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  1. This Roleplay is based off of a film franchise of the same name. The films at first focused on illegal Street Racing and the later films focused on heists. Like the films, this roleplay focus mostly on Illegal Street Racing and eventually work up to high profile heists, then international heists followed by a quest for Redemption.

    OOC & Character Cast Info

    Plot Sypnosis (Chronological Order) (Roleplay Version)

    The Fast and the Furious

    2 Fast 2 Furious

    Fast & Furious

    Fast Five

    Fast and Furious 6

    The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

    Fast and Furious 7 (TBA)
  2. On a cool Autumn Night, outside the City of L.A, a Semi-Truck is approached by three heavily customized and modified 1995 Honda Civics. The Occupants of the Civics, namely a heist gang, use quick and dangerous maneuvers to hijack the truck. It starts with one occupant emerging from a Sun Roof that was driving in front of the truck, uses a Harpoon Gun to break the Windshield off before using another to rappel himself from the car and onto the truck. Upon getting inside, the Truck Driver attempts to fight back using a Bat, but is hit in the neck by a Tranquilizer before commandeering the truck and driving through road construction on the empty cold road...
  3. Melanie rolled up in her Toyota Supra as she prepared to test the modifications she made to it. She had spent upwards of $10,000+ on this car, so she hoped to god that it was the best modifications. As she shifted it into first, she revved it a little bit, making sure everything was operating smoothly. As she deemed the car worthy and ready to go, she held the throttle in to a certain limit, letting the turbos spool and pop and bang as she prepared to launch her car. Before long, she let go and the car lurched forward at an incredible speed. Melanie tried her best to keep on going as fast as she could, before she was running out of parking lot to run on and had to brake. Her right foot migrated from the gas pedal and stomped on the brake pedal as hard as she could, stopping the car within a reasonable distance. She whooped, satisfied with her results as she drove off back to the garage she came from.

    A few hours later, Melanie was rolling around in her "company"'s truck, driving towards a market to grab a tuna sandwich. Now, she didn't really like tuna sandwiches, but she just went just for the sake of it. As her truck rolled up in front of the market, she parked it right outside the entrance, taking her a bit to disembark from the high sitting truck as she got settled and proceeded towards the market. As she entered, she took a seat and flashed a smile at the person operating the store, "Tuna sandwich, please. No crust."
  4. The Market belonged to the Lin-Young siblings, former South Korean Special Forces Operative Bryan Lin-Young and his younger sister Nicole. Working with them was Ryuuga Dezaki, a youth that Bryan befriended who had recently moved to the United States from Japan. He helped run the mini-mart café, helping around the shop and helping Nicole with Cooking and Dishwashing. In the back, Bryan himself seemed to be in the back, either reading a Magazine or looking through some documents. Later, five other people show up; it was Bryan's crew. When Melenie came by, which she has been for the past three weeks or so. Although Ryuuga didn't think he was the best cook in the world, he was a natural when it came to Tuna. He then handed the plate with the Tuna Sandwich to Melenie. Nicole was just doing the dishes. Showing up in a fairly obnoxious matter was Bryan's crew: his cousin Justine, Akira, Rian, Takashi and Bryan's girlfriend Emma. Lately, Rian has been having problems with her car. "Talk to me Justine, this ain't workin' sis." she said in an irritant matter.

    "I'll take a look at it."

    As the team bickered amongst each other while Justine looked at the Car's Engine, Rian saw Melenie's truck. She then grabbed Justine and pointed at the truck. All Justine did was look at it before closing the hood of the car. Rian actually had a crush on Ryuuga, however, he wasn't interested in a relationship, much to her own chagrin. "What's up with this bitch? What is she, Sandwich crazy?" She got very jealous because Melanie seemed to be successful flirting with Ryuuga while she wasn't.

    "Nah, Ri, she ain't here for the food." Takashi suggested.

    "Chill out, Ri, she's just slingin' parts for Harry." Emma just wanted Rian to stop picking fights with other girls that flirt with Ryuuga, because it was starting to get annoying.

    "I know what she's slingin'..." Rian responded.

    The group then all walked into the Market, greeting Ryuuga and Nicole as they walked by. Rian on the other hand decided to sit by Melenie, looking to pick a fight with her. "Hey Bryan, can I grab you something to drink?" Bryan responded by raising a can of Coke before setting it back down to go back to whatever he was doing.

    Takashi and Justine decided to watch the scene unfold, with Justine checking out a pair of Sunglasses and Takashi grabbing a bag of chips to eat. "Wow, she is beautiful."

    "I like her haircut."

    Rian then pushed a cup holding Salt and Sugar at Melenie's plate to get her attention.
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  5. Melanie smiled as the sandwich was handed to her, and took a rather eager bite into it as she looked around the shop. Before long, she could hear the sound of car engines nearing closer, but she chose to ignore it and solely focus on her sandwich. She smiled softly as she continued to chew on the sandwich. Her eyes then wandered towards the back, where she could see a glimpse of some man in the back. Melanie figured that was their leader, but she disregarded it for now as she focused on the sandwich at hand.

    She then heard the crowd outside come in, probably a part of the crew or something like that. She'd seen them before, but right now she was solely focused on Ryuuga. Suddenly, one of them sat down next to her and slid a cup at her, slamming into her plate. That caused Melanie to stop eating, and look up at the woman who slid the cup of salt and pepper. As she continued her stare at the lady, she just sighed and stood up, reaching her pocket to fish out her wallet and paid for the sandwich. Melanie then turned around and walked out, not wanting to deal with this.
  6. "Rian...Rian!" Ryuuga tried to get her attention because she was glaring at Melanie.

    Rian then turned her attention to him. "Can I get you anything?"

    Rian fell silent for a few minutes. "You look good."

    When Melanie paid for her sandwich and got up to leave, Rian got up to follow her, seemingly about to start a catfight.

    By this time, Takashi was sharing some of his chips with Justine and about to finish it off. "I love this part." he smiled.

    "Yo....Try Fatburger's from now on. Get yourself a Double Cheese with Fries for Two Ninety-Five, bitch."
  7. Melanie simply ignored the woman as she walked back to her truck. She didn't want any trouble, just a plain ol' tuna fish sandwich that she could enjoy in peace. Suddenly, she felt a shove as she was pushed against her truck's door, causing her to bounce back and retaliate with a punch to the face.
  8. It wasn't long until Rian was exchanging blows with Melanie. Takashi and Justine were just watching, seemingly entertained. As she watched, Emma took off her glasses, in disbelief that Rian would be so hot-headed. Ryuuga was a little shocked and flustered at the same time. However, he did, to a certain degree, found it normal because girls fought over him when he was living in Japan. However, so it doesn't have to get worse, he turned to Nicole. "Um, Nicole...You should probably tell your brother that Rian's at it again..." he said nervously.

    Nicole looked outside to see that Rian was getting her ass handed to her by Melanie. "Jesus Christ, Bryan, would you get out there please, I'm getting sick of this shit!"

    Bryan just ignored her because it probably wasn't that bad.


    Bryan stood up and turned to look at what was happening. Wow, Rian really was getting her ass kicked. He then seemed annoyed at what was happened, then looked at Ryuuga. "Ryuuga?"


    "What'd you put in that sandwich?"

    "That's really funny..."



    As the fight escalated, Justine, Akira and Takashi went with Bryan to separate the two girls as Emma followed suit while Ryuuga and Nicole just watched.
  9. Melanie basically was able to manage to deflect pretty much all attempts that the lady was trying to pull off in order to get her on the ground. However, she was all over the place in return. Despite trying to plant her weight onto the ground, the woman was like a bull and she ended up on cars, against them, and whatnot. Before long, she managed to get the woman onto the ground, in which where she was able to sit up and pound on her endlessly.

    She kept her on the ground as she tried to find an appropriate spot to punch as her face was all covered up.
  10. Before things could get worse, Bryan, as much as it went against his morals, grabbed Melanie and pulled her off of Rian, tossing her onto the back of one of the parked cars. Clearly, he was irritated. In the scuffle, Melanie's wallet fell out of her pocket and was recovered by Justine.
  11. As Melanie was pounding on Rian, she wasn't aware that a person was coming to intervene, and thus the sudden jerking of her being pulled off of Rian came off as a huge surprise to her. She landed on a car and groaned slightly as her body met the metal of the car. After she got up, she raised her hands in a manner that would hopefully come off as a surrender. She took one good look at the man standing in front of her, a look of regret in her eyes.

    "Hey man, she was in my face."

    She stood there and continued to watch the scene go on, keeping her hands up as she stood by and awaited whatever punishment the man would give her for causing a commotion.
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  12. "I'm in your face."

    Before Bryan could have the chance to speak with Melanie professionally, Rian tried to attack her a second time, but was restrained by Takashi. "Relax! Don't push it! You'll embarrass me!"

    Rian obviously didn't listen, but Takashi still restrained her. "Get over there!"

    "Justine, give me the wallet."

    She did what she was told and gave her cousin the wallet. Bryan then opened it to check the ID.
  13. As the man took her wallet and looked at her ID, she bit her lip softly as they examined her name. It was an Arizona drivers license that said "Melanie Anne Bellehan". As they oogled her license, she sighed. Soon enough she took her wallet back.

    "Hey man, this is bullshit."
  14. "Melanie Anne Bellehan. That sounds like a Serial Killer name, is that what you are?"

    Before she could say anything, Bryan looked back at Rian, who was still being restrained by Takashi. "Don't ever come around here again."

    After she swiped her Wallet back, Bryan went to go talk to Rian, but when Melanie called bullshit, he turned around and went back to talk to her. "You work for Harry right?"
  15. Melanie stared at the man who called her a serial killer as he paused right after she called him out. She was still breathing heavily due to the little scuffle she was in, before she was asked where she worked.

    "Yeah, I just started."
  16. "You were just fired." Bryan just turned around and walked away.

    After Melanie left, Bryan had a private talk with Rian, because even before Melanie came into the picture, she had been picking fights with just about every girl that talks to Ryuuga and it was starting to get on his nerves. It was already clear that Ryuuga was not interested in a Relationship, Rian was just in denial.
  17. Melanie drove back to "The Racer's Edge", where she worked for Harry and transported parts for him to get some money for her car. She pulled into the parking lot aggressively, parking the truck in an empty spot next to a Lexus GS300. She sighed and exited the car, keys in hand as she proceeded towards Harry's shop.

    "Hey Bryan, I appreciate what you did in a big way."
    "Bryan I owe you."

    He hung up the phone just as Melanie came in, ignoring her frustrated demeanor as he came up and walked in front of her.

    "Mel, you're messing with my business. When Bryan drives, he's golden."
    "Kids pour in. They want everything he has. Every performance part. They pay cash!"

    Melanie sighed as she went over to her little room in the back, bending over a sink to wash her face.
    "What did Bryan say?"

    "You don't want to know."

    "What did Bryan say?"

    "He wants you out of here."

    Melanie took off her shirt and went to go find a new one

    "He wants me out of here?"


    "And what did you say to Bryan?"

    "What do you think I said? I told him, "Good help is hard to find."

    Melanie was in the middle of putting on another shirt as Harry sighed and rubbed his face.

    "Relax. I need NOS. I need NOS."

    Melanie stepped outside of her room, despite the protesting coming from Harry. She was heading straight for those tanks of nitrous oxide, useful for getting that edge she wanted.

    "My car topped out this morning."

    "Amateurs don't use nitrous oxide. I've seen how you drive, you've a heavy foot. You'll blow yourself to pieces."

    Melanie put her hands on a silver canister of nitrous oxide, "I need one of these. One of the big ones, actually, let's make it two."

    "And Harry, I need it by tonight."


    Hours later, Melanie was well on her way to the local race scene tonight as she pulled into the industrial area, following the various lights and the crowd as she went to go find a spot to park. Her Supra was parked next to a Honda Accord with hydraulics as she exited the cars and proceeded to observe the competition. She stood next to her car as she looked around, looking at the various cliques and gangs. A hispanic man decided to speak up to her.

    "Hey girl, what you running under there?"

    Melanie smirked and stood there as the hispanic man expressed his exasperation.

    "You gonna make me find out the hard way?"

    "Hell yeah."

    "You brave. You brave. They call me Hector. Got a last name too, but I can't pronounce it."

    As the two introduced each other, she caught a glimpse of his ride and listened to him explain going legit. Suddenly, an African American man came up to him and proceeded to give her a lecture of how she asserted herself. All of a sudden, she could hear the distant sound of engines rolling in.
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  18. The Engines roaring was Bryan and his crew. Tonight, Bryan was driving his 1991 Toyota MR2, which was heavily customized and heavily modified. The only thing it lacked were vinyls of the brands that he used, mainly because he didn't want people to know what brands that he used. The rest of his crew drove their usual cars; his girlfriend Emma was driving her 2001 Toyota Celica, which she got to signify her relationship with Bryan, because he had an MR2, although her car was ten years younger then his; Justine drove her 2009 Dodge Challenger; Nicole drove her 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR; Ryuuga came in with his 2010 Nissan 270Z; Akira came by with his 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse RST; Takashi had his 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS; and lastly, Rian had her 2007 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII. To each member of Bryan's crew, their rides were their life, their pride and their joy. There was nothing more that any of them loved other then racing. As each Racer exited their cars, they seemed to be happy, because in the Street Racing World...They ruled. While Rian went to check out the cars that were out for the night, Bryan was greeting fellow street racers and was talking to a few girls. However, Emma did not like it.

    " *Meow*....I smell...*sniff sniff* skanks...So why don't you girls pack it up or I'll leave tread marks on your faces."

    The girls then walked away, knowing how aggressive Emma could be.

    "Emma, I was just talking to them..."

    "Yeah, whatever..." She walked straight passed him.

    "Okay, Hector..." He called Hector over.
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  19. "Yeah, what's up man?"

    Edwin came over and introduced himself as well,

    "Yo. What's up?"

    "How we doing this tonight?"

    As the rules of the race were lied out, an Asian kid chimed in,

    "Why Hector?

    Edwin came in with a witty response from himself

    "Because he too slow to make away with the money himself."

    Hector shot Edwin a look that clearly represented his resentment and hatred towards that statement that came out of Edwin's mouth. If he was able to drive, he'd definitely kick his ass if he could. As the buy-ins were about to end, Melanie was making her way towards the crowd, pink slip in hand to buy into the race.

    "Hey wait. I don't have any cash, but I do have the pink slip to my car."

    Suddenly, a member of Bryan's clique chimed in, probably to defend her boss.

    "You can't just climb in the ring with Ali, 'cause you think you box."

    Melanie smirked and pointed over to Rian,

    "She knows I can box. Check it out, it's like this; I lose, the winner takes my car. Clean and clear. But if I win, I take the cash, and I take the respect."

    The driver heard some laughter come from within the crowd.

    "To some people, that's more important."

    As the crowd went over to check out Melanie's car, Justine happily went over as Melanie opened the hood to her Toyota Supra, revealing quite the setup.

    "I see a cool air intake. It's got a NOS fogger system and a T4 turbo, Bryan. I see an AIC controller, it has direct port nitrous injection."

    Suddenly, Edwin chimed in as he took a closer look at Melanie's car.

    "You see that shit? She's got enough NOS in there to blow herself up. Period."

    "So what do you say? Am I worthy?"
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  20. Bryan just chuckled. "We don't know yet...But you're in."

    The title to the Supra was in his hand. Soon after the meeting, every Street Racer present would gather on a desolate and empty street, parking their cars in perfect unison. Takashi would close off the road and would end up inconveniencing a Pizza Delivery Driver. "What the hell is going on here?"

    "Street's closed, Pizza boy! Find another way home."

    "Damn Street Racers."

    As the numerous racers cheered, the members of Bryan's crew would assemble to cheer for him. Rian was looking forward to seeing Melanie lose such a nice car. After a Starting line was sprayed with Red Spray Paint, Bryan and two other Racers would align themselves, ready for the race. Of course, everyone knew that Bryan was the best Street Racer in town, so it was unquestionable that he would win. Perhaps Melanie could prove everyone wrong and see if she could break Bryan's Winning Streak, which no has ever done. Not even Ryuuga...Or even his Girlfriend Emma. Many have tried, but none have succeeded. Meanwhile Takashi listen to the Police Scanner in his car to make sure that the Race could proceed without being interrupted. He then notified everyone else to confirm that the LAPD was preoccupied.
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