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  2. First post!
  3. Damn! How dare you D:
  4. Because I am the worst kind of person and enjoy the pain of others ^~^! <3
  5. Terrible. Absolutely terrible. The worst of the worst, haha.
  6. Thank you kind madam, you are most kind. I tip my hat towards you
  7. Perfect response. Except I am a madam :P
  8. I have no idea what you are talking off <.< >,>
  9. Haha, I completely read this wrong at first.
  10. Out of character chat threads belong in the Signup & Plot Discussions subforum of whatever section your roleplay will be located on, not in General Chatting. You should use the Request Thread Moderation feature to get this thread moved to the appropriate area, or delete it with your thread controls and remake it in the appropriate area.

    If you get it moved, I'll delete this post since it'll no longer be relevant and I'm not part of your roleplay.
  11. We'll get it fixed(: I think it's actually just intended for us to talk to each other, not really a "out of character" thread and it was a slip of the words. The link he posted at the top is more or less where we're discussing specifics about our roleplay. Thank you for this though. We'll get it switched around.
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  12. If it's just for bullshitting (and there's nothing wrong with that) id suggest a group PM instead.
  13. We're fixing it, thank you.
  14. It is NOT part of any currently existing roleplay, this is more the chatting zone while we are building the world and set the plot. I do not believe that this should be moved into a Signup and plot discussion because this itself, is not actually a plot discussion either.

    I know the Thread name may be a bit confusing.

    edit: noticed the harsh wording, please do not take this as hostile/offending.
  15. I am going to contribute a couple of maps and a nation or two over the course of this week, depends on how much time I have at my disposal. Right now its gonna be tight with RPs I currently participate in as well. Helping one of my protectlings with getting through a very unique situation.
  16. Ok. this wasn't a very good idea. Lets just forget this thread existed. I don't wanna make the admin wrinkle their brows.
  17. Is there a limit to people on PMs? give that a shot :o
  18. There's a limit, but I think we're just under it, so it should be fine.
  19. Whoops. 20 people, so yeah we're definitely good.
  20. Nah, it's cool, it wasn't that harsh at all, you were just explaining things. It's all good, you folks are getting it sorted out.

    For future knowledge though, the Signups & Plot Discussion section name is slightly misleading. General out of character chatter threads that are connected to a roleplay also go there, and usually people just bundle the OOC chatter and plot discussion into one potentially confusing mess of a thread. :P
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