The Few Against the Dead

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  1. Well, it's late and I'm kinda brain dead, so...
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    Anyhow, before I pass out, I want to put this out there so that I don't forget.
    Well, as the title suggests, I'm looking for a small-ish team, for a zombie RP. I tend to be a scout, assassin, and sniper. Anyone else with class suggestions, as well as anyone who would like to join, it would be appreciated. Thank you, and goodnight. *face-keyboards*
  2. Oooh! Pretty! yay, okie dokie, suggestions:

    Scout/Assassin - For scouting ahead and checking the area, ect.
    Leader - Kinda obvious..keeps the group together and makes sure everyone get's out alive
    Medical Advisor - Like the doctor of the group
    Mechanics Specialist - Your fixer-upper. Able to fix anything/hack anything (within reason..of course)
    Explosive Expert - You 'big boom' person. The one who always suggest 'Let's blow it up!'
    Recruit - It's always fun to put someone who's looking up to someone and learning as they go (I want this one XD)

    Yeah. =) How's this sound?
  3. Alive is... Overrated XD Just not infected. And sure, a recruit'd be fine. Course, I can't really be both me and a leader, so it makes that rough... we'll need others.
  4. Ooo this sounds fun! I'll be the leader if you want.
  5. If you need another person, I can be the medic or the explosion junkie.
  6. Arrows - I was just listing some.

    =O YAY! more peoples =)
  7. Explosive heals. Hell YES. XD
  8. Well, we still need a rookie and a techy...
  9. I can be the rookie =)

    I think this is the lineup:

    Leader- Shizuka
    Assassin/Sharpshoot/Scout- Arrows
    Medic- Can be Silver
    Explosive- Can be Silver
    Techie- (open)
    Rookie- SilverJae

    Correct me if I'm wrong!
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  10. Hey, um... can I join? oO I can be the Techie.
  11. Cool =) I think Arrows would be okay with it.

    New lineup:

    Leader- Shizuka
    Assassin/Sharpshoot/Scout- Arrows
    Medical and Explosive Expert- Can be Silver
    Techie- HueNost
    Rookie- SilverJae

    I could combine the medic and explosive experts..that gives an interesting character...humm..
    *new spot created*
    Medical and Explosive Expert
    *two spots deleted.*
    Medical expert and Explosive advisor

    Arrows, is this okay?
  12. =D Thanks. I figured that would help a little
  13. Seems fine to me :3
  14. So... um... shall we start?
  15. Sure. Whoever wants to, fire away
  16. Wait, don't we need an IC thread in the 'Scifi' forum? (I just don't want anyone getting in trouble by an admin)