The Fantastical World of Noval

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For the past six years, Texas has been plagued with sinkholes. It seemed liked as soon as people were able to recover from one and start to rebuild, another one formed. It was a terrifying occurrence that was turning daily, and most people were quite fearful that one day they would be swallowed up. However, there was one city in Texas, that didn't worry about the sinkholes. Most of the horrifying natural disasters occurred towards the center of the state and the city of San Azure was pretty much on the fringe of the border of New Mexico.

Yes, the citizens of San Azure thought themselves to be untouchable from the vast tendrils of Mother Nature.

But they were wrong.

It appeared at the San Azure Library, a building that had just been built about three years ago. The library was filled to the brim with thousands of books of all genres, however a lot of community groups met in the libraries many meeting rooms.

When the sinkhole began to form, everyone panicked. Sure there were protocols that should have been initiated, but the majority of San Azure citizens didn't practice them as they believed they were untouchable. And so when the sinkhole began to form and shelves, books, computers and the like began to disappear into it, a frenzy started.

Screaming people could be seen scrambling backwards, parents were snatching up their children and racing towards the exits that were already clogged with frantic people. Fight or Flight took over the minds of some people, and instead of helping others, some began to shove others behind them or tear them away from the pillars they held fast to, in an attempt to save themselves. Those poor souls who weren't fortunate enough to escape or not were shoved out of the way, fell screaming into hole.

It was brutal.

And when the sinkhole finally ceased it's growth, emergency personnel were sent to investigate the hole, and search for the people who where being reported missing. However, all they found was an forgotten subway and no bodies.

Chapter One
Welcome to the land of Noval! A wonderful place filled with fantastical beings of all shapes and sizes. You might have traveled here from a far or fallen here from...Even farther. Either way, you are here and you will be happy! For this is a place of endless opportunities, where you can choose your own destiny!

Take a look around at your surroundings and at your selves! You may find that you no longer appear as you were before and that's perfectly fine! That means you're one of us now!

So welcome, welcome, welcome! To the land of Noval!

In front of you are two paths, one leading to a forest and one leading to a road with a castle in the distance. Which one will you choose to follow? Either one will take you on a glorious adventure, unless of course you don't want that, in which case you can close your eyes and wish you were back home! (Satisfaction not guaranteed!)


Oh dear me! I seem to have gotten ahead of myself! Why am I telling you were to go without telling you what you can be! Let's first start with, who you were!

So it seems you were apart of one of these groups.;

Suicide Survivors
A group for those who have survived suicide attempts (most are required to go by law).
Parenthood Passion
A guide to preparing for parenthood or reinforcing child rearing techniques.
#Fit 4 Life - Reserved for ShatteredSecrets
Basically people who like to talk about how healthy and fit they are.
Anger Management - Reserved for Zacharia Finch
This group is for those who can't control their anger.
Film Fanatics - Reserved for Radio Jelly
These people pick a movie to watch and discuss it every weekend.
Senior Survival
This group is for citizens 60 years or older, who aren't ready for a life in a retirement home and seek a more exciting lifestyle. **Seniors are given younger appearances in Noval.
Eco Club - Reserved for Wonderful Thing
For those who cherish the earth and it's wonders. (probably didn't cherish that sinkhole though...)
Rainbow Rights
For those who stand up for the rights of LGBTQA people.

Now then! Let's move on to stats and classes!

Everyone starts with five points in each category. The categories are;


This is what everyone's form should look like in the beginning;
Character Name
Power (strength): 5
Focus (dexterity): 5
Wisdom (intelligence): 5
Magic: 5
Spare points: 10 (to add where you please)

Then as you read on, you will add more points according to the descriptions.

(Whichever class you choose, you must add the points that come with it)
Berserker + 10 Power
Uses rage and pain from injuries to fuel their battle attacks. However they are not very fast and get tired quickly.

Knight + 10 Power
Are very strong and often utilize defense to attract the aggression of their opponent or groups of opponent to better protect their party. They are not fast.

Archer + 10 Focus
They have high focus and great hand eye coordination. They are great at camouflaging in the forest and tall grass. They are not very strong.

Rogue + 10 Focus
Very quick on their feet and can camouflage in the city. They are not very strong.

Spellsinger + 10 Magic
Uses spoken word to cast elemental and minor weather spells.

Cleric + 10 Magic
Uses hand gestures to cast healing and light spells.

NOTE: Soothsayers and Clerics can have small animals as their familiars, or baby dragons. However, upon reaching adolescence, baby dragons should be released from servitude/partnership.

Potion Master/Mistress + 10 Wisdom
Can create health, adrenaline, magic replenishment, temporary flight, temporary cloaking and temporary transformation potions (among others).

Rune Binder + 10 Wisdom
Write spells and forge runes that are used to enhance skills and form protective barriers, among other things. The strength of the rune is only as powerful as the materials used and the person who made them. Runes can be stone, wood, paper or jewelry.

Character Sheet
(Please use the format I provided! And delete everything in parentheses. For those from my Sinkhole rp, the CS is a little different, so don't just copy and paste your old one!)

What did you look like? (Real Image)
Hello, hello, hello! What's your name?
And how old are you?
Hmm...I don't mean to pry but are you male or female?
I like everyone, but who do you like? (Sexual Orientation)

❤ ❤ ❤

What do you hope to achieve in Noval (if anything)?
Are you a leader or a follower?
What do you do for fun?
What are you good at? (Skills/Talents)

❤ ❤ ❤

What have you become? (Fantasy Appearance, or written description. No anime )
Do you like looking like this?
What will you choose to be? (Class)
What will be your weapon of choice? (Don't go crazy please. Think medieval weapons)

❤ ❤ ❤

What kind of person are you? (Personality, at least 3 sentences or a list with descriptions for each trait.)
What kind of person do you want to be? (at least 3 sentences)
What did you do before you came here? (Brief Biography. Include Occupation if Applicable. As well as what group you're in and why you were there. 8 sentences min.)

❤ ❤ ❤

Who loves you? (Family/Pets/Love Interests/Friends)
Who doesn't? (Enemies)
Do you know anyone who came here with you? (Relationships with other characters in Noval)

(This needs to be at the end of your CS, along with that thing in the rules!)
Character Name
Power: 5
Focus: 5
Wisdom: 5
Magic: 5

Spare Points: 10
(This is just the default sheet. Please add/remove points where necessary.)

  • No Godmodding/ Special Snowflakes/ Mary Sues etc
  • This is an INTERMEDIATE role play, meaning I expect a certain amount of detail and quantity when you post your CHARACTER SHEETS and IC POSTS. All posts should be at least eight sentences each and in third person, past tense.
  • Main NPCs such as royalty and the royal court members are controlled by me.
  • Do not join and then drop out at the last minute please.
  • If you need to drop out, please inform me immediately so I can reopen your spot.
  • Put 'DELICIOUS APPLES MMM YEAAAH' in your CS post if you've read the rules.
  • One character per person.
  • Reservations last 3 days. If the character is not completely finished by then, the spot is reopened. (You can keep making the character, but someone else might grab it before you do.)
  • When you are finished with a character TAG ME.
  • This is not a romance roleplay so don't make it the focus. Also keep it PG and don't move past making out.
  • IMPORTANT!!! This is a choose your path rp, so there's no need to just follow along with other people's choices! Be an individual but also cooperate with others when the situation calls for it.
  • If you have questions, please ask me through pm to avoid clogging the thread.
  • Fun fact: Every time you lick a stamp, you're consuming 1/10th of a calorie.
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