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  1. Xandria City of Heroes


    Xandria was once a fabled city thought to be nothing more than work of pure fiction derived from ancient scripts and stories. This would prove to be untrue however, as little over a century has passed since this magnificent city has been reclaimed. Now the city stands as the apex of civilization and peace, but before that there was not but war. Xandria first emerged on an a large island nestled between two continents. This event became known as the Cataclysm, for the events that followed threatened to leave the world in ash and ruins. Xandria became the fixation of the world's empires and kingdoms alike. The first to enter the city were the religious Humans of the church of Elspith. The followers of Elpsith quickly discovered the true wealth of this city. It was not in the vaults filled with gold, or even in the oldest library filled with knowledge, it was the Labyrinth built in a chasm beneath the city itself.

    The followers of Elspith declared the city a holy construct; an emblem of faith. This simple declaration lead to a vast pilgrimage that quickly flooded the city with immigrants. It was also during this time that foreign invaders sought to claim the city for themselves. War spread like a wildfire. Races that were once at peace were slaughtering one another just for a glimpse of Xandria. Decades of war left the island stained with blood, disease and famine spread claiming untold lives in the process. Religious fervor coupled against greed and envy sent tens of thousands to meet with death. It was not until the Stratagos intervened to bolster the religious forces of Elspith, that they could end the war due to overwhelming numbers.

    Peace had once again returned to world, and the races began to rebuild their lives. The Stratagos shared power with the Church of Eslpith. Their combined military might ensured the city would remain in their hands. The city opened it's gates to not just Humans, but all races who wished to start a new life. Trade flourished and gold flooded into the city with each merchant ship docking at the harbor. A seemingly perfect coexistence of races lived within the city, but there was also a darkness that gripped all those who lived within. All along the marble walls, along the city streets, and adorned as fountains were statues of men and woman of varying races. All these statues depicted as warriors and adventurers alike. Scholars and mages studied the Labyrinth beneath the city, and concluded that the statues were connected to it. Their names inscribed in the marble showed they were heroes, the greatest unspoken heroes ever born. The conquerors of the Labyrinth.
    The Labyrinth

    Underneath the city of Xandria lies the Chasm. A place of much mystery and speculation. Scholars and mages alike have studied this place for years, and still they can not come up with a definitive reason for its existence. Mages speculate that the chasm was at one time a natural formation under the earth, but through magical influence an artificial sun was created within the cavern, thus allowing grass and various other vegetation to grow in abundance in what was a dark and empty space. The artificial light flooding the cavern was not the most mysterious construct found in the cavern however, instead the most puzzling thing found was the Labyrinth. A construct near the same size as the city above. All along the outside of the Labyrinth are statues depicting Elspith, a mortal turned God. The Church of Elspith is the most widely worship religion found in the world, and her followers have jealously guarded this place for decades. All who have entered the Labyrinth have never returned, not even the most devout of Elspith's followers. In an attempt to uncover the secrets of the maze, the Church of Elspith have revealed the Labyrinth to world, and opened the chasm for all to enter. Rumors began to circulate of what lies within the Labyrinth. The most widely accepted rumor is that any who find the center of the Labyrinth will have their greatest wish granted. Thousands have ventured into the Labyrinth but no one has yet found its center.
    Stratagos Empire


    The Stratagos in short is a collection of races, comprised into a single army. The main body of the Army is made up of Humans however, even goblins are known to be apart of their ranks. The Stratagos has been an integral part of the military forces of Xandria for decades. They are well known throughout the world as one of the fiercest military organizations of this era. Their leaders are generals comprised of different races that share power. This lack of a single ruler leads the organization to fracture and be at odds at times. To counter this flaw, they rely on a group conscientious to decide on major decisions. The outcome of the Cataclysm has garnered them prestige of all those who live in Xandria and beyond. Now they serve as a police force over the city.
    Church of Elspith


    The Church of Elspith is the most widely worship religion in the world. Their priest spread their faith in even the most hostile and distant lands. The Church is dictated by a single High Priestess. This one woman serves her Church from birth to the her Death, and has more political power than any king or emperor alive. She has but to utter a word and an entire kingdom could be excommunicated from the Church. This could lead to a Holy Crusade, something no kingdom wishes to face. The Church follows the doctrine of Elspith. A woman said to obtain Godhood, yet walked the Earth as a mortal. The Knights of Elspith are feared as the church's guard dogs, despite the fact the order is made up of entirely female knights.
    Rules & Dice System

    1: Gm and Co-Gm's have final say.
    2: Posting expectations will not be a factor, unless the player hinders progress within the RP.
    3: Major combat scenarios will be collaborated through PM, and decided based on dice rolls.
    4: Ability Scores are a result of random dice throws by the Gm, they are not negotiable.
    5: Because of the dice system player death is a possible outcome of battles. All players must abide by the dice system, there are no re-rolls or mulligans.

    The Dice System and Ability Scores:

    The dice system will distinguish hit and misses during combat. I have taken this element from the D&D series, but not to the extent that dice involves every aspect of the game.

    Ability Scores:
    Strength: The main attribute for melee focused characters. The higher your strength value is, the greater damage modifier you will gain.

    Dexterity: Rogues and archers will gain the most benefit from this ability. Many weapons such as rapiers, daggers, and bows require dexterity to use. Such weapons will gain a damage modifier based on how high this ability is.

    Constitution: Effects all characters. High constitution effects the total hit points your character has.

    Intelligence: Effects mages and spellcasters. Some spells require a high intelligence to use. Mages gain a damage modifier from this ability.

    Wisdom: Effects clerics, Templars, and any class focused on using religious spells. Anyone using spells associated with a God or deity will need to have a high wisdom to gain the most benefit from a damage modifier.

    Charisma: Hmmm well, lets say that a high enough charisma will give you a saving throw. If your character fucks up on a dice roll, a high enough charisma will allow him 1 mulligan during combat.
    Character Sheet

    Ability Score: (Will be added by the GM)
    Level: (Starting levels will be 1-5, 1 being a novice 5 being a proficient fighter.)
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  2. Samuel De Payens (open)

    Name: Samuel De Payens

    Age: 24

    Race: Human




    Family Longsword: 1d8

    Short bow: 1d6

    Armor: Studded Leather, (AC= 14)

    Bio/History: Samuel was at one time the son of a prestigious noble family hailing from the far western continent of Albaria. Now he is little more than a vagrant on the run. At a young age he was selected to squire for an Inquisitor. Such an act was considered a great honor. Samuel was taken from his family and taken to the Holy Sanctum. Their he was given a proper education, by the Holy Order's standards at least. He read scripture daily, any other source was forbidden to him. His life became a series of constant prayer and strict rules.

    When he came of age, the Inquisitors took him from the Order to train as one of them. Swordplay and horsemanship was just the basics of his training. Samuel devoted himself to the Inquisitors, learning all that he could from them. Over the years Samuel quickly began to raise up among their ranks. His devotion to the Inquisitors never once being questioned. He served them faithfully, even when he was order to hunt down and burn witches. He condemned many to burn, and not once did he question the morality of his actions. The Order deemed them sinners, and it was the Inquisitors that distributed justice.

    Ability Score:
    Hit Points: 25
    Strength: 17
    Dexterity: 14
    Constitution: 15
    Intelligence: 7
    Wisdom: 11
    Charisma: 11

    Level: 3
  3. *WIP/Place Holder*​

    | Name |
    Erin Lockt (Standard spelling equivalent: Aaron Locked)

    Gender | Age | Race | Level
    Female | 23 | Human | [Undecided]
    | Appearance |
    | Weapons |
    | Armor |
    | Ability Score |
    Hit Points:
    Strength: 14
    Dexterity: 14
    Constitution: 13
    Intelligence: 13
    Wisdom: 12
    Charisma: 9

    | Bio/History |
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  4. @Honorific @Kaykay @Zella Celeste

    I apologize for tagging the three of you.

    The reason is that all of you mentioned interest in our fellowship Private message gathering and as such I would like to kindly point to this thread; where @Sammael9216 has opened the OOC for what we have worked on on the PM.

    With many Desires~
    Desire(though I am probably going to change the name soon)
  5. Main Character(Proofread&Approval Pending) (open)

    Princess Reverà of Ceserie


    Blood Humvar



    None, only a few dresses with the colors and symbols of the royal family.

    "Last night, I dreamt I was there again. Far beyond the mountaints that protect our west, father. Far beyond the ocean, there lies a city. A city envied for, longed for and once fought for. The dream edges me bellow the city, a spirit resided in it's chaos. An enemy I fear."
    She felt her heart pound in her chest, her eyes still saw it. The spirit with a crown on it's head, rotting flesh, the hollow eyes...
    She feared it.

    Thoughtfull eyes reflected in Reverà's eyes.
    "Reverà, I know of the dream you speak of... Though... you are the first to speak of seeing the spirit. I cannot let you skip going west, each of us have before we came to rule... And"
    "we all have to show our peaceful intentions by heading to their cultural center, socialize and attend their activites for two decades."
    "You paid attention, daughter. I am proud of you."
    A smile formed on her father's lips.
    "But dad, is there really no way? That thing is terrifying me! It feels like it is waiting for me, for me to come and die, to be consumed by it. I don't want to go."

    Her father turned his head to the left.
    "Erièl, I want you to accompany my daughter. Protect her with your life. She has to go, but I cannot bear to let watch her go like this on her own."

    Ability Score:
    Hit Points:


    Further thoughts behind the concept:
    Suppossed to be useless at the beginning
    Was sent for the usually diplomatic cycle
    Is the youngest family member of the royal family, in two hundred years she is supposed to take the throne and would rule until the time had come for her own direct offspring.

    Her Bodyguard(Proofread&Approval Pending) (open)

    Templar Erièl




    A "mana forged" blade.
    The blade looks like colored glas, but the blade itself belongs to one of the sharpest kind known to the eastern continent, the process of crafting such a weapon is an undertaking that would take two human's in succession to work for their entire life.

    Clothing that is magically enhanced to protect the templar from harm's way,

    "Erièl, I want you to accompany my daughter. Protect her with your life. She has to go, but I cannot bear to let watch her go like this on her own."

    "As you command, majesty."
    The Templar bowed with heartfelt obedience.

    Must have been fifteen years now...
    he took me in, off from the streets.

    "No child will suffer in my Empire" And the first Orphanage, funded by the imperial government, was opened shortly later, searching and taking in the children that were without a home.

    But that would not be my fate, he brought me to the great cathedral. A marvelous symbol for her holy goddess.
    But I would not stay there, he explained that the goddess was like the mother that gave birth to this empire, the origin, the creator of everyhing I knew. I was dazzled with amazement.
    He took me to the royal palace, introduced me to his daughter, Reverà, whom was much younger than I was and asked me to keep an eye onto her. He noted that her curiousity always lead her astray. Once we ended up searching the entire castle when she disappeared from her mother's garden, only to find her sitting next to the garden's fountain.
    Though this is not the only thing I was given, after visiting the Great Cathedral I felt that that was my purpose in my life, to life by the codex that the goddess gifted to us, to become somebody whom would fight in her holy symbol. The kind emperor cought me sneaking away to the cathedral more than once and decided to see to the education that would fullfill my dream.

    I am the youngest Templar, one of four. My name is Erièl and I am the protector of the Ceserie, the royal family.
    My style of fighting is often viewed with confusion. I bear a single blade, yet six more of the same kind would let themself be lead by my mind. Magic, they called it, though I know of no such thing for this is merely a blessing from the goddess herself.

    Ability Score:
    Hit Points:


    Further thoughts behind the concept:
    -There are supposed to be no more than four templar in total at any given time in the religion of the goddess of feminity.
    -She is the princesses bodyguard and thus subject to possibly dying if the sotry developement should go into that direction.

    The Empire that lies in the far east (open)



    Primary Race:

    The virgin Goddess of Feminity

    General Terrain:
    The terrain is similiar to western europe, very green, lush.


    Defense, the mountains protects their western, northern and southern borders while a great wall protects their east.
    Diplomacy with the west.

    Offensive Warfare
    Gourilla Warfare
    Foreign Terrain

    Historic Legend:
    (the same as in the race section)

    -The Empire is thought to be too far off into the east and too well defended to be worth waging war onto.

    Race(Proofread&Approval Pending) (open)

    Blood Humvar
    (sub species of humans)

    Physical Remarks:
    Red eyes

    Do not age post the age of 16 physically

    Reproduction notes:
    The chance for a female species to conceive a child is something that only occurs once every 500 years. As such the menstruation cycles are being recorded and kept track of to ensure that chances are at its best. PMS and otherwise irregular cycles do not occur.
    Incest is nothing strange to the royal family.
    Impregnation of a female of a different race by a male Blood Humvar is not possible.
    Impregnation of a female Blood Humvar by another race is possible, but chances of the child's survival are low.

    (Legend, does not essentially represent the truth)
    Legends say that once an incarnation of a goddess from a different world came and aided the cesedrian armies in a desperate, attritious war.
    This goddess would become to be known as the goddess of feminity, she commanded the royal family, the Ceserie, to build a wall to the east, for creatures of dark nature would continue to invade their land. The west, she created mountain ranges and only left room for access to a single harbor, trade would flow through this central point into the east and Cemàr, the capital, largest and most known city of the east would come to be.
    As a last gift, that goddess shared a blood pact with the royal family and thus the Humvar would be created.

    Specification Talents/Abilites:
    With enough practice or by sheer accident in a situation of severe danger the Blood Humvar can access the power in their blood and increase their physical and mental capabilities until their safety is ensured.
    This does not bear any price but is very difficult to trigger this manually.
    There are only two known Blood Humvar that have been able to achieve this, them being the first Imperial Line, now the oldest people known to the far eastern continent.

    Other notes:
    -It was not a goddess, it was a demoness that concluded the blood pact and it is her rival's armies that attack the Cesedrian Empire in the east.

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