The Feud of Those Who Are Powerful

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    It all started with a a feud. A fued between two forces, known as demons and vampires. There are at most ten on each side, that is, only in this local area. All over the world this fued exists between these groups. And within the two forces, there are smaller ones for which they belong, fighting each other, trying to weaken the other side.

    John and Polly Pason were members of the demon gang, and had a daughter. Her name was Mallory. But Mallory was human. It is extremely rare to find a demon couple produce a human child. She was very valuable, though she did not know. She was unaware that her parents worked for the demon gang, and that they were demons themselves. In fact, she didn't even know vampires and demons existed. But she was soon to find out.

    Everyday, Mallory's parents also held the position of her guardians in addition to their feud, the vampire gang constantly trying to capture Mallory, trying to use her as a weapon to their advantage. One day, they succeed.

    Some vampire force members set fire to the Pasons' home, and a disaster began. John and Polly died, and Mallory passed out from the smoke, but was later crucially injured. Though she could've died, but ____ [name insert for rp], a close friend of Polly and John and a member of the demon gang as well, saved her while the vampires were looking for her at the same time. He quickly took her to the hospital, and the doctors did all they could. She would have major body pain when she moves for a while, and has a cast on either leg, for it was broken. Mallory was in a small coma for a while. A period of three weeks. That time while she was asleep, she rested in ____'s home. He knew he was to raise her as his own, and protect her from whatever comes their way.


    She slowly became conscious again, feeling fatigued and nauseous. Where was she? She furrowed her eyebrows as she remembered what happened yesterday, or so she thought it was yesterday. Mallory's head was filled with mixed emotions. Fright, confusion, anger, stress, but most of all pain. She assumed her parents were at a hospital, and feared the worst. But, directly applying to her, she didn't know where she was. She closed her eyes and tried to remember. Where was she?