The Fallen Will Rise

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  1. There are legends, that when an angel falls, their wings are ripped from their shoulder blades, torn from their body as consequence. But that is not true. They leave the wings. But the catch, is that their wings don't work. They are just useless extensions, a constant memory of what they used to be. It was figured that it was a much more painful torture then taking them away. So the fallen where there wings as a shameful reminder.

    The best part of the fallen is that they have come together. Houses for fallen are all around the world. Where no Fallen is judged for their actions or how they ended up on earth in an endless purgatory of immortal life. But the problem with so many fallen all mushed together, is that the chatter begins, and they talk of rebellion. And how great it would be, for the Fallen to Rise.


    Keiko sat in the corner of another Fallen House. She didn't like to stay in one place for too long. It bored her. Though she has forever to move wherever she wants. That the curse of being Fallen. Both Immortal and broken wings. Her pet, a lesser demon that was completely harmless, she had named him Edgar. He was a furry little creature that had dark purple wings and horns. It had four legs with sharp black talons on its feet. His eye glowed an ominous red and it smiled with sharp white teeth. She loved him, and his favorite place was in her arms. She wore a white dress and her different colored eyes off-put some people. She scratched behind Edgar's ears, lightly sipping a glass of orange juice.
  2. Sayori wasn't like normal fallen. She tried to keep it a secret but she was still able to use her wings and fly. Walking into the fallen house her black eyes darted about examining the crowd of fallen around her. Then she saw one who was probably barely older than her sitting in the corner of the room. Becoming curious she leaned against the wall behind her causing her black hair to move around her shoulders. Becoming silent she watched the strange girl from afar.
  3. Keiko could feel eyes on her, plus Edgar was turning to look at someone. She looked up to see another girl. She looked younger than Keiko, and she had curious eyes. Keiko tried not to pay attention but the staring was getting to her. She made a clicking noise with her tongue and teeth, and Edgar climbed onto her shoulders wrapping his tail around her arm so he could hold on. She stood, taking her empty glass to the kitchen and setting it in the sink. She turned to grab a piece of raw meat from the fridge tossing his into the air. Edgar released her, taking off from her shoulder to fly up and catch his snack.
  4. She watched in silence as the girl gave her familiar a snack and chuckled lightly to herself, "I guess everyone is special in one way or another." he silky voice came out as barely a whisper but knowing the abilities of some it was possible many had heard her.
  5. Keiko had heard the girl whisper to herself, so now, she wanted to know who this girl is. "Edgar!" She called, her little demon coming to land on her shoulders. Keiko walked with confidence which was more than most the fallens had. She came up to stand in front of the girl, her blue and her golden eyes wide, "Hello! I'm Keiko, thats Edgar," she mumbled jabbing her thumb backwards to the purple animal. "Who are you? I don't think I've seen you around before." she inquired. This girl had black hair and black eyes. Pretty though.
  6. Sayori looked into Keiko's eyes, "Hello there." her soft voice again sounding like a whisper, "I don't usually come here or to any fallen houses. I own a house of my own." she reached up and brushed a few loose strands of hair from her eyes, "My name is Sayori." every word that left her mouth sounded silky with her voice but was quiet like a whisper.
  7. "Really? Your own house? That's pretty odd." Keiko's voice wasn't silky like the others girls was. The words flowed nicely from her mouth just the same though. "Its nice to meet you Sayori. So, since you own your own house, what brings you down to a fallen house?" She asked, but then shook her head, "If you don't mind me asking of course!" She smiled rubbing the back of her neck disrupting Edgar's sleep. Edgar stood up and hissed lowly, flying off up the stairs probably to find somewhere warm to sleep. "Heh, sorry about Edgar, he gets a little moody."
  8. "How is it odd for me to own a home? I have a job that pays well and I normally hide my wings so they aren't seen..." she looks off to the side spacing out.
  9. She shrugged, "I'm just saying, most fallen don't even bother with any of that mortal stuff." Keiko noticed the girl spacing out, wondering if she was okay. She didn't want to wave a hand in front of her face because that was rude, but even though the girl had turned away from her.
  10. She snaps out of her trance, "Yeah well I would never be able to live in one of these places. I like my solitude and quiet."
  11. Keiko shrugged, "I move all the time anyway." She turned away to look for Edgar. He was never where she wanted him to be the damned thing. "Solitude and quiet is nice, but I couldn't live without the great social benefits of talking to other mopey angels." She used sarcasm on the last part of her sentence.
  12. She shrugs, "To be honest I don't even know why I decided to come in here." she looks back into Keiko's eyes and quietly thinks to herself, "I wonder what happened that caused her to have two different colored eyes?"
  13. Keiko smiles, "You're looking at my eyes, huh?" she asked. "It was a warning shot. I got into a little trouble while I was still an angel. See this one," she moved to point at the very pale blue one, "They used lightning as a punishment. At least it still works." She shrugs. Lightning was a pretty common method of punishment, but they usually just left scars on the body.
  14. She doesn't even budge or look surprised, "I thought it was respectful to look someone in the eyes when speaking to them."
  15. "But that's the thing, you think its respectful, but people don't look me in the eyes." She rolled her own. This girl was odd. Well maybe not odd but she was.. stony. Not as flamboyant as Keiko was. But then again, not many of the fallen were very nice or happy.
  16. She shrugged, "Well I should really get going soon." she looked around the room, "I see some people don't like me."
  17. Keiko raised her eyebrows and looked around the room, "Why would people not like you?" she asked glancing at the other people in the room.
  18. She nodded towards a male who was glaring at them, "Long story short I kind of got rid of his chance at a job."
  19. She turned to look at the glaring male, "Oh?" she asked. She wondered what she did, or more what he did.
  20. "There is no need to go into detail at the moment." she turned and started to slowly make her way to the door, "If you excuse me. I am going to leave now."
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