The Fantasy Town of GEN'RAL!

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Roleplayers and Writers of Iwaku,

Here is a challenge to exercise your muse and practice your creativity.

You and everyone else are citizens in a town called GEN'RAL. This town is in a High Fantasy world. The rest? That is up to you.

Each member can post ONE TRUTH ABOUT THIS TOWN per post. Information about a famous person. A blurb about a business. Maybe you are describing the location of the town, or it's greatest rival. You can blend in what people have posted before you, but you can't contradict what they've written!

....I am going to start us off by saying Gen'ral is surrounded by a stone wall on three of it's sides. This was built to help protect it from raiders.
The Raiders wanted to bring the Gen'ral down, for they wanted to take over the kingdom.
The raiders all dress in bright purple tunics, that symbolize the blood of their almighty goddess, Tu'llah.
Gen'ral is placed strategically in a very important pass.
Gen'ral was founded by high-queen Dayanna, during the great raider uprising of 1167
The town is built upon a site of an ancient battle, and some say the skeletons of the buried soldiers come alive at night.
It's said the pastry shop down on Norton street has the best cupcakes.
The church of Saint Bes'Tial is an impressive cathedral, draped with the red and green banners of it's religion.
Legend says Bes'Tial was once a shapeshifting trickster who became a hero.
The town has a thriving tourist economy, featuring primarily concerts, and amusement parks, while also having a decent nightlife.
Though the biggest tourist attraction is the so-called Pit to the Center of The Earth.
Bes'Tial became a hero by stopping the demon roch'ma'hed from taking control of the cities clergymen in the infant stages of the cities existence.
During the summer Gen'Ral is plagued by waves of butterflies. Though pretty, they often lead people off of cliffs.
The local brothel, Torn Stockings, is also the secret base of the Assassin's Guild. Sadly, this branch doesn't get much business, since everyone that shows up is too busy doing "other things".
The Mayor's name is Frank Lee Doncare and wins elections through bribes.
Many extra-dimensional horrors have a claim on Gen'ral, and nobody knows why.
Standing above the wall you can see almost the entire city, before you reach the tree lines.
Some kids say that the old lady who runs the tea shop on Main Street holds demon summoning circles at night.
Others say the same old lady used to be a priestess, and will occasionally perform miraculous feats of healing for those she deems worthy.
In Gen'ral, everyone must walk backwards down Main Street.