The Fags and Drags Club! come joins us!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Isabella Hime, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. The girls have a club and there is a club for manly men!

    I made a club for traps drag queens gays lesbians and bisexuals!

    Yay! We have a place to be fabulous!


    Now the only ones left with no club are the whiny pussy emo guys that girls like to ignore!
  2. Whoa there IS an emo club!?
  3. *Scavenger bitch slaps Isabella with a four pound block of C-4 and detonates it.*

  4. Hey no hate'in on the gays! We shit the rainbow!
  5. *Scavenger takes out a trench shovel.*

    You bleed rainbow too?
  6. No! We bleed fabulous!

  7. 0.0



    I'm going to go to AA before I get sloshed again......
  8. *Firezone takes a peek in the thread.*

    Oh my, this just won't do...

    Holy shit... Firezone, the flamingest helo pilot I know, won't touch this thread...

    You guys have problems...
  9. In as much as I would want to clarify that "The Negative" is not an emo club, "The Negative" is open to everyone, emo or not.
  10. Imma bleed me some fabulous.

    *Draws a Bowie Knife*
  11. *Scavenger 'bleeds' Grumpy with a Trench Spike.*

    Nope... Thick and viscous... Definitely undead...

    *Holds out her wrist to Scavenger*
  13. *comes in wearing terminator armour and wielding a heavy flamer*

    to purge or not to purge? that is the question
  14. No need to do that. Even they need their own space. Now, are you guys staying here?
  15. *Firezone sighs.*

    Hell no... I've got better things to do...

    My helo isn't going to maintain itself.

    *Firezone wanders off.*

    Customers to meet, arms to sell...

    Time's a wastin' fucktards.

    *Scavenger wanders off.*
  16. *dresses up as a guy*

    ....Murrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! This won't do! I look scrawny as a guy in baggy clothes....
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.