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  1. We can jump from building to building. We can jump from a building as high as the twin towers, but we won't have a single scratch on us. We could pull 100,000 ton carts millions of miles. We could run millions of miles, at high speeds without even getting tired. We could do extraordinary things, that average human's couldn't. We were born this way. But, some people thing of us as weird and dangerous-- because we were born with extraordinary powers that no one ever knew about. Because of this, they've placed us in a facility, like caged up animals. The whole world thinks we're dangerous, and that we should not be let out. They do not realize we can use these powers to actually help them-- not hurt them. We are now test subjects, trapped in a facility where freedom there is barren. The question is..will we ever escape from the facility, if we work together as a team? Or will the misery and pain never end. Will we be trapped in this horrible nightmare? Will we ever get the world to realize that we're actually here to help them, and not to hurt them?

    - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Name: Ai

    Age: 10 (You can be any age that you'd like. Young, old, it doesn't matter. )

    How long have you been in the facility?: 10 months.



    Personality: Ai is known to be a mute girl. She doesn't have a speaking disorder-- she just refuses to talk to people. It is super hard to gain her trust. But if you're lucky enough to, you can get atleast a few words out of her. Ai is also shy around everyone. She was even shy around her parents at time. Ai has never smiled before. She's always been a sad, lonely girl ever since she got separated from her parents. Her parents where basically the only ones that made her happy, but no one could ever get a smile out of her. But on the inside, she's a friendly, protective girl willing to do give up her life for the people she really cares about.

    Medical disorders known of: Anorexia Nervosa, Ashtma, Anxiety, etc.

    History/Backstory: Ai was enjoying a happy life with her parents..until she was caught using her powers, to save a window washer that was about to fall to his death. After that, she was taken to the facility, to run multiple test on her. She tried many methods to escape-- one of them was using her powers all together. But her powers were getting weaker by the day. The more test they ran on her, the weaker her powers got-- until her powers went out of existence. She, herself, started to get weaker by the day, and soon realized that she wouldn't be able to escape- so she gave up trying and trying and trying. Now, she just simply floats in her test tube, not being able to move at all, but still thinks what she could've been doing if they hadn't captured her. She thought that she could've enjoyed her life..but just ended up as a test subject.

    Powers/Abilites: Telekinesis, Sonic Scream, and Flight.​
  2. This sounds interesting.

    Name: Alice
    Age: 18
    How long have you been the the facility?: 1 year
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: One side of Alice is sweet and quiet. She cries over everything but wants to make others happy. The other side of Alice is a bad ass who likes to get into trouble and sticks up for herself no matter what; even if she's wrong
    Medical Disorders known of: Split personality, delusional, Anger issues (not real disorder but yeah)
    History/background: There isn't much about Alice's past, she never likes to say anything about it. However what is known is that she never had a family; she was left at an orphanage as a baby. When the owner noticed Alice's powers she sent her to the facility; being afraid.
    Powers/abilities: mind reading, clairvoyance, telepathy

    (Let me know if this is all okay :) )

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  5. I'm curious about the inclusion of mental disorders in this RP. How are they going to be handled, and what's the purpose of their inclusion within the RP. More importantly - is there a reason for their existence in-universe due to treatment at the facility?

    Beyond that, I am interested?
  6. Well, basically to me, the mental disorders seem to make the story more interesting, depending on he character's moods and feelings while engaged in the RP-- it could just make it a bit more of a challenge. For the workers of the facility. Some mental disorders can make people go haywire. So yeah, I just made the metal disorders known of, to make it a bit more of a challenge in the story, and also make it seem a bit more interesting than it is.

    You can join if you'd like. I could use a few people anyways.
  7. I'm just wondering if the mental disorders are a side-effect of being in the facility ; or if we'll be getting an explanation for the mental disorders presence ICly. As i'm sure you know, people don't spontaneously develop such things. :)

    I'll figure out what I want to play. Probably have my sheet up later tonight or tomorrow.
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  10. Can I still join?(:

    Name: Fayte(Fay) Nichole Juels

    Age: 18

    How long have you been in the facility?: 3 months



    Personality: Fay is naturally a hippy, she believed in love, peace, and happiness. That was until she came to the facility, she started having bad reactions to the medication and tests they experimented on her, she started seeing weird hallucinations and she soon became addicted and dependent on her medications. She is now kind of skittish and hyper all of the time, she obsesses over little flaws she finds and sometimes if she can't fix the flaw it will make her go crazy. She hates her life now, she hates the facility and is planning on escaping. She is rebellious and can get into trouble a lot.

    Medical disorders known of: schizophrenia, OCD, substance dependency

    History/Backstory: Fay was living a pretty nice life, she lived on a beautiful ranch with her parents and grew up loving the outdoors. When she was around 12 she first started discovering her powers which made her even more in connect with nature. She didn't really get out much to visit friends or people, but she didn't mind because she had different beliefs about life that hardly anyone understood. When she turned 15 something happened while she was sleeping that caused her powers to go crazy and some new powers to form, she soon got caught and her parents sent her to the facility hoping the get their 'sweet little normal girl' back. She has now been there for only three months and hopes to escape.

    Powers/Abilites:She can communicate with animals and control elements in nature, she can see demons
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  14. [​IMG]
    Name: Isiah Manderlin " Rinny "​
    Age: 18​

    How long have you been the the facility?: 2 years

    Personality: Quiet, but can become very outrageous and loud when his personality jumps​

    Medical Disorders known of: Split personality​
    History/background: Being young he grew up with his split persona's always fucking with him, and taking advantage of him and making him do this outrageous stuff sometimes. He was put to work with no pay by his parents, making him melt rock and suppress it into diamonds. using his fire and psionic abilities, it was then they found him and took him to the facility and locked him away like a freak never to see his unforgiving parents.​
    Powers/abilities: Psionic, Flight, Katon ( Fire manipulation )​
    I really do want to make a character this. So I will, if I still can?
  16. Yes, you can. Anyone is free to. :3
  17. [​IMG]
    Name: Caleb James Norwill
    Age: Twenty-Two
    Gender: Male
    Period of Detention: Three Years
    Appears to bear symptoms of:
    Most prominently, Caleb suffers from Paranoid Type Schizophrenia, and has for a multitude of years. And with this, he is routinely effected by Post-Schizophrenic Depression; a depressive episode arising in the aftermath of a schizophrenic episode where some low-level schizophrenic symptoms may still be present. Due to the effects of his Schizophrenia, he finds himself struggling with the common problems a patient suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder would, albeit at a heightened extreme.
    As well, Caleb suffered from, prior to his powers, cystic fibrosis.
    Caleb is a distinctively short, small man. He has a pale, drawn face, with long features, and a narrow, but still strong jaw. His eye sockets appear heavily bruised, with dark blue-purple circles around them. The eyes themselves are a light blue-green, which, in dark light, appear more green than blue. In-between his eyes, at the start of the bridge of his nose, he has an old, prominent scar. Caleb’s wavy hair comes down to his shoulders, and is the colour of paper; a greyish yellow, with more white in it than any other distinctive hue. He has a few stray clumps of wispy white-blonde facial hair that is grown unevenly His cheeks are dotted and pitted with various small scars, and around the length of his neck he has a heavily scabbed over, dark-grey line, like an old bruise. There are similar lines down his left arm. He habitually wrings his wrists, interlaces and unlaces his fingers, habitually rubs the sides of his hands and tugs at his fingers. Prone to hiding his face by either bowing it, or covering it with his hands.
    Nervous in demenour, Caleb tends to keep his words cautious and careful, though outbursts of passion or anger are not entirely unanticipated upon the occasion that he is made to care about something. Most of the time, however, Caleb is a withdrawn individual who feels more comfortable having long discourses wit himself than he is with others. He clings to the delusions brought upon him by his Schizophrenia, and very quickly succumbs to fits of depression. Often self deprecating, his tone is often flat and numb, and when he is not making a claim about something he deeply believes, he has a tendency to mumble.; perhaps mirroring his opinion of most people's insights into his character. He knows that he is ill, unusual in most patients with his set of conditions, but it has led to enough tragedy in his life for him to realize that he is not like most people ; and unfortunately, that the world might be better off without him.
    Caleb's story is one of unfortunate happenstance.
    Caleb was born to a wealthy banking family, who had a modest cabin retreat that he spent most of his life in within the town of Astoria, Oregon. The banking company, headed by James Norwill, for who he is named, was considered to be the bank of the government, and the politicians of both the left and right sides. Caleb was a sickly, anemic child who grew up with his head in the clouds, and a desperate desire to escape the small, His relationship with his parents was strained at best, for while he was encouraged to take upon the family business as his own, his hopes and dreams drifted towards something else. Raised on stories of the military, fueled by American nationalistic pride in the wake of 9/11, Caleb wanted very badly to become an officer within the US Military - go to Westpoint and study with the greats. He devoured books on military history, even during his pre-teenage years. He often played 'army man' with his neighbor, Oliver Baines, who he swore to be blood brothers with. His parents did not approve of their son's ideas, and tried to push him towards the maths and sciences, and away from the military and the humanities. This only soured his relationship with them, and a souring for all of Astoria, Oregon.
    When he was seventeen, he finished high-school with good marks. He and Oliver ended up heading towards the East-Coast, and buying a flat together. Caleb began to form an obsession with a particular military unit, one of the first deployed to Afghanistan. His desire swiftly shifted towards being a member of the special task group that had been assigned there, and he became quite intent on making sure that he met all of the requirements of the Westpoint application, including meeting with a senator and spending days on the campus : all organized largely by himself, with support from Oliver. However, these were all in vain, as Caleb was afflicted with cystic fibrosis ; which prevented him from passing the qualifying medical examination. Nevertheless, he opted that he would join the military following a lung transplant intended to repair the damage done by his cystic fibrosis.
    A year later, while recovering in the hospital from the lung transplant, he met another patient, who had received a kidney transplant for a blood condition. She befriended him, and told him that her name was Brienne Crombeck. She very clearly was interested in him romantically, but Caleb was not ; leading her to believe he was gay, and that was why he was not currently enlisted. He explained, however, his predicament and his excitement that soon he would actually be able to enlist. Brienne, in love with him but neglected, expressed her doubts about the military's effectiveness, and ultimately planted the seed that would grow into an obsession; a comparison between him and Arthur Prince, a prominent member of one of the first strike team in Afghanistan. Arthur Prince had gone made, shot his unit, made a deal with extremists, and became one of the terrorists that the USA feared so much. She even commented that he looked a bit like him, pale skinned and watery eyed, blonde. Caleb had scoffed at the comparison, but it had haunted him. Brienne was soon released from the hospital, and Caleb was left with the news that the lung within him was rejecting - and that he would need to consider what to do with the rest of his time ; which had been cut quite short.
    Caleb opted to try and find whatever way possible that could enable him to survive longer ; in order to live out his military dream. And so, he went to Bangkok, in order to try and find some quasi-illegal way of continuing to survive. In Bangkok, he met a geneticist by the name of Micheal - also with the name of Crombeck- who explained that he had come up with an experimental treatment for such conditions, and offered Caleb the treatment ; provided that Caleb was willing to live with the consequences. Caleb for his part, was willing to try anything in order to cure his condition. He was administered the serum that Micheal provided, and soon enough became violently sick. When he came too, he found himself in a military hospital, mistaken for Arthur Prince, rather than himself. Micheal's serum had taken a toll upon his features, contorting them to look like Prince's, accentuating the commonalities they shared between them. The serum, whatever it had been, was the genetic qualities of the healthy Andrew Prince refined to his finest qualities. Not only that, but Micheal had inflicted the genes with superior qualities through his tampering ; most importantly, improved healing capabilities and effective immortality. A screw up. A miraculous accident out of a selfish desire to make a quick buck. Somehow, they had come into contact, somehow Micheal at gotten ahold of him, without knowing who he was, and had since needed somebody to sell to the US government for fame and fortune ; and Caleb was the unfortunate victim of circumstance.
    So, Caleb, gifted with new-found face and lungs, found himself at the mercy of the government that he had championed and wanted to be a part of. The CO (Martin Heights) at this particular facility saw no reason to keep Prince alive, and thought that he would be able to pass off the death as killed in action - while he personally got the glory of killing a nefarious terrorist. This led to an escape through the hospital, and Heights dead on the floor. Caleb had not died when Heights had stuffed his gun into his mouth ; he hadn't felt anything at all. He escaped the facility, running through the halls of the army hospital. Not knowing where to go, he poured through the hospital's records, and tried to find another patient to impersonate. After finding one file marked for a Tyson Ford, he suffocated the unfortunate man with a pillow and torched the hospital ; hiding all evidence of his involvement. Assuming the identity of Tyson Ford - he used Height's cellphone to call the US Embassy in Thailand, who he begged for a pick-up (not understanding that they would recognize him as Arthur Prince) claiming to be with the military. The Embassy came, and took him into custody as Arthur Prince ; but he managed to escape them as well ; shot with many bullets and wounded.
    However, another person came as well ; a woman who looked very much like Brienne. She came to him and explained that something had gone very wrong with him, and that her employers would be happy to treat Caleb for whatever was ailing him. Scared and uncertain of what he had become, Caleb agreed. She was affiliated with the Facility, and took him into their 'care'. Much of this has involved experiments upon his body's healing mechanisms and the effectiveness of indoctrination techniques. Given his volatile emotional state, Caleb took to indoctrination quickly, and soon began to disassociate himself from Caleb Norwill ; the pain and degradation he faced at the hands of his captors wiped away Caleb Norwill, and the only thing left was Arthur Prince. He struggles with the concept of identity, and because of the brutality he has seen and done, and the brutality he BELIEVES he has seen and done ; his mind has effectively collapsed in on itself.
    Regeneration: He heals rapidly, recovering from even very serious injuries and treatments. This power has rendered him largely invulnerable, and he no longer has to rely on food or drink to sustain him, and perhaps, does not have to sleep either. This does not, however, mean he does not feel pain ; it merely means that he cannot really be killed, at least, not with traditional methods. He finds this to be throughly disagreeable.
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