The Fall After the Rise

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  1. Alena pulled the apron around my waist, tying it before pulling her jet black hair back with a sigh. Her blue eyes reflected back, full of boredom.
    "Just two hours left..then I can go home."
    Alena told myself quietly, but when she turned, she noticed how dark it looked outside.
    Unless it starts storming..then I am stuck here..
    She added in her head. Sighing, she picked her notepad off the counter and walked up to the first table, ignoring another waiter as she passed and forced a smile for the customers. "Hello, May I take your order?"

    Three minutes later she returned to the counter and hung the order on the rack, turning to see if anyone new had taken a seat.
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  2. Five o' clock. The start of his shift for the night. Ugh he hated work. Especially on the weekends after having a long week at school. Still, it was better then being under his parents' hair all weekend and it was getting him a bit of money in his pocket that he could spend freely on his own time on what he wanted. And HER of all people he could see...Didn't he see her enough at school as it was? With a sigh, he stepped out of his car and prepared himself for his waitoring duty, already dressed for work and prepped to begin his shift from five to seven thirty. He headed inside the quaint little restaurant, the bell ringing, and combed a hand through his blonde hair, his brown eyes bored and putting on his work face as he was greeted by his coworkers and greeted them in return, never having been one for talking much, simply just getting the job done as he went to wait on his first table.
  3. Alena closed her eyes, leaning against the wall with her head ducked until she heard the bell. Looking up, she noticed him enter. Two more customers followed behind him, again at one of her tables. She sighed. Smiling again, Alena moved to their table.
    "What can I get you to drink sir, ma'am?"
    She wrote down the orders and went behind the counter, making the drinks.
    She mumbled to him as she passed, something she rarely did, speak to him. She set the drinks on the table with a small smile and returned to her spot by the wall as another costumer came in, this time sitting across the room.
    Until I get the money for a car. then I'll be good.
    She thought to herself.
  4. When she actually spoke to him, he just grunted in reply and rolled his eyes a bit, not saying anything in turn as he went to wait on his first customer of the evening, instantly putting on a fake friendly facague so he wouldn't piss off any of his tables. Why couldn't he just work on cars and motorcycles? Something that can't talk back and just run like it should? As much as Jack wanted to quit, he knew he couldn't. Though he hoped to find something way better then doing this as he quickly scribbled his customers orders on his pad with his pencil, thanking them and heading off before giving the order sheet to the chef and heading out to take care of other customers, making a point to ignore...HER.
  5. Alena stared up at the ceiling a moment before she was waved to a table. The little girl sitting there threw a plastic cup at her before laughing. Alena closed her eyes a moment, sighing a little before kneeling down, picking up the empty cup and setting it on the table. The mother asked if she could bring more and Alena nodded.
    "Yes ma'am."
    She turned, going back behind the counter and getting another glass, filling it with the white liquid of milk before taking it back to the table, stepping back so the girl couldn't throw something else at her. She tucked her hands, annoyed, in her pockets and walked back behind the counter, waiting on another costumer.
  6. When his break arrived at six o' clock, Jack gratefully stepped out of the building for some fresh air and a smoke. Leaning against the building, he lit up the cigarette and checked his phone, replying to a few text from his buddies at school he hung out with, and slipped his phone back in his apron pocket, thankful he so far didn't have to deal with Alena to much tonight. No doubt he'd have to deal with her at school tomorrow morning. Mondays...Another thing he hated. Especially Monday mornings, when everyone was still sleepy from the weekend. He rolled his eyes, finished his cigarette and headed back in front his break, smelling fresh of hot cigarette smoke as he past Alena on the way, his shift would soon be over at seven thirty, a time he couldn't wait to come around on the clock.
  7. Alena rolled her eyes as he walked by, looking the opposite direction and ignoring the smell of cigarettes.
    Why does he have to smoke? Uck.
    She thought silently, fixing her hair before turning to the almost empty restaurant. It always got really quiet after 6, the time she sadly enjoyed work the most. She crossed her arms loosely, looking around. Only two tables where occupied, the others shining spotless and waiting for someone to sit down. Alena glanced at the clock.
    45 minutes to close..
    She looked away from the clock with a small sigh.
  8. Come Monday, Jack was in his usual seat in the back of the class, having Math his first class of the day, with Alena no less, a thought that made him sigh as he plopped his head on his head, pushing his school books off to one side, the classroom buzzing with chatter of various subjects, most of them not even worth participating in they were that anonymous and unimportant, at least to him, but then, pretty much 99% of conversation was unimportant to Jack, and he began to doze at his desk, and was just starting to fall asleep when the bell rang and the teacher walked in, making him open his eyes and yawn, stretching out lazily in the cramped metal chair he had to sit in all day.
  9. Alena walked in class minutes before the bell and sat across the room in the back of the class. She had her notebook out, writing a small story for absolutely no reason. She glanced over, and upon seeing Jack doze, she rolled her eyes. Then the bell rang and she flipped to a new page to look like she was paying attention.
    I need to turn my Bio homework in later..
    She thought to herself, scribbling another story on the paper as the teacher began her lecture.
  10. Despite Jack's rather...unacknowleding behavior towards things, he was no bully. As much as Alena was pretty, he had just no clue what to say to a girl to get them to like him, and the very few times he had tried that had been the last. "What are you writing?" Came his sudden curiosity as he watched Alena scribble in her notebook, their Math teacher late as always, and would walk in about five or ten minutes late with a coffee from the teacher's lounge, leaving the students time to goof around and chatter.
  11. Alena looked up.
    "A poem..why?"
    She didn't sound as snappy as usual, in fact, she sounded a little tired. She stopped writing and set her head on her palm to wait for an answer before she would continue after his answer.
    This is going to go SO well.
    she thought sarcastically.
    Cause our talks always end up with yelling and anger.
    She glanced down at the paper, scanning quickly over the words of the poem.
    Once well thought,
    The time was misunderstood.
    It slows, it speeds up,
    It stops completely at times.
    Because what is time?
    That was as far as she had gotten.
  12. He shrugged. "'Cause I just notice you always seemed to be writing in class." He rolled his eyes a little but decided to say nothing more on the matter, instead turning to face the front of the room just as their teacher walked in holding a cup of steaming java, trying to apologize he was late, making Jack smirk and shake his head. Stupid teachers. And they always harp on our butts when we're late. He thought, getting comfortable in the quite uncomfortable desk he would be trapped in all day.
  13. Alena nodded slightly.
    "'Cause I'm a writer."
    She said, looking back down on the paper and flipping to a new page with a sigh.
    Yeah yeah yeah just get on with it.
    She thought to herself.
    I want to go home.
    She looked up at the apologizing teacher and wondered what their lesson this day would be.
  14. All she got in response was yet another shrug from Jack's shoulders. With a sigh he went on with the class, then gratefully scooped up his books and was out the door with everyone else, and was chatting with his buddies outside the hall , lazily leaning against the boring white of the building it was made of. He really wasn't a talker though, letting other to supply the conversation, and wondered what in the world had led him to try and talk to Alena other then how pretty she was. Eh, whatever. He thought, and shrugged it off, though secretly he watched her as she filed out of the Math room, curious as to what the poem was about she'd been writing.
  15. Alena slipped silently out of the math class with a relieved sigh. She went over to her locker, putting her math work up and pulling out her English binder, which was her next class. She always liked English. With a faint smile for writing, but faded because she was stuck in this building, she closed her locker, hiding the small quotes and poems taped inside her locker door from famous authors. She turned, starting for her English class down the hall.
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