The Expedition, 1926

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    They say that there's an island, somewhere off the coast of Sumatra.
    Blanketed in a heavy fog, boldly daring some poor fool to cross the barrier.
    They say there's monsters on this island.
    Monsters from a bygone era.
    It's a place that man was not meant to be.

    The Story:
    Well the least that I can say is that this RP concept is for the King Kong universe, specifically Peter Jackson's 2005 film, becoming a prequel of sorts to the events set there. Just how exactly did Carl Denham acquire an entire map of the island if it's so mysterious? I've set out to answer that question by placing a group of characters onto an expedition. They will traverse the deadly world of Skull Island, in an attempt to recover an ancient treasure, left behind by a prehistoric civilization.

    Legend has it that this collection of jewels and gold lies in the center of the island. Of course, most of the stories are little more than drunken tales woven by merchants and sailors all over the world. Yet one scheming treasure hunter has made it his goal to claim the riches for himself. Hiring a ship and crew, the S.S. Maelstrom plotted its course for a place of wonder, excitement, and terror. The most fantastic myth of them all was that of a half-man, half-beast lurking in the jungles.

    Little could any of them have known that these stories were true.​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.