. Lerago glanced at the girl, who was now standing up a few paces behind him. "Run." Lerago muttered loud enough for her to hear. The girl took a few steps back, then turned around and broke into a fast run. "Oh no you don't! You. After the wench. NOW!" George ordered to the man nearest the back of their group. He nodded and began riding off after the girl. Lerago tried making a run for it, to help the girl out, but George and the rest of his men blocked his path. "This is your punishment, Lerago. Don't try to escape it."

    The other man quickly caught up to the girl. With one, smooth motion, he swung his sword at the girl. His attack made a deep cut in her back, and she fell to ground with scream of pain. "NO!" Lerago yelled, hearing the girl. He gave George and his men a menacing glare. "She had nothing to do with this." He growled, pulling out a sword of his own.

    The other man stabbed the girl a few times to make sure she was dead. Satisfied, he turned his horse around and rode to join his allies. When he got back, the man saw the sight of his friends laying in pools of their own blood. Before he could even speak, Lerago's sword pierced the man's head, causing him to fall off his horse. The horse ran off, startled. Lerago walked towards the girl, taking his sword out of the man's head along the way. "If only you hadn't gotten involved..." Lerago said, with a hint of pain in his voice.

    A few days later:

    Lerago stood before an unmarked tomb stone. It was placed in the same spot that the girl and him were always sitting. "I hope you'll find peace in your next life." He said after setting down some white flowers on the grave. He then bowed and walked away towards some woods a mile off to the right of the hill.

    Lerago arrived at a small cottage after a half hour of walking. >This is the place. A door to another world will appear soon.< He thought. In exactly a minute, the door to the cottage started to glow a bright blue. Without hesitation, Lerago opened the door and stepped inside.

    In the Next World:

    Years have passed since Lerago has passed through that door and into another world. In this world, more than just humans exist. There are demons, who seem to rule more than the humans and other creatures. Magic existed here. There was even an Academy for young minds to learn magic. Lerago made a new name for himself, Allen, and signed up to be a soldier for the King. After serving the King for most of his stay in this world, Lerago started a riot in the kingdom. In the middle of all this chaos, he took the life of the King and his family. Lerago threw away his human name once he was the new King and told everyone to address him as King Lerago. Many of the civilians hated their new king and formed a resistance.

    ~. . .~

    Will you join the dictator Lerago, the resistance, or perhaps form your own group?[I][B][I][B][I][I][B][B][B][B][I][I]-

    [B][U]Character Sheet:[/U]

    Race: (Elf, Demon, Human, Angel -rare. Max is 3 angel characters-, etc)
    Side: (Lerago, Resistance, Neutral, or your own group. PM me for group approval)

    Appearance: (A picture is accepted, though I would like some text explaining the appearance along with it.)

    Power(s): (Magical abilities. Students are limited to one type of magic. No all powerful magical abilities unless you put down a weakness for it.)


    Misc: (Anything else you would like to add about your character)

    Lerago (open)
    Name: Lerago
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Race: God
    Side: Lerago

    Lerago's Sword.jpg
    Power(s): Superior strength. Talent in the magical arts.
    History: Lerago is a god that is able to travel between worlds at will. He uses doors that he knows will appear ahead of time. His goal was to see if the worlds could handle conflict on their own, but after Lula died, he decided to just become the ruler of each world and destroy it when he is done with it.
    Misc: He fell in love with Lula without realizing it.

    Lula (open)
    Name: Lula
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Race: Half Demon
    Side: Resistance
    Weapon(s): None
    Power(s): Ability to control fire

    History: She was a human peasant in her past life. When she met Lerago, Lula couldn't help but come see him everyday. After she died, Lula was reborn in Asis as a half demon. Of course, she couldn't remember anything of her past life. She started attending the Magic Academy when she was around 7 years old. On her 16th birthday, three wizards appeared before her when she was alone on the academy's grounds. They told her she was destined to stop the dictator Lerago and disappeared.

    Misc: Lula will transformed into her demonic form if she is close to being killed in a fight. She can't control if she transforms or not. When she transforms, it looks like her shadow is wrapping around her. The shadow acts as a strong armor. Her eyes will look like glowing gold circles. She's having a hard time believing she is the one that can stop Lerago.

    Karin (open)

    Name: Karin
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Race: Human
    Side: Resistance
    Personality: Seductive, caring, outgoing
    Weapon(s): None
    Power(s): Exceptional wind and fire magic.
    History: Karin was always hit on at the Magic Academy by boys. She either ignored them or told them off. Once Lerago came into power, Karin dropped out. Her parents were one of the founders of the Resistance, and Karin was the one to find the cavern under the junkyard. Her and her family fixed it up and made it a place for the Resistance to meet and rest. One day, Lerago's army raided her village. The end result- Only her and her brother, Zack, survived. Ever since then, Karin took over for her father and mother as the human resistance leader. She has only met Lula once, and can tell that she has great potential. So, Karin persuaded her into joining with the help of Zack.
    Misc: Karin is a lesbian.

    Zack (open)

    Name: Zack
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Race: Human
    Side: Resistance
    Personality: Honest, Loyal, Kind
    Weapon(s): None
    Power(s): Healing, talent in earth magics.
    History: Zack left the Magic Academy with his sister, Karin, and has helped form the Resistance with their parents. After their parents died, Zack met Lula passed out in the junkyard. He brought her down into the cavern and healed her. His sister kept trying to get her to join them, but Lula was stubborn. Zack helped his sister to persuade Lula to join the Resistance, which worked.
    Misc: Zack is Karin's little brother. He has a crush on Lula. He also doesn't join in any of the fights due to his heart problems.
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  2. Magic Academy - A Resistance base and school. (open)

    Magic Acadamy.jpg The Magic Academy is filled with members of the resistance. They range from teachers and staff to students. Although there are a few of suspected Lerago supporters in the school. The only town that is close to this school is Vertdell.

    Cavern - Resistance's main base. (open)

    The cavern is a spacious place that the Resistance hides out in. The entrance to the cavern is hidden away underneath a junkyard a few miles outside of Vertdell.

    The Castle of Asis - Lerago's castle (open)
    The castle is well guarded by Lerago's vast army. The resistance has yet to get close the castle, as Lerago's men have brought in a few dragons to help guard him.

    Vertdell (open)
    Vertdell is a modernizing city. They are taking it slow, but are definitely starting to lean more to science now, creating things that could be useful. In the center of the city, there is a tall tower like structure which is used for town meetings, parties, a church on Sundays, and a school house for Monday-Friday with a day or two off if there is something else going on. The school house is for kids who can't afford to go to the Magic Academy, or the kids with no magical talent. They are taught other things that will be useful to them later on in life.

    In Vertdell, there are residential areas near the forest that separates Vertdell from the Magic Academy. As you go further into town from those residential areas, you'll start to see more and more shopping places. Most of the restaurants are family owned in Vertdell, as well as the Inn and Bakery. For medical needs, one would go to Eliana the Summoner or one of her apprentices. Her apprentices would be pushing/pulling carts of potions Eliana has made for all sorts of medical needs throughout town. The prices are cheap so just about anyone could buy something from them. Eliana's house is to the north east of town, and separate from the residential areas. A long dirt path leads up to her door from District 2 of the residential areas.
    There are 6 districts of Vertdell.

    District 1 and 2 are considered the safest places for young children. They are more to the north east of the town and are just a few residential areas. District 3 through 5 are a bit more dangerous, and it's recommended that the children be in their homes before it gets too dark. Those Districts make up most of the city. The Inn and Bakery are in District 3, a few residential areas are in District 4. Those houses of District 4 are separated from District 3 and 5 by wide river which cuts through the entire city. Across the bridge to the west is District 5, which has many good restaurants and shopping places. As you keep going through District 5, you'll start to see that it's getting darker. District 6 consists of the first buildings of Vertdell. There isn't any good lighting, and all of the shady characters are seen there. District 6 is basically the part of town that has been corrupted. People who practice dark magic live there. Shops for anything they'd need are only in District 6. Things like books of dark magical spells, places to get your herbs needed for potions of the dark nature.

    There are only a few pubs in Vertdell. The Night Owl is in District 3. It's a good place for a traveler to relax and have a good time. It's also one of the most popular pubs in Vertdell. Three Moons Tavern is on the edge of District 4 and next to 5. Dragon's Lair is in District 6. professor-layton-and-the-curious-village-20080205044344092_640w.jpg

    Male School Uniform: (open)
    Elementary- Pure white shirt, ties, black pants and shoes.

    (Note: The black lining on the shirt shows where the lining is on the other shirts and ties.)

    Middle School- Light blue shirts and white ties with blue lining, black pants and shoes.

    The male students of high school will have black shirts and ties with black lining, black pants and shoes.
    The tie colors for the high school students are below.
    Freshman: Red
    Sophomore: Green
    Junior: Blue
    Senior: Black

    Female School Uniforms: (open)

    Elementary- Everything is white.

    Middle School- Light blue in place of the red--->
    A shade darker than light blue in place of black --->

    High School- Red turns to white
    Black stays
    Ties turn to-
    Freshmen: Red
    Sophomores: Green
    Juniors: Blue
    Seniors: Black

    (Note: Not all girls wear the leggings.)
  3. This sounds very, very interesting. I do hope others come in, and I probably shall. :)
  4. I'm glad you think so ^.^
    Feel free to join whenever you like.
  5. Name: Found Dansoir. Her parents named her Found, since they had 'found' her.
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Race: Angel
    Side: Resistance,

    Appearance: Her hair is long and white with a few black streaks, while her eyes a cloudy gray. Her lips are barely considered full, and a small gap between her two front teeth may be seen. Her skin is of a fairly normal shade, although the white hair makes it appear paler than it is.
    "Picture" (open)

    Personality: Found has become fearcely determined in the name of the Resistance, sacrificing anything needed for them to prevail. War has hardened her, trapping the sadness in her eyes. This was not always the case, for she used to be kind, caring and joyous, with a wonderful sense of humor and an ever-present smile. The humor has now become sarcastic, although sometimes a faint glimmer of her old self will surface.

    She enjoys a bow and arrows, along with twin stilettos.

    Power(s): Holy (Light) magic. This includes healing and any other things involving light.

    History: It all started when the little baby, her lovely feathered wings all wrapped up tight around her, had been taken in by a family of humans. When the war began, one word could describe her. Neutral. That is what she had been. She had seen the choas, seen the battle, but could not bring herself to take part in the fight. She had two 'siblings', a big brother and a little sister. Her brother one day told her that he had joined the Resistance a few months ago, and had tried to pursuade her to do the same. She had panicked, saying that she couldn't do anything, and had ran into the forest behind their home. When she had returned, two hours later, she came upon a bloody, gruesome sight: everyone was dead. She blamed Lerago even though she had no proof, believing his soldierws must have wanted to kill the Resistance members and their families. She has been in the Resistance ever since that day.

    Misc: She retracts her wings, so that she can appear human, which she claims to be. (this okay?)
  6. Yeah, that's fine. It looks good so far.
  7. Was there anything in particular you wanted angels to have, power wise? For example, did you want them to be creatures of light? Air? Or can I just take anything?
  8. Just let your imagination go wild~!

    If there is anything that I see that is too over powered for a character then I'll ask to have them tone it down.

    As for Angels, they are generally creatures of light. Any angel with dark powers is a fallen angel, and cannot be saved from the darkness that is consuming them from within, eventually destroying them mentally and physically. Angels are really the only thing I limit on here =/

    EDIT: If you know anyone who may be interested in this then please send them here ^^
  9. That's what I thought, and my character isn't Fallen. (Well, not at the moment ;) ) Anyways, I advertized it to some people for you. Gotta love the 'Roleplay Invitation Request' thread, lol.

    EDIT: Finished her off.
  10. Hey, I'll make a character tomorrow if you're still taking joiners. I'm too tired to atm. But I'm definitely interested.
  11. Hey! I wouldn't mind joining this! But I'll have to fill out the character sheet later. If that is okay? This sounds like fun!
  12. Yeah, take your time guys in filling out the character sheet.

    By the way, this is based off of a book that I'm almost done writing. I don't expect things to go exactly how I have written it, mostly because there will be different characters and other people contributing to the story. There are some things that I would like to have, and things that we need to have before starting. So this could turn out to be a massive group roleplay unless some people take on more characters.

    --We need at least 2 more Resistant leaders, 5 more leaders at the most, and preferably one of each race. Human is already taken by Karin since her and her brother are important to this story.

    --In my story, Lerago has a seductive elf woman that is completely devoted to him. She is mainly a magic user, but can use bows and arrows. I'll let whoever wants this kind of character determine everything about her, but she needs to be seductive and always trying to win Lerago's affections.

    He also has two generals to start out with. Sorry, but they will most likely be male since Lerago won't let that many women in his army. If you want to be a general in his army, but want it to be a woman then I'll let the first person to post the bio take that spot. She'll have to be really talented in a certain area to have Lerago allow her to be his general.

    --Teachers! We need teachers for the students at the academy. Speaking of students we need some of those too. They can be actual characters that play a part in the story or just an NPC. Either way, we need these. How else is a Magic School supposed to function without them?

    What the teachers teach is up to you guys! I'll give you some examples of subjects that are in my book: Elemental Magics (Usually a teacher teaches their strongest element to their students. So there'll be a fire magic teacher, water magic, air magic, earth magic, etc.), Potion Making, History of Asis (Origins of magic in Asis, history of the kings and queens before Lerago, etc.), Magical Creatures (how to care for them, what they can do, how to defend against them, how to earn their trust), and much more~!

    Feel free to ask questions, and I'll get the answer to them as soon as possible~! ^.^

    EDIT: There is a secret race of people!! They are even rarer than the Angels, and I'll only allow ONE person to have that character. First person to PM about the details gets to have that kind of character. If they don't want it then I'll move onto the second person who sent in a PM.
  13. Hey can i join, i want my charcter to be the seductive elf lady.
  14. Yes, go right ahead Nicho.
  15. ok ill make a charcter as soon as i can :P
  16. Name: Malifest
    Gender: Female
    Age: ???
    Race: Demon
    Side: Neutral (Although if she were to pick a side it would be for Lord Lerago)

    She is tall, lanky, but firm in muscle. Stands about 5'11". Her upper body is much longer than her leg portion, which makes her flexible. Her face is oval shaped, long with high cheek bones. Her brows are thick but defined, as for her eyes are sunken but a crystal blue, very intimidating to look at. Her skin tone is of a pinkish red, dots of darker red of discoloration on her shoulders and cheeks (freckles). Her hair is pitch black and has a boyish cut. Her horns spiral close together but point up.

    Her armor is black, but very light; revealing tummy and mostly arms. It spikes up wards with raven-like designs. On her armor sleeves they had spikes which can easily be used as a weapon/defense, red orb on each one. Her leg braces are only at her knees, the loin cup is connected to the chest piece, making one body armor. Feet are are three toed, and rugged which are meant to be bare-footed. Her cup size is a A (If anyone really cares knowing...)

    Cruel, cunning, serious, paranoid, Conniving, blunt, but she stays always truthful and never breaks a vow. Prefers to work alone. [B][B][B]

    Weapon(s): [IMG][/IMG]
    Both the small silver one and black one. [B][B][B]

    Power(s): [/B][/B][/B]
    Magic of Darkness. [B]

    Malifest in her past life was a dark prince of another realm; in which he died as an evil ruler. Mailifest was reborn as a female demon in junk yard. For some demons like Malifest, she awoke without any parents and thus learned everything by instinct, giving herself the name. Malifest has glimpses of her past life, but, always in dreams. Malifist tries to find answers for these odd recurrences of these images. Malifest works as a assassin in the district 6 area. Many know of her name but rarely do people see her. Her presence is always a mystery. Malifest lives in the basement of an abandoned shack, near the abandoned buildings in district 6. People are warned to never go there, unless they seek business with Malifest. Malifest lives her life taking lives for people that seek assistance or are too much of cowards to do it themselves. Malifest is preparing herself to leave district 6 to find someone that will help her with her puzzling clue, about her past life, what is she to live for in this life? What is she to do with this life? [B]


    (OOC: I'm sorry if she was suppose to be a student or not, I got slightly confused and I had trouble a little on her history @_@ Please tell me if I need to change anything! I also hope that it's okay that in the past life she was a different gender.)[/B]
  17. I suppose my person could be a student as well as a Rebel.
  18. Jennzies your character is perfectly fine. Neutral characters are completely welcome. And Church if you have your Angel be a student then she could be the center of attention while there. Angels are going extinct in Asis. Though I suppose if she keeps her wings hidden then she would be fine.
  19. Yay! :] Thank you. Can't wait to start the RP.
  20. Name: Sigil Delotha
    Gender: male
    Age: 17
    Race: Elf
    Side: Resistance
    Appearance: Sigil has a straight mop of black hair, that curls slightly at the edges. His hair going down to about past his ears. His slightly tanned, smooth skin has but one blemish, scar upon his right cheek. It was a slice from a knife as he was coming home one night from the bakery in district 3 when he was 14. Sigil is rather tall, and lean but muscular all the same. He has a arrogant and mischievous smirk, and a smooth and calm voice.
    fenrissigil.jpg (Just with darker hair and no facial markings except a scar)

    Personality: Sigil is kind to only his family members and the few people that have broken through a shell he has created for himself. Despite his shell few see his sarcastic and care-free personality. Years of working instead of learning has made him mature well beyond his seventeen years of age. When those close to him are threatened he can become fiercely over protective as a result of fear of loss. Good at any job he does he keeps his family supported well as the man of the house.

    Weapon(s): Handy with a knife or a dagger, not much practice with a sword but is capable of wielding one.
    Power(s): none
    History: His father was a man of the resistance himself and was often away to take care of 'business' that nobody was really sure about. Sigil was often left for weeks caring for his family, being the oldest child among four others. Their family was never particularly well off with finance but Sigil quit school at the age of 13 to take the place of his father, who was now disappearing for longer periods of time. When the man would come home Sigil and him were the best of friends. A model father figure, and he often taught him how to defend Sigil to defend himself with a knife, and even play fought with swords with the boy. One time his father went away like normal but after a month and a half when he still didn't return his mother feared the worst. Another month went by and they received a message that his father would not being coming back. Dead. Gone, for good now. There was no hope of his return this time. Sigil's mother went into a state of shock, locking herself for room and not coming out unless to make food for her children. She said nothing until late at night when Sigil could here her crying out for the man she loved dearly. Broken-hearted Sigil closed himself off to the world around him. Angry at the war that was created by the king and angry at the Resistance for not protecting his father. Still he sided with the Resistance, his father when he was alive, had planted horrible tales of about the King. For it was the king's men who took their father, and with him any normality and happiness their family had ever had.