The Facebook Thread

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  1. Let's face it (haha, KILL MYSELF), we all come face to face with Facebook all the time, regardless of whether we ourselves use it or not.

    Whether you like this social networking system - or not - talk about it here.

    Personally, I used to use Facebook on and off throughout my College years, only because my classmates use it (almost the entire class, if not school). I did the same when my Secondary School uses Friendster, so it's really a influence thing. You see other people using it, you automatically want to be a sheep.

    Nowadays, what with catching up with Iwaku and all (and my own personal life), I barely have time to get involved with real life friends. A lot of them aren't any closer to me than online Iwaku friends anyway, so, there isn't much to catch up with them.

    As for annoyances, ho boy, could we stop with the Application posts? I don't want to see how much silver coins you won be breeding your fishies into masculine terror sharks, or whatever it is you do in Facebook games. I used to play Mafia Wars - a lot - but it's again, due to influence, and the influence died, albeit after a long period of time.

    But, I do think Facebook's useful to catch up with important groups I want to follow (comedy groups, YouTube vloggers, etc.). Nevertheless, I could always just go to my YouTube homepage and check out the 'Subscriptions' module, so the only good point of this overrated crap is gone, too.

    Ultimately, I guess Facebook's something you use to socialize with people...? I only just use forums and Messengers to do that, thank you. Of course, I do need to get out some time soon... it's getting drafty in here.
  2. Facebook is a pestilence, a societal cancer that needs to be excised.

    -has nothing intelligent to add-
  4. I agree 100% with Raz.
  5. I guess it was a mistake to put 'compliments' as part of the description.
  6. I have Facebook. But seriously? Mafia Wars? Farmville? Give -me- a break o_o

    BUT I TEND TO NOT LIKE ADDING PEOPLE I KNOW IN REAL LIFE. Although friendly, I did not form a close bond with many of my classmates as our interests were very different. Plus you can only talk so much about what your kid did and stuff like that. That's pretty much all they talk about.

    Mostly us close nerd-bros use it to keep track of one another.
  8. Yeah, my real life friends have very different interests, too. That's why I don't get along with them as well as I do with online friends, which some of my friends think is extremely gay and unrealistic. Like I'm so homo guy living with his mum. *begins to berate like the Ginger kid*

    Anyway, Torsty shared this with me, so I thought I'd share it with you... JUST LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO ON FACEBOOK! SHARE, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! WOO, WATCH THIS FUCKING FUNNY VIDEO, IT'S SO FUNNY AND SHIT.


    South Park 1404 You Have 0 Friends

    p.s.: In case anyone couldn't tell from the obvious, I was just trolling. I don't mind them sharing videos, but, it floods the wall and Facebook used to be about updating status, NOT SHARING VIDEOS. OR PLAYING LAME-ASS FLASH GAMES THAT LAG MY COMPUTER LIKE HELL.

  9. Hrmmm....Most of the people on my FB friendslist are all Reenactors. I don't waste my time playing the games on it, more or less use it for business communications between people. Occasionally will have some people I've missed over the years but not much else.
  10. I know what you mean, Daiki. I have so many contacts on Facebook and I've barely communicated with any of the contacts that are not of my current class. And with those current classmates, we don't communicate, either. We just joke with each other very seldomly, and most of the time, we just, as I wrote, share videos.

    I don't mind sharing videos, but, c'mon, let's talk. Like, you know, friends? -_-"

  11. FFFUUUU--


    That, and they talk about their awesome careers as interns at some awesome hospital or museum, or their new job at IBM or Microsoft, or how they're immensely enjoying going into business with their father's friend (who is a senior member of some Fortune 500 company).

    Just makes me go: D:
  12. God, Resident Evil architects are dicks.

    "Lol, have fun learning to use your stove."
  13. Moment man is approved as a staff NPC/pc
  14. @Leon Moretti lol Toffee was the one who patched up the bullet wound, remember?
  15. its gonna b gud

    Facebook DOES have some pros ya know.
  17. "I accidentally burnt my toast this morning. I should make a montage..."


    I still have a Facebook but I'm fast neglecting it. Seriously? Between FarmVille, mindless sympathetic pandering(Most of my friends are teenagers, and then my mother.), the rest of the boring apps, I find one status update worth reading. IT'S USUALLY MINE!

    I troll the assholes from the old school through Friend-of-Friend posting, though. In real life, I probably wouldn't leave the room alive.
  18. "I love you." Anya mumble, "Thank you."
  19. "Oh?" Kunari push him off her and straddle him, "Are you so sure?"
  20. Okay, I guess I just don't have Discord anymore.

    That's 100% fine