The Fear of Darkness: Mr. Scratch's Game.

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    The wind hits your face, cool and brisk, as you make your way into the logging town of Bright Falls, the dark night consuming you. You feel like you're being watched, but your friends just think it's paranoia. You're supposed to stay in the town for 2 days, as you wait for your barge to take you down to California. But you know something is there. Something in the dark. Something watching.

    You see the lighthouse, its large beacon of safety moving in circles, and circles, and circles, slowly moving. You feel its light flash against you for a moment, the light tracing the woods lined to your right as you enter Bright Falls. But just for a moment, you think you hear someone speak to you, and only you... "Oh yes... You will play fine for my game... Fine little toys..."


    And soon, you see a figure, staring at you in front of the moving vehicle, a Darkness emanating around him, his logging clothes showing the spirit of Bright Falls, but his axe doesn't... And then, a swerve! You and your friends get thrown to the left as you all panic, trying to control the car as it suddenly stops. Everybody breaths deeply, as the panic begins to exhale from your driver. "Dude, are you okay!?" - "Yeah, I am fine!" The female passenger explains - "Jesus, you alright, man!?" The friend to your side asks.

    You find no words as you simply nod, turning your head as the Dark man stares at the car, walking quickly to it as he yells "You think you can fuck around!? You think you can come here and not even pay attention!? I'll fucking show you!" The Hitchhiker raises his axe and slams it down on the car window, cracking it as he reels back to get another.

    "Fucking drive, fucking drive, man!" Your friend yells to the driver, hitting the gas pedal as it skids, before finally driving off. You turn around in fright to look at who the Hitchhiker was, maybe you could get a description to the police. Except.. He was gone. He was no longer there, disappeared, like a ghost in a haunted house, all that remained was a dark shadow drifting into the night. You can sort it out in the morning, but for now, you need to get into town. Some transpiring events.

    Welcome to Bright Falls.

    [tabs][tab=Character Sheet][/tab][/tabs]

    • [COLOR=#ffffff]Picture: (No anime, please.)
      Age: [/COLOR]
      Reason for coming to Bright Falls:
      Short bio:

      I would very much enjoy if your characters were artistic in nature, whether it be a reporter, painter, or write, as to keep the manuscript feeling in the RP.


    [CENTER]All Iwaku rules apply.
    Romances are allowed, but sexual situations will not come as both the focus and timing is incorrect.
    All characters may [I]not [/I]have a military background. I want to instill fear in the characters and not practicality of the situation. Small occupations as a local police officer is fine.
    Your character is a visiting person in the town of Bright Falls. If you would like for all of them to be friends in a car, it is fine, otherwise they would be travellers from different parts. For why they came or how is up to you. Keep that in mind.
    I would like at the very least 5 people, but would love for more to come!
    Character interaction is key. Keep it alive, talk to others! But please, keep it realistic. If you're in a heated fight with somebody, don't say hello to the other person. Please be realistic.
    Have fun!

    Accepted Characters:
    Michael Yeager.
    Altari Reddick
    Nikolai Alexandre Dekoviz


    Atleast 10 people could be accepted, but the start will be at 5.

    Name: Michael Yeager
    Age: 34
    Reason for coming to Bright Falls: Relaxation from the world.
    Short bio: A freelance journalist in New York City, after a problem whom his wife started, he filed for a divorce, and in an attempt to remove himself from the outside world for awhile, left to Bright Falls for some relaxation... What he did not expect, was the Darkness surrounding the town at Night.[/color][/color][/color][/color]
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    Name: Altari Reddick
    Age: 28
    Reason for coming to Bright Falls: To study the wildlife living in the area
    Short bio: A zoologist with good pay having been sent to this town to study the numbers and health of the animals in the area. The town seemed also like a break from the labs within the concrete jungle she was used to, but boy was she unaware of what dangers loomed so closely.
  3. Looks nice! Accepted!
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    Name: Nikolai (Nick) Alexandre Dekoviz
    Age: 21

    Reason for coming to Bright Falls: Resident
    Short bio: Nikolai lived with his Russian born father and mother, both local PD. His mother retired shortly after he was born in order to raise him and his father remained the town Sheriff until he passed away at the age of 52 due to a heart attack. Growing up Nikolai had been a tall lanky kid, he moved out for a bit after his fathers death and left for Los Angeles. He planned to be an actor but they told him he wasnt fit enough for the roles he tried for. So he got himself bigger, protein powders, workout routines, low fat diets. He eventually became too big for his roles and quit the acting. His mother moved out of the old house due to the many memories of her late husband and down to Florida, where she is living peacefully as a police clerk. Upon her moving out Nikolai decided to move back. He's been in town for a year now and has become a bagger at the local grocery store.
  5. Accepted! Hopefully one more comes so we can start!
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    Name: Stephanie Masako "Tiffany" Hyun
    Age: 24

    Reason for coming to Bright Falls: Vacation while waiting for husband to get back from business trip and to get out of the house
    Short bio: Tiffany Hyun was born in the City of Los Angeles California in 1989 as the youngest of three, having an older sister named Mickey and an older brother named Leon. In contrast of her tomboyish sister, Tiffany was a lot more on the Feminine Side, so the path she had chosen is quite the wonder. After graduating from High School with Honors, Tiffany received a Scholarship to University of California on the Los Angeles Campus and eventually majored in Criminal Justice. After graduating with a Bachelor's in her Major, Tiffany quickly applied for LAPD Academy. She would graduate top of her class. Two years into her Career as a Police Officer, she eventually got promoted to Detective, where she became one of the best in her Department. No matter the case, she would always solve it and would prevail even when the trail goes cold. After a third successful year in the LAPD, her first year as a Detective, everything would start looking up for Tiffany. Best of all, she would get married to her boyfriend of four years, Nianzu Yang, a 5-Star Chef well-known in L.A, and became a loving wife. Six Months after her wedding, Tiffany and Nianzu would want to start a Family. Their Dream is now close to coming true as they are now expecting their first child. Currently, the couple is spending some time away from each other, as Nianzu had to go on a Business Trip. Because of her pregnancy, her Chief put her on Maternity Leave, as Detective Work and Pregnancy do not make a Good Combo. As a result, and having plenty of time before the baby arrives, Tiffany figured that she'd need a vacation. So now she is on a cruise to a Mysterious Town. This is more then just a vacation. Oh well, a Mysterious and Shady Town, some new comers in her life and she is six and a half months pregnant...What could possibly go wrong?
  7. Woot! I like the idea of a pregnant woman, but you may find some difficulties with what I have planned. Either way, accepted!

    @Kirisuna @HellHoundWoof @LibratheScales
    We'll be starting today, possibly at 3-5 PM
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  8. Hey bud I'm not sure about your post where do I fit in on that?
  9. Oh, well it was made under the assumption that Mike wouldn't know who anyone is, and just first hand think of them as foreigners. But you can always respond in a different way!
  10. Sorry it took so long to get a response up, been busy with other RP's and school work.
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