The Felanan Myths: Veiled Fantasy OOC (Reboot)

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  1. The Felanan Myths: Veiled Fantasy

    Tarani was alone. A great and powerful goddess, and beautiful besides, she had a void in her heart. She was the First.

    Out of the nothingness sprang Felan, a mighty god, strong and proud. He decided that he would indeed take the beautiful Tarani to be his bride, and for a time things were good. He was the Second.

    The heart-void remained.

    First, Felan forged the molten lands to the north, awesome in their fiery beauty. Still, Tarani barely smiled.

    Emboldened by this slight display of emotion, the Smith froze the south with his powerful bellows. The ice was breathtaking, but Tarani was still melancholy.

    Felan tried his hardest, gathering material from the far corners of his creation. The god forged it all into two small creatures, cutting his thumb during the smithing. A tiny bit of his blood became part of the creatures, giving them his will and ingenuity. Tarani was astonished by these creatures, and while holding them in her hand her heart was filled. She blessed them with her gifts- language, magic, and a moral compass.

    Erim and Naora, they were named, the Third and Fourth. Together they set out into Felan's creation, seeking to tame the wilds left from his neglecting of the world while he forged humanity. A test, the Smith decided. Defeat the disorder, and immortality was theirs.

    The two did well. Well enough for Felan to make many more, in fact, and in different shapes, sizes, and abilities. A proud but small race known as the Terna were created during this time, as well as the Rewan, not loved like Felan's other creations.

    Two, however, were different. Nerom and Hema were incomplete, lacking Tarani's sense of good and evil. The Fifth and the Sixth. They chased after Erim and Naora, seeking to steal their right to immortality.

    All would have been well, if Naora was not pregnant. Forced to stay and with her mate refusing to leave her, Nerom and Hema caught them as the child was born. All five were snatched up and deemed immortal, by a reluctant Felan.

    The child is known as the Strider in Darkness, earthborn but godly parented. He wanders this world, seeking his completion, not truly belonging anywhere. He is the Seventh.

    Rumors speak of an Eighth coming, though the form they will take and when they will come is a mystery...

    The Gods:

    The First: Tarani, Goddess of Magic, Language, and Good, Tarani was the first to come out of nothing.
    The Second: Felan, God of Creation, Light, and the Forge, Felan created the land to attempt to fill a gap in Tarani's heart, eventually creating mankind.
    The Third: Erim, God of Humanity, Faith, and War, Erom was the first man- and half of the pair that finally filled the empty place.
    The Fourth: Naora, Goddess of Beauty, Love, and Valor, Naora was the first woman, created at the same time as Erim.
    The Fifth: Nerom, God of Evil, Cruelty, and Fear, Nerom was a flawed being created without Tarani's touch, and seized godlike powers when Erim and Naora got theirs.
    The Sixth: Hema, Goddess of Death, Destruction, and Lust, Hema is the partner of Nerom, and born with the same flaws he was.
    The Seventh: The Strider in Darkness. Only four beings know his true name, and he's the only god bound to the mortal plane. Not near as powerful as the others, he's been tainted by the dark and can't return to his home until he finds his partner and is made complete. God of travelers, children, and “places between.”

    The World and its Inhabitants

    Western Belun is a widely varied land, from the village of Sieg in the Artanan Mountains to the east to the port of Teluma in the west. The north is home to the volcanoes of Yon, and the south the glaciers of Xew, with the great Alban woods between. The Artanan mountains form a line that bisects the land into two even sections, but the east in inaccessible. See the section on Seig for more information.

    Important locations and species are detailed here, with those made by players listed afterward.


    Sieg: A small village in the heart of Burgin's Gap, what used to be the only safe passage through the Artanan mountain range. The Gap was sealed when a necromancer-led horde of undead soldiers destroyed the Kingdom of Fraveth. A statue of an ancient knight stands in the center, said to revive when the world most needs him.

    Teluma: A port city and the capital of the human kingdom sharing its name, Teluma is the premier location for new technologies, art, and fashion. It's lit by magistone lamps, with the roads radiating in spokes from the Imperial Court in the center. Sturdy walls surround the town, though the gates haven't been closed in centuries. For an idea of the technology level of Teluma, imagine a clockwork, steampunk city, but powered by clean magic instead of steam.

    The Alban Woods: A great forest in the center of the continent, and home to the majority of the Terna people.

    Hefil: A town in the southern wastes and built into the caves of a giant glacier, Hefil is the settling place of most Rewan.


    Humans are going to be your main race. The first species created by Tarani and Felan working together, almost all humans have some type of magic. That magic may manifest itself as slightly enhanced physical abilities, pyrokinesis... The usual, though focused abilities like pyrokinesis usually belong to those who have trained for decades. Most powers are very weak.

    Warlocks, a subspecies of human, are those who have so much internal magic that it bubbles over, making them a living battery of arcane power. These generally have a hard time focusing their abilities into a cohesive spell or the like, instead using focusing instruments, like a pair of pistols. Warlocks all have one thing in common- eyes that glow slightly in the dark.

    Another race, the noble Terna, almost exclusively focus their formidable magic power into their physical form, and are able to pull off nearly impossible feats as a result. The Terna also specialize in making "charged" weapons, an implement that allows normal people to use a warlock's powers- for a limited number of charges, of course. The average Terna is slightly shorter and slighter than a human, with runic tattoos and friendly but proud green eyes. They live in small camps inside the Alban Woods, and are a species of warriors and hunters.

    The final major race, the Rewan, are, despite their unearthly beauty, a side-effect of humans. Having no natural magic of their own and shunned by the other species, the Rewan are practically immune to the other races' arcane arts. Spells falter within five feet of them, and a Terna's strength will desert him or her, leaving them with ordinary abilities. A Rewan is tall and graceful, with skin like that of purest ash. Their eyes are, nearly without exception, blue. They tend to be more skittish and timid than other races, and few Rewan are seen outside of their village of Hefil in the frigid glaciers of Xew.

    Profile Form


    Species: Human, Warlock, Terna, Rewan or custom. Customs must be well detailed, and I would highly, highly prefer that they be original. Don't go for the vampire, go for the Vrewa (made that up XD).

    Appearance: Duh.


    Personality: Optional but encouraged.


    Skills/Abilities: For all those physical and magical skills you have.


    Please note that this is a guideline- feel free to add more blanks, but I need to see that information.


    1. All Iwaku rules and standards apply.

    2. Listen to the staff.

    3. Arguments/debates are okay, but stay civil.

    4. No godmodding. Dodging unavoidable attacks, ignoring injuries, etc.

    5. This fits under godmodding: No metagaming. Knowing things your character didn't learn, magically crashing another player's party without a good IC reason.

    6. Put “Let gods lie” in your profile to prove you read this.

    7. Don't kill another player's character without permission from him/her. Make sure to write that you have permission in the post where you kill the character.

    8. NPC autohitting is permitted as long as you play realistically. If you charge a group of Terna warriors waving nothing but a wooden sword, squawking like a chicken, and you're winning, that's breaking the rules.

    9. No destroying major locations without explicit permission

    10. No bunnying. That means taking control of another person's character without getting their okay.

    11. Double posting... Nah.

    12. Have fun!

    Recent History:

    This section is mostly blank. However, the King-Regent of Teluma is currently hosting a ball, and all citizens are invited. The nobles are in an uproar over the invitation of Terna and Rewan as well.
  2. Someone requested I post an example char sheet. This isn't mine, the blanks are out of order, and it's way more detailed than it needs to be, but here ya are XD

    Name: Alistair Sieg
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown, somewhere in the neighborhood of several hundred years. Looks to be in his early twenties.
    Weapons: Alistair carries on his person several weapons, notable among them a large longsword sheathed on his back. It’s blade is carefully maintained, with ancient lettering on the side, indecipherable for those of the modern era. It’s hilt is gold in color, with a simple leather wrapped handle. Several long daggers are sheathed at his waist.
    Magic: Alistair was given for his valor a unique gift. He can, in limited capacities, channel the power of Erim, his old King. Such powers are usually related to weapons and combat, and they can manifest in several forms. However, there is a severe drawback. The mortal form was never meant to channel the power of a god in any capacity, even with their blessing. Extended use causes damage to his body, and if he were to use it for too long, his body would destroy itself from the strain. As such, it is an ability rarely used.
    Appearance: Alistair stands at over six feet tall, clad in shining, off white armor. Silver accents give color to the metal. The armor itself is clearly old, a relic of a more civilized age, crafted with a unique sense of dignity. Large shoulder pauldrons rest on either side of the chest piece, the edges tinted silver. His helm forms closely to his head, sculpted to resemble a lion’s head and mane. Outside of his armor, he tends to dress in old clothes, simple leather or cotton, despite his fomer affluence. He is, unsurprisingly, quite muscular, though it is not always obvious at first. His black hair is kept carefully maintained, resting a short distance above brown eyes.
    Bio: Generations ago, in a time long lost to the annals of history, Felan was at war. Nerom and Hema had gathered their forces on the land’s western side, a great army filled with the most powerful creatures the two could conjure, the worst shades, the things of nightmares. They intended to march on the west, and march they did. But when the first wave crossed the mountains, they discovered that the other gods had been ready for them. An army had been created to face them head, their ranks filled with every able bodied fighter they could find, led by a single King. The fighting was vicious, but the assault was slowed, and before long, evil’s forces began to fall back, inch by inch, toward the mountains.

    But another force waited beyond them, slower than the first, moving to aid the army in the west. Valiantly though they fought, the King’s army would not prevail if reinforcements were allowed to arrive. And so it was that when Nerom and Hema’s vanguard arrived at the narrow Burgin’s Gap, they found their way blocked by a small contingent of soldiers. The King’s very best, they fought for four days against the numerically superior foe, their number slowly dwindling. By the morning of the fourth day only four warriors remained to defend the pass. By noon, only one remained. Surrounded by fallen enemies and allies alike, the knight continued to fight, determined to hold the pass as long as possible. But despite his best efforts, he was felled by an enemy sword. Nerom and Hema were not able to savor their victory for long, for no sooner did he fall, than a horn sounded from beyond the gap. The warriors had bought the King’s army enough time to prevail in the west, and carry on to the pass. Nerom and Hema’s forces fell that day, never again to gather in such force.

    But the final knight was not yet gone. At the battle’s end he still lived, but it was clear that he would soon pass. Tarani, however, deemed that it was not yet his time. Moments before his passing, the knight was sealed in a statue, surrounded by stone effigies of his fallen comrades. A single inscription on the base proclaimed that when the gods deemed the time right, the warrior would awaken once more.

    Decades passed, and a town of the same name arose in Burgin’s Gap, built around the monument. Over the years the writing has faded, and the legend with it. Even those that remember doubt its truthfulness now, but some still believe, and spread the story as they can.

    But the time foretold is now upon the world.
  3. I'd like to take part in this o/
    I'll post a character later today, with custom (in fact, unknown) species. And probably poorly drawings as references, but at least with a good description, too. XD
  4. Go ahead! I'm big on player creativity so go for it!
  5. Name: Erynie Chalyope

    Species: Unknown, even to him

    (Fake) 'Human-ish' appearance: 6'2" tall, thin, dark blond/light brown wavy hair to the middle of his back. His eyes are a deep shade of indigo, almost purple. Has tanned marks resembling 'tiger stripes' in his jaw, shoulders and the end of his back; and many scars covering his skin, the most observable being the three irregular cuts crossing his face. His ears are pointy, and both are pierced. Uses long and dark clothes, and always have something around his neck: a scarf during winter, a large collar or band most of the time.

    Show Spoiler

    True appearance: His face is elongated almost like a snout, and so are his curved ears. Two horns protrude from his head, and small thorns follow the beggining of his spine, until the middle. Long tail with a tuft at the end, and digitgrade feet, with the legs slightly flexed; short dark claws and sharp fangs.

    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG] Ignore the color scheme, I was just in the mood to make something colorful ^^'

    Age: 35, but can be compared to a human of 21 years old.

    Personality: Shy, tending to coward, a bit melancholic, but mostly good in nature. Avoids talking, and when he does, uses a soft and low tone, or whispers. He's intelligent and attentive, and despite his anti-social temper, can act properly in social events, due to his education. If he feels really comfortable, displays an unexpected humor. Erynie has a deep respect for all the gods, even Nerom and Hema, but Tarani and the Seventh are special to him: The former for being the Creator and Mother of everything, and also for being responsible for the Words; the latter because Erynie can identify himself in these divine attributes, for he's a traveler, and a creature always "in the middle", not exactly part of any race known to him, with no clear origin or destiny.

    Weapons/Possessions: Uses common traveler's clothes of cotton and leather, with a large hooded coat, that helps him dissemble his uncommon traits. Has a short sword and a very sharp knife as only weapons. Inside a large backpack, has clothes adequate to a social event, that make him look more like a gentleman. He also frequently brings food and fresh water, and a few herbs to be used like medicine: if boiled, can become teas or plasters used for antidotes, healing wounds and stop blood loss. Around his right ankle uses a dark silver anklet, infused with magic, so he can assume his more human-ish form.

    Skills/Abilities: His body is highly resistive and full of stamina if necessary, but its most noticeable trait is the incredible flexibility. Erynie can jump, flex and stretch his joints like a contortionist or very skilled dancer, making him much better at escaping than fighting. While in his natural form, he's also fairly good at climbing, using his claws to grasp at the grooves on the surfaces. His senses of hearing and smell are better than human's, but he's not yet a watchdog.
    His only magic ability is related to his voice: he can affect others emotions through his words, and especially when he sings. Usually, he only confuses a potential enemy to escape, but a longer contact with his magic can change the person's desires, instincts and convictions. Sometimes, even nature seems to react to his power, in unpredictable ways. He can also make an infernal shriek that can break glass and daze everyone around him, but it hurts him terribly.

    Biography: Erynie knows nothing about his true origins. Maybe he's a distorted creation from Nerom's hands; maybe his roots are related to the mysterious lands at the far East, or he's the result of powerful magic. He was found as a child (cub?), with deep wounds that would become some of his scars, by a woman called Elena, owner of a school not far from Teluma. The school would also work as an orphanage for a few children, and a place where potential magicians and warlocks could control their abilities, under Elena's guardianship, as she was remarkable at her magic and wisdom. Erynie was raised among the others, being taught to control and avoid his powers, for they could deprive the others from their free-will, and that would be terrible. As a result, he became more and more silent. He also learned everything the other schoolers had there, including hystory, biology, literature and etiquette.

    It was clear he aged differently from humans, and he only managed to make a few friends through his life. After seven years at the school, Elena, with no clear reasons or any explanation, pierced his left year for the first time. Since then, once in a while, she would repeat the ritual, leaving him with the many earrings he has now. When at the age of 25, the tutor also gave him his anklet, to change his body and make it easier for him to travel without drawing so much attention. He explored different lands, and acted as messenger between Elena and other big shots, influent people on economy and magic matters. He still searches for informations about himself, but not with such energy as in the past. His biggest intention now is delivering a few messages to some of the illustrious guests at the ball, but he must admit he's very curious about such important occasion.

    Other: He can talk without using his power and he dances pretty well;
    He always avoid talking about his other scars, because all the episodes were very unpleasant or mildly depressing;
    due to his sensitive nose, he's slightly allergic to some smells and flowers.
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  6. This looks very interesting, I'll get a CS up sometime today but before I do I was wondering if a human/Rewan hybrid would be okay for a custom character? I'll put more details into my CS if it is =)
  7. @Fýlakas apó Kαρδίαs: Yeah, definitely! Their magic would be really weak though, if they have it at all.

    @Kyrion: Just let me know when you're finished editing and I can approve it.
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  8. Ah, I believe it's okay for now ^^'
  9. Name: Obsidian "Sid" V Tasmania

    Species: Human/Rewan Hybrid

    Appearance: She has mismatched eyes, one is emerald green and the other sapphire blue

    Age: 20

    Personality: Will rp

    Weapons (open)
    These swords are made of diamond, one if not the hardest mineral in the world, they're strapped to her waist in black scabbards. 1zexlbd.jpg
    This is her longbow infused with ice magic, its strapped to her back along with a quiver.
    These are her daggers, almost as long as short swords but not quite, their strapped horizontally to the small of her back in scabbards.

    Possessions (open)

    Magic: Obsidian has the power to create invisible shields that can be moved to wherever she wishes at will, they can only be seen once they are hit/struck by something or someone. This power is usually weak but it can get stronger with her emotions, though it also gets out of hand with them as well.
    She can also speak to and understand animals but this doesnt require much magic at all.

    Expert Archer
    Master Swordsmen
    Very agile and flexible
    Fast but not as strong as most
    Has trained herself in the art of stealth - can make herself silent and near invisible to the average person/crowd
    Expert in Persuasion

    Biography: (Can I rp this?)
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  10. @Kyrion: I'm a little hazy on mind control, but be careful and wise with it and it looks good!

    @Fýlakas apó Kαρδίαs: I'll let you RP the background, just keep in mind that her Rewan side is going to interfere with her shadows.
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  11. It will be mostly used with NPCs (if you allow), and work only with suggestions to other players. They will choose if the effects will work as expected or not. Anyway, this will be rare. He only insinuate emotions, for example, trying to calm down (or enerve) the others, soften the moods, scare animals away, etc. Real mind control will only occur if another player go for it.
  12. Thank you =D I planned on that, her powers are gonna be like spurs of the moment rather than constant and weaker than average. I actually changed her powers from shadow manipulation to invisible shields, is that ok?
  13. Yay! Felan is back! Too bad we aren't in my Fraveth. :(
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  14. Name: Nerida

    Species: A Celisti is a half human, half celestial being. They often have metallic hair and eyes the color of gems,and often can glow thus making them look more than human. Most, if not all, have some sort of magical capabilities, some more than others. Many have magic that is related to their non-human parent in some way, such as much of Nerida's magic revolves around music. Along with magic, they can see up to 30 feet in front of them in the dark, this plus their ability to glow makes them good to have in the dark. They are often benevolant in nature, something which is passed down from their non-human parent as well.

    Appearance: Nerida has golden hair and bright sapphire eyes along with fair skin that can glow at times. As for appearence, she takes after her mother, Armina, the goddess of love, beauty, art, and music. Here is a picture:

    Age: 21

    Personality: For the most part, she is very kind but does tend to flirt a bit as it helps get more money from customers.

    Weapons/Possessions: Nerida keeps a dagger on her hip and a bow and arrow filled quiver on her back along with a knapsack with some food, water, and other random things.

    Skills/Abilities: Nerida has magical abilities, most of which revolve around her music. She can summon instruments and enchant those around her. She can sing and play lullabies, putting foes to sleep or making them drowsy and less able to react quickly (the larger the foe, the less it makes them fall asleep). She also can cast charming spells, but rarely uses them unless in desperate need. She can also sing songs to encourage and strengthen her allies, aiding them in battle. Nerida also has some healing abilities, using her magic to heal herself and allies but this takes weakens her. She can also glow to such a brightness that she can temporarily blind people and even cause some burns. Along with her magic, Nerida is an excellent archer as she had to learn in order to hunt on the road. She also has some skill with her dagger, but only uses it for complete emergencies.

    Biography:A twenty-one year old Celisti that is the daughter of the a minor deity, the daughter of the Strider and a minor, not well known, deity. As her mother was a minor goddess (not well known in mythology) , she was raised by her father, a bard. Inheriting her father’s talent for singing and playing instruments, the duo were very successful. She also learned to use magic, as most Celistis do given their parents. As she grew older, her beauty grew and the popularity of the bard duo grew. Nerida and her father traveled across the land, performing in castles, taverns, and wherever they could. Yet, Nerida's father grew older and the Celisti asked her father to remain in a home around the Teluma area. Traveling alone, Nerida often travels with a hooded cloak as to not try to catch a lot of attention by herself.
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  15. Nerida approved. IC will be up soon.
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