The Fateful Chances

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  1. Reia Amalor was an 18 year old princess who loved having her own choices and to make friends with those her parents had rule over.
    When her father told Reia that she must marry the prince of a neighboring kingdom to bring more wealth to the family, she refused. As a little girl, she had watched her father rule the kingdom with kindness and had learned that the people they ruled over trusted them, but now, it seemed all the King wanted was riches and power. Reia, in an attempt to change her father's ways, left home to find someone she thought could rule beside her as the same kind King her father had been...

    "Hello." Reia smiled softly to the innkeeper. This was the fourth town she had visited, but it was also one of the furtherest towns from the castle. She was thankful for her horse, a white Palfrey with a black mane and tail, that she had been riding since she was little. His name was Midnight, and he was well trained to Reia. Reia loved traveling, and to travel as a royal, one must have the ability to defend themselves... This is why Reia stopped in this small town. In a fight with some rogues, her sword had been chipped where one of the rogues had slammed it into a rock when they threw it away from her. "Do you have any open rooms?" She asked softly. In an attempt to hide her identity, she wore a black cloak with a hood that shadowed her face. Most of the time it worked, but at times, like when she was on her horse, people will recognize her sword or her horse or something that points her out.
    "Ah, yes Miss. We have a room in the back." He said, motioning to one of the doors.
    "Thank you." Reia bowed her head slightly before going to the room. She carried an old leather backpack with her that held simple provisions in case she was stuck in the wild. Some food and clothes was all, as she could make a shelter out of anything and her cloak doubled as a blanket. Setting the backpack in the bottom of the closet, she left the room, locking the door. As she waved to the innkeeper, she headed out on the town to find the blacksmith. It wasn't too hard. All she had to do was find the smoke and fire. Knocking lightly on the door, she peeked into the room, her cloak shadowing her face still. "Hello? Is anyone here?" She asked softly.
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  2. Felix's father had left to pick up some iron, leaving him to take care of the shop. Using this time to catch a few Zs he had, admittedly unwisely, tied the edge of his chair to the doorknob. It was this that caused a sleeping Felix to awake with his head hitting the ground and someone at the door. He quickly scrambled to his feet, dusted himself off, and ran to the door. The costumer was a black cloak, a girl by her voice, suspicious looking but the blacksmith's son was taught not to judge in his line of work. "Good eve' miss," he greeted her with a smile, "welcome to the Snoring Dragon's Smithy. How can I help you?"

    The Duke of Elenor Silas Bracken had arranged a meeting with the King. As soon as word of the Princesses' running away had reached him he began to plan this meeting. It was all too perfect to be honest. She had apparently fled to marry someone she truly loved, instead of marrying for her kingdom. How very selfish of her. The Duke's dagger teeth curved into a wicked smile as he exited his carriage, his half-mask smiling with him. The Kingsguard kelt to him briefly before opening the doors to the throne room. Silas walked to the where the King and Queen sat and bowed graciously. "My Lord, my Lady. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."
  3. Reia smiled faintly. "Hello. Uhm, I was wondering if I could ask you a favor?" She asked softly, glancing around. She looked back to the young man who answered the door and shifted on her feet a little, wondering why he looked so young. Not that is bothered her, she was simply curious. She also wondered if he could keep a secret.. She didn't need rumors going around that could lead her parents right to her! That could put her entire plan into jepeordy.

    The King, James Amalor, nodded slightly. "Ah, hello." He said calmly, recognizing the man, as he had been informed of the planned visit. "You're name is Silas, correct? What is it you have come to us for?"
    The Queen, Lily Amalor, just smiled softly. She was the gentler ruler of the two. She represented more of who the King used to be, a kind, fair ruler. Now the King cared more about his power than his people... And unbeknownst to him, that was a main reason Reia had left.
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  4. Felix rose a eyebrow. A favor? Was this girl going to ask for something done free? He felt that if she couldn't pay for it Felix could maybe spot her, but if his dad found out he would throw him in the furnace- whoa, she had a pretty face. The 19 year old leaned against the frame of the door, crossing his arms and sighing. "What type of favor?"

    Silas's gentlemanly posture drooped a bit. Seriously? No 'Silas Bracken The Duke of Elenor in all his glory'? He had made sure that that title was all that left his walled off kingdom. No matter, soon enough King James would be calling him Sir. "Indeed. I am the Duke of Elenor. I have come in light of your resent plight with your daughter. I offer my aid in your search."
  5. "You have to keep a secret." Reia said softly as she bit her lip gently, lowering her eyes to the ground as she heard a horse and carriage pass by. When it was gone, her eyes trailed back up to his. "You can't tell anyone the secret once you know... Okay?"

    The King stiffened slightly.
    "You'll help us find Reia?" The Queen asked quietly, gasping slightly.
    King James spoke before anyone could answer Queen Lily's question. "How do you plan to find our daughter?" He said in a stern tone. This was a very serious subject, as could be seen by his expression, and he wasn't taking anything less that perfectionism and hard work.
  6. Good grief this girl was as strange as she was pretty. Felix's frowned, he would be lying if he said he wasn't nervous at this but something told him to trust this the girl. He opened the door wider, motioning for the girl to enter. "Well you shouldn't tell it out here, to many ears. Come inside and tell me, maybe I can help ya."

    "I'm so glad you asked my Lord. May I present Scrawl the skinchanger." The Duke extended his closed hand to the two and presented a small moth, that then flew out and onto the floor before turning into a viper that hissed at them. The snake then changed to a wolf that glared at the King hungrily as it sprouted wings and a black dragon filled the room. Finally the dragon shrunk into a man with a large hat and long hair that hid his eyes who bowed to the royals. image.jpg "With his rather... unique abilities Scrawl has tracked down criminals who have already traveled miles. The princess will be no stretch of his skills."
  7. Reia carefully stepped inside. Once out of sight of the people outside, she visibly relaxed. "Thank you." She said quietly, reaching up and gently pushing back the hood of her cloak. As she did this, it opened the front of her cloak a little, showing the navy dress she wore and her sword hilt. Despite the rugged leather hilt, the handle of the sword was crafted with the littlest of details with little green and blue jewels embedded in it, obviously Royal. "I need you to fix my sword.." She said, slowly drawing it. The nick caught on the hilt and it took her a moment to fix it. "How much will it cost?" She tilted her head a little, a strand of hair falling in front of her eyes.

    Queen Lily looked uncomfortable at the idea of this man looking for her daughter, but King James seemed much more accepting. "Interesting, very interesting. And how much are you asking for to find our daughter?" He asked, sitting up and lightly resting his hands on either side of the throne. He was basically ready to give to job to the duo, as long as it didn't cost him more than he deemed neccissary, which wasn't much.
  8. Felix's eyes widened at the sight of the jewel-studded blade. He took a few steps back, was this girl a thieve who had stolen from the royal family? If so he and his father both would be arrested for aiding her, and tampering with such a important weapon. "H-how did you get that?!" He demanded as quietly as he could in the panicked state he was in. Another look at her pretty face, her blue dress, was she...?

    At the mention of money the skinchanger's mouth moved into a unhealthy grin bearing rotten teeth. "Nothing. My interests are purely the return of your daughter. The look on your face when I bring her back is enough for me." The smile disappeared, Scrawl looked over at Silas who made a motion to calm down. "You'll get your pay from me," he snapped. He knew the price would be high, but it would be worth it.
  9. Reia sighed softly, twirling the sword so the handle pointed at him. "It's mine..." She paused before adding on, "That's the secret." She was quiet, watching him cautiously. Reia wondered if he wouldn't just run out yelling.

    King James looked to Queen Lily, who gave the faintest of nods.
    "I am greatful for your help, Silas, Duke of Elenor. Are there any provisions you will need to find my daughter?"
  10. She was.

    Felix froze in shock for a moment. He had assumed that the Princess had been kidnapped or murdered, but here she was, pointing her sword at him?! "Don't go brandishing that at people! I thought you were a thieve!" The blacksmith's son this said in a intense whisper. He soon realized was talking to royalty and calmed himself. "I'll fix your sword. But please tell me why your out here, in this little village of all places."

    Scrawl spoke like he had broken glass in his throat, his toxic-smelling breath swiftly filling the throne room. "Something of the child's. Something she always had very close. A lock of hair will do. I can't track without a sent."
  11. Reia sighed softly. "To find someone I love and would understand the people.." She said quietly. "I refuse to hurt this kingdom more than my father has... And if I marry that Sir Drake guy.." She shuddered, unable to actually say what she was worried would happen to the already unhappy people. She hated seeing some of the children starving to death and the riots outside the gates were horrible.. She shook her head, continuing. "And I wanted to explore." She glanced around the blacksmith shop, a little more relaxed and now curious. She let the tip of her sword fall, almost touching the ground.

    King James nodded and looked to Queen Lily. She stood and hurried off to the princess's room while the King let out a soft sigh. "Thank you, for your assistance." He said calmly.
  12. "Sounds like a noble cause. I fancy myself something of a adventurer as well. Perhaps when you find someone you could lower those bloody taxes. Me and my Pop can hardly afford food and water. Especially now with Elli-" A loud, hearty singing could be heard outside. Felix froze, the booming voice was unmistakably his fathers. "Cover up quick! Hide the sword!" He whispered once again in panic, running to the bellows and heating up the furnace. He placed a beaten blade in the flames, the song gradually getting closer.

    "It is my pleasure my Lord. Thank you for allowing me to assist. It is my goal to see this kingdom prosper. Perhaps one day our lands shall join and become stronger." Silas praised with a grateful smile. Well, a good imitation of one at least. Scrawl crossed his arms and tapped his foot, eager to begin his hunt.
  13. Reia was quick, the cloak hiding her face and as she struggled to get the sword back in, it closed. The sword fell into the sheath with a soft 'click' and she was still, her arms crossed, head down. The cloak hid any resemblance of royalty.

    King James simply nodded slightly. Queen Lily hurried back. She was carrying a small children's book. "Reia always carried this around... Will it do?" She asked softly.
  14. Felix positioned himself to look like he was talking to the Princess just before the door to the smithy swung open. A massively muscular man with a long grey beard dressed in the traditional blacksmith's garb and holding a hammer twice the size of Felix's head entered. His voice was deep and booming, however his tone was jolly and warm. "Felix my boy! Held down the fort while I was gone I see. Ah, picked up a costumer as well! What's your name friend? Has my son been serving you well?"

    Scrawl snatched the book out of the Queen's hand, held it up to his nose, and sniffed it for a while. "This will do. If you have nothing more you need of me I'll be on my way." "Likewise. There is nothing more I enjoy more then to bask in your presence my Lord and my Lady but I'm afraid I have a kingdom to run."
  15. Reia tilted her head slightly, her face shadowed. She simply nodded, looking down again. Reaching up, she made a soft coughing sound, as if she couldn't speak before looking back to what Felix was doing.

    King James nodded. "Good day to you both."
    Queen Lily gave them a gentle, sad smile.
  16. Fexil looked at his father with fake cheerfulness. "Not much of a talker this one Dad. Name's," he hesitated briefly to think up a name, "Halo. And I have been serving her well. Fixing up her blade right now." The blacksmith's son gestured to the blade in the furnace. The blacksmith himself let out a hearty chuckle. "Good, good. Off to check up on little Elli." He pointed at the cloaked Princess. "You tell me if he goofs off yeah?" With that the man left. His jolly song continuing soon after. Felix sighed and removed the sword, placing it back where it was before. "That's my Pop Rollo."

    "Good day my Lord, my Lady." And the two left. Before he got back into his carriage Silas spoke to Scrawl in a intense, steely whisper. "You will find her and when you do send word. We will discuss a meeting place when you do. Under no circumstances are you to harm the Princess or let anyone who sees your actions live. Understood?" "Understood." And with that the skin changer sprouted wings, transformed into a crow and took off.
  17. Reia let out a relieved sigh as the hearty man left. "Thank you.." She said softly, pushing her hold back once more. "Halo... How did you think of that name?" She asked softly, tilting her head.

    King James nodded and turned, gently hugging Queen Lily and leading her away from the throne room.
  18. Felix scratched his head, why did he think up such a name? He knew, the Princess's face reminded him of a angel from one of Elli's story books. Of course he didn't say this, what would she think of him? "Err... No clue. Guess I just thought it up... Anyway you wanted your sword fixed Princess..." Did he seriously forget the Princess's name?! What was wrong with him today?
  19. "You don't have to add the princess part.." She said softly as she drew her sword, carefully holding it out for him to take. "Just Reia... Or Halo. I like that name." She smiled faintly.
  20. Felix quickly took the sword and examined the nick in the blade. Not a difficult fix at all. Carefully he stuck the royal weapon into the furnace. "Got it. How long do you think you'll be staying here Halo?"
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