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  1. Geneticist Anne Marid sat down in her black chair, fussing with her hazmat suit. The scientists she worked for had hired her to produce an Ebola cure. She had immediately said yes, unaware of the consequences. She groaned as she tried to sit again in the big yellow hazmat suit. It was irritating and uncomfortable. She threw her hands up with a sigh and got to work. She cross-examined the virus and she smiled, realizing where they could create a cure. She started mixing chemicals and looked at it under her microscope again. "Wh-That couldn't be right." She mumbled and looked again, adjusting her microscope. She sat back in her chair, her mouth wide open. It had to be a mistake. She looked twice, Three times, Even four times. There was no mistaking, It was true. She had looked at an offshoot of the Ebola virus. One that nobody had seen before. One people hadn't cared to check. Her brain fumbled for a logical reason. But to tell the truth, there was none.
    What had she been so upset about, You ask? The virus she had been looking at, The one that had infected thousands of humans.. Well.. It wasn't human.
    She quickly set up a marker test, A serum that's able to define a certain virus from certain markers. She made it so it picked up on the non-human strand, and quickly told everybody under her to test the fourteen teenagers, that they had in a hospital nearby. Those fourteen teenagers were experiencing the symptoms, but a little differently.
    Her team got to work and started testing them.
    The next day, Doctor Marid came to work and the results were back. Twelve out of fourteen of the teenagers were infected with the mutated strand, The other two were just starting to show serious symptoms.
    Two weeks later, The teenagers stopped being contagious. One more week passed, And something happened. Something spectacular, Something crazy.
    Instead of the disease killing them, It was healing them.
    Eventually they each developed special powers. It was too much for the small hospital they were staying at.
    They were transferred to a special laboratory that was specialized for unknown or hard to solve cases. But there was another name for that laboratory. The Expi Lab, They called it. It was one that had more security than area 51, And high-level cases. You had to be pretty dangerous to get in there. The teenagers were put in cells, Like ones you'd find in a prison, but these were a little different. There was one polycarbonate wall of glass and four cement walls surrounding the glass wall. There was a vent on the ceiling, but it was screwed down. There was a small bed and a toilet, along with an old sink. They gave them three meals a day, And the lights went out at ten pm sharp. If you were good and didn't cause a fight, You would be allowed into the Observatory room. The Observatory room was a room with few patients, Where they could socialize under supervision. Most of the patients never got to the Observatory room. One day, The Expi Lab decided the teenagers were safe enough to be experimented on. These weren't safe, simple, Take-your-blood-and-test-it Experiments. These were hardcore, scary, go-insane Experiments. They would test your pain level, How you responded to heat/cold, How long you could go without food or water, Interrogations, And tests. They would test if you ratted out other members for your own safety, Or they would give them leashes of hope and then crush them. All in all, they were cruel. After the first few experiments, The teenagers realized that they had to get out of there. And they would do anything to do it.

    How many spots are there available? - There are currently Thirteen spots available.
    Can we reserve spots? - Yes, You can. But if you don't respond/Post your character's application within a day, Your spot will be allowed for anybody to take.
    Are there preset characters? - The only preset characters are the Geneticist, and the fourteen teenagers. You will be roleplaying as one of the teenagers, And no, there are not preset personalities. The only preset things about them is that they are teenagers.
    What will happen with the teenagers? - That is your choice and your choice only.
    How soon can we post our character's application? - As soon as you want to. If you post your character's application beforehand, If it is cleared you will immediately reserve a spot.
    What if I have other questions? - Please message me!

    What power/enhanced sense does your character have?:
    Favorites: (Animals, Colors, if they like books, what books?)


    Please respect each character/roleplayer and respect their wishes.
    Please don't be especially rude to roleplayers unless it's your character's personality.
    Please don't godmod.
    Please, No extreme powers. I understand a girl who can run faster than humans, or a boy that can hear up to a hundred feet away, but please no 'I can bend metal' super-strength, or I have x-ray vision, or things like that. These are *Normal* teenagers with a slight enhancement.
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