The Feels [Warning: Contains ALL the Feels]

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    This is our Feels Thread!

    This is where we can go to watch, or read emotional things, to feel and share in the spectrum of feeling.
    Our feelings can be triggers to others.What we share in this thread is not to be taken personally, our emotions are our own, sharing them can do wonders for ourselves and others. I expect the utmost respect from everyone to one another who chooses to participate.

    Please, Please, Pleeeeaaase, do not share personal experiences in this thread, go out, explore the internet and learn from others, Link us articles, videos, pictures, or art that invoke pure emotions, and maybe if your up to it share your feelings on the Feel. Posting a personal experience can cause internalization of feels and will result in the deletion of your post. If you wish to share Graphic, violent, or sexual themes be courteous to others and use spoiler tags and label them NSFW.

    How to effectively and productively post the feels:

    1. Find a feels on the internet.

    2. Identify the feel and start your post with your own or one of the following feels;
    -Mixed - [sometimes we can feel more than on emotion at a time!]

    3. Share your find here! in this thread!

    Optional 4. Share your find and elaborate your feels to us.
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    (mostly LOVE/SAD)

    I am SO NOT crying T_T
    totes is crying

  3. Emotion: Bittersweet.

    If I have to explain why this video evokes emotion, then you've never had the fate of loving someone you could never reach. For that, I either envy you, or pity you. I can't really decide which.
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  4. Emotion: Awe Fear
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  5. Emotion: Sadness
  6. Hope
    Charlie Chaplin may have been a silent actor, but when he spoke, everybody listened.
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  7. Emotion: Saddness, Hope, Pride

  8. -Happy, Sad, Hope
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  9. ...Now its 48 years....

    When I first saw this in 2006, I man-teared at "I am the Guardian of Forever."

    AND THEN THE INNER LIGHT ;_____________________;
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  10. @Razilin

    "You treat her like a lady, and she'll always bring you home." ;_;
  11. "A starship's only as good as her chief engineer."

  12. His most proud moment wasn't taking five bullets after the Normandy landing and surviving, it wasn't starring on a cult classic TV show so influential that the entire world knows about it... It was saving someone's life from suicide.

    I can only hope to be half as humble and kind as this.
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  13. Feels: Happy

    Kuha'o Case is So happy it makes ME happy!​
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  14. The fact that UBW got made into a series gave me feels!

  15. If you think about the lyrics and the context behind this song, you'll understand why it brings around the train of mourn and hope.

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  17. This was the first thing which popped in my head.
    You may find my alias commenting in the video comment thread stating as such,

    "Somehow I feel this is a work based on the truth of life. It reminds me of life as I knew it, know it and will know it. Thoughts from years of pondering, to another perspective it feels seemingly random and arbitrary; when in reality, it is a lifetime of self observation put into amusing visuals to be shared with the world.
    Don, you have my respect. For I cannot help but feel at ease after seeing this work."​