The Fails and Triumphs of Dr. Crow

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  1. Dr. Crow was sitting at his desk much like usual. He was tinkering with yet another test subject, but this one just happened to be a robot rather than a human. He was improving his cyber technology and trying to create the perfect cyborg. However, so far, every robot had proceeded to malfunction after just a few uses of the device. Dr. Crow was beginning to think that there was only way to go and that was to create fabrications of already living beings. At least there was an easy way to dispose of it, but with the world whittling away, he had dispose of his failed cyborg and robot creations very carefully and at the same time keeping them away from his competitors.

    He checked his watch and noticed that it was around noon. He sent his project away and breathed out heavily.

    "Honestly, these failures are getting on my nerves. Kasuf!" Dr. Crow called out.

    Dr. Crow had many fabricated experiments and test subject roaming the lab often cleaning or organizing his files. Other than that, the fabrications and robots were good for nothing more than studying and observation. However, there was one creation of his that had been an absolute success. His chimera had failed many times, but by some incredible miracle he had succeeded in creating the perfect one. However there was one feature he had not yet tested out. If anyone knew about chimeras, they would know that they breathed fire. He wasn't quite sure if Kasuf was capable of such a feat, but Dr. Crow wouldn't push his luck either.

    "Kasuf! Bring me my screen! I want to check my messages!" Dr. Crow yelled again before proceeding to mumble, "These messages are all useless. None of them have what I am looking for. All I get is request letters from government agencies and hate mail from villains I've defeated. It just doesn't make sense."

    Dr. Crow furrowed his eyebrows in thought while waiting for Kasuf to bring him the screen. Then of course there would be other matters to attend to.
  2. Kasuf was wandering about the lab with a broom and dustpan. He was casually sweeping up pieces of electronics and some kind of organic matter that he cared not to know the origins of, from one of Dr. Cros latest experiments. As he emptied the dustpan he looked back at all the other mess. It didn't seem to matter how much he cleaned up around the lab, there always seemed to be more junk lying around. Kasuf sighed and started sweeping a bunch of more scattered items into a bigger pile. A seemingly mindless chair covered in fur wobbled towards Kasuf and knocked over the pile of trash he had just swept up and proceeded to bang against one of the walls of the lab. Kasuf scratched his head in dismay and heard Dr. Crow calling for him.

    He quickly hurried off to find the screen Dr Crow was after and carried it over to him. "Here you go Docotor," he simple said, handing the device over.
  3. Dr. Crow patted Kasuf's head before proceeding to check his messages. As usual, there were messages from military powers and government agencies. In other words, junk mail. Dr. Crow threw the letters on the ground and a robot about knee high went to pick them up before eating them. The letters then burned in its furnace like stomach.

    "Kasuf, I'm going on yet another outing, but of course you'll be going with me. I require my suit. And don't bring the white one. That one is for the most special of occasions." Dr. Crow said rubbing his temples.

    All of this disappointment was giving him a headache. After this he checked his camera's activity.

    "Kasuf, what are you doing cleaning!? You know I never ask you to clean that's a failure's job. You're supposed to be telling me how great I am!" Dr. Crow said looking at his camera rather appalled. He shook his head. Kasuf was just too perfect in his eyes. It was another reason Dr. Crow had kept him around. On top of which, Dr. Crow had made Kasuf rather attractive. He was definitely a big hit with all the female test subjects.

    He clears his throat before his Communicator starts to blare loudly like an alarm.

    "Oh for the love of- Hello," Dr. Crow answers.

    A voice breathes on the other side and then says, "I'm going to kill you Dr. Crow and then I'm going to work my way back to the top. I won't let you surpass me again."

    The person hangs up and Dr. Crow is holding the Communicator to his ear... He then shrugs obviously not bothered by the message at all.
  4. The silver ears on Kasuf's head twitched happily as the Doctor's hand ruffled his hair.

    He folded his arms in response to Dr Crow's query. "It's always so messy around here. It's not like these things are really up to the job," Kasuf said gesturing towards the whacky robots and fabrications. "I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself in this mess. You get too engrossed in your work."

    The mail eating robot dropped what letters it had in it's mouth and sped off, bumping into Kasuf's foot hard along they way as a sign of offense. Kasuf jumped a little and rubbed his foot for a moment. "You be careful or I'll chuck you out with the trash too," he said shaking his fist a little. Kasuf turned his attention back to Dr. Crow. "I'll go get you some options," he stated simply and hurried off.

    In Dr. Crows bedroom Kasuf opened the closet and examined the contents. Inside were a bunch of suits. He grabbed the Doctor's black butler suit, although he stopped to mischievously look at the old red suit in the closet entertaining the idea of shenanigans. He thought better of it and headed back to Dr. Crow, offering the suit laid out over his arms. "Here you go Doctor. Might I inquire as to where we are going?"
  5. "We're going to my Inauguration! You know I've moved up a level in villainy!" Dr. Crow said happily, "And you have to go. I have to make sure they know that I am superior. It's highly likely that many people are going to attempt to kill me."

    Dr. Crow started stripping his clothes and started to put on his suit. For a short time his muscular body was all to visible, but of course it was soon covered up with the suit that Kasuf had brought him.

    "Now I do believe that you'll be fine as you are. Everyone already knows that you're mine and laying a hand on you will only get them incinerated. Let's get moving. And the rest of you, clean up this mess or you'll be going to the hazard waste box first thing tomorrow morning." Dr.Crow said sternly before waiting for Kasuf at the Vehicle. Though if anything, it was one of the first hover craft designs that didn't use gas to function. It used the earth natural magnetic pull to hover and used a propeller that ran on solar energy to move. And of course, it had its own set of defense mechanisms.

    "Kasuf!" Dr. Crow said suddenly and turning around. He stroked Kasuf cheek delicately with his finger as he always did when he was going to say something important, "Don't leave my side." Dr. Crow whispered hotly before proceeding to head into the Vehicle.
  6. "Congratulations Doctor," Kasuf started, then with a worried tone he continued, "Why would anyone want to kill you?"

    Dr. Crow began to undress and Kasuf spun on the spot. His cheeks turning a little pink and his ears dropping against his head. Even though he had turned his back he could still make out the Dr. Crow's toned handsome body in many little reflections on all of the glass wear and metal in the lab. He couldn't help but stare. He wasn't sure why. He didn't think he should be looking but there was something about watching his Master that was fascinating to him. He felt his cheeks grow warmer as he watched.

    Once the Doctor had finished dressing, Kasuf turned around slowly then hurried over to meet him by the hovercraft. The pink in his cheeks flushed back at Dr. Crow's touch. He nuzzled his face into the touch briefly. His ears perked up a little at the scent. "Yes Doctor," Kasuf replied getting in with him.
  7. "Don't worry about me, Kasuf," Dr. Crow said smiling his gentleman smile, "I know how to defend myself. What's more important is that you don't leave my side..." It was then that Dr. Crow noticed the pink in Kasuf's cheeks, "Getting a little excited are we, Kasuf?"

    Dr. Crow brought Kasuf's face so close to his that their lips nearly touched. Nearly. Dr. Crow then pulled away smirking and thinking of the fun the two of them would have. This was more or less an extended rest. The two of them would be getting out for a few days. That lab was getting rather boring and Dr. Crow needed a place to execute plan other than his lab.

    He started the Vehicle and headed off. Sure enough, Professor Redwillow was waiting down below along with fifty other villains that have come to "congratulate" Dr. Crow. But as Dr. Crow lowered the Vehicle, he opened fire on the villains at the convention. Most of them proceeding to take out their own weapons of mass destruction.

    Dr. Crow cackled madly, "And they thought I would really come to this unarmed! Grab on to me Kasuf, things are about to get a little bumpy."

    Dr. Crow really seemed to be enjoying the plasma shots and missed fire and ice ray beams. He moved his Vehicle this way and that way, even going upside down just once before the villains started to back off, unable to take down the nefarious Dr. Crow.

    "Better luck next time kids!" He yelled out the window before landing safely on the roof a building.
  8. Kasuf's eyes stared into Dr. Crow's as he moved in close. The warm breath from his Master could be felt on his lips. He closed is eyes in anticipation, his ears dropping low once more. A few moments later e opened his eyes to see the Doctor moving away. Kasuf was quite sure what to think as he hopped in next to the Doctor.

    As the battle began, Kasuf wrapped his arms around the Doctor's arm tightly, burying his face into his shoulder. His tail passed between his leg and lay across Dr. Crow's lap. "It's so loud," Kasuf cried. The battle sounds ringing in his ears. Even after the the vehicle had stopped, Kasuf still clung to his Master, a little taken a back by what just played out before him.
  9. Dr. Crow looked down at Kasuf who was still gripping onto him tightly. He smiled as he always did and pat Kasuf on the head again. He didn't say anything, listening to see if the villains really had backed down and weren't preparing for another attack.

    When, he was confident they were safe, Dr. Crow spoke, "It's alright my dear Kasuf. I always win."

    He turned off the Vehicle and he turned on the radio he had installed.

    "Are you telling me that over fifty of the world's greatest criminal masterminds and including a hundred other criminals weren't enough to even wound him!?" Professor Kralls' voice could be heard perfectly.

    Another voice spoke and the person was stuttering rather uncontrollably. He was obviously scared of Professor Kralls' anger, "Yes, but sir, those criminals weren't anywhere near smart enough to carry out your perfect plans."

    Suddenly a loud thump was heard and a loud scream blared through the radio. Footsteps echoed before the sound of door closing came in. After which, not a single sound was heard. Dr. Crow turned the radio off and was smiling. Professor Kralls really was paying attention to him... but it was a little too late for that now.

    "Kasuf, I'm hungry, what do you to having lunch?" Dr. Crow said calmly and then he smirked. Lunch wasn't the only thing he was thinking of eating at the moment.