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The Fantasy Novelist's Exam

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Xindaris, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. So, I was wandering around TVTropes and stumbled upon a link to the fantasy novelist's exam; it's pretty self-explanatory. I skimmed it and didn't find anything I tend to do much when coming up with ideas. I got to wondering whether it might have some use as a "Fantasy RP GM Exam". Obviously some questions (like the first one) don't apply or would have to be adjusted to work, but some of the basic conceptual ones still apply, I think. I'm just curious, of the fantasy RPs you've been in/made, how many might fail this exam? (And possibly as a corollary, how were the ones that fail the exam? I can't imagine it being absolutely ruinous just for one of those questions having a yes.)
  2. I think 90% of all fantasy PERIOD would fail that exam. XD It's clearly a satirical commentary...

    But it really did raise a few really, really good points in there in between the joke questions. o__o

    The on that made me stop and think was Does your story involve a number of different races, each of which has exactly one country, one ruler, and one religion?

    It's always been something I've been URG over with a lot of fantasy worlds, but I haven't gotten far enough in to world designing to fix... It kinda makes me wanna go over my universes and see what I can tweak! XD
  3. 33. Is your name Robert Jordan and you lied like a dog to get this far? LOL!
  4. Honestly, I just skimmed the first 20 or so and thought they were pretty good points. On closer inspection, seems I tend to "fail" on 36-38. Meh.
  5. This is nothing new.

    In fact, its why I love fantasy books so much. I LOVE the troperrific genre!

    I do enjoy twisting the tropes more than just playing them straight these days, but I do enjoy the occasional straight-up, Hero's Journey-ish, monomythic, played-straight-for-all-its-worth adventure.
  6. Definitely humorous/satire in nature. Most of fantasy is very trope-centered and that's fine.