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  1. Foreword:
    This RP will be a great work, with several chapters and spanning a long period of time. While I am not going to demand a high posting rate, I will ask for dedication. In exchange, I promise you a gripping and thoroughly interesting story and as many fantastic plot twists as you desire (but a small enough number that they're still good :P). I do not want to enforce post quality rules, and you can rest assured that no one is going to criticise you if you're not writing 3 or 4 paragraphs. Hell, a lot of the time I only do 1 myself!

    Now then, without further ado, let me explain the setting!

    The Setting:

    Earth is filled with things known as "Aberrations". These are anything that differs from the norm - Aegen, Yougen and much more. Residents of the normal world (besides a select few), are incapable of seeing or experiencing aberrations and instead simply have to deal with the side effects. These side effects tend to be explained as natural disasters, to prevent suspicion. Some become conspiracy theories, but little more.

    Aegen are the most common Aberrations. These are physical manifestations of human emotion, either positive or negative, although they are all unpredictable and thus potentially dangerous. They tend to be quite weak, and the strongest in recorded history was still an easy job for a Rank 2 Exterminator. Unfortunately, they are incredibly frequent - they outnumber humans 5 to 1, although most are so weak they can barely scratch people.

    Yougen are more problematic. These are their own entities and originally thought to have been born from a specific desire to do unbelievable harm (on the scale of genocides). Unlike Aegen, Yougen can be as intelligent, or more intelligent than humans and are capable of reproducing. Many Yougen are the descendants of historic wars, and events that have become fairy tales over the ages (such as the Pied Piper of Hamelin). The weakest Yougen are still a match for Rank 2 Exterminators, and the strongest known Yougen killed three Rank 5 before disappearing unscathed.

    Half-Yougen are phenomenally rare, but arise through the breeding of a Yougen and a Human. Only 6 have been known to exist in all history. They are usually humans who possess some kind of Yougen ability. The only exception to this was Werewolf, who was primarily Yougen with some human features.

    'Touched' are humans who have gained Aegen-like abilities. Unlike Half-Yougen, Touched are not born with their abilities - instead, they receive them after birth. This happens most often through what would be a tragic death. It is rare, and it is unknown exactly how it works, but should someone die in a particularly terrible fashion, they may be able to avoid death, gaining a second chance at life with a few newfound privileges. They are much more physically capable than humans - faster, stronger and more resilient, and they have their potential unlocked - they gain what is known rather uncreatively as an "Aegis". Exactly which Aegis you receive is dependent upon how you would have died, for example, a particularly common one is Inferno, which requires you almost burn to death. Since the deaths have to be much more tragic than usual, most people that do become touched do so during infancy. Aegis abilities are initially very weak, little more than creating a few cinders, though through training they can rival legendary Yougen.

    The Exterminators:
    This is an organisation of Touched who make it their job to defeat Aegen and Yougen. The organisation has existed since the dawn of civilisation, though since the world managed to exist until that point, Touched must have been dealing with Aegen long before cultivated land. This RP will revolve around Goetia, the British branch of the Exterminators.

    Genite is a strange metallic item that can be considered the corpses of Aberrations. When an Aberration is killed, it disintegrates and becomes a piece of Genite of varying weight and purity. The heavier and purer the Genite, the more valuable it is. Genite is a very useful resource as it possesses faint Aegen abilities without the need for a Touched. As such, it can be crafted into enchanted weapons and armour, and has many applications in normal society too (sold to constructors, engineers and scientists as a natural platinum alloy). By selling Genite to dealers within the organisation, many Exterminators are able to go without need for other employment (and without paying tax, too!) The least valuable piece ever sold went for 57 pence, while the most valuable ever sold went for £320,000. The average for a moderate strength Yougen is around £150 though.

    The Plot:
    It is 1974, and for the past 80-ish years, Britain has been pretty much free of Yougen. Such a long period of only Aegen activity has seen powerful Exterminators move abroad in search of more valuable prey, while those staying home have become complacent. Numbers have diminished, as has quality, to the point where it takes several hours for the institute to defeat a pesky morsel of an Aegen that the old Goetia would have dealt with in an hour, tops. While these peaceful times were a good thing, they're soon to come to an end: recently, an infamous Yougen known as Ratten has reappeared for the first time in 230 years. Ratten is highly deceptive and very difficult to find, let alone kill, and Goetia has called in foreign allies to deal with it.

    Now, this wouldn't be so noteworthy by itself - Yougen appear and disappear all the time. The problem here though is that Ratten, who has always been murderous in previous incarnations, has not killed a single person so far. Instead, it seems to be touring museums and vaults. Is it looking for something? This is the first time a devilish Yougen has shown an interest in things other than causing panic, so the Exterminators are very concerned.

    This RP will document Chapter One of the tale of Aberrations. It shall explore the true nature of Ratten, although it serves mainly to introduce the plot. Thus, it shall be a relatively short chapter. To compensate, though, Chapter Two is going to lead directly on from Chapter one, and will not need a new signups, so it will essentially just be the same RP continued.

    The Rules:
    Now, while I'm not keen on extensive rules - they feel a bit restrictive (and it's a pain to try and think of everything that might need rules :P) - there are a couple of regulations I will need to enforce:

    1. I'd like you to have some activity on the OOC thread. While I'm not going to have posting limits or deadlines for the In Character, I am going to ask that you make at least one post a week on the OOC thread, so that I know you're still with us. If you're going away for a few weeks, that's fine, just tell me first so we're not left hanging!

    2. Please try to make active posts in the In Character. Every post should advance the story in some way, or it should leave opportunity for other characters to advance the story. If you can't think of anything to post, why not have your character start interaction with another character who seems to be out of ideas? Since this chapter will involve figuring out Ratten's goals and movements, maybe "So, Jim, have any thoughts about where Ratten might go next?".

    Character Rules:
    As with the roleplay rules, I don't like implementing character restrictions either, but some will be necessary here too:
    1. Please do not use real images for your profiles. Everything else is fine - anime, drawings, digital art, even written descriptions.
    2. I'm afraid I won't be accepting characters unless they demonstrate some kind of maturity. This doesn't mean I'll necessarily deny children (because many children can be mature) - just that childish, naive characters wouldn't get sent to deal with something as powerful as Ratten.
    3. As for Aegis(es?), anything goes - as long as you can come up with a way to die that involves that ability. This is possible even when it seems difficult, just think of it as a fun challenge! For example, someone whose Aegis allows them to boost physical aptitude might have died from a steroid overdose, while someone who can affect memories might have died during a brain operation.
    4. Now, while I used Memory as an example in 3, please note that I will not be accepting any kind of telepathic ability - mind reading, emotion reading, memory reading etc. I don't like these abilities; they have the potential to ruin RPs if used recklessly, and I don't want to give anyone that potential. Plus, even if you did make a telepath, so many characters would be immune to it in this RP that it would be incredibly frustrating having such an ability.

    So, without further ado, let there be -
    Character Sheets!
    If you leave the underscore in and type after it, then only delete it after filling in the CS, it'll make formatting easier since you won't need to keep clicking the Bold button. Feel free to reformat the CS as you like, although please use only one image of the character (I find profiles with 4 or 5 images difficult to read. They're also a pain to load for anyone with slow internet)

    Character Sheet:

    (picture here, unless written description)

    Name: _
    Age: _
    Gender: _
    Personality: _
    Strengths: _
    Weaknesses (3+): _(Please note, non-physical weaknesses will not be accepted - so things like "addicted to cookies" or "Grandma Edith" will not be accepted)

    Aegis: _
    Aegis Description: _
    Aegis Restrictions: _(For example, maybe a lightning manipulator needs to carry around batteries, and can't use it without them?)

    Age of Near-Death: _
    Method of Near-Death: _
    Rest of Backstory: _

  2. Name: _Ana Darlington
    Age: _20
    Gender: _Female
    Personality: _Ana is generally a serious person, although she appreciates a joke as much as the next half-robot. She has a habit of slowly pulling one of her arms off when she makes eye contact with someone in the street, to unnerve them. It works so well that that district of York has a ghost story about the Girl with Phantom Limbs.
    Strengths: _Ana's metal limbs are much more durable than normal limbs, and stronger, so she doesn't need a weapon in combat. Thanks to her computer functionality, she is also very good at calculating and logical thought.
    Weaknesses (3+): _Ana's limbs are heavy, and it can get tiring using them for long periods of time. She has much simpler designs made of plastic casing for day to day use, but these have less functions and are not suitable for combat. Ana's limbs are made of metal, so Yougen capable of manipulating metal (and people with strong magnets) are also problematic. Additionally, since Ana's brain functions at a much higher pace than a human's, it becomes overloaded much more easily and when she needs to focus on one thing, her ability to perceive unrelated things is severely diminished.

    Aegis: _"Unnamed Aegis #17"
    Aegis Description: _Cyberpathy + Cyberkinesis - Ana can freely manipulate machines, both their physical function and the function of their programming. This also allows her to control her mechanical limbs with the same fluidity as biological ones. She can also function as a computer in certain ways, for example, picking up radio waves, or using herself as a memory pen.
    Aegis Restrictions: _Ana can only manipulate 2 kinds of machine - machines she is in physical contact with (or that her limbs are in physical contact with - they have cables in them which conduct the ability) or machines that have radio antennas made of Genite. She can control these remotely, though commands are much more limited. The final restriction is that it is currently the 70s, and computers are really bad so only the physical manipulation is actually useful.

    Age of Near-Death: _14
    Method of Near-Death: _She was optimising the program on one of the first robot-managed production lines when she accidentally typed the wrong line of code and ended up being brutally mutilated by the machine, resulting in the loss of 3 of her limbs. She had the last one removed because she didn't like not having matching arms, and the mechanical replacements were better anyway.
    Rest of Backstory: _Ana was raised in a high class English family, but left early on to pursue her fascination with the growing machine industry. Then she got into the accident, and became an Exterminator. (deliberately brief because the rest is important to the plot of another chapter)
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  3. "Creativity is just what happens when intellect has funseizures."
    Catherine Woodward.
    Birthdate: 19-6-51twenty-three years of age.
    Cause of near-death experience: lead poisoningcarelessness

    Catherine can be considered an interestingdifficult individual. She is friendly enough to others as to not seem rude, but is somehow unablelacking in social skills enough to keep a conversation that does not especially interest her going for any healthy period of time. It isn't that she dislikes people, but rather she simply does better with her thoughts to herselfjust finds others confusing from time to time.

    She isn't cold, but she is logicalpragmatic, and has the interesting quirkbad habit of making additionscorrections to her own thoughts that are more or less playing devil's advocatepointing out things she'd rather not admit. Despite this, she seems to dislike having opinions, and instead prefers their less divisive cousinscounterpart, theories. She will never come to a definite, absolute conclusion, and is fond of the possibility that she could well be incorrect. Her lack of biased thinking is an element of pride for her, and she calls it a "graceful, ladylike wisdomindecisiveness".

    In battle, she prefers a supportive role rather than actually fighting, preferring to distance herself from violence. Due to working with Genite a lot, she is growing increasingly curiousreckless about Aberrations in general, and also is extremely fond ofworryingly obsessed with puzzles. She enjoys making things, finding it therapeuticdistracting, which is likely why she went the path of the artisan to begin with.

    • thinks outside the boxborders on delusional
    • kind even to enemiescoward
    • independentreclusive
    • knows her faultslacks self-esteem
    • optimisticwon't admit failure
    • determinedstubborn
    • takes pride in her workshow-off
    • focuses on what's important over what's expectedcan't be bothered to do proper training
    • reasonable and diplomaticterrified of risking her own safety
    • considers all possibilitiesparanoid and distrustful
    • knows when to take breaksgets migraines when focusing on something for too long
    • economichaggler
    • can prioritisecan't multitask
    • shows self-restraintphysically weak and has trouble expressing emotions properly
    In her pastprevious life, Catherine was a blacksmith. However, she did not just forge weapons for show. Her speciality is making small metal objects and accessories from scratch. In fact, her glasses are her own creation. She doesn't actually need them, but they are enchanted with the capability to zoom in and out, adjusting focus as needs be. This is limited only by the power of the Genite embedded in them, but since "refracting light" is a very simple task, she hasn't yet found their limits. She is fond of crafting elaborate jewellery, which she then sellspawns off in order to earn enough money to purchase more material, including small quantities of Genite to enchant equipment for her fellow Exterminators.

    Her Aegis, Gear Forge, allows her to create and shape metal at will. However, she cannot utilise this "at range", therefore excluded to only being able to influence metal she can touch and only able to create metal she is able to actually lift. In addition, this makes for unorthodoxuseless applications in combat unless her opponent were to charge her with a sword or some such thing. Theoretically, she can make bullets and the like harmless, but in the way that a car running at 5mph can kill a person: she has to manually activate her ability, and as a human, Touched or otherwise, she simply cannot react fast enough, let alone see bullets or work fast enough to manipulate them. In addition, she can only create pure metals, and therefore things like alloys are out of the question without an actual forge to hand. Similarly, the closer a metal is towards the extremes of the reactivity scale, the more difficult it is to make it.

    Catherine, as a child, was always a thinker, but also an artist. Her talent, at the time she first picked up a crayon, was not obviousdidn't exist, but the joy creating brought her caused her to stay doing exactly that. She dabbled in poetry and writing in her teenage years, but she was always better with her hands, despite a love for unravelling the secrets in the creations of others as well. At seventeen years old, she sold her first vase, but later found a love for smithing that was more practicalrewarding than pottery. Despite the age of metal handiwork being in the past, she stubbornly clung to her affinity for it, eventually finding a smithy to work for at eighteen. Being taken on as an apprentice, she improved over time, and eventually delved into the other parts of metalworking as well until she was capable of creating even small ornaments and string-like chains. By twenty-one, however, she had began to work with more metals than she could handle, and while she initially attributed her sudden weight loss, pains, and fatigue to more plausible causes (which can be guessed and need not be named), she soon became severely ill with lead poisoning.

    After her recoveryimpossible stroke of luck, she became unsure of herself. What were her new powerswas she? Where did they come fromwas she supposed to go now? Inadvertently attracting the attention of fellow Touched, she quickly learned the answers she sought, and went on to join the Exterminators; not out of any desire to kill, but simply because she wanted to know where this new world she was a part of had come from. As such, she has been working withfor them for the past two years, doing what she does bestthe only thing she can do.
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  4. Wow, amazing character. I really love it. However, I have relatively bad eyesight (I don't want to sit closer because I don't want to damage it more), so for simple ease, would you be able to reformat it a little to make the superscript bigger? (I don't know if that's possible...) or maybe PM me a version with the superscript in brackets instead? Thanks a lot!

    Oh and, could you just add a little clause to the ability: "Can't make precious metals" just in case you realised you could use it to make her rich :P
  5. You bring up a good point. Added "can't make metals on the ends of the reactivity spectrum" to prevent her from making precious metals like gold, but also to stop her from filling a jar with francium and blowing everyone and everything up.
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  6. I was gonna let you have that actually, cos Francium is fun!
  7. It's all fun and games until someone loses a place to set the game in.
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  8. This sounds incredibly interesting. <3

    I'll join.~
  9. OK so... several things. I'll start with the most important and work down:

    1. A character who can blow up a bar just by slamming his fist on the table is far too powerful.

    2. You don't have "near death" from a nuclear explosion. You just evaporate. I sincerely hope you know how bullshit Indiana Jones' Refrigerator trick was.

    3. Aegis are related to Aegen (not revealing how, yet), and are magical in origin. This "Nuclear reactor" wouldn't be involved whatsoever.

    4. While this uses anime artwork, it is not an anime. It functions on normal logic, and thus a 17 year old is not going to be leading a nuclear development program. Ana is a special case, but her backstory is a major plot point.

    I understand that you want to make a Glass Cannon character, which is perfectly fine, but the setting and plot here is more important than the characters, so I can only accept characters that neatly fit into the world without causing problems - note that every character, even my own, is actually very normal and nondescript, besides for having magical powers. So, while i don't want to put you off or push you away, I also can't accept you yet.
  10. Alright i understand. I'll probably just scrap this character. Thanks for the clarification.
  11. Don't get me wrong, I think besides the refrigerator logic, it's a really good character - and in another RP (maybe, a superhero RP?) I'd accept it for sure, it's just not right for this RP.
  12. @Karakui I get what you're saying. Ill come up with something else, but it might take a day or two. Reserve me a slot, yes? (:
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