The Fate Of One Is The Fate Of Many(Interest Check)

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  1. Moonlight soaked the jagged cliff, giving off an eerie silver glow. The sound of crashing water against the rocks echoed for miles in the silent night air. A girl, no older than seventeen, stood at the cliff’s edge. Her long black hair flowed with the salty breeze that came from the ocean’s horizon. The wind grew heavier, thick with the smell of burning sulfur. But the horrid smell and heavy winds had no effect on the girl. She just continued to stand, staring down at the crashing waves without even a blink of an eye.
    Only moments passed until the girl shifted her gaze to the vast ocean ahead. Her emerald eyes burned in the moonlight as her gaze continued to shift to a tall, curling spire that stuck out from the ocean. The large moon that settled on the horizon caused the spire to cast a shadow. A shadow that grew in size as it raced towards the rocky cliffs just several miles away.
    A smile slowly crept over the girl’s face. Raising her hands to her chest to where her heart was, a light began to glow from beneath her hands, almost as bright as the moon itself.
    “This is… goodbye.” Her gentle voice rang through the air, blending with the sounds that surrounded her. “Or maybe… this is only the beginning…”
    As she spoke, she turned around to face a man that had been standing behind her. Tears began to fall from her eyes, taking a step back so her feet were barely an inch from the edge.
    “Ana, please. There’s another way.” The man spoke quickly, trying to hold back his own tears. He reached his hand out to her, shaking his head. “There has to be.”
    Ana shook her head, the smile still plastered on her face. “Don’t worry, silly goose,” she replied, trying her best to calm her shaky voice. “I’ll be fine.” She turned her head to gaze out into the ocean. The shadow from the spire had almost reached to rocky cliff. “I have to do this. For the world, for you.”
    Ana pulled her hands away from her chest slowly. The bright light followed her hands, encasing them in the riveting glow. “I love you, Daren.” Quickly Ana spun around, stretching her arms out towards the ocean. The shadow had stopped just in front of her, and had taken the form of a winged demon-like beast. It’s red glowing eyes met with Ana’s emerald gaze. In one motion, Ana thrust her hands forward, causing a beam of light to shoot towards the creature, penetrating the darkness of its torso. A loud screeching sound flooded through the air. The creature dispersed into the night air, leaving nothing but the stench of sulfur and rotting flesh.
    Daren ran forward as Ana’s lifeless figure began to collapse. He tried his best to catch her, but he was too late. Her body had fallen forward off the cliff. Dropping to his knees, Daren stared over the cliff watching as her body race toward the ocean. At the sound of a splash, he closed his eyes. She was gone, forever…

    The sound of gasping breaths filled the air as Daren sat forward. Sweat dripped off his brow and his skin was as pale as snow. Once again the dream, the memory, haunted his sleep. Centuries had passed since that night. His beloved Ana sacrificed the light of her soul to tear the darkness away from this world. But not only did she cast the darkness aside, she extended the life of Daren. The life of her soul entered his own, as is the way of true love and sacrifice.
    Daren had lived longer than anyone known. He had watched everyone he knew die over and over… it was maddening. Sickening. He would rather have died than live even one day without her. But three whole centuries? The pain was unbearable. Every day was a struggle now, but he found alcohol made everything easier.
    With a loud, frustrated groan, he dragged himself out of bed. The headache he had begun to grow, no thanks to another night of drinking at the pub alone. Running his hands through his messy black hair, he looked into the mirror he had resting on the wall beside his bed. His pale skin was covered in scars from legs to torso. Scars from the long years of mercenary work. It was almost shameful. He wasn’t a fighter, not until she died. But he had to make a living somehow.
    Time for work…’ a sigh left Daren’s lips. She wouldn’t want him living like this. He knew that. But it was just so hard without her… Daren shook his head. He needed to rid himself of the thoughts that were burdening him. Today was a big day. An interesting job had come his way. Looking at the paper he had slipped out of his jacket, he read the note in silence;

    To whom it may concern,
    My name is of no importance to you, but I know my gold for this task will be. You may have heard the stories concerning a skilled healer who lives far within the reaches of the northern mountains. A person of great importance to me has fallen ill, and it is my belief that this healer is the only one that can save them. There is little information that I can give you, pertaining to your target, but I would like them brought to me unharmed. You will, of course, be compensated for your troubles.

    Daren couldn’t help but wonder about the sender of this letter. He wasn’t given much information, but at least it seemed simple enough. He never really was one to question an employer, especially when money was involved. In slow, sluggish movements, he packed his things. Water, food, the necessities. Including his precious rum. Lastly, he took hold of his sword. A beautiful ebony sword, carved for him in the Dwarven city of old, Düraan. Unfortunately today, dwarves are nearly gone from the world, living in underground cities away from the world so they can bask in their own selfish glory.

    This is all I am putting to this for now, so I can move on to the basic plot. Ana, seemingly human, has given up her own life force, the light inside of herself, to cast away the darkness, a creature named Siivaan. In her sacrifice, not only has Ana saved the realm from the curse of darkness, she has also extended her love, Daren’s, life by unnatural lengths. Daren, now living a dark and gloomy life after Ana’s death, has been personally requested for a special task, as you see in the letter above. As he reaches the northern mountains, he finds a woman. A woman identical to Ana, down to the necklace he had given to her so long ago. But she has absolutely no memory of him.
    That’s where we’ll start. You can either play Ana or Daren, it’s your choice, and we can plot the rest as we go. :D
    If you’re interested, PM me or just let me know!
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