The fall of the world ""Death and Spacious Space""

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  1. Plot: So it’s going to be about a small village that is of where my character comes from, its a Sci Fi/survival story.
    There was once a time that the flowers bloomed and the birds sung cheerful songs, But all that changed when the world went corrupt; The economy was low and shops had ran out of stock, the only shops left was the in the town of honourables, this place was rare to get into. The place was guarded in very high security; this was where the Nobles lived. Anyone who ever managed to get there was never found alive after.

    The world was now just a deserted piece of dirt floating in orbit, the only option for a new live was 'Pariym' (Pronounced Parry nem) But as you can imagine this place was never really easy to get to, it was a new planet the Noble scientists had found, it was survivable and some of the Nobles and some fortunate citizens with enough money got the one way flight there. No one had seen this planet, or what it looked like the only information about it was It was Survivable.

    Scientists these days weren’t very open about what they found, it was always a secret but something about Pariym was creepy the signal when the fortunate s got there was lost, all those test runs that went there had never come back only the scraps of the ships but never any survivors.

    Where it all starts; Panem! < this is the town of which we start in>

    Panem a dead city the only live is the murdering crows that wait for the unfortunate to die and then feed on the flesh, ripping it open with their beaks and feeding around the bones dwelling into the blood and the decaying body. The town had one up side; this was where they sent the Ship Pariymei (Parry me’s) every 2 months with new nobles and army recruits.

    The Town also held a secret that was kept with-in ones called the Lian's, they had a special power to transform and there was a 9/30 chance of having the ability they had the best chance of escaping.
  2. Name: Keni
    Age: 14
    Personality: intellectual, always looking at the bigger picture, looks to the bright side of things, always free.
    Bio: He was only 4 when he learnt that he could transform, he was special and he hated to show people as he hated his form all the other Lian’s he knew as friends were all vicious animals like Bears, Cats, Dogs they all had a different form yet he had a Golden Eagle, from what he knew when he was little as a weakling he was a bird couldn’t scare of the bullies, couldn’t fight his battles. But it’s now his turn to show the friends of which bullied him for it to now pay, he could fly whenever he wanted and took advantage of it, he always flew close to the Nobles to keep an eye on what was happening he even hunted as a bird, his live was took over by his Lian presence, it was like his human form was his transformation.

    Appearance: Rp.jpg
    Transformation: eagle.jpg
  3. It was night time and Keni was still circling the Nobles Gate there was a conversation something about the 'Final Date?' Keni was confused but knew he couldn't get any closer without being spotted.
    He flew to a nearby block of flats and perched himself on the edge he was still in distance to hear the conversation but he was also safe enough to go asleep and not have to worry about being killed by any other Lian or Noble guards.

    Keni reverted back to Human and was sitting with his legs hanging freely in the wind over the side of the roof tops and his Black hair caught in the gentle breeze. his black skinny jeans creased gently to his legs and his blue shirt that was creased and tucked into his Jeans.

    'Hmmm... the flight should be going soon maybe i should see if i can get into the base tomorrow...' Keni was always up for a challenge but was this challenge just a death sentence?