The Fear of Darkness: Mr. Scratch's Game.

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Are you interested in horror?

Have you played Alan Wake?

Then come here! To The Fear of Darkness!

As in commemoration to Alan Wake, I've made a roleplay way before that.. Way before Alan arrived.. Way before the Bright Falls events... No, I mean, before all of it! So to maintain the basis of Alan Wake, I've developed a Non-Canonical start of Alan Wake, where a group of friends try to find out the secret of Bright Falls.. And maybe contain it. If the roleplay is signed up by many people, I will instill Seasons just like in the game to where it's Episode 1: The Departure, and such, until Season 2 starts where another storyline comes again. If you're interested, I'd love for you to come, read and sign up.. For with Mister Scratch, it's always a game in the Darkness.

Not open for further replies.