The Fattest of Tuesdays

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  1. Wait a minute... Booze, Costumes, Floats, King Cake, Beads and Fleur de Lis fucking everywhere... I've seen this before, BUT WHERE?! >_<



    *Crashes a float into the server*

  2. the dutch have Carnaval instead...
  3. :D MYRN. Geert told me of that! THREE DAYS OF PARTYING. Or something? Giant floats.. and stuff.
  4. Throwing beads for womens to show boobs is better.
  5. Grandma, do you want some pretty beads!
  6. Oh boy do I!! :D
  7. The one in Rio looks pretty fucking awesome.

    And you don't have to throw any beads if you want to see boobs there, from what I understand.
  8. You guys are completely missing the point of this thread. :|

    Insanity, I am disapoint.
  9. You were expecting clever humour and thematic continuity?

    My poor, poor, sexy child.
  10. Where were you?! *falls weeping into Asmo's arms*
  11. I can see where this thread is going.

  12. Last years thread was better, until SOMEONE ruined the theme!
  13. I always give a shit what Tegs Asms thinks of my posts here in insanity.

    Look, just there...I confessed it. Real mature.