The Fags and Drags Club! come joins us!

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  1. The girls have a club and there is a club for manly men!

    I made a club for traps drag queens gays lesbians and bisexuals!

    Yay! We have a place to be fabulous!


    Now the only ones left with no club are the whiny pussy emo guys that girls like to ignore!
  2. Whoa there IS an emo club!?
  3. *Scavenger bitch slaps Isabella with a four pound block of C-4 and detonates it.*

  4. Hey no hate'in on the gays! We shit the rainbow!
  5. *Scavenger takes out a trench shovel.*

    You bleed rainbow too?
  6. No! We bleed fabulous!

  7. 0.0



    I'm going to go to AA before I get sloshed again......
  8. *Firezone takes a peek in the thread.*

    Oh my, this just won't do...

    Holy shit... Firezone, the flamingest helo pilot I know, won't touch this thread...

    You guys have problems...
  9. "She's mad at me."
  10. Imma bleed me some fabulous.

    *Draws a Bowie Knife*
  11. (Note: This character is a Muslim. This my first time writing about a Muslim character, as I've always been afraid of offending others if I portray apart of the religion wrong. However, I want to learn how to write more diverse characters. If anyone sees any detail that might be inaccurate, please tell me, because I'm still learning.)

    Fatemah, one who abstains.

    It was the name that she had been given at birth. But did it truly suit her anymore? She had spent years and years agonizing over it--over what she had become. Never had she intended to be swept away by the creatures of the night, never had she expected to become a vampire. One day, she had been the daughter of a wealthy politician, loved by all. The next, she was a monster--unfit to look her father in the face. Her perfection was in shambles. Her life collapsed onto the floor, shattering into a million pieces of smoked glass.

    Adjusting had been the most difficult part of it. The drinking of blood was forbidden--a sin. But it was one that she could not be free from, if she truly wished to survive. Was staying alive and succumbing to evil cowardly? Or was ending her own life to be free from it considered cowardly? All horrible sins, piling up onto her back.

    The last time she had laid eyes on her family was two-hundred years ago. As a vampire, she traveled the sands alone, only taking blood when she was at risk of dying. She had always been a lover of life. The change wouldn't take that away from her. For so long, she had remained a wanderer, only sticking to small villages and towns. Two months ago, she was offered a spot in a supernatural investigation force. The incentive? That they would extensively research and try to find a way to turn her back to a human.

    So, she relocated to New York, to escape from the turbulence that had overtaken her homeland. However, she was only greeted with new chaos on arrival. Knowing only a little bit of English, she settled down in the firm's apartment building, wondering what this life has in store for her, next.

    *Holds out her wrist to Scavenger*
  13. *comes in wearing terminator armour and wielding a heavy flamer*

    to purge or not to purge? that is the question
  14. No need to do that. Even they need their own space. Now, are you guys staying here?
  15. *Firezone sighs.*

    Hell no... I've got better things to do...

    My helo isn't going to maintain itself.

    *Firezone wanders off.*

    Customers to meet, arms to sell...

    Time's a wastin' fucktards.

    *Scavenger wanders off.*
  16. "You're a special girl Ashley." Kunari whisper lovingly.
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