The "Extremely Profound Yes or No Question" Thread!

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  1. Okay guise, it's Lev here again!

    This thread came to mind after a short bout with curiosity after talking about random stuff with a friend and ruminating it again the shower.

    In this thread, you can only ask YES or NO questions and you MUST REPLY YES OR NO. "Maybe" or "Sometimes" are not valid answers. If you'd like, expound on your answer.

    Please ask questions which are profound.

    • ...challenge the validity of a religion and/or their respective god or gods!
    • ...are politically charged or may spark political debate!
    • ...are excessively obscene and/or forward!
    • ...may offend the person who answers the question!
    • ...may reveal personal information, whether yours or the one who answers!
    • ...may compromise the reputation and/or safety of any member of Iwaku roleplay!
    • ...may otherwise be inappropriate according to Iwaku Rules!
    Otherwise, have fun!

    ALRIGHT! Question time!

    Yes or No: Do you believe in the existence of lingering spirits from a person who has deceased from the earth, whether malevolent or benevolent? Why or why not?
  2. Yes.

    In a way I felt that I experienced an out of body trip; through a dream. I dreamt that I was shot in the chest, and my soul couldn't rest. I tried hard to get the people I loved to see me but no matter how hard I tried, they couldn't hear or even see me. This dream was so realistic, I thought that I was still having it when I actually woke up. It took me almost a week to fully recover from having that dream (I had two others that followed it up), but I feel like spirits are alive in this world. I used to see my old cat Boots which my biological father murdered when I was nine.

    Yes or no;

    Do you believe that (and I'm actually very serious about this) people will evolve like what you see in X-Men, powers like telekinesis someday? why, or why not?
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  3. Yes. I believe that it is possible for the human race to slowly mutate to perform what seems like superpowers. I feel like the laws of physics and principles of biology must still be applied, like you can't reverse gravitation or fly without a tool or vehicle to assist you, but I feel like things such as discharging electricity and fire starting and ultrasensitive hearing would be possible. I also believe this is possible because bacteria and viruses mutate, making it hard to defend against--and why even though you may take a flu vaccine shot, you still get sick because it's a different strain of flu you got sick to.

    However, I do feel also this is highly unlikely and none of us or our grandchildren might see it in our lifetimes. The only reason bacteria and viruses show mutations early on is because they multiply so quickly that "mistakes" in the proliferating process happen so often. 'Cause that is essentially what a mutation is, a "mistake" in copying over the gene code from the parent organism to the daughter organism. Humans do not proliferate at a rate of bacteria--if we did, this world would have been way to small about 1500 years ago.


    Yes or no: Do you believe that, in the future, it will be possible to have a person who is not interracial, but interspecies i.e. a wolfgirl or a catboy? Why or why not?
  4. No. A species is defined as a breeding population, and I sincerely doubt we will ever develop the ability to either
    a) reproduce with nonhumans or, at least, nonprimates
    b) create an organism with the ability to produce viable offspring with two separate species

    The problem is that sexual reproduction requires that the two halves fit together perfectly. One side has five pegs and three holes? Other side better have five holes and three pegs. The ability to make a human's twenty-three pegs or what have you interact with a cat's say, eighteen holes seems unlikely. After-the-fact mutations giving catlike features might be possible, but never an actual interspecies individual.

    Yes or no: thoughtcrime is real crime. In other words, do you believe that it is morally acceptable to punish someone for having the thought of doing something wrong before the fact?
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  5. No; while I still dissuade anyone from thinking malicious or harmful thoughts, it is possible to also control your body to do something it shouldn't do--barring involuntary or biological actions. In a simplified way, it's punishing a child for thinking about having a cookie or dessert before eating the meal, even if the child hasn't expressed any vocal interest or performed any persuasive action to get a cookie before the meal. Of course, we all think about doing something unlawful--everyone has--whether it's something simple as taking a dollar bill off the ground and keeping it for yourself, or stealing a pack of gum from the convenience store. It is wrong to think these things, but you shouldn't be punished for NOT acting upon these thoughts. In fact, I believe you should be rewarded (something small, like a verbal praise) for resisting temptation.

    Yes or no: Do you believe violent video games increase a person's tendency to become violent? I'm not trying to decide for you, but keep in mind there are books and publications with violent content, movies and television shows with violent content, and music with violent content.
  6. No.

    People have been: burning, gassing, shooting, stabbing, raping, etc. others from when man first walked the earth. That's like saying toads give you warts. They don't. But people who love drama like to feed into these, and scream 'I did it cause Grand Theft Auto implanted a chip into me tiny brain and made me go ape s**t on that ol lady. What? she gave me a weird look.' A person is responsible for all of their actions, and if anyone could blame it on someone or something else, they will because they don't want to get into trouble. Bravo, bravo. You have proved to me two things little Johnny; you are a liar and you are not crazy.

    Do you believe that a person can change who and what they believe in in a snap? like, do you believe someone could theoretically become somebody else without suspicion? I've seen incidents like this occur.
  7. Yes. But I'd call it a one-in-a-million event. Humans in general are very stubborn when it comes to what they believe, and how they see themselves and the world. It's possible, but it require the person to witness or experience something so profound it sets off a paradigm shift in their heads.

    This has not yet happened to me.

    Yes or no: Do you subscribe to the mulitverse theory that there are billions of alternate realities, and furthermore, that every time we make a decision a new reality is formed? As a follow up, do you think it could ever be possible to visit these alternate universes?
  8. No. As an atheist I don't put any stock in anything without some pretty decent evidence and a concept I can get my head around. While I don't disbelieve, I don't believe either. My opinion is prone to changing as new evidence emerges.

    Yes or no: All men are created equal.
  9. Yes.

    All people are created equal; it's what they're born into and what they do with their lives that decides how they end up later on in life. But at birth, everyone is on the same footing. We all have to age just like everyone else before we're able to really do anything of worth, after all.

    Yes or no; do you believe in the concept of ghosts? Souls of the dead that, for whatever reason, cannot rest?
  10. No, because I don't believe in soul, afterlives or spirits of any kind

    Should I try and talk someone out of blowing over $100 on a suit he'll never wear and that frankly wouldn't look good on him?
  11. Uhhh...

    Um...No, I think. I say no because not all people can earn a second chance. Many people never get a second chance they truly deserve. What they have done is not as important to me as is how they are. A person who doesn't deserve a second chance, in my opinion, isn't one who did something gravely wrong, but one who never rights any wrongs. A person could do something terrible, but if they always are reliable and take responsibility for their actions and try to correct the mistakes, they are the ones who deserve a second chance.

    Yes or no: Do you believe in the existence of alien or otherwise extraterrestrial life forms?
  12. Yes
    Since there's no evidence for or against it, I believe in the possibility

    Do you believe in love at first sight?
  13. No.

    Simply because you cannot judge character on looks alone, you have to get to know someone first.

    Yes or no: Do you believe that the term 'good morals' is in tune in various ways to differing people?
  14. No

    I'm saying that having interpreted your question as does everyone define good morals in the same way.

    Yes or no
    is it ok to more or less let someone go on thinking they're your friend when you can't stand them? we were never friends but she's so full of herself she assumes everyone likes her
  15. Yes
    If you really don't like her you can stop talking to her , make /find reasons not to hang out etcetera, but telling her she's not your friend to her face is answering rudeness with rudeness. Eventually she'll look back and say 'man, I was a b*tch :(" but let her get there on her own

    Can 6:00 am really be called morning?
  16. Yes
    It's not my favorite time of the morning, but it is morning.

    Yes or No: Do you believe respect is something that must be earned?
  17. Yes, of course! However, I also believe that "treat someone with respect, and you shall earn respect" also means that if a person WANTS respect, they have to first give respect. I really hate the overused utterance, "I don't care who you are, what your are, or how old you are, show me respect and I'll show you respect." I never give true respect to those people. I try to be polite and nice, but still they haven't earned my respect.

    Yes or no: Do you believe a man can be gay or a woman can be a lesbian without having first "experimented"?
  18. Yes

    you know without having sex or experimenting what gender you are attracted to. some need experimenting while others doesn't. I have both straight and gay friends whom have never had sex and still know what they like because it is about the attraction and not the act.

    Yes or no: Do you think human beings can be completely evil and/or completely good?
  19. No, directly related to my negative response to this question:

    Do you believe in good and evil- that there are choices & actions that would appear to everyone in every situation as purely positive or negative?
  20. ...No. While I believe in good and evil, and that there are certain situations where most everyone would see something as bad or good, like the holocaust (bad) and a tragedy averted (good) there would be those occasional twisted outliers. One thing we can't control is how our brains are wired and how we grow up, and the wrong combination can produce a sociopath who sees certain bad events as good and even drives them to commit such events.

    In short not everyone would see something wrong as wrong.

    Do you believe aliens shaped our ancient history and may have even created us?