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  1. Fourteen people, most of them woman. That was an awfully small start for a nation, especially one with a grandiose aim such as this one, but time was short for the Nameless King so he could not put it off anymore. Even like this, there were sevaral close calls when he rescued his people from the scientists' captivity, much more than he would have liked, so it had to do for now. There was just no other option. Security around the experimental facitilties have been tightened too and even if he was invulnerable according to his own senses, he had learned not to trust even himself. The machines that bled out into reality were not reliable, and an instinct was even less so.

    But even so, he swore that he would press on, that he would lead these people to safety. And lo and behold, there they were. Though everyone was exhausted and not even his speech helped much, they found a good place to hide from the eyes of the scientists, the eyes of those who would come after them. However, now they would have to make their home here.


    Yes, this was the place. Deep in the woods and etched into the side of a small hill was the cave that he found before he started sending out the letters. There were no meadows nearby, nor any clearing, just the sheer form of the rocks surrounding the small group, and though it was desperate sight, the Nameless King hoped that his people would be able to understand. Here, surrounded by tall trees, they would be safe from the air patrols, the thermal scanners and even recon drones as the military did not dare to use them in palces like this in fear of the wildlife.

    There was no other place better suited than this to hide, so the Nameless King turned to the fourteen who made it here.

    "Does it look beautiful, my people? I know that you have come a long way to take a break from when we set foot on the shore and when you have last heard my words, but this is the last stop on our road towards a new nation. As small as this cave is, it holds enormous potential the likes of which the world has never even dreamed of! We might be surrounded by hills, rocks, ground and jungle, but it is this place which will protect us. But first things first, my people. Though we may have survived the longest of all journey, there is still much to do. Each one of you will be assigned a role that they must keep during the following days that will turn into weeks. Keep this role in mind and even if it hurts you, perform it to the fullest and remember why you are doing this! You are here to make something new, something that no one ever has established before, a safe haven for those that have been hurt!"

    "Now, as for your tasks," said the Nameless King as he set his bag down on the ground. "Vexor. Though I know the layout of this island, you are the one who is responsible for scouting every nook and cranny around this area. Marie, Lilith and Tenna will go with you. I am sorry to hurt you, Tenna, but Lilith will have to use your blood to make a weapon, then mark your way as you discover the island. Should you encounter danger, you are to return right away."

    "Arath, once we scouted our surroundings, you will be our huntress. You are responsible for bringing meat to the table, to make sure that we stay healthy and strong. Hal will accompany you to help you in catching your prey. However, do not make any risky moves. If you encounter prey that you do not know if you can bring down, then return and bring me with yourself. And do not begin hunting just yet."

    "Julia, though I loathe myself for asking you this, I want you to talk to the nature here so you find out what this island has to offer. I want you to keep trying as hard as you can, but please do not overexert yourself. Once you have found out everything you can, please tell me what you know."

    "Fantine, I know that your powers hurt you, but you will play the most crucial role in the coming weeks. You will be the one who has to stand by the fire at night to make sure that it is burning and it keeps wild life away. If you find your focus waning, then wake me up even in the middle of the night. I will help you get through it and make sure that no one disturbs your sleep. Anyone who does so will be dealt with swiftly."

    "All the others will stay with me to help with the initial preparation, but for now... My people, you have earned the right to take a break. Do not forget the roles that you have been assigned, because life will start sooner than you think." With his long speech finished, the Nameless King looked at his people, specifically, he was curious as to what was in their eyes. He hoped that they would have fatigue, but also hope for a new beginning.
  2. Tenna collapsed on a rock, exhausted from their journey. Though the group had escaped and traveled for so long, her body was still not used to the exertion. Living in a cage for one's entire life builds neither muscle nor stamina, and Tenna felt her ankles would give at any moment were she asked to continue.

    Tenna simply nodded as the Nameless King gave her her assignment. She didn't understand why he would apologize. Everyone else just took her blood without asking. She turned to Julia.

    "We are here," Tenna said with a small smile, "I get to explore by walking and you get to explore by staying here." She turned her head to take in her surroundings as she placed her right hand over her left wrist. The blood felt thick, but she did not feel too bloated. She was very hungry...

    "I think I need some iron," Tenna said confidentially to Julia, "...I could chew on my pan." She cracked another smile, knowing it would be silly to have a skillet as a meal.
  3. Rythan was, to say the least, exhausted. She had found a comfy spot of grass a bit away from the group to relax in, of course she fell asleep, but miraculously she seemed to awake once the Nameless King began giving out jobs. The blonde ran a hand through her thick hair, taking a deep breath and letting out a yawn.

    The walk had been antagonizing, but mimicking heavy metals kept her muscle mass up in the lab. She wasn't really feeling the physical fatigue like the others may. No, she was just looking for a mossy pillow to lay her head upon. The way her body slouched only revealed that nap time was close at hand. Ry wished she could've saved her cards, they always kept her busy and focused in times like these. But, alas, they had been dropped in the river a few miles back and it looked like they wouldn't ever be the same.

    She fished them from her pocket and fanned the air with them, hoping the card stock would dry a little better. This was probably what she planned to do with her time instead of sleep. Truthfully, she can't recall if she was tired though... She shook her head and blew on her Tarot cards.
  4. Hal managed to stay up long enough to listen to the word of the Nameless King. The moment the man who had freed him had stopped talking, he collapsed, face-planting into the soft jungle soil, his head turned slightly to the side to avoid breaking his nose. The journey here was the longest he had ever made, including from when he had to run around and do things for the orphanage all those blurry years ago.

    He hadn't even kept track of how far they went. He couldn't have. But he was here. And most definitely not there. The scent of the warm, moist dirt which his face was currently half buried in was welcome. It felt natural, real. Not synthetic and controlled like the labs. He embraced fully. He had always been close to nature, though obviously not as much as Julia was and is. It seemed befitting of him that he should help with the hunting a feeding of the group. Had he the energy, Hal would've immediately started exploring the island a little. But until he became re-energized, here he would lay, head cradled by pillowy jungle dirt, a small rock pressing into his belly. Not that he minded- his whole being was numb. He could do things later. As he lay there motionless, he let his mind be enveloped in the warmth and darkness, and fell asleep.
  5. Days had merged as the group travelled, avoiding detection as best they could to escape society, where they would be tested, experimented on and tortured all in the name of 'science'. Eliade couldn't believe the pain that those freaks in lab coats had put them all through to further their futures. Didn't it ever cross their minds that they were people? No, she supposed it wouldn't have. If they had consciences then they wouldn't be able to do their work. Maybe they surgically removed that too, she often thought bitterly. She had tried to fight them at first, when they'd first grabbed her off the streets. She'd kicked and screamed and scratched and bitten every bit of skin she could lay her eyes, teeth, nails and hands on. They'd restrained her, keeping her in a docile state with sedatives and a cocktail of drugs she couldn't even dream of pronouncing even if she was alert enough to be able to read the labels.

    Here, in the open, with the scent of nature surrounding her, she felt a little more at ease. But that didn't mean she was relaxed. Eliade was always nervous, jumpy even. A sound echoed in the distance and she jumped, just as the Nameless king started talking. His voice eased her concerns, especially as she realised she was not one of those who had to go out into the wilderness. It wasn't like she'd be able to do a whole lot anyway. A feeling of hopelessness washed over her and she sank to the ground, the hard rocks digging into her skin. She shifted a little, but exhaustion and fatigue had quickly become her allies, and she was ready to give in to their comforting embraces. Maybe when she woke up it would all seem less intimidating. Maybe she would find some way to be of use to the King. But her low self esteem was getting to her even as she rested. What good was a girl who could change her skin colour? They already had that Raythan girl. She could do so much more than Eliade, and was probably far more useful too. Why would they need a human chameleon out there? The only thing that she knew how to do was hide. Maybe if she learnt some basic self defence she'd be able to go with the scouting groups in the distant future. But still. She sighed again, burying her head in her hands. Hysteria, relief and exhaustion all taking their toll on the fifteen year old as she started to cry.

    She was free. But she was scared and didn't even know if she could trust any of these people. They were all experimented on, were all victims of 'science'. But who knew how they would all react to being free. She could hope that everything would be okay, but tension would still be high. Finally her shoulders stopped shaking, her breathing eased and she was able to calm down enough to let fatigue take over. The last thing she would see until she woke would be the backs of her eyelids as she finally slept.
  6. 'Finally.'
    Alta puffed out a strained breath. Her body quivered from the whole ordeal; like most of the others she had been kept locked up and her physical form had dwindled over the years. Her muscles ached and with each movement a fresh pain burned deeply. It didn't help that parts of her was still a bit water logged. For the most part the warm days had dried the sea water from her body but it didn't help that she had fallen in a few hidden water pits along the way. Only a few bits of clothing and hair still was damp and sticky with salt. All around her she heard the soft whispers of her companions. The fatigue that had settled over the little group as they at last reached their destination and of course their leader; an enigma all his own. Alta winced as howl pierced across her mental planes. "Trap.'s a trap. Trust no one." A youth's voice called out from the deep recesses of her mind. Her knees buckled beneath her as flashes of someone else's memories coursed through her. 'No. Not right now.' Catching herself on a nearby tree she tried to pull herself back together. Well what was left anyway. These were the echoes that haunted her daily. The voices and thoughts of others she came across. Unfortunately she knew the face of the youth. A young boy who was held a few cells down. He had passed away months ago. Too weak to keep up with what they wanted.

    But that was then. Now they had a new life waiting for them. Perhaps it was foolish to blindly trust someone but it was a risk they all decided to take. After her mind seemed to settle down Alta trusted herself to look around a bit. The cave was nothing miraculous but it brought a sense of pride and relief. It was something solid before her. Not just an idea but a possibility. A small smile tugged at her lips as she looked around at her companions. Some already drifting off to well deserved rest. She ached to join them but mentally Alta was charged. Curious.

    "Does it look beautiful, my people? I know that you have come a long way to take a break from when we set foot on the shore and when you have last heard my words, but this is the last stop on our road towards a new nation. As small as this cave is, it holds enormous potential the likes of which the world has never even dreamed of! We might be surrounded by hills, rocks, ground and jungle, but it is this place which will protect us. But first things first, my people. Though we may have survived the longest of all journey, there is still much to do. Each one of you will be assigned a role that they must keep during the following days that will turn into weeks. Keep this role in mind and even if it hurts you, perform it to the fullest and remember why you are doing this! You are here to make something new, something that no one ever has established before, a safe haven for those that have been hurt!"

    His voice rang out in a true form. In a way a born leader was meant to do. Alta nodded silently as he began to set out a list of tasks for each of them. She wasn't sure what help she'd be in survival but she'd do her best to support the group. Picking her way over to a wall where the earth pocketed subtly. Alta didn't want to rest to closely. Her mind tended to wander when she slept and the further away she was the more likely she was to keep to herself. "Just let me know what I can do." She called out, sitting down on the cool earth. Alta began to thread her fingers through the waves of knots in her hair; humming softly before giving into her fatigue and drifting to sleep against the cave wall.
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  7. "Heh. Don't think I've had to teleport so many times a day in ages…" Vex said in a weary tone as he slumped over to as shadowy a spot he could find. He had always found darkness soothing to his mind. Something to make the voices fade. Something he definitely needed after slipping into quicksand or really deep mud several times and teleporting out in his panic. He'd very nearly fallen into a rampant, almost feral state by the time they'd reached this place. This… haven, he supposed was the best way he could put it, though to some it may seem far from such.

    "I'll get to work as soon as my assigned group, guild, I suppose may be an appropriate term," he said with a chuckle once the king had finished speaking, "have woken up. For now, I'll try and calm these voices before I slip into complete madness…" He put a hand to the side of his face and turned a knob on his mask, slipping himself into an even deeper darkness as his breathing slowed, chest rising and falling with the steady pace of his lungs, his clothes and flesh caked with dirt and mud as his mind started setting itself back in as much order as it could manage while he slept, giving him very unusual dreams.

    People and places he'd seen, places he'd been. Beautiful, or at least average when he'd laid waking eyes on them. But his dreaming mind twisted and warped them all into hideous monstrosities. Monstrosities representing either their, or his own inner turmoil at the time he'd seen them. He saw himself, too. Several times, in fact. Wearing military gear, gunning down British royal marines for the IRA from the rooftops.

    This had been meer weeks before he'd been taken to the lab. Weeks before he'd let his guard down. They caught him, detonator in hand, just after an official's car had blown up with his wife and child inside. He'd been unarmed otherwise, so once he realized someone had seen him, he used his ability to quickly land himself onto the nearest rooftop. The distance was too far for him at the time and he found himself plumetting a mile down where he landed with a sickening crack as the authorities closed in around him.

    Apparently the researchers had sway in the British court systems, because, rather than be given trial, he'd been shipped straight from his jail cell to the lab, where he was to spend the rest of his days using his powers over and over so he could eat. Like a dog begging for a treat.
  8. A lengthy trek through uncharted wilderness would have placed low on her 'fun ways to spend an afternoon' list...back when she was used to tromping around outdoors. Now? Muscles ached that she had forgotten she had, and ones she didn't know of had announced their presence in a chorus of throbs. Julia let gravity deposit her on the ground in a mostly upright and seated position. Though some small part of her wanted to stretch out as a few of the others had, it would likely be more trouble than it was worth; already the ambient noise had crept up slightly. No need to put her head that close to the noise she wanted to ignore. Instead she plunked her chin into her hands and glanced around.

    Almost instantly, she found her attention drawn to the dark opening of the cave just ahead. It dominated the space - at least in her perspective. Lemme guess, we're stayin' there? Ugh, that's just great... Her practical side pointed out, It'll be better than sleepin' in the rain, and if nothin' lives in there that wants to eat us, it's easier to guard. Probably. None of these facts stopped her from grumbling in the (relative) privacy of her own thoughts. Of all the places they could wind up, it would just have to be a cave... Still better than bein' back there. She reluctantly decided to give her practical side a point for that thought. For all the difficulty of the journey, after the hiding and running and uncertainty, it felt good to have gotten out.

    As the Nameless King started to list tasks, Julia listened in. Don't strain myself, huh? That's a new one... She gave a nod of understanding at her role rather than trying a verbal response. When Tenna sat nearby, however, she did manage an answer. "Lemme know if y'wanna switch?" Her chuckle was more visual than audible, but a smile still hinted that she was just kidding - if only because swapping jobs wouldn't work very long.

    Then she quirked an eyebrow in interest and sat a bit straighter. " tellin' when there'll be real food...take it with, save what'cha can? Meat'll be better...snackin' on metal's gotta be hard." The whisper trailed off, and for a few moments, she seemed distracted. Then she suddenly dug around in her pockets. A crinkle was shortly followed by the appearance of a mostly-empty pack of dried fruit. The contents were a bit soggy from a previous trudge through water but still intact. The hand holding it stretched toward Tenna, though the rest of her felt quite unwilling to budge another inch. "Here. I'm not gonna be walkin' much, right?"
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  9. Harper was restless.

    She paced among the group, almost as if she was prowling, looking every inch the predator. Tall, older than the lot of these children, she looked rather out of place and began to question exactly why she bothered to come in the first place. A shadow had fallen upon her eyes and spoke that she was quite irritated. With the lack of food, rest, and a hot sun beaming down through the canopy of branches, it was no wonder that she was close to blowing a fuse. Which, within itself, would have been amusing, given her power. She could forgo that, however, seeing it'd cause her nothing but pain. She heaved a sigh at the thought and jabbed her hands into her pockets, before kicking a rock well passed one boy's head - Hal. Meh.

    So scout duty it was, that was fine by her but if she had to carry anyone... She'd dunk them in the closest river she could find in these damnable woods, she would not be weighed down by a whiny lot. She got this far, she wasn't going to allow some kid to ruin it for her. Perhaps her mentality was detrimental to the group, but honesty was best policy. "Sounds fine by me, but everybody better carry their own damn weight..." she muttered, focusing on the Nameless King and his orders, before her gaze flickered to the mouth of the cave.

    We're going to hide out in a cave for the rest of our lives? What kind of nation is that? Hiding and running... Rinse and repeat? she scoffed inwardly.

    She hopped onto a rock and crouched, observing the forest surrounding them. It was better than a sterile lab but she almost couldn't help but feel she was exchanging one cage for another. Perhaps it was paranoia, a wariness that she developed during her time as a lab rat, but still. Fresh air rushed into her lungs with another deep breath, and she tried to center herself. As much as she could, anyway. Her primary focus should be getting armed with a physical weapon - a sharpened stick or something - than giving into paranoia. And getting out of this sun.
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  10. Once the long travel had ceased Lilith fell to her knees against the soft dirt. The sweet smell of moist jungle air happily filled her lungs and calmed her nerves. With clear skies above and tall trees things were feeling better. Lilith wasn't much of an optimist but right now she was smiling inside, happy to be away from it all. The injection, the training and even the shock collar wasn't missed, it was all in the past. As of now this group was her future and she needed to make sure it survived. Everyone is different, each with different stories and ideology. Not knowing how some people will react towards each other was terrifying. With mutated human beings possibly getting into a fight with each other didn't seem safe but it was better than nothing. Lets just hope that everything doesn't go south...

    Even though her leg ached and throbbed with a pain she didn't know could exist. It didn't matter to her. Lilith was free from a prison cell the scientist had put her in. All in the name of furthering warfare and they weren't afraid to say it. They had their planned on turning Lilith into a killer for the government. Becoming a new tool for destruction wasn't her idea, but now that was hundreds of miles away and a past she wasn't going back to.

    Once she was given her job she nodded happily and took her time to rest. Lilith knew she couldn't sleep much like the others, sorta like a fear for her. She was use to running on empty and so took the time to gather some leg strength. Yet the idea of scouting sounded fun allowing her to continuously stimulate her mind. Anything to keep her awake would be helpful. After all she didn't want to become paralyzed in her sleep.

    Once they got things situated this place will feel more like a home. Even though it was a cave it was a lot safer than living out in the open with the elements. Besides who knows what's lurking out here.
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  11. Alice hadn't walked a single bit during the trip. He couldn't have, not with his ankles. He had even managed to sleep while he was carried to their current place of rest, so unlike just about everyone else in the group, Alice was quite well-rested and full of energy. Although, he didn't show much of this energy. He listened quietly to what the Nameless King said, even if he couldn't understand it all, and simply assumed that the lack of any mention of his name meant that he was supposed to remain seated. Sitting rather primly, Alice proceeded to watch the most exciting thing amongst the mostly sleeping group, which was quite ironically Harper. The boy who was literally carried the entire way was watching the woman disgruntled with the thought of having to carry someone. He did sort of understand what she was saying, but not completely. Harper had carried Alice at least once during the trip, most of the stronger adults had, and she had carried him quite well. Confused, Alice asked the question as it came to his mind, "But Harper carried Alice before? Is Harper not going to carry Alice anymore?".
  12. After a short while, it became obvious that these people were absolutely exhausted, what was more, some of them were even missing. The Nameless king did not see Arath anywhere, but she was not very cooperative in the first place, so he supposed she went off somewhere along with that Mátia person. Others seemed to have arrived without trouble, yet he did not expect that the journey here would wear everyone down so much. Had he strained his people too far? Had he judged them wrong? Ugly doubt entered the Nameless King's mind and it made him question everything that he had done so far from the breaking of these people's prisons to guiding them here. Yet no matter how much he tried to think, there was simply no better solution to their situation, because everyone who was in front of him had been a prisoner who did not even have the rights of an animal.

    His reasoning was right, of course. But as always, there was that one tiny slip in the plan, namely that the person who was supposed to lead the hunting team was gone, not to mention that from the looks of it, it would be better if he kept nearly everyone at home. Fortunately, the scouting team seem to be rested enough, yet there was still the problem of Tenna, the girl whose body hurt because she lacked iron, but that could be solved easily. The Nameless King simply reached into the large bag he carried and withdrew a leaf of prescription pills from one of the many pockets. There were only a few left, which again, reminded him of their bitter status that they must overcome. Regardless, he went over to Tenna, then he silently handed the leaf of pills to her along with a small note that told her they were iron supplements.

    As he walked through the camp, however, he could not help but notice that there was something off about Harper. The way she lied there on the rock... It simply could not have been comfortable. Under the Nameless King's mask, a worried expression formed and as he made his way towards her, his fears were confirmed. The stone around her seemed burned, as if something was lit up around her and as he leaned closer to her, he could see the muscle spasms that still wrecked her body. Overload. With a great sigh, the Nameless King turned back to the people who came here and hoped that they would understand.

    "My people!" he begun with a strong voice so that everyone turned towards him, but then he hushed. "It seems that the scientists have claimed their first victim," he said, indicating the body beside him with his hand. It was not a gruesome sight, but those with experience could easily tell that Harper was dead. "It saddens me greatly, but it seems that Harper Marie Barlowe lost control over her powers and she was forced to end her own life. Before we move on, I would like two volunteers to come with me and dig her grave so she may be put to rest. You will not be penalised if you chose not to participate, but any help is greatly appreciated."

    As he finished his speech, the Nameless King closed his jaw firmly and almost chipped his teeth as he ground them against each other. This was already a bad start. After they just arrived, they lost two people and a third one died because her powers spiralled out of control, but it was only going to get harder from now on.
  13. Such peace was surrounding the area, with the delicious scent of leaves and wildflowers in bloom. It was lice having the earth back under her feet and the sun hitting her cheek. Lilith was feeling a bit restless, wanting to explore the island thoroughly. Even though it was just an island with tall trees and wild animals it was an adventure waiting to burst. Maybe she was just becoming too excited, who could blame her? For now they were safe and as long as they followed The Kings rules they can surely thrive on this island. Yet what was strange there was 14 of them and to Lilith's count there were only 12. Others had ventured off and who knows if they'll be seen again. Lilith was hoping they would be ok or at least find their way back but who knows what could happen to them out there.

    While enjoying the moist humid air her attention was drawn to the Nameless King after he had called for their attention. Harper had passed away all because of her abilities couldn't be controlled any longer. Lilith felt dishearten to hear that since it could and can very well happen to her. If she slept too long her life would end. It took a team of scientist days to stabilize her and to make sure she was alive. Sleeping was like a curse to her now and seeing Harper lay face down in the ground was something she didn't want to see happen to anyone. Their numbers were dwindling and it was just the beginning. Lilith couldn't second guess her decision. It would only cause doubts and that was something she didn't need to cloud her judgement.

    After the Nameless king finished he asked if two could volunteer in her burial. So far everyone was pretty silent about it but they couldn't leave Harper out like this. Her body could easily bring large animals around, but it wouldn't be right to leave her there. They may have been experiments but they didn't need to treat each other like animals. "I'll help with the burial." Lilith hadn't spoken at all through out the trip here. Her voice was small and light, something that could easily be ignored. After years of being held in a cage Lilith had placed her voice away. Yelling and screaming never changed the scientist minds so there was no use for it. Lilith stood up and started brushing off some of the damp soil from her clothes. She was willing to help and she needed a way to keep herself awake.
  14. Though still perched in the same spot, Julia's chin rested on her palms, only the occasional shift of her gaze hinting that she was awake. The constant background chatter remained - not from the humans surrounding her, but from the soil beneath her feet - and if she wanted it to stay in the background, she had to find other things to focus on. So she began counting and reciting names in her head. One number, one name, one person's face; it had helped with learning who everyone was shortly after the group got together, but had become a habit of sorts since then. Their numbers were small enough that she could check a few times in a small time period. Wait a sec... She sat up straight and looked around more attentively. That's not right. Somebody's, a couple've somebodies. Had it been that long since she thought to do a headcount, or had someone wandered off since they got there?

    Before she could say anything about it, she saw the Nameless King headed in her general direction. It didn't take long to realize that he wasn't going to her specifically, but she still kept an eye on him while he interacted with others; this had become a habit too. Perhaps that was what kept her from noticing it right away. It wasn't truly a sound, or a voice, or a word, but those were the things that made sense to her, so her mind translated them as such. The impression she got was of someone complaining. A steady grumble about heat and discomfort, as if they had lightly burned a fingertip on a hot object, heard for just a second or two. It stood out from the assorted earthy rumblings due to how odd it was. Yeah, it's hot..but the sun's not that bad today. I don't get it. Her head turned on reflex towards the voice raised shortly after that. Then she saw the rock, and the burnt-looking marks, and that bit of overheard noise made sudden sense.

    "Sonofa--" A quick tremor moved through the ground she sat on; Julia's mouth snapped shut with enough speed to make her jaw twinge. Her outburst hadn't been that loud compared to everyone else's normal speaking tones, but it was just a bit louder than was safe for her. Wide-eyed, she sat with a hand over her lips for several moments until the burst of panic faded. Frustration bubbled up in its place. Damn it! She didn't deserve to go like that...and there probably wasn't any way to stop it. She wanted to hit something, since she couldn't yell, but instead she just stood up. "I can help too." There was no point in being angry...and there was no chance she'd just leave someone like that.
  15. Harper had looked fine less than a minute ago, back when Alice had asked Harper a rather mundane question. However, in the span of a few moments, everything changed, and now, the albino boy was looking at the spasming dead body of the woman he had just been talking to. First the Nameless King and then several others approached the newly deceased Harper but Alice continued to simply stare.

    Alice had been isolated in the lab for all of his short life, never allowed near any other experiment. He wasn't familiar with death. In the lab, his upbringing was carefully monitored. If it could be helped, he never left the isolated confines of his room. When he did have to move, he was moved with the utmost care, keeping his interaction with the outside world, even when "outside" consisted only of the inside of another part of the lab, to a minimum with blindfolds, ear plugs, and all. The rare cart containing the dead bodies of fellow subjects that rolled past during these rare ventures outside his room always went unnoticed by Alice.

    Technically, though, he had seen dead bodies before. Sometimes, his experiments consisted of synchronizing with a dead body, whether it was animal or human. They had always been days old at the earliest, though, carefully sanitized, prepared, and everything, to the point that they no longer looked alive. Here, though, was a limp Harper who looked very much alive if it wasn't for the face. Her dead face, minus the color that still pervaded it, looked just like the dead face of some of the deceased humans Alice had tested with.

    As this comparison clicked in Alice's mind, the seven year old realized yet another thing. In multiple tests, Alice's power, at its current level at least, was confirmed to be unable to do a thing about death. Death, despite everything else synchronizing could accomplish, remained an unchangeable state of existence. It never really mattered before to the small boy, not when that property applied to people he had never known. However, in front of Alice was not some total stranger. In front of Alice was Harper, someone who had carried Alice and someone who Alice was slowly beginning to know about. If Harper was dead, then she would no longer move or speak, and that mattered to Alice.

    "Harper is dead?" Alice asked just to confirm. He spoke while still staring at Harper's blank face, the question intended for no one in general even though it was asked in the hopes that someone would answer. He was oblivious to all the post-mortem activities occurring around Harper's body. Burial was a completely foreign concept to Alice. No surprise there, considering the first time he'd ever touched and seen enough dirt to bury someone was when the Nameless King had freed them all.
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  16. Vex started awake with a gasp. He'd only been asleep for a few minutes, but it had felt like hours to him. He looked about slowly, taking a moment to get his bearings before realizing that some of the others were gathering around… something. Rather than ask, though, he simply got up and walked over to find out for himself, looking somewhat like the Reaper with his thin frame and bizarre mask. He was taken somewhat aback by the sight of Harper's cold, lifeless corpse there on the ground, and looked away for a moment before turning to face her again, kneeling down to get a closer look at her and whisper, "One of our strongest. Your will was a fire that brought ruin to all in its way. Rest in peace, Harper. May the blaze in your soul burn on long after that in your body has destroyed itself."
  17. Hal had not been asleep five minutes when the voice of the Nameless King aroused him from his shallow slumber. One had died, and one had gone missing. He couldn't tell who had run off, but it was Harper who the Nameless King asked for help to have buried. Hal would've volunteered, had he been of any use. Well, he still could be. He voiced his willingness to help. "I can conjure some shovels to dig with," he said, loud enough that he would be heard. He stood, wiping his eyes clear and dirt from his face.

    To prove his worth, he proceeded to shape two white shovels from the light leaking through the treetops, and carried them over to the king and Lilith. He smiled wearily, glad he was of some worth already. "Where should we dig the grave?" asked Hal, squinting at the Nameless King through slightly faded vision. It bothered him slightly that he would never see their leader's face, but he would soon get over it.
  18. Heat. So much heat.

    Alta could feel it slowly consume her. Fire the coursed through her veins as she felt her muscles contract in pain. Her whole body jolted up as a scream peeled from her lips, eyes wide with fear as she tried to shake off the feeling. Someone was talking in the background but she couldn't hear it. Voices and thoughts crashed loudly in her ears. '' Sweat beaded across her skin as she looked out at the group now gathered near the Nameless King. She felt their sorrow and worry. Something was wrong that much she could feel. Their sorrow was like cooling waves that battled the flush under her skin and for a moment she felt human again. Alta's eyes rolled back as the fire gripped her harder and fell backwards on the cave floor. 'I am going to die here.' Fear gripped her heart as she forced a shaky hand in the air. 'No flames..' It was true. Dirty and bruised but her flesh held no flames.

    'Where am I?'

    She rolled painfully on her side trying to force herself up. Alta didn't remember falling asleep inside. Memories of the sun lazily falling on her as she had fallen asleep outside. Something was wrong. Something was missing. No, not something. Someone. Someone was absent. Alta could still feel their reminiscence thoughts lingering with her own. Memories flooding and flashing; chaotic with the pain. A scream echoed within the cavern walls and for a moment she was stunned in silence. That was until she recognized that it was her own voice that echoed in her ears. Biting down hard on her lower lip blood pooled up quickly. The pain was real; tangible. The metallic taste of blood was strong and slowly the flames began to receded from her mind. Finally her mind felt her own and her body only ached from overuse. "The fire girl... We lost her." she panted heavily still unable to move from her spot. "All that power....she carried a burden." She wasn't sure if she was talking to the group or more of just confirming it with herself. It was expected to lose some but Alta felt unsure. The girl was strong. What was the hope for the rest of them?
  19. There was a small part of Julia that was relieved at the growing response from the group, despite - or maybe because of - what had happened. Heh...we're all pretty messed up, but we're still people, huh? Whatever we think about each other, we ought to do stuff like this. We're in this together, right? She was about to join in the conversation about possible burial sites when a voice caught her attention. A kid's voice, asking (confirming?) what had taken place in a questioning tone. The older girl winced inwardly as she recalled something: That's right, Alice was the last one who...

    Even while she walked over, Julia couldn't help but wonder if she was really the best person to take care of this. Probably not, she admitted, but I've gotta try. "Yeah..." As she spoke, she dropped into a crouch meant to place their heads on a similar level, meeting Alice's gaze. Her answer was as simple and straightforward as that look. "You're right. Harper's dead." She had no idea what the reaction to those words might be or what was best to say in this situation, but she muddled forward as best as she could. Her hope was that her concern - not worry, but the desire of one person to support another in a tough situation - came through somehow. "Are you okay? It's fine if you are or if you're not, y'know. I'm not gonna tell you how to feel." Her pause was as much for breath as to try and arrange her thoughts. "But if you wanna talk, I'll listen. If there's questions...I don't have all th' answers, but I'll do what I can."

    The scream that rang out hadn't truly registered before her head turned toward the sound. What now? Hidden as they were by the shadows at the cave's mouth, no amount of peering or blinking made the figure within the cave visible. She could feel the vibrations roll through the rocks of the structure, however, slowly growing fainter with each second. Her first instinct was to go and check it out--no, her first instinct had been to call over to that person and confirm there wasn't another death, but it was squashed on reflex. Yelling to anyone wasn't exactly an option...though going over there was. But she didn't intend to just walk off and leave Alice after offering to help.
  20. The first one to offer their help was Lilith, the girl with the cursed blood that she could shape to her own will, and the Nameless King accepted her assistance with a silent nod and a gesture for her to stand by him. He wanted to have a clear picture of who would be staying at the camp and who would be helping him, to give him a clear picture before they would move on. But other than that, he did nothing except correct a twitch in his arm that could have lead into much more serious, he waited for these people to make their choices. His people. Though he used the word often when he addressed them, the Nameless King still sometimes felt as if he was in a dream despite the harsh reality of their situation, but he chased that doubt away to make himself face what was in front of him. Namely, the second volunteer.

    Julia. The girl who could speak to nature. The Nameless King gestured her to stand beside him as well as he looked over the people around him. Two volunteers were more than enough to bury Harper with, however, he heard Alice speak up before he could lift Harper's body up to carry her to her final resting place, so he turned towards the child with a simple nod. He was about to say something to the child, but Julia was faster than him, so he just let her take the burden. He probably could not explain what happened to Harper to Alice anyways as his words were always intended to be heard by adults, not children. There were other, more important tasks to tend to as well, such as where they should set Harper's grave so that her rest would not be disturbed. This same idea was presented by Hal too.

    The boy, though he was clearly uncomfortable with it, summoned two shovels using the light that poured into this place through the leaves of the trees, but the Nameless King could only shake his head. However, there was nothing to do except to accept it, so in the end, he nodded and gestured beside him. When he was about to answer the concerns, though, a scream tore into the air that the Nameless King instanlty recognised. A scream of terror, unimaginable pain or perhaps death.

    There was no need for words in such a situation, nor a need to excuse himself. The air seemed to warp around the Nameless King as he broke loose from his place in a run to rush towards Alta's side. Despite the distance between him and the girl, he was there almost instantenously, bringing with himself a wave of pressure and a faint hum of the machinery inside of his body. Though his mask along with the rags he wore hid his face, the Nameless King's voice was concerned when he spoke.

    "Alta. Are you all right?" he asked as he looked at the pale thing in front of him. And even as he was trying to show sympathy, a shiver ran through him as he considered the implications. Disease. Infection. Parasites. Or maybe even that Alta was tormented by her own power so much that she was about to die as well.
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