The Fairy Tale World Isn't So Peaceful As It Seems!?

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  1. Hello! Hello! I'm BitterSweet and I've been meaning to do a rp that was base of fairy tales( Alice in wonderland, Snow White, and etc.)

    It maybe could like this;

    One night five character's are randomly given a letter asking if they would like to live a better life, one where the could have anything they want. They sign their signature down below to agree, only to be consumed by light and teleported to another world. They are teleported into different places based on what fairy tale they are in. Upon recognizing and getting answers from over people, it can be seen that the are not in the world the books made it to be but in a world more dangerous than it was. The five character's meeting over character's of their stories who are either nice or sadistic.

    Later on the five are informed that the point of the letter was to trade places with the original characters, the four now having to survive the world and find a way back.

    I would love to hear ideas to improve the plot ^^

    Hope to see people join!
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  2. A thousand times yes to this one! Count me in!
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  3. Count me in!
  4. Alice in Wonderland isn't a Fa- yeah OK I won't be that guy because that's his job.

    But yeah, I'd like to roll in. Maybe the frog prince or the Beast. Or even a villanous one like the Candy Witch.
  5. Ooh.

    I have a question. Are the people being teleported the ones who become the main characters of the fairy tales? Like if some girl were teleported, she'd turn into Cinderella?
  6. Yeah, but she would still have her own physical features.
  7. Nice, count me in.
  8. This sounds interesting :3
  9. Cool!
    I'll post the OOC thread by tomorrow!
  10. Can people play others from another world?
  11. It depends..
  12. Interesting, I am in.
  13. On?
  14. Sounds nice, I'm interested :)
  15. Never mind, it'll just be human world, no other worlds.