The Falcon returns . . .

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  1. Hello all,

    I'm back from a several year long hiatus . . . well honestly it’s probably been about six or seven years since I was on the Iwaku forums and at least two since I participated in an active role play, so I apologies in advance if I’m a little rusty. Hopefully it’ll be like riding a bike and won’t take me too long to get back in the groove of things.

    Let’s see things people might like to know, or actually care about knowing . . .
    I’ve been role playing half my life, literally if you add the break. I joined my first RP at the tender age of 13, so I’ll let anyone who cares to do the math to find out for themselves how old I am :)
    I’m up for pretty much any type of RP; Sci-Fi, fantasy, present day, historical, super hero etc.
    I also have a tendency to play random types of characters; male, female, alien, ghost, bear, doormat . . . well the doormat was actually for a short story I wrote, but it still counts as writing.
    Oh, and I love writing villains. There is not greater challenge, in my personal opinion, then writing a good believable villain. Whether I'm any good at it or not, well, I'll let you all be the judge.

    Anyway, I'm glad to be back :)
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  2. I recall you.. I think..
    If not.

    HI. c: Welcome back.~ <3
  3. Welcome back, even though I do not know you.
    You seem like an awesome person, only because you said 'at the tender age of 13,'. I like the sound of that, actually.
    The TENDER age of 13.
    Did I say welcome back? Welcome back.
  4. Thank you

    Tattoo :D
    (yes I am a fan of smiles though I promise not to use them in any actual RP posts)

    and Stacisaur your name does sound familiar, though to be honest it’s been so long I’m having a hard time remembering for certain.

    Nice to meet you both!
  5. Oh look, a pair of birds :)