The Expendables

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  1. I have big hopes for this movie. The plot is "meh.." from what I've read, but...thats not really the reason anyone's gonna watch this one. I'm sure it's gonna kick ass!

    Too bad Wesley Snipes can't be a part of it.

    It's like all your childhood heroes/villians/whutevs packed in one.
  2. I was initially excited about it, too, for the obvious reasons rather than the meaningful ones. But then, the 'meh' plot of this movie (and the recent disappointing discovery of Toy Story 3's not-so-awesome-plot) kinda dragged me down, and like a rollercoaster coming to a stop, so is my adrenaline level.

    Maybe I'll just wait for Crank 3.
  3. Sly's assembled pretty much every big-name movie badass of the past thirty years and has got them all into one crazy movie.

    This could be so, so fucking awesome. Here's hoping they don't cock it up.
  4. I think everyone's gonna be so self-aware that it'll probably ruin all plausibility. Especially the scene with Arnie, Bruce Willis and Sly. It'll probably just be a load of tongue-in-cheek injokes. And Jet Li and Jason Statham will probably just do lots of silent glaring as they stand to one side.

    What else has Stallone directed? We need comparisonisations!
  5. He does not need food. Well, a correct statement is he does not need food like this, food made by organics, food with flavor and spices and temperature. He only required a regular injection of grey, bland, slimy nutrient solution in addition to the bio-gel casing that surrounded the one of two organic part left. Still, he did miss a good tenderized steak. Martian steak, medium rare, Joji-sans restaurant back at Mars had the best tasting steak he had ever eaten, that man was a savant with the griddle. No-one had ever thought to combine Aquaaden spiced kelp with Foa marinade.

    An audible sigh left his vocal processors as Keter-5 made his way into the dining area. The ships captain and employed mercenary were already in conversation it seemed, rather, the plant xeno, a Nimhishian, was showing off its digestive process to the unamused Ku'Rhom. Although interesting, Keter was 'hungry' and needed his grey slop in a coupling syringe. A quick slide of his finger dispensed the snot he needed oh so very much.
    "If this unit still had a stomach, it would have been unappetized by now." He acknowledged to the mercenary as he sat down a few chairs away. Still reminiscing about Jojis steaks as he filled the plunger and connected it to the port in his neck.
    "Good morning to you both."
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  7. Rocky 2, Rocky 3, Rocky 4, Rocky Balboa and the last Rambo.

    So er... it might be okay. He has some moments of depth.

    And at least Steven Segal isn't in it.
  8. WHY ISN'T HE? D:< EVERYTHING ELSE IS GETTING IT'S SPECIALIZED PUNCHER...They need "Cockpuncher" Seagal to make sure everything is covered!
  9. @Chaac Yes, thank you for letting us know! and good luck. I'll let you choose to leave the clan if you want, otherwise for now I'll leave you in here.

    For everyone else, I'll give @Kangutso a few more days to work on his sheet or let me know otherwise before we start
  10. Shut up, trolls. I like Steven Seagal. I grew up watching him.

  11. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, guys.
  12. Only man I've ever seen use a credit card as a weapon beyond when a wife gets a hold of one from her husband.

    And took down around 3 guys with it.
  13. "You have sauce on your chin."