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    Bright Falls. Day. Morning. 11:59. Almost 12. You've been driving since the early times of morning, the sun now hitting your face as you feel its warmth engulf your face, a light smile of relief as you see the sign of the idyllic town that says "Welcome to Bright Falls!" You were nearby, finally. There in the town, you were to meet a man name Stucky. He owns most of the cottages there in Bright Falls for any visitors, but either way, he also owns the Majestic Motel. Whether you paid for a cottage or paid to go to the Majestic Motel (Although you did get some bad reviews on Yellow Pages), you had to meet him.


    It looked like some town out of a movie, small yet contained more than what was seen above, it's old and varnished colors showing the old timey sense of the type of people who inhabit the place. Somehow, you already feel at peace, and calm, as you park at the diner as you were instructed. It had an old timer sense, the seats, the kitchen, all of it. The front of the diner had a sign that read "Oh Deer Diner!" Nice metaphor. As you enter, a cardboard cutout of an author named Alan Wake met your eyes, holding a book in his hands. A woman, young woman, met you, obviously the waiter. "Hello, welcome to the Oh Deer Diner, how can I help you?" She asks with a smile.​
  2. Michael walked in, pulling down his Wayfarers off his eyes as he adjusted the black pea coat, looking at the waitress as he sighed. "Uh, I'm looking for Stucky. Carly Stucky?" He asked, looking at her nameplate which read Rose. "Sure! Stucky will be out in just a second!" Rose said as she continued on with her commute before he turned to see the others. "Looks like you guys ain't from here either... Coming to spend the week in Bright Falls, am I right?" Michael chuckled, shaking his head as he looked at Rose. "Actually, I'll have a coffee. Cream and sugar.. 3 teaspoons, preferably." He smiled at Rose gratuitously before turning his head to the lot behind him. "Where you guys comin' from?"

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    (Character development!)​
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  3. That cruise sure felt long. At least Tiffany didn't have sea sickness or anything. "You could say that. Me and the little one just wanna get out of the house. It's lonely and I feel all couped up, doesn't help that daddy's out of town." She replied to Michael's question while holding her ever-growing belly. "I'm coming from Los Angeles." She then gently caressed her belly, mainly because it hurt standing up for too long.

    As Tiffany caressed her belly, she began looking around, while waiting patiently in line to grab something to drink. Preferably Peppermint Tea, to help her with her nausea, which she had really bad during that cruise.
  4. Nikolai parked his Yukon outside the small old diner and pulled the keys out of the ignition. He wore a checkered gray flannel over his Nirvana t-shirt, with blue jeans and boots. He opened the driver side door and stepped out of the Yukon, his massive frame moved over to the door of the diner. He saw an older couple walk out and noticed they were familiar, Mr and Mrs Sjorberg. Nikolai grabbed the handle and pulled the door open before the Mrs had a chance.

    "Morning Mrs Sjorberg," Nikolai said with a smile, he towered over the little lady but she kindly reached up and patted him on the face.

    "Thank you Nicky, have a good day..." She said as the Mr walked behind her patting Nikolai on the shoulder. As Nikolai moved inside he saw a cardboard cutout of Alan Wake, an author. Nikolai saw someone that he'd grown up with, Rose. She had been slightly older than him growing up, he was lanky back then.

    "Hiya Rose," He said as he walked over to her as she was taking someone's order, "Been some time?"

    "Well look at you," She said giving him a half hug, "I'll be with you in a minute, lemme just handle some orders."

    Nikolai smiled and sat down in a window booth. It took some effort for him to fit into the booth and even as he was sitting it still made him look like a giant in at a kids table. He looked around and picked up a menu, he saw the steak and eggs and remembered sitting there with his father while he ate pancakes and his father had the steak and eggs.
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  5. "Oh interestin'. I'm from up in New York.. Had a bad time over there so I'm here for a rest.." He sighed, looking at some of the locals inside, and particularly noticed the man whom seemed a bit... Tall. Big. Not of the setting. He made a mental note about it and moved away from the table as to let her sit down and relax with the child still in her belly. "I'm Mike. Michael, but I prefer Mike." Music on the jukebox began playing some music, which sounds like Old Rock.

    "And not a sea of love set free..."
  6. As Rose came back to receive Nikolai's order, she had begun to think about the light bulbs not working in the bthroom. She couldn't reach it, and the ladder had broken, so she began to speak to Niko. "Hey Nicky, do you mind doing me a favour? The ladder broke and well... I'm too short to even reach the lightbulbs... Do you think you can fix it for me, since I can't? A round nice hot cup of coffee is free on the house for you!" She smiled at Nikolai, a giggle escaping her mouth. Still a child at heart. "The light bulbs are right over the counter, just put them in and that's it!" As she turned to walk away, she raised a finger. "... And can you check if Stucky's in the back? Wonder what's taking him so long.."
  7. When Mike moved away from the table, Tiffany decided to sit down because her legs and ankles were really starting to bother her. It really was tough for a pregnant woman to walk and stand for extensive periods of time, not to mention it sometimes is bad for the mother and the baby. As she crossed her legs, she introduced herself to Mike. "I'm Stephanie, but you can just call me Tiffany." As the song on the Jukebox started playing, she felt the baby kicking against the palm of her hand. Yup, her little one could hear the music, hopefully they like it. Tiffany has yet to determine the gender of her baby, but signs have been showing that she was carrying a little girl.
  8. Nikolai watched as Rose walked his way and took his order, he ordered what his dad used to get. Steak and eggs. Rose began asking him to help her with something she couldnt reach and he happily obliged. It'd been happening his entire life, tall people helped the short ones.

    "Yeah no problem," Nikolai said as squeezed out of the booth shaking it a bit with his knee, "I better get my coffee."

    He walked over to the counter and leaned over easily spotting the box of bulbs. He picked it up in his left hand and walked to the bathroom, he turned the switch on and when nothing happened he turned them off. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his lighter. He flipped the lid and lit it, a calm orange flame was held in his right hand as he reached up and unscrewed the light-bulb. He walked back to the light switch and closed his lighter before flipping the switch. The light came on and illuminated the bathroom. He smiled and carried the box of bulbs back to the counter and set them down on the other side. He walked calmly to the back, his boots thumping against the linoleum floors.
  9. As Nikolai tried opening the door, a woman in very dark clothing glared at you from the left.

    "Hello, my dear child. Please, don't mind me. You must have been looking for Stucky as Rose told you? Ah.. Yes. Please, Stucky went out for a while." She raised her hand rather quickly, without emotion as she stared at Nikolai. "Please, give these to the man and woman upfront.. And how about you take a day off Nikolai? I have seen you around a lot.." She moved the key around to present Nikolai with three keys for some outdoor cabins. "Thank you, my dear child.."

    As Nikolai went inside the bathroom and fixed the lighting however, upon him exiting there was no sign of the woman. Gone like a shadow being shone away from the light.​
  10. Nikolai was mildly startled by the darkly clad woman. He tried to hide it from her as not to offend but it was obvious it showed. What he found most strange was her intimidating presence, he never had such a feeling. She mentioned he was looking for Stucky, somehow she knew Rose asked him. Before he could ask how she knew she raised a hand, he was not used to being silenced but he kept quiet. She handed him three keys and instructed him to give them to the man and woman that Rose had been talking to. He walked over to the two, making steady thumping footsteps as he walked. He pocketed one of the keys then set the other two down when he reached the table.

    "The lady over there gave these to me," Nikolai said gesturing with his thumb over his shoulder, when he looked back she was gone, "Uh... she was in all black, had a veil or something on."

    He looked back for a moment then looked back at the two people, he wasnt sure if they were together or not but it seemed likely a pregnant woman wouldnt be out with someone other than the father.

    "So what're these for exactly?"
  11. While relaxing, Tiffany decided to get herself some Peppermint Tea to help with the Nausea, because it was starting to act up again and she didn't exactly want to puke or anything, especially with that dress that she currently had on. Upon taking a sip, Tiffany started to feel less nauseous. She sighed as she felt her back start aching. If only there was a couch or something nearby. Oh well, Tiffany did her best to relax while she enjoyed her tea, unsure of what to do next.
  12. "A.. Key?" He looked at both Tiffany and at the man, extending his hand to grab a key. "I was supposed to see Stucky so he can give me the key to the cabins..?" He stared at the man before raising an eyebrow. "And.. Who might you be?" He asked. Mike then turned to Tiffany before speaking lightly. "You're supposed to see Stucky too? Since there's two tickets, I mean.."

  13. "Yeah the lady told me Stucky went out." Nikolai said looking down at the man, "I'm Nikolai Dekoviz, most people around town call me Nick."

    He extended one of his massive hands out in front of the man, "I can tell your out of towners since I dont know your faces, so what do I call you and your wife?"

    He flashed a warm smile at the pregnant woman, she seemed young but not too young to be pregnant.
  14. Tiffany started feeling a little awkward, because her husband was elsewhere. "Um, we're not married..." she said awkwardly.

    She began holding her stomach again before taking another sip out of her tea. Now the nausea was starting to calm down.
  15. "M-Ma- Oh, no!" He laughed lightly, trying to lighten the mood. "I'm from New York." He flashed him a light smile, shaking his hand tightly. "Names Michael. You can call me Mike." Mike nodded at Nikolai. "So.. Guess it means we're staying in the same lodging area tonight... You guys wanna head there now?"
  16. "I've got a few errands to run around town, pick up some groceries and whatnot. I can meet you all there, " Nikolai said warmly, "Also sorry about the mix up with you and him."

    He said that to the lady, she didnt seem to happy about the confusion. Nikolai smiled and nodded as he walked out to his Yukon. He climbed into the vehicle, looking quite large behind the wheel. He pulled the keys from his pocket and pushed them into the ignition before he drove to his home. He began packing his duffel immediately when he arrived home, filling it with shirts and some weights. As he walked out of his home he passed his workout equipment, it was stored in his old room. He slept in his mom and dads old room, it was an eerie feeling to sleep where your parents once slept. He brushed past it and saw his dads old shotgun mounted in the new work out room. It was a beautiful piece, antique, but still useful. His dad never used it, just brandished it to scare people off. But it was still a pretty thing to have nearby. Nikolai didnt even own any shells for it. He left his home and tossed his bags into the Yukon.

    His next stop was the Grocery store, he picked up some essentials for the cabins. A few packages of frozen beef, gas, ice, some beer of course, and a bottle of Vodka to salute his Russian ancestry. He smirked loaded his goods into the backseat of his suburban and drove up to the cabins.
  17. Interlude: Night

    "To chase away the Night; Let the whole world burn."

    KBF-FM liked to play rock music: More specifically, Pat Maine did. But as all of the people arrived, they would see what is the darkened sky, the only thing illuminating would be the road: It was surreal. Everything came out so.. Natural, in the dark light of the sky. But as you arrived, you'd see the lights of the visitor centered turned on, welcoming those in the dark,


    Welcome to Elderwood National Park.

    As you enter the visitor center, a man in a Park Ranger uniform smiles at you.


    "Hey guys! The name's Rusty. Hope Stucky didn't give you a rough time with the keys... Seems you're the last ones on the list of campers, so let's just point this out real quickly. If you follow the dirt road, you'll see the cabins clear as day! You'll be staying in separate cabins, but luckily they're side by side... Oh and, behave. Will you?" He smiled once more, then nodded at them. "And welcome to Bright Falls." He nodded at Nikolai, waving at him slowly as he began to turn off the lights in each of the rooms to get some shut-eye.

    You currently have two options: You could Get a little more from Rusty or Go straight to your cabin. The faint sound of Ravens could be heard outside..

    @Kirisuna @HellHoundWoof
  18. With nothing better to do, Tiffany decided to head straight to her Cabin. Pregnancy was tiring. As she made it to her cabin, she yawned. Setting her purse and backpack on the table, she just waddled over to the bed that was provided, sitting down and stretching her legs out. She left the dimmer light on so that it didn't have to be such an eyesore. Sighing, she just started massaging, caressing and rubbing her belly, which was hurting because of both contractions and cramps combined with a stomachache. Taking a deep breath, she looked down at her swollen belly. "Awww, its okay honey, Mommy is a little anxious too. Don't you worry, I'll protect you." She mused.

    She began relaxing, still rubbing her belly to ease the pain. With her shoes off, her feet and ankles did feel better. As she stopped rubbing her belly and started holding it to get some of the strain off of her back, she began staring up at her ceiling, wondering how much of a good night's sleep she will get. Whatever was awaiting her and her little one tomorrow, left her a bit anxious.
  19. Nikolai saw another local Rusty, he had been a park Ranger for the past couple years. Enrique smiled and went to greet him, but he wasnt only here to great Rusty. Nikolai wanted some information on the man that he'd heard about up here.

    "Hey Rusty, What's this I hear about Joyce's kid getting chased off by some nut case?" Nikolai said walking along his friend as he turned the lights out, "She said the guy had an axe and was going after her kid and his friends..."
  20. "Now you know me, Nicky. I don't deal in gossip..." He looked left and right playfully, chuckling, "But you want to know officially?... Apparently Mikey was riding along with his friends, out on a party near the edge of town, thinking nobody would find them. They're driving right on the entrance where the lighthouse is, and apparently they dosed off or something, because they said some 'Shadow axe man' came outta nowhere and forced them to stop the car." He crossed his arms, scratching his beard calmly. "Guy all of a sudden appears right behind the car, and smashes the window. Kids start high tailing it outta there..." This time, Rusty sighs desperately as he now scratched his head in confusion. "I don't know though... I hear the kids were drunk. I hear they fell asleep. Personally? Probably just trying to mess with the old timers." As he then begun to turn off the lights, he turned on the flashlight on his utility belt. "You should get to sleep.. It's really late."​
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