The Fables of Rhiracien

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    In the realm of Rhiracien, the land is splintered by an uneasy peace. A four-way power struggle that threatens to destroy all that the realm has worked for. These figureheads of power are the Xialong Dynasty of Gangdian City, the Fae of the Ministry, The Lands of Triumph and The Inquisitor's Confederacy. All are locked in this uneasy treaty-created peace time with one thought on their minds; how to crush their enemies under their boot and ascend to absolute power.

    Those of the Inquisition believe humankind is the absolute power of the realm, that Fae have no place in the world and should be culled from the very streets they call home. They believe that mages should be indentured into servitude or be nullified of their very humanity.

    The Fae hold the ideology that humans can do not but spur sickness and evil throughout the fair realm of Rhiracien, and they protect their own kind and mages alike with their very lives. They believe the Fae and Fae only are the superior race within Rhiracien.

    Those who belong to Gangdian City either are direct descendants of the Xialong Dynasty, or merchants hoping to gain vast amounts of wealth. Their ideology stems from the belief that those who control money, control the realm.

    Those who belong to the Lands of Triumph are accepting of all species of citizen, but are not fond of mage kind, due to to their destructive abilities.

    In a realm of uneasy peace, where one major blow can shatter all the work that the realm has put into stabilizing the prolific political figureheads that reside over their regional dominions, how will you affect the one peaceful realm of Rhiracien?

    This is the fable of those characters, and the stories their actions inspired.

    IMPORTANT: We will need at least one player playing a Mage, a Fae, or Human. However, you may have two characters, maximum. These are the staple roles of this story. In addition, we will run this roleplay in chapters, with each chapter having an end goal before progression.
    Player List:
    - @Fijoli
    - @Zombehs
    - @Cahill
    - @PersonaWolf
    - @Slade
    - @Grothnor
    - @Red Velvet
    - @The Returner

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  2. interested
  3. Sounds like something I might give a whirl.
  4. Awesome. :)
  5. Mark me as a go.
  6. Welcome, Cahill. :)
  7. Interested. I can't commit, especially since I just found out I'm taking two more AP courses in school this following year than I wanted to (X_X) but I love the concept and will stick around for a bit to watch this unfold.
  8. Sad to hear that, Rainjay, but I hope you enjoy watching this fable unfold :D
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  9. Communism ho!

    That being said...
    I count three.
  10. Yeah, I need to fix that. :) Would this mean you're joining, ERode?
  11. I am interested.

    If possible I'd like to play as a mage.
  12. That sounds awesome. I'll let you know more about mages once the OOC goes up. :D
  13. I'm super interested!

    I'm looking to play as a (human) older warrior (early 50's) who was responsible for some heinous shit in his early years and then disappeared and has stayed under the radar ever since. It's something I've been wanting to play with for a while
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  14. Damn, that's the kind of character I was going for. Oh well, guess I can make a mage or something.

    Anyway, I'm interested, regardless. Besides, it's good to roleplay outside one's comfort zone.
  15. That's a character you can definitely play. Once the history of Rhiracien is put up in the OOC, be sure to read it and learn why ;)

    That's awesome, just make sure to read the OOC once I put it up so you know what's up with the mage class.
  16. I'll keep an eye out on this as I promised and fill in if needed with either my exotic girl as we said, or a made up character of need be ;)
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  17. Thanks Returner :D
  18. magical/potent are the plants and medicines in this world? Sorta want to do an alchemist or an apothecary from Xiao Long, but if it's pretty much just like normal herbal medicines, then...
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  19. Fairly average, but it'd depend on how skilled the alchemist was. And also, the alchemist would be from Gangdian City, a city run by the Xialong Dynasty.
  20. Still lurking....

    Since I really do want to hop on board for this roleplay... Do you have an idea for posting expectations?
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