The Few, The Many, The Strong

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  1. During the Cold War both the U.S. and the Soviet Union began to fund programs that promised them super soldiers that would fight for their cause. Unfortunately for both parties they had invested in the same company, Omega Industries. Omega Industries had plans of its own and in 1993 they launched an attack on the U.S. and the Soviet Union, Both surrendered within the month. After 2 years of peace the Super Soldiers were put into suspended animation. Several years later a group of patriots launched an attack on Omega's HQ they succeed in forcing Omega to fly the Super Soldiers out of HQ but of course that was falling right into the patriots plans, the helicopter was shot down only 6 miles from land. None of the Super Soldiers had been seen until now.
  2. Out of all of the Super Soldiers that where placed on the helicopter, only a handful survived. Very few of them survived without any damage, but the less fortunate had either internal or external bleeding. Whether or not it was serious, it was happening. The soldiers of the Omega HQ would most likely die there, and they all knew it from the start. James Adots was one of the survivors, but was one of the less fortunate ones. Out of all of the living and bleeding, he was on the bleeding side.

    But that wasn't all he was doing. James winced as he tried to sit up from the laying down position. Was the pain coming from his side? The Soldier put a hand to his side, and winced even more. There was blood. Jame scanned the area for any enemies, and sighed as he realized that he was alone once more. He stripped himself of his shirt and wrapped it around his chest area, to keep the bleeding down to as low as possible.

    Once he wrapped himself up, he stood up on his two legs. That task was a problem, even for him. His side was burning and he was sure that a bullet must still be in there, and he didn't want to bleed to death in order to take it out just yet. James looked around once more, and realized his comrades where scattered amongst the land. Some where probably gone by now, looking for something to protect themselves. James panicked, and turned to the helicopter. He found some water that he had hidden, along with most of the other packs. The Packs held some important material, as in: water, a first-aid kit, and food.

    He knew it wouldn't last long. As James rummaged thought the abandoned flying device, he let his guard down completely.
  3. Shuan sat up as he rubbed his head. " Damn... " He said as he looked around, he saw another one rummageing through the remains of the trashed helicopter. He soon got up as he checked himself for any lacerations and/or broken bones. " Good. " He said as he found none and ran to where the otherone was. " Hey anything that could be slavaged yet? " he asked as he looked ino the mangled hunk of metal. Looking inside didn't show anything primmiseing accept for a few jagged peices of metal that could be used as a weapon.
  4. James tensed up when he heard a voice that had been foreign for too long, but as his mind raced for a single moment, he realized it was one of his comrades. Relieved, he stopped tensing and turned around as he silently cursed himself. Why did he let his guard down like that? He could have easily been captured, or worse. " Yes, actually. I found a few Kits that no one took. I bet you want one. " James took one of the few bags and tossed it towards him.

    " Are there others? " He asked, as he tried to position himself on the ground. He hissed as he removed the make-shift bandage and tried to open the first-aid kit at the same time. He was sure that tensing up was the worst thing he could do, possibly it could result in loss of blood. James examined the contents, and tried to find something that could stop the bleeding.
  5. Shuan looked back. " Nope it don't look like they are responding. " He said as he looked back to his fellow teamate. " You need assitance? " he asked as he knelt down and looked at the blood seeping through James's shirt.
  6. James sighed, and looked up at his comrade. " I might. I don't think I can wrap it by myself. " He pulled out a few rolls of the gauze and handed it to him. He rummaged through it for a few minuets, and he really couldn't find any disinfectant to clean the wound with it. He would use the water, but he needed to save it.
  7. Shuan unwrapped the guaze and soon started to wrap it around James's abdomen pulling it tight enough for it to stop the bleeding. " Well atleast you arent alone now right? " he said as he smiled lightly. " So how far off from civilization do you think we are? " He asked as he looked off to the east.
  8. " I'm willing to guess that we're a few miles from anyone else. Maybe even more if they're not willing to help us. " James hissed as he felt the foreign wraps around the wound. " Fifteen, maybe twenty. We weren't flying for long, but you know how fast these things fly. " James let out a deep breath when he realized that the wrapping had been complete. " Thank you, Shuan. " James said, as he smiled brightly at the other. He was sure that he had saved his life.
  9. Shuan just nodded as he stood and grabbed one of the jagged peices of metal. He took some tape out of the pack he got and wrapped it around the bottome. " There works just like a handle. " He said as he smiled and looked at the edge of it. " Well sharp enough.. " He said as he looked at james.
  10. " You call that a weapon? " He scoffed. James turned his body to look into the broken flying device. " I think I might have my gun in my bag. But God knows where that could be. " He sighed, and looked up at Shuan. " When do you want to make camp? " James could guess that he would be staying with him for a while.
  11. " Well lets close the gap from us and civilization alill bit first then we will set up camp. " he said as he hopped down to the ground. " And yes i call this a weapon i specialize in meele weapons and hand to hand combat. " he said turning to james and smiled.