The Fall of Titan Station(Deadspace 2)

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  1. This Roleplay is in a alternate timeline of Deadspace. Isaac Clarke is nowhere to be found, and vandal from deadspace mobile never let the necromorphs out thus forcing the necromorph infection spread a great deal slower. You take the role of some poor soul caught in the beginning of the infecton, and besides personal goals you can come up with , the only real goal is to find a ship that unitoligists haven't destroyed and get off the station.

    Ground Rules/ guidelines
    1. try to play nice with other players.
    2. you cannot kill another players character without the players written permission, OR if said player is going around being a complete dickpiston, then you need only MY permission.
    3. try to keep what your characters do in the realm of believeability, a super cliche character backstory, or acting like your freakin dante from DMC will not get your character approved.
    4. IF your going to be in a RigSuit have a REASON to be in said RigSuit
    5. a fleshed out and interesting backstory and character will help immensly to make the rp fun!
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  2. Zane H. Taggart

    Age: 25
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 240 lbs

    He has brown hair and eyes just like the rest of his family.
    large framed, like a football player but less muscle
    wears green muck-boots , blue jeans, tshirt, black jacket, military camoed patrol cap, standard rig, enhanced kenisis, fried stasis [unusable]
    pale skin and large nose
    scarred hands from exploding cutters and other hazards

    vulgar vocabulary but kindhearted, trigger happy, vengeful, emotionally excitable.
    can't do spacewalks because of spacesuit paranoia .
    majored in electrical engineering and minored in botanical medicine
    side note of having a quite vicious stomp because of weight but lousy punching ability
    home is Oklahoma and is familiar with all tools and more rudimentary firearms. wears a Kevlar layer under his jacket just from paranoia, can't talk well to girls because of poor social experience. Will openly berate those who have to have things explained that he sees as common knowledge, if encouraged to violence can become almost sadistic to opponents , not above being snarky.

    History:He grew up in Oklahoma in the town of Nevermoore, his mother a dentist and his father and grandparents florists, after his parents divorced he lived with his father until a fight broke out between him and his father and he just didn't feel comfortable around his father and lived the rest of his childhood with his grandparents.

    He then went to Nevermoore tech to learn his trade, after insulting a unitologist about her head-ware a fight broke out between him and the campus guards after he punched the unitologist for calling him some word he didn't completely understand but understood it had something to do with his mother ,during the fight he accidentally paralyzed two guards and spent 4 years under house arrest, although they let him go to his classes because of the proximity to his dorm.

    He learned how to modify equipment out of boredom but unlucky for him his first attempt fried his stasis module and short circuited the entire stasis network in his rig, his second attempt with his kenesis was more successful, he was able to make it pick up much heavier loads for the price of needing to power it with force energy, something he found quite ironic and amusing, after spending 4 years working for private companies he found work on the sprawl. During his time on the sprawl he found that a lot of the busted tools he fixed built up a toxic level of nitrogen, after three blown up cutters he started to wear a gas-mask while working.

    occupation:employee of hardware refurbishing shop

    Personal items: A small hydrazine torch no bigger than a plasma-cutter , pistol grip, and holds enough fuel for 20 seconds of fire at a time. keys, sunglasses, and a pocketknife with flame decals on it and a antique refurbished gas-mask he wears like a shoulder-pad when not using .