The Fails and Triumphs of Dr. Crow (OOC)

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  1. The Plot: Dr. Crow is seeking world domination, but of course he must start from the bottom and work his way up. He must take down a line of villains all of which are more "evil" than Dr. Crow, or at least they claim to be. There is one true Villain that Dr. Crow deems to be in the way and that is nemesis Professor. Kralls.

    Name: Dr. Crow

    Age: Unknown

    Appearance: He stands at an astounding 6'10 and has brown hair and lightning blue eyes. He wears a lab coast most of the time, but on his outings about the town he wears a suit similar to that of a butler's. He has goggles placed on the top of his head for sheer convenience and he pulls them over his eyes when needed. He has white gloves and a pair of combat boots. Dr. Crow is also muscular believing in the survival of the fittest he believes that he must be fit himself. In all, he's rather good looking.

    Biography: Dr. Crow is a peculiar man who thinks in seemingly random patterns, but is actually thinking steps ahead of everyone else. He was born somewhere in the United Kingdom, though no one is exactly sure as to where exactly. His childhood was spent mostly in his room seeing as he was always reading about the latest technology or discovered theories. He spent his high school years in the chemistry lab and was often doing experiments of his own. He was especially interested in Genetic Manipulation.

    He went to college and invented what one could call the super man serum. Military powers from all over the world were offering him large sums of money. However, he rejected them and and went to live in solitude. He got a PhD and a Masters Degree in Biotechnology. After this he took his life's earnings to buy a lab and was hardly ever seen or heard from again. It was unclear as to what he was doing during all this time he was in hiding.

    When Dr. Crow finally did make a reappearance, it was subtle and in disguise. He is often seen with one or two of his loyal test subjects. However, there is one test subject he likes to keep around, though no one is really for sure why. Many villains have their eyes set on their latest competitor, but Dr. Crow has shown little to know interest in them and actually walked in Professor. Kralls' territory.

    This rash appearance may have started a rivalry, but Professor Kralls claims that he doesn't have any interest in Dr. Crow whatsoever and rather chooses to ignore the rumors that seem to be spreading about Dr. Crow.

    Personality: Dr. Crow is outrageous and unpredictable, he goes on rants about how useless some of his creations are and often puts his test subjects' lives in danger. He's a bit cold hearted and probably pretty harsh as far as punishments go. Dr. Crow can be pretty gentleman like when in the face of the public, but other than that he's as mad as it gets. He's on a bit of high horse or a fabricated beast as he likes to call it. However he believes he has every reason to be there. He has absolutely no hope in the human race at all and thinks that he is human kind's last hope.
  2. Name: Kasuf

    Created: 5 years ago.

    Appearance: Kasuf is a 5"10' Human/Cat chimera. For the most part he resembles a human except for a few key features, including sharp long nails, a long bushy silver tail, pointed sharp teeth, rough long tongue, unmistakable golden cat shaped eyes and two pointed silver cat ears on the top of his head. He has long silver hair and his physic is slender and toned. He wears a collar around his neck with his name engraved on a silver coin dangling from it. His clothing consists simply of leather boots, brown pants and a blue & grey hoodie.

    Biography: Kasuf was Dr. Crow's first completely successful Chimera attempt. Created around five years ago he was quickly trained to devote himself to Dr. Crow and his cause. Since then he has been doing anything he can to support him. He has not spent much time with anyone but Dr. Crow and has developed a bond with him. If they part for long Kasuf enters a Melancholic state of unknown origins.

    Personality: A likeable and devoted Chimera, Kasuf is often timid. Developing with only Dr. Crow and his other dangerous experiments have caused him to act cautiously and shy in almost all social situations. Although not usually prone to acts of bravery, he would do anything for Dr. Crow, and trusts him with ever fibre of his being.
  3. Dr. Crow: ...

    are you crying?

    Dr. Crow: shut the bloody hell up! he's perfect!