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    Respected Individual!

    Are you tired of being treated like subhuman trash? Are you in constant pain becuase of the experiments forced upon you? Are you wishing for freedom like nothing else? Then fear not. I will come for you, and I will make make everything that keeps you in your cage disappear. I will descend from the skies and gut the prison that you have been put into with my own hands, then rescue you from the shackles that society binds you with.

    You will be free of experimentation. You will be free of pain, but most importantly, you will be liberated. Enclosed with this letter is a special chip. You only need to swallow it, and in time, I will come to destroy everything that forces you to be nothing more than a tool. If you have anyone to share this message with, I urge you to do so and gather them in one place so that they too, might be rescued. Remember that strength lies in numbers, because I will need every one of you to fulfill a vision in return for your freedom.

    I too, have become tired of the prison that I was put in, but I refuse to draw the line at escaping. I believe that in order for our kind to live in peace, a new nation must be founded on new principles. And you, along with the friends you decide to bring with yourself, will be the foundation of this new nation. It does not matter if your friends are men, women or even children, they are welcome as a citizen as long as they uphold one rule:

    No human shall be treated with disrespect.

    I believe that if we stand together and build upon this rule, we will be able to make the strongest nation that the world has ever seen. We will start from the most remote place on this planet so that no one may disturb us, and expand from there. In the end, we will force the world to recognise that we are just as human as those who are not experimented on. But I need your support for that. I need your hands, I need your mind and I need your expertise. Without you, there will be nothing new born on the horizon. Without you, this idea of mine will just be discarded and I will be thought nothing but a fool. Without you, I will fail.

    So make your decision. Do you continue to suffer through countless experiments or do you wish to abandon your shackles and pledge to a cause that is greater than you? The choice is within your hand, Respected Individual.

    It was only a simple letter from a person who claimed to be the Nameless King, but for you, it changed everything. It did not matter who you were: A person who signed up for voluntary experimentation, someone whom no one would miss or even one with powers beyond human imagination, you are sick of it. You are sick and tired of being nothing more than a lab rat, you want to escape your prison, and you want nothing more than to feel human again. This letter promised you just that, so with a wide smile on your face, you swallow the chip inside the letter, then you wait. And wait. And wait. Until he finally comes.

    Welcome to The Experimental Nation!

    This roleplay idea is focused on building a community in the middle of nowhere, and it will attemp to explore all the problems and joys that come with it. Players will be expected to play people who have been subjected to inhuman experiments for a large part of their life and as a result, have changed into something beyond human or maybe they were beyond human in the first place. After having recieved a letter from someone claiming to be the Nameless King, your character has decided to join him in his cause to build a new nation in a place far away from the world. Such a thing is not an easy task as resources and tools will be sparse over there, not to mention that the Nameless King rescued everyone who responded to his letter, even children or teenagers. There will be most certainly tensions and conflicts, but it is up to you and your character to see if they can be overcome or if the Experimental Nation will collapse.
  2. I express my interest towards this.
  3. Your rp whoring in the chat worked. I maaaaay be interested in this. A biiiiig maaaaaay.
  4. I'm interested.
  5. Interesting....Interested ;D
  6. Sounds like a lot of fun, I'm in.
  7. Excellent. I should have the OOC up in a day or two and until then, more people who are interested can gather. We already have enough for a decent roleplay, so if all you guys stick to it, we should be able to have some great fun! The Nameless King awaits you.
  8. So… I already semi-decided on an idea for my rpc here, but the idea for is a bit iffy because it sort of breaks one of the biggest rules in most of the rps I've rped in so far. Then again, those rps had pvp that could result in death.

    Enough with writing fluff and putting off the important parts. Would you be fine with a character who's ability was not being able to die? She would just come right back to life, in perfect physical condition and as old as she was when she first died.
  9. As long as she can be killed in some way or form like throwing her into the Sun, she should be okay. I do not plan character death to be a part of the plot anyways, but I would not like to have completely invulnerable characters either.
  10. I am interested in this. And have a character design already in development.
  11. Gimme gimme gimme!!
  12. This looks promising. I am interested.
  13. So… The OOC being worked on still?
  14. The OOC should be up by today. Sorry about the slight delay, but I have been a little bit busy with studying lately.
  15. It's alright. Was just asking as I know that work and school often take up the time of many members.
  16. Could I write in third person instead of first person? Even better, could I post a profile? I'm fine with making my own profile format. If you would rather not have people doing weird stuff like third person intros and profile formats, though, I won't do it ^^; .
  17. As one who drools all over profile creation with the exactitude of an obviously unhinged individual I think L's request for such an introduction is his attempt at getting the writer to exercise what might not be a strengthened literary muscle.
    I say that because of my poor offering which is only helped along so much by the antisocial nature of the character in question.
    But, I may be wrong.
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  18. You have a point, Renegade. Fine, I shall try to write a 1st person introductory post. This is going to turn out horrible ;-; .

    EDIT- Wait… If my character speaks in the third person then do I use third person but in a first person style or do I still write in first person? I swear I'm not trying to avoid using "I". It's just… my character is 7 and very, very starved of social interaction.
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